Learn more about backsplash tiles

Your home renovation and remodeling work can never be completed if you don’t pay attention to the perfect kitchen and bathroom renovation jobs. To give an aesthetic look to your kitchen and bathroom, it is always preferable to go with some modern designs and here you can surely go for backsplash tiles. The designs with these tiles are sure to make your kitchen more colorful and beautiful. Let’s take a look at the various design tips with backsplash tile.

  • Arabescato Carrara with 1×1 Honed is a perfect pattern for your kitchen. Here you will get a perfect mix of interlaced pattern with keystone. This style also comes in different shades of white and gray.
  • Arabescato Carrara with a herringbone pattern is also a good design tool to make your kitchen more attractive. It is available in 4 x 4 polished with different shades of soft white. By using this design, you will surely make your kitchen and bathroom more attractive.
  • Arabescato Carrara marble is available in hexagonal style and this style is also available in black and white tones. These tiles are perfect for all types of floors and countertops, etc.
  • For your kitchen and bathroom, you can surely opt for Arabescato Carrara with a marble finish and black curved glass. This will definitely give your kitchen a classic look with utmost modernity.
  • Arabescato Carrara Splitface is available in a 12 x 12 x 10 size. This is also mesh mounted marble mosaic. Therefore, if you are opting for this mosaic, it will surely make your light more exotic and beautiful.
  • If you love to give your kitchen a brick pattern look, it will be good to select tiles known as arctic storm with the designer brick pattern. Within these patterns too, you can get styles like an interlocking pattern or Crema Marfil marble.
  • Another famous backsplash tile design is the arctic ice meter glass design measuring 2x4x 8mm. This style is also available with the interlocking pattern or the silver slate marble look, etc.
  • Aspen interlocking glass with ivory travertine has become a famous design style for your kitchen and bathroom. Inside this design, you will also get more designs like Tuscan walnut, basal blue bamboo, etc.

Besides those mentioned above, there are different types of styles available for the perfect design of your kitchen and bathrooms. So go for those and go for the best designs today.