Ideas for decorating kitchens

Increasingly today, the kitchen is the most popular room in the house. It is no longer just where food is stored and prepared, it has become the focal point of home life. The kitchens used to be closed off from the rest of the house with walls and doors. Today, however, in both new homes and old-style remodeled homes, you can view the kitchen from the living room, the family room, or both. Since the kitchen is constantly on display, kitchen décor is an important part of home décor.

Some kitchens are treated as completely exposed areas. Others are carefully decorated to blend in with the adjoining spaces. In both cases, kitchen wall treatments are key to decorating this busy room. Paint is still a popular choice, but the “kitchen” color palette has exploded. Cornflower blue, butter yellow, bright reds, and vivid greens are commonly used as the base for French or Tuscan kitchen décor themes. Wallpaper options run the gamut from contemporary to American designs. Additionally, slate, saltillo, and ceramic tiles that were once used exclusively on floors are being used on walls to add texture and visual interest.

Part of decorating a kitchen is creating an organized space. Whether you have a specific decorating theme or not, you’ll want to think about which kitchen accessories stay on the countertop and which ones hide in cabinets and drawers. Many cooks find that a tall cylindrical container for storing frequently used cookware prevents them from frantically rummaging through drawers. Appliances that are used regularly, such as toasters and electric can openers, are a good option to place on the countertop, although most can be mounted under tall cabinets.

Major appliance manufacturers recognize that their merchandise is an important visual element in any kitchen. Rather than simply offering a choice between white, black, gold or green, they produce an incredible variety of “styles”. From gleaming stainless steel to retro 1950s looks to standard white, you can choose refrigerators and stoves to match your kitchen décor. Some manufacturers can even help you match your appliances with your countertops for a clean look.

As in any room in the house, it is the small details that unite the look of your kitchen. Choose a “punch” color (which generally contrasts with walls) for window shades and a rug. A tile sink backsplash in this shade will add a little more pizazz. Don’t be afraid to add decorations to your kitchen walls. Framed family photos or even a cookie cutter collection will add personality and warmth.