Mobile phones: advantages and disadvantages

Mobile phones are a mind-blowing invention of the current century. If you take a look a few years ago, a mobile phone was not measured as a necessity, but was seen as a luxury within the reach of a tiny group of people. It was not affordable for everyone and only upper class or business people actually owned one. But today, life without a mobile seems impossible. No one can imagine a life without a cell phone. Many people don’t even leave home without it. No matter what age, people throughout the global village are addicted to cell phones.

There are a thousand reasons behind its popularity in such a short time, but it is mainly due to the fact that mobile phones are no longer considered just a hand-held phone but have become a technological device, offering various technologies such as GPS, music player, PDA and much more. To stay in competition, almost every week, manufacturers around the world are introducing a new model with improved features that better suits your lifestyle.

For a large number of people, it is a convenient means of interacting with others. With the blink of an eye you can contact anyone around the world. Today, mobile phones are constantly being updated, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of new functions. Based on the mobile model, now you can easily watch TV on your phone, you can play a large number of games, you can browse the Internet for information, you can receive or send email, you can send or take 3D photos, keep a balance of important meetings and appointments through reminders, store a huge contact list with a complete description and much more.

In simple words, a mobile phone is a necessity of every individual. Today, the need has also been transformed into fashion. People go for expensive mobile devices to impress others. Each phone has a ‘customize your phone’ option through which users can easily adjust the phone according to the environment or taste.

You will come across many parents who give their children a cell phone as a gift. This is not because they want to provide their children with new technology, but the main reason is their safety. The mobile phone can be the best source of protection in an emergency.

Everything has pros and cons, and the cell phone also has its drawbacks. Here are some drawbacks of the cell phone:

1- Health problems: Recent research says that cell phone radiation causes blurred vision, earaches and headaches and can even cause cancer.

2- No privacy: if in any way your cell phone is out of place, it will lead you to a couple of difficulties; unless you have set strong passwords that cannot be easily broken by the software.

3- The cell phone and driving: Most accidents happen by carelessness and the main reason is the use of the mobile phone while driving.

No matter what the disadvantages of using a cell phone are, its advantages are simply countless. These advantages have made people addicted to cell phones.