Fight psychology

Living in distorted houses on narrow streets, walking long hours to get to work, riding crowded buses and trains, dining on insufficient food strongly reminds us of the tormenting days that people live at some point in their lives. Days pass, time changes, life advances, but what remains is the thought and experience gathered in the pages of the history of memory that we call “the past.” Essentially, these past events grant certain valuable aspects to people who travel the path of difficulty. Robert Schuller’s famous saying “hard times never last, hard people” holds true here.

It is never the intensity of the situation, but what matters is the psychology of the individual facing the situation. Some struggle and overcome barriers on the road to success, while others succumb to the pain and hardships of thorny roads, struggling with moments so strange that they awaken a sense of courage, tolerance, and patience, which are some of the important qualities needed. for survival.

Now we can understand the meaning of the word “fight” which refers to all living things on this planet. It does not matter if it is a sapling that sprouts from the surface of the earth to become a plant and grow or a baby, born tearing the mother’s womb to face the world. In general, life has two inevitable phases, one full of pleasure and happiness, while the other seems to be very heavy, hard and exhausting. Both are equally relevant when it comes to one’s integrity. Only good times without tears make a person immature, dependent, and crippled. On the other hand, only difficulties make a man tough, listless and cruel. Therefore, a balance of both elements makes an individual complete. Furthermore, one can enjoy happiness only when he understands the pain of suffering.

The fight gives us the opportunity to grow and advance in life. Most famous people have difficult stories of struggle behind their success. Success has great value because it required effort, perseverance, conviction, and ambition to achieve it.

There have been many books and movies about the lives of great men that highlight their struggle. One of the books is ‘The Long Chase’ by Roy Morris, which chronicles Abraham Lincoln’s thirty-year struggle with his political rival Stephen Douglas, who shaped and impacted the future of the country. Recently, in the cinema, a Marathi film by Paresh Mokashi appeared, ‘Harishchandrachi Factory’, which involved Dadasaheb Phalke’s struggle to make Raja Harishchandra in 1913, India’s first feature film. The film had been nominated for an Oscars.

Likewise, there are people who have climbed the ladder of success by leaving bitter stories behind. I would cite the names of some notable people who with their skill, effort, and entrepreneurial spirit enhanced the vision of the nation and proved their worth at every stage of life. He would start with a personality who believed in “Life is growth”, he is considered the most enterprising businessman in India and he is the founder of the largest company in the private sector, The Reliance Group. Yes, the name is not difficult to remember ‘The Guru’ Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani, a throwback trip of his life would bring to light certain aspects of the struggle he did before being called ‘Dhirubhai’. The son of a school teacher, his entrepreneurial career began selling ‘bhajias’ to pilgrims on weekends, then he worked as a gas station attendant and employee at an oil company in Yemen. Ten years later, Reliance Commercial Corporation was established, which was its first office in an area of ​​only 350 square meters. pie He lived with his wife and children in a small apartment in Mumbai during that period. Dhirubhai started its first textile factory in Naroda, Ahmedabad; this was in the year 1977. The popular brand ‘Vimal’ was their product. Over time, it branched out into telecommunications, information technology, power, energy, retail, capital markets, and more. It started the ‘cult of equity’ in India. It was from 1977 to 2007 when the business mogul topped the list of the world’s second rich. Currently, the Group’s annual revenue exceeds US $ 28 billion. Dependency started from scratch and is a famous name today associated with almost every business sector. To be successful in life, you need education, wealth, family background, he had none of them, but nevertheless, he went from poverty to wealth with his courage, boldness and initiative. Dhirubhai Ambani is a unique person and truly an entrepreneur par excellence.

Fighting sagas, when fed with examples, become easy to connect with the pain and stress that these people have been through in their life. The next important person is Brijmohan Lal Munjal, president of Hero Group, a synonym for two-wheelers in India, he comes from a simple middle-class family who feeling the pain of partition came to Amritsar, he and his brothers started a Small business of selling bicycle components to manufacturers, slowly and steadily together they expanded their business to various parts of the country. Little by little they became one of the largest bicycle parts suppliers in the country. Later in 1952 they entered the manufacturing segment, with the support of the government Hero Cycles was started and it dominated the market. Then it collaborated with the Japanese Honda and the famous Hero Honda was launched. Today, Hero Group stands as the leader in motorcycles, manufacturing the largest number of motorcycles in the world.

It is not about a few names, but about many of us who work hard to excel in our respective fields and thus can better define our fighting psychology. Here’s another such definition from Dr. Karsanbhai Kodidas Patel, an industrialist awarded the Padmashri Award (2010), founder of the Nirma Group, a household name associated with detergent, soap, and cosmetics. Recalling his history of struggle, it begins when, at the age of 21 after completing his Bachelor of Science degree, he began working as a laboratory technician, his creative interests led him to start a business where he would cycle around the places of the world. neighborhood selling packets of handmade laundry detergent at a very low price. cost, little by little his product was liked and preferred over other brands, beyond that he ventured into his new business without fear of failure. In a short time, it popularized its product in Gujarat and Maharashtra penetrated the domestic market even further. Karsanbhai refuted the old business theories and formulated new ones, making Nirma available at a cheaper competitive price. With its innovative strategies, environmentally friendly method, and labor-intensive manufacturing techniques; It conquered the household detergent market segment for quite some time, leaving larger and more established brands behind.

The number would increase enormously if he enlisted, but one thing is for sure that every name leaves a message underneath that it is walking nonstop until reaching the goal. Finally, it is exactly like looking at a glass half full of water, for some it is half empty and for others the glass is half full. In other words, one can positively approach a situation in which he learns, understands and grows. Enriched with experience, he achieves unreachable goals and becomes another Dhirubhai, Dadasaheb or Lincoln. Fighting requires attitude and nothing more.