Forget knee and back strengthening exercises – just do rebound exercises

You already know those boring exercises to strengthen the knees and the back. They are repetitive and sometimes even painful. Wouldn’t you rather do something fun? I sure would! That is why I do rebound exercises. Here’s how Qibounding, a form of mini trampoline exercise, can help your back, knees, and joints.

A couple of years ago, I fell down some steps and broke my ankle and leg in four places and broke the ligaments in both ankles. I also hurt my lower back and both knees. I had two surgeries and was in rehab for months.

In physical therapy, I started with the typical knee and back exercises. Then I got a new physical therapist and he put me on a Qibounder. Talk about night and day. The typical strengthening movements are so boring that I have to force myself to do them. However, bouncing was fun. And my back, knees and ankles loved the exercise.

The key to having a good experience with a mini trampoline is bouncing. A high-quality soft bounce rebounder like the Qibounder absorbs 85 percent of the impact from each bounce. The tightest trampoline exercisers don’t do that.

Here’s why this type of exercise helps your back, joints, and knees:

As you age, your spinal discs lose red blood cells. Once you are an adult, these cells disappear, so they cannot nourish the cartilage in your body. The only way to nourish your cartilage is with the up and down movement of your body.

Unfortunately, most of the ways to achieve that movement, such as running, dance aerobics, and other sports, put jarring stress on the joints. It makes things worse instead of better.

With a soft bounce bouncer, you get this movement, this contraction and extension of your cartilage, in a smooth way. Basically, your joints are absorbing food from this movement.

If, like me, you’ve had an accident that injured your leg or ankle or back joints, bouncing helps because the unstable surface of the bouncing mat trains your unconscious motor program to shoot in a way that helps you strengthen. these parts of your body. . It’s ideal for ankle injuries because the trampoline’s unstable surface re-trains you in proprioception, which is your ability to adjust to balance.

As you bounce, your body makes small muscle adjustments to keep you balanced and that strengthens your entire body, including your back and knees. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather enjoy the fun of rebounding than boring back-strengthening exercises and knee-strengthening exercises. In the resource box below, you can learn more about the Qibounder that my physical therapist recommends.