Five quirky cult movies to watch on a date night

Cult movies aren’t usually the first place you go when choosing a movie for a date night. You’ve covered yourself quite a bit with a nice rom-com, or you could enhance the class with a nice foreign movie. But go straight to the final peril with a cult movie for a date night? That is just a recipe for disaster.

Still, despite all the inherent negativity that exists with cult movies, sometimes reaching cult status can be the best thing that ever happened. Take, for example, the rock band Europe. They wrote a song called “The Final Countdown” in the mid-80s. Almost four decades later, this song is still a part of every New Year’s Eve celebration, which means that this song guaranteed them a concert somewhere on the planet forever. Somehow, cult status essentially keeps something alive well beyond its lifespan, and for the most outlandish cult movies, this means that in a theater somewhere, there is still life.

But a date night? Actually, it ends up fitting quite well. There is enough kitsch to feel like a comedy, with enough heavy material to feel like a serious movie, and there is enough horror element to turn it into a horror movie. For couples who have a hard time choosing a movie for a date night, a cult movie could be the ticket.

Here are five wacky cult movies that should be on your late-night watch list:

Lost Children – Filled with iconic ’80s actors and with a story based on family upheaval, comic books, and teenage vampire gangs, this movie is a wild ride. It’s actually a pretty solid movie, and who doesn’t love seeing Dianne Wiest as a lovable mom?

Rocky Horror Picture Show – More than four decades later, people still fill theaters in full costumes to see and sing every frame of this movie. Think of it as a very twisted version of the creation story reminiscent of Sunday school. Very twisted. You have to see this at least once.

They live – Put on some mysterious shades and instead of enjoying your freshness, you will have the opportunity to see the world as it is. As much as the world today talks about the role of the media and how they inform the masses, this movie is more relevant now than ever. Also, if there was one person who would like to discover the conspiracies that are ravaging our planet and enslaving humanity, it would be the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. This movie owns.

Night of the Living Dead – Yes, it is a horror movie, but the walking dead are not the real monsters. A cheeky look at the dark side of society and one of the truly chilling films of the 20th century. Released in the late 1960s, it makes you wonder how much things haven’t changed.

Tucker and Dale against evil – Two sweet hillbillies just looking for a little free time in their restorative vacation home are mistaken for murderous sociopaths by some college kids who were quick to judge a book by its cover. Easily one of the most unique takes in the horror genre, and certainly one of the best comedies of the last decade.

Cult movies are, in many ways, exactly what watching movies is all about. They are entertaining, thought-provoking, and artistic. And since so many fans of these movies refuse to let them die, they can live very fruitful lives for generations to come.