How to create your email list

Most of the time when someone asks how to grow their email list, what they are really asking is, “How can I get 1,000 people on my list this month to hurry up and start selling to them?” Most people won’t admit it, but honestly, if you could give a secret tip that would answer that question, wouldn’t you do it in a heartbeat?

The truth of the matter is that the very nature of a successful email list has nothing to do with its size. It has to do with the commitment and loyalty of the people on that list. And building loyalty and commitment takes time, attention, and quality content.

There are several things you need to do right away to make sure you give people every possible opportunity to get on your list. It’s not easy to get someone’s email address. It’s your job to make subscribing to your list easy and engaging.

Using subscriptions to build your email list

To make subscribing easier, make sure you have several places on your blog where people can choose to receive some kind of free gift. Your site’s sidebar and header are common locations for a signup box. But you should also consider adding a pop-up window. Although almost everyone will say that they hate pop-ups, the truth is that they work. Today’s pop-ups have settings that allow you to customize them however you want. They don’t have to be the intrusive screen covering monstrosities from years past.

Other great places to have your subscriptions:

  • Email signature line

  • Social media profiles

  • Each blog post (up to five different types leading to the same giveaway in each post)

  • Visiting card

  • Bios of guest posts you write for other sites

Using Gifts to Build Your Email List

When creating your subscription, you need a truly amazing gift. This should be something that offers a quick profit to the recipient, but it shouldn’t take long to create. Consider the fact that the person signing up is likely a newbie to your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. Ask yourself:

  • What questions do you want newbies in your field answered?

  • What questions do they ask you all the time?

  • What do you wish you knew when you started?

Stay away from giveaways that don’t offer a really quick profit for your reader. They will put it aside to work on later and will probably never use it again and therefore never realize how valuable your content is to them.

Using great content to build your email list

No matter how many places you guest-post, how many blogs you write, or how many emails you send, if you want to build your email list quickly, you need to provide truly amazing content. Nothing you do will build your list faster than word of mouth.

If you want people to share your great email with their friends, make sure those friends can easily find a way to add themselves to your list. Post snippets of your blog on social media and provide a place on the blog to choose to receive a free gift that complements the blog content. Have a place on your social media profiles where people can sign up for your list through an app or a call to action in your header.

Building a strong and responsive email list takes time. It takes work. But if you take advantage of the work you’re already doing to create amazing content that your followers love to read, you’ll have a list of excited fans before you know it!