How working from home is both a blessing and a curse

These days, working from home has become a hot topic of discussion. Initial research will find you browsing through a plethora of questionable opportunities, leaving most reasonable people wondering if the opportunity really exists. However, a little diligence will expose a few conceptual pearls that can easily become your ticket to profitable self-sufficiency.

I personally worked in corporate America for 18 years, tried my hand at the financial industry for size, worked at a software development company, did some contract work at a large company that did government work, did a friend a favor and I managed the office, eventually working with a web development company as an SEO content writer. Some of these jobs I left by choice, others left to me, but they all had one thing in common: I wasn’t their top priority.

My final position, as an SEO content writer, opened my eyes to a new way to showcase my talents and hopefully generate income, allowing me to stay home! There are several paths to follow, all of them interesting and hungry for quality content. The question is: how can I get better exposure for my articles? The tools are readily available and relatively easy to find, but the problem for many is spending their time and energy often enough to be successful.

the blessing

Keep in mind that as hard as you may have worked for others over the course of your career, you must be willing to work at least as hard, if not harder, for yourself. You have everything to gain and must be motivated to create financial independence for yourself and your family, however, it takes a different kind of effort to work from home.

No one provides deadlines, creates your daily activity plan, or tells you what to do each day, so each person must find the best way to accomplish those things on their own. You will still have deadlines and you will need to create activity plans, but you will do it yourself! Embrace the awesomeness of being your own boss, then go ahead and make it happen.

Freedom is an incredible thing to capture, especially if it comes with enough income to truly enjoy it. Focus on that potential and stay motivated.

The course

The downside, especially if you’ve worked away from home for most of your professional life, is the loss of adult conversation. For me, staying home means I can help care for my six-year-old grandson, with the option to work when there’s a break in the action. Fortunately, I can talk to the adults when everyone gets home from work, but that may not be an option for some. Moms who work from home for extra income can get a little frustrated with the ‘stay at home’ of staying at home.

To alleviate that feeling of isolation that one can have working from home, scheduling outdoor activities is key. Set aside a few days a month to have lunch with friends, go out to dinner, explore the city you live in, or perhaps pick out local attractions you haven’t explored, and set a date periodically to visit them.

It’s definitely an adjustment. Most of us start work early in life and don’t stop until we can’t work anymore. Establishing your income through your own efforts gives you a freedom you may not have considered. Setting a schedule for yourself will help redirect your thinking, then let freedom ring!

The promise

Regardless of the opportunity you take, if you can earn a viable income from home, you’ll find that you’d rather work from home than work for someone else. At first, the most successful will work hard and often. Eventually, the idea is to work less and have more fun.

Life is too short to live paycheck to paycheck, even though most of us have done it all our lives. There is a better way, with a happy ending to share with your family, so don’t be afraid to try it!