Gender bias, gender discrimination, gender equality

From Looking for a better world: One of my main interests is the equality of women in all societies. Gender bias is just as damaging and destructive as any other bias. Although I am not particularly liberal, throughout my life I have opposed the macho philosophy, the Islamic plunder of femininity, gender distinctions in the professions and the whole phenomenon of the “woman driver” and, yes, even the phenomenon of the “blonde joke”.

Women and men are not created equal. Each has their God-given strengths, focused on their responsibilities for procreation and family viability. Those differences are not easily discounted … however, those differences do not tolerate gender discrimination in society and certainly not in the workplace. In fact, due to the glass ceiling and gender discrimination, professional women must be better than their male counterparts to be successful. That makes them better options … and, in fact, I have made those decisions! My doctor, ophthalmologist, podiatrist, and a recent surgeon are all women. Obviously, women clergy are welcome in my world.

I attended a lecture given by an oil minister of an Islamic state. Asked when women would gain equality … and jokingly replied: “When the sands of the Sahara turn to jelly.” I cannot accept the issue of gender inequality and I certainly oppose current Islamic extremism.

The looting and disrespect for women among Muslim extremists are but one indicator of their contempt for life. It is only one clue, albeit a significant one, to the bigger problems of suicide bombings and indiscriminate killings. If the gender issue were softer, they could follow their other, more acceptable behaviors.

“Looking for a better world” deals with this and other ethical issues. The book teaches that we can all make this a better world. If you want to read more, see: