Lake of the Ozarks Tan-Tar-A Estates

Tan-Tar-A Estates on the Lake of the Ozarks offers more vacationers than you might imagine. For those of you who have never visited Tan-Tar-A Estates, you will be in for a wonderful surprise.

Tan-Tar-A Resort, built in the early 1960s by Burton Duenke, was once a premier tourist destination. Duneke sold the Resort in the late 1970s to Marriott, who continued the tradition of excellent accommodations combined with luxurious service. Tan-Tar-A Resort remained “the place to stay” on the Lake of the Ozarks well into the 1990s. At the turn of the century, a new owner, Columbia Sussex, came onto the scene and the facility has never been the one. herself.

Columbia Sussex, a privately owned hotel operator, took over the management of Tan-Tar-A after purchasing the Resort and immediately set out to make changes. The most dramatic change was a new 140-room addition on the resort property that increased the number of rooms to approximately 500 rooms and suites on the resort property.

This may be a good time to explain how Tan-Tar-A Resort and the Estates are set up. The farms are made up of more than 350 privately owned homes. Although some have mistakenly assumed that the complex owned all the houses on the estate, this has never been the case. All houses on the estates are privately owned by people who can choose to rent part or all of their vacation home when they are not using it. In the past, this represented more than 500 rental units from Tan-Tar-A Resorts.

With a new 140-room addition, the Resort no longer needed as many Estate units as in the past. This leads owners to find another property manager to manage their vacation rental. Since the Resort had historically managed any home in the States that an owner wanted to rent, there was nothing and no one on site to manage the vacation homes once the Resort owner lost interest. This is why Estates Sales & Property Management was born. Founded in 2001, the company was formed specifically to manage vacation rentals in Tan-Tar-A Estates. With 120 rental units, they have everything from a standard hotel room, to a luxury suite with a hot tub, to a 5-bedroom home that sleeps up to 20 people available for nightly rental.

What you will find on the estates is nothing like your typical Resort rental units. Homeowners have upgraded and added personal keys, making their vacation homes some of the best accommodations in the lake area. Some of the upgrades included ditching double beds in favor of queen and king size beds, larger TVs, DVD / VCR players in all units, and a popular addition, hot tubs right outside the main bedrooms in most rooms. suites.

There are so many good reasons to choose Tan-Tar-A Estates vacation rentals that it’s hard to imagine someone wanting to stay anywhere else on the lake.