Internet marketers! 12 Ways To Make Money With Mayweather Vs Pacquino Fight Too!

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the last month or so, you’ve already heard ad nauseaum about the upcoming (Over-Hyped) fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

This event known as the “Event of the Century” will immediately separate marketers into three categories.

# 1. Those wondering who will win the fight and spend money (directly or indirectly)

# 2. Those who will wonder how to make money from the fight.

– AND-

# 3. Those who just sit back and wonder … what happened!

This article is in honor of those who want to be in the second group (# 2). Number 1 and 3 you are alone.

Here are some ideas that my team brainstormed that we would like to share with you, I hope they generate some profitable ideas.

Needless to say … whatever you do, you have to act fast! – Until May 2, 2015

“Those who stay ready … don’t have to prepare!” –Good luck

  • Offer an affiliated or created product or service that enhances the fighting fan experience. Think of the convenience, easier or faster in a product or service that you can offer to the fighter fanatic.

  • Print unique t-shirts, hats or other accessories, with a catchy and humorous fighting theme or saying. The more unique, clever, wild, or quirky, the better. Beware of copyright / trademark infringement.

  • Create an online guide or list that helps fans find fight related stuff and monetize with affiliate links, AdSense, or signup form. The closer to the fight, the more fight fans (and those who write or blog about the fight) will need quick information at their fingertips.

  • Create a web page that shows fans where to get the latest fight news and monetize with AdSense, affiliate links, and signup form. These last few days … it will be a frenzy of fans looking for fresh information on the fights.

  • Offer a fight-themed gift to build your boxing fan list for future submissions. It can be anything from a custom poster, a guide to unusual facts about the fighters, the history of boxing’s biggest fights, or even a newsletter.

  • Offer boxing information aimed at wives / girlfriends who do not know boxing. Benefit? To help them look smarter with their peers or even increase the chances of dating / boyfriend.

  • Write articles on the subject of fighting with a unique angle or twist (no one else has thought of … and sell them in magazines, blogs or websites. They consume information like a bottomless pit).

  • Create funny or crazy YouTube videos with fight themes and monetize.

  • Collect “Best Fight Party Ideas” web page and monetize with affiliate links, AdSense or subscription form.

Well thought out, but don’t forget “after fighting money” to be done too. The possibilities are endless.

  • Make a humorous or straightforward video of “what you thought of the fight” and monetize.

  • Make fun t-shirts, hats, and accessories after the fight.

  • Write a unique or fun “after the fight” article and sell it in a magazine or blog.

I hope they help you generate profitable ideas for you. Any other ideas, feel free to share. There are tens of millions of fans (with money in hand) who ask for information, products and services related to the fight … Right now!

I hope you win too and score a profitable knockout punch!