How to Complete a Golf Ball Distance and Spread Assessment

Knowing how far, on average, each golf club hits and how far from center each golf club hits is crucial to scoring. You can use GPS technology, laser technology, a radar launch monitor, a high-speed, high-definition camera, or a gauge wheel to accurately measure and record the distances and spread of the golf club from the target. At the moment, laser technology remains the most accurate for measuring club distances, although radar launch monitors are getting closer. The downside of any launch monitor is properly calibrated. Note that a launch monitor must be properly calibrated to give accurate readings, usually with a laser distance device. Even the best military grade dopplar radar monitors, such as the Flight Scope and Trackman, need to be calibrated daily. These devices will record the distance and spread of each golf club in your bag quickly and easily once properly calibrated. Another useful device, a handheld golf GPS unit that you can take with you during your round. These devices can record and then retain an average distance for each shot and the club used. The advantage is that they store this data for a period of time; you get excellent maximum, minimum and average club distance. The downside is that very important scattering information is lost. If you don’t have access to technology, you can simply walk away and record your shooting statistics as you play each round of golf or use a driving range that has precisely placed targets and an elevated tee as the stage for individual measurement without technology. help. Although this method is less accurate.


  • Use a specially designed grid or graph paper in 2- to 5-yard increments.
  • Make a dozen shots with each stick. You can do this over a period of time.
  • Calculate the average distance and the average primary spread to the left or right of the target.
  • Plot and record the landing point, including the spread from the central target point.
  • Attach a small band note to the shank of each club noting its average distance and spread.
  • Consult the note on your golf club shank whenever you are in doubt as to your average distance / spread for that club.
  • (Use the measuring method / device of your choice. Use the golf balls and the set of golf clubs you usually play.)
  • Be sure to use your normal warm-up routine before the assessment.