How to save a movie from a Panasonic NV-GS11 camcorder to a PC

I bought my Panasonic NV-GS11 camcorder on eBay and for the cost, it looked perfect. I liked the feel of the camera, its simplicity of use, until I tried to transfer my film to a PC and that’s when the problem started.

Normally, when you connect a camera via the USB connection, your PC recognizes the device and you can use it immediately. I didn’t have much trouble getting the PC to do this and I thought the controller was to blame.

The answer, in hindsight, is that in the menu there are 2 items for the USB function, “Webcam” and “DV Studio”, the software for acquiring photos from the camera. Choose “webcam”, connect your camera to PC via USB connection and turn on camera using playback mode. Check “My Computer” and there should be a video camera icon with “USB Video Device” next to it. Double click this icon to open a page, where if you start your movie from the camera, you can see the results on the PC screen. Unfortunately, there is nowhere on this page where you can save the movie.

I googled and found the answer. Many people had the same problem but there seemed to be no answer. Finally, I found an answer in a forum on the page that provided the solution.

Download Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft’s website. This is for Windows XP: –

Open Movie Maker and you will see “Capture from video device”. This allows you to save your movie to a directory of your choice and then burn the movie to CD using your favorite software.

Hope this helps you all with the same problem I had. If you need more help, please email me at [email protected]