Honesty will set you free, not so much The truth: reality

When I think of life, I don’t think of the truth. The truth is what normal people think to their own detriment. Honesty and reality are where they are. If honesty and reality weren’t where they were, then we’d all have a great life instead of just boring and unsatisfying full of truth. Honesty replaces the truth in this way: Being honest rather than just truthful is more complete than simply telling the truth. For example, President Bill Clinton was telling the truth when he said that he did not inhale marijuana smoke and when he asked “What is the exact meaning of is?” in a deposition for one of his sexual harassment cases. On the other hand: honest and objective information about things is always appreciated, regardless of how you look at it.

So when I think of life, I don’t think of the truth. I think in the full context, honest facts rather than the truth. Surely the truth is a beginning that will “set you free”. But honesty and reality in full context and coherence will keep you free. Now, I know, that will seem ridiculously difficult to some, especially those with deep and difficult things worth denying. But in the end, what remains in reality? Everything that it is the left is honesty, reality and yes, the real, pure and honest truth as well.

So when I think of existence, what is there? The honest, real and genuine facts and nothing more, whatever the justifications, rationalizations and unreality that are submitted to our minds by our justifications and rationalizations. In fact, honesty is the key to genuine power. The truth without that anchor is a joke we play on ourselves. Like President Bill Clinton asking “What is the exact meaning of is?” We can dance, we can waltz, we can fool ourselves, but in the end, all that really exists is the honest facts behind all the tricks, games, and justifications.

So honesty comes after truth when done right. When done wrong, the truth is justified in justifications, stories and games that deceive out of honesty.

In the end, avoiding honesty with lies, pushing the half truth, and playing games only leads to disaster. Because, in fact, honesty always ends with what it is, regardless of the misrepresentation of realities and evasion that may happen. No matter how well hidden it is, honesty is always there at the end of everything.