Message from the universe: be careful what you wish for

Do you know what is missing in most people’s lives?

The understanding that nothing is missing in their lives.

You already have what you are looking for.

And “I got you, baby” –

The universe “

It takes a few months of positive thinking to experience its result. You need to be very patient and regardless of the hell you are living in today, you know that there is always light at the end of this dark tunnel. Bad weather is never constant, there is always hot and sunny right after. You just need to learn to exercise your thoughts, just like you do at the gym, to stay healthy. Positive thinking requires developing certain muscles in your brain that require constant attention and not allowing negative thinking to contaminate your territory. Just think of negative thinking like eating junk food. It tastes somewhat good but very bad for your body. Like FEAR, your mind creates these thoughts because it is easier than thinking positive. When faced with difficult challenges, you are tempted to say that life is not fair, that the world is against you, that you do not deserve anything good to happen, etc. Suddenly you allow garbage to enter your mind and contaminate your sanity by focusing your attention on the things you do NOT want. Everything that is easy in life is in a better and less stressful place. However, if you really want to work on your success, start focusing on the work you need to do to get back to your best mental shape.

It is said that if you work diligently to be positive, focus on the things you want, be it wealth, health glory, or whatever else you want. By thinking hard and being clear to the Universe with your life’s desires, you are creating a path to excellence. There will always be negative thoughts trying to enter your mind here and there, that is perfectly normal as some doubts will find their way into your mind. Take the time to analyze these thoughts, why are they creeping in, why are they taking up valuable real estate space in your mind? Self-awareness is crucial, as well as self-esteem. Never give up on one or the other, because they are the basis for a better life. So what is self-awareness? According to Wikipedia, it is: “the conscious knowledge of one’s character, feelings, motives and desires.” Many do not know who they are, what their purpose in life is, what they want and they are not able to express it either. They are not clear with the Universe and are too afraid to ask for something. They put an obstacle in your mind and allow a lot of negative thoughts to swarm in your subconscious. Outcome? Feeling miserable, not getting what you want and realizing that the Universe is there to bring more fortune to the lucky ones and more misery to the rest of the population. The Universe doesn’t discriminate, so go out there and get your share. Will be worth.