How to get your trip to be a free pimp

Pimp My Ride was one of the most popular shows on MTV. Hosted by Xzibit, the show would feature a badly damaged vehicle. Then they would take him to a store to be a “pimp.” This means it would be equipped with a host of customizations, a new paint job, new tires, etc. Due to the popularity of this program, a wide variety of by-products and copycats have emerged. One of the best known is “Trick My Truck”, which is shown on the CMT channel. Trick My Truck has the same basic concept as Pimp My Ride, but only customizes semi-trailer trucks.

Here is the information and you will need to participate in one of these television shows:

First, you need to research previous cars that have been in the particular program you are applying to. The show’s producers don’t want to customize the same car over and over again. Your car should be different. There should be something unique about it.

Make a great video

The way people are chosen for these shows is by submitting a video app. You have certainly seen these videos if you have ever watched one of the shows. There are a few keys to making a great video that has a high probability of being chosen.

1. You want your car to look as damaged as possible. Don’t try to overlook the negatives of your car, emphasize them! If your car is dented: enlarge the dent. If the seats are broken: do it all. Show peeling paint, bald tires, all negative.

2. You need to show personality. Most TV shows want someone with a lot of energy. They want to produce a show that their viewers like you on. To be instantly likeable, you need to be enthusiastic, outgoing, and fun. Tell a remarkable story about your car, even if you need to make it up.

3. Video editing is important. Find a friend to do this or learn how to do it yourself. You should carefully edit the video to better show yourself and your car. Splice shots of yourself with the shots of the defective parts of your car that you took earlier. When you’re happy with your video, edit it one more time.