How to get the most out of LinkedIn: 3 tips

As you may or may not know, companies are quite active on most of the major social networks; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

In this article, we will focus on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is currently the largest professional network in the world, with more than 150 million users worldwide.

Anyone who uses LinkedIn on a regular basis knows how powerful a tool can be when used correctly.

For those of you who don’t know how powerful LinkedIn can be as a tool, this is the article for you!

So for now, let’s start with 3 very important tips:

Tip 1: Get your profile 100% and include your keywords. When people type, for example, ‘Counter’ in the search bar, if the integrity of their profile is 100%, they are 40 times more likely to appear in the search results. What’s more, if you’ve included your keywords in your profile (without cluttering uploads!), You’re even more likely to appear in search results.

Tip 2: Groups and Responses are your most powerful weapons of attack. If you really want to use LinkedIn to its full potential, you can never do it without groups or responses. Groups is where you can ask for help or share information that you think the audience might find useful (which helps grow your reputation on LinkedIn as an expert in your field, as well as attracting visitors to your website). Answers are where you can ask a specific question or even answer other people’s questions. Put it this way; Wouldn’t you be more likely to hire an accountant who has already helped you with a financial / tax problem without you having to pay them?

Tip 3: Use LinkedIn Search to Build a List of Lead Results LinkedIn’s advanced search features can be extremely helpful to you and your business if you know how to use them. You can filter the entire LinkedIn member base by industry, company size, seniority level, geographic location, number of staff, and much, much more. After spending a little time with LinkedIn Search, you will develop a list of people who match your ideal customer profile. Now is the time to investigate and make contact.

And there you have it; Three Tips To Help You Use LinkedIn To Win New Customers And Grow Your Business – Get On LinkedIn Now!