IPad Mini Cases

When Apple first released the iPad in 2010, many people thought it would be a failure for the company. Since it ran on the same operating system as the iPhone, many simply viewed the iPad as a larger version of the popular device. However, people soon realized that the iPad was much more than just a larger iPhone.

While the iPad enjoyed great success, with the growing popularity of 7-inch Android tablets, many people began to wonder if their relatively large size was becoming a problem for the iPad. Apple responded by launching the iPad Mini last year. It was launched with great success and is now one of Apple’s flagship products. If you have an iPad Mini, you will definitely want to protect it from bumps, scratches and finger marks by buying a case for it. Below are four of the best iPad Mini cases currently on the market.

The 4 best iPad Mini cases

1. Tavik Drone: The Tavik Drone is a premium case for the iPad Mini and offers a stylish appearance while offering excellent functionality. The cases are made of stitched fabric and offer decent protection. They also have a magnet on the front that acts as a sleep / wake function just like the official Apple cases. The Tavik Drone also allows you to use the iPad at multiple angles.

2. Sena Jornal – This is another premium iPad Mini case that offers users functionality and style. It has the appearance of a leather notebook and also comes with interior pockets. Like the Tavik Drone, the Sena Journal also comes with an automatic sleep / wake function and can hold the iPad Mini at different angles.

3. BookBook: The BookBook case is available in three colors: Vibrant Red, Classic Black and Vintage Brown. It will appeal to those who want to add a sense of style and elegance to their iPad Mini as it gives the appearance of an old leather bookshelf. Not only does it look great though, it also comes with the features you’d expect from a premium case, like the ability to use it as a multi-angle stand.

4. Booqpad mini – This case is perfect for business people on the go. It has a notepad on the right, with a pen or stylus holder, and it also comes with several pockets for storing business cards or other small items.