Five reasons why I love the divergent movie

For every Divergent fan, there are many reasons why we choose to completely lose ourselves in the world of fiction. Some difficult moments in the movie make us sad and some sweet moments make us happy. There are so many lessons to be learned and so many uncertainties to experience every time someone starts watching this movie. The movie is one of my favorite movies. Here are the five reasons I like the movie the most.

1. Theo James

Yes guys, you heard me right! The first reason to love Divergent is the star of this movie, actor Theo James. I have a confession to make. I am very in love with Theo James. I am his biggest fan. He is my obsession. He did an amazing job on the movie. The way he introduced himself as Tobias Eaton’s character is absolutely stunning. We can say that it is the perfect Four (Tobias Eaton). I think it’s a good reason to love the movie. I’m not going to lie that it’s everyone’s favorite motive!

2. The five factions

The second reason is actually the concept of the five factions. The five factions are Dauntless, Selfless, Sincerity, Erudite, and Friendship. The characteristics of these five factions are the brave, the selfless, the honest, the intelligent, and the peaceful, respectively. The features remind me of the real characteristics of the human being. How versatile the people of this world are, is clearly shown in these five factions. You have to admit that the concept is completely different from other fiction movies. So this is a good reason to love the movie.

3. Divergent

The divergent faction is itself my favorite reason to love this movie. Divergent is a rare quality of equal characteristics from multiple factions. This skill reminds me that anyone can have multiple qualities that make them a successful person. Nobody needs to be a superhero. People can solve their own problems without the help of Superman or Batman or Wonder Woman. Divergent teaches us that you have to believe in yourself and do your job carefully. That’s why it’s one of the main reasons why I love the movie.

4. Landscape of fear

Facing the worst fear in psychological simulation through the fear landscape is the second stage of fearless training. And yes, it is another reason and for me it is a good reason. I mean yeah, who doesn’t like to see others fear! Actually, based on the landscape of fear, we can define a person easily and truly. This is a really cool and kind of creepy way to analyze people. Especially Tobias’s fears are too delicious (!) To see. Another confession, worth watching.

5. Tris and Four’s Love

The last reason to love the movie is Tris and Four’s love. The way they love each other is really moving. Tris is a bit dependent on Four during initiation. Remember that girls really want love and care. And the way Four protects Tris is totally out of the world. Seriously girls, we all want a partner like Four! The love, care, and bondage between these two love birds are truly a satisfying reason to love this movie.