Hide blue text on MySpace

There are millions of people around the world who make MySpace part of their daily lives. It has been used as a way to locate people you haven’t seen in years, network like-minded people for business purposes, get noticed by music industry insiders, start a career, share videos and photos with family and friends, and even more!

Your MySpace profile is the first thing people see when they decide they want to know more about you. This is why MySpace members spend so much time adding and removing graphics, backgrounds, songs, cursors, and various codes to and from their profile. They strive to have the perfect profile, although such a thing probably doesn’t exist! Perfect is in the eye of the beholder, and there are some wildly interesting profile pages that can be seen on MySpace.

It doesn’t take long to change an article or articles on your profile. In fact, in just a few moments, you can change the appearance of a profile so drastically that it will be unrecognizable as the same one you saw before. Users usually don’t make such extreme changes unless they are changing the layout, in which case they are simply swapping some code by copying and pasting. When they preview their changes and see what could only be termed a big mess, they know they’ve gotten their hands on some bad code. Or, if they wrote the code themselves, they realize that they must have transposed a letter or a number, maybe both.

Always be sure to preview the changes you make to your MySpace profile! The preview feature is there for a reason, and it’s to prevent you from sending your profile to Earth with no return. In other words, once you click Save Changes, there is no going back. Don’t make changes without checking them first, the way so many users have figured out is not a very good idea. Otherwise, you may have to start your profile again, from scratch!

It’s amazing how deep you can make changes to your profile. You can even change the color of the text if you want. MySpace makes some of the text you see when you start creating a profile appear as the default. Words such as “About me” and “Who I would like to meet” in orange text, as well as “Movies”, “Television” and “Heroes” in blue text will appear before you start adding and removing / from your profile.

It seems like those last 3, “Movies,” “Television,” and “Heroes,” are a bit more difficult for some people to eliminate than others. There is a code available that will hide this text. Copy and paste the following into the “About Me” section of your profile.

This will hide the words on the left side. However, the cells will be there. If you want to have a one column table of interest, try this code, copied and pasted in the “About me” section.

And this code will hide the Interest table completely.

You should be able to make the blue text in your table of interest be definitely hidden with the use of these three codes!