Minute to win it party

Could you balance 6 dice on a popsicle stick held in your mouth for 1 minute? How about pulling all the tissues out of a tissue box with one hand?

Do you watch NBC’s Minute To Win It every week and wish you could try these crazy challenges? If so, it might be time to host a Minute To Win It party!

How to Host a Minute to Win It Party

  1. This party is perfect for tweens, teens, girls’ night out, or adult couples.
  2. Invitations – Buy inexpensive timers and attach the party details to the timer. The stopwatch also makes a great party favor!
  3. Choose your challenges based on the ages of your guests and the supplies you have on hand…this will keep you affordable!
  4. All challenges are done by teams of 2, so when guests arrive, have them look in a hat to find out which team they’re on. Add to the fun by coming up with funny team names!
  5. Keep it simple, no complicated rules, after all… we’re playing for prizes, not a million dollars!
  6. Each team that completes the challenge in 1 minute or less will receive 1 point.
  7. All teams will start the challenge at the same time. Make sure you have plenty of family members to help keep track of time and monitor that the challenges are done correctly. There are some challenges that will be easier to do 1 team at a time like Foul Shot.
  8. Buy a variety of prizes and the team with the most points will get first choice! Second place gets second choice, third place gets third choice, and so on.

Challenges Minute to win it

NBC offers a full list of One Minute Challenges to win it, but I’ve created a few that are suitable for teenage girls. Remember to start that timer because all challenges must be completed in a minute or less!

  • pyramid power – Starting with 8 dixie cups at the bottom, build a pyramid of 36 cups.
  • double bubble – Choose a team member to blow a bubble within a bubble.
  • dress a statue – One team member dresses the other using all the items in the bag. The person being dressed cannot raise their arms or legs, hence the name Dress a Statue!
  • cupcake chaos – Using all the ingredients in the bag, decorate your cupcake. Note: These cupcakes can be used later for the birthday cake!
  • rope thing – Working together, cut this piece of string into 30 equal pieces! Tape measures and rulers are not allowed.
  • three legged race – Before the timer starts, we will tie one of your legs. Can you and your partner run 100 yards in 1 minute?
  • paint my toenails – Choose a team member to paint the other people’s toenails. It must be clean!
  • Braid it! – Choose a team member to braid other people’s hair into 2 braids. All hair (except bangs) must be worn and no hairbrushes allowed!
  • tennis ball toss – Throw tennis balls in a bucket. You must get 5 inside!
  • Roll it up, roll it up, roll it up – Choose a team member to hold the toilet paper roll, the other person must unroll the toilet paper without tearing it.
  • chopstick challenge – Choose a team member to use chopsticks with one hand to move 30 miniature marshmallows from one bowl to another.
  • Dirty game – Choose a team member to make 10 free throws! The other team member can help retrieve the ball.
  • book balance – Choose a team member to walk 20 feet while balancing 3 books on their head!
  • say cheese – Throw a piece of American cheese at your partner’s forehead and make it stick!
  • thread the needle – Thread 10 needles.
  • chocolate unicorn – Stack 4 ding dongs on your teammates forehead while they are standing, prone.

The possibilities are endless for Minute To Win It challenges! Remember to test the challenges and adjust them for your age group and the length of the party.

The countdown is on for another fun and frugal party from the girl on the budget!