How electrical engineering continues to change the world

Electrical engineering can seem like a boring profession, especially if the first person that comes to mind is the utility repairman who fixed the neighborhood power grid. Contrary to popular belief, an electrical engineering degree leads to greater career opportunities than that. Behind some of the latest and greatest innovations is a workforce that knows the subject well.

Cellular Telecommunications

A few decades ago, the first handheld telephones available to the public were bulky and had poor reception. In the 1990s and thanks to developments in electrical engineering towards GSM technologies, mobile phones soon did more than just make and receive calls. Today, it has become a race towards the smallest and most multifunctional mobile phone. Advances in electrical engineering and the subsequent circulation of science mean that more companies need creative people. And this is just to keep up with the competition. That doesn’t even take into account the advantages of a world-changing occupation.

Computer Electronics

The momentum in the mobile world is due in large part to impressive advances in computer technology. These original steps forward are due to the electrical engineering concepts behind them. Even now, electrical engineering know-how is required to create devices that become increasingly complex as they become easier to operate. Before software developers introduced the applications that make our lives easier, someone created the increasingly sophisticated computers and networks on which they are stored. Whose midnight oil do you think was burned to make the hardware and software giants the hits that they are?

Space exploration

Space science may have been ultimately responsible for putting man on the moon. However, it was the determination and commitment of electrical engineering professionals that made it possible to view three-dimensional representations of the planet Mars. It’s your skills that are put to the test when teams stop working or have new requirements. They continue to challenge existing limitations by changing the way we view them and the world in general. This makes them the best bet for future trips outside of our solar system.

You may intend to follow the groundbreaking business milestones of an expert like Thomas Edison. You can idolize the great leaps and bounds in science made by Nikola Tesla. Either way, electrical engineering has a place for you. All it asks is that you remain passionate, motivated and dedicated to persevering and achieving those milestones, leaps and bounds.