Kitchen Design Basics – Backsplash Options – Foils

When people typically think of kitchen backsplash options, they will typically think of ceramic tile or stone tile materials. While this is a popular option that can add color and texture to a kitchen, there are other options that work too and offer a distinctive look.

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a traditional look, painted bead paneling is an option to consider. The bead board comes in a variety of materials; MDF is an inexpensive option and suits a painted finish quite well. I would only use this material on walls that are not exposed to moisture. The area behind a sink may not be a good location, however if you have a typical 4 “tile, laminate or granite backsplash immediately above the counter, you would not hesitate to use a bead board for the countertop. rest of the wall area at the bottom of the upper cabinets.

Another possible choice for the backsplash material is sheet metal, either stainless steel or galvanized iron. This installs easily with construction adhesive and results in a modern looking finish that is visually stunning.

The possible options for a backsplash in the kitchen are only limited by imagination. While tile is still a solid option, its installation requires a good level of skill and, depending on the material selected, can be expensive. When considering backsplash materials, don’t forget sheet materials like bead board and sheet metal, as they offer a unique look at a bargain price.