facebook marketing

Production and distribution largely depends on the marketing strategy chosen by an organization. The marketing strategy mainly involves the advertising and promotion of your product. It helps to establish a brand image and establishes a relationship with the target market. Designing innovative and attractive advertisements, creative images and brand recognition are the objectives of the advertising strategy that ultimately translates into increased sales. Identifying the market and promoting a product or service to that market is the key to achieving that goal. No business can afford to lose customers and this only happens when you ignore customers and don’t educate them about your products. With the advancement of technology and the growth of the Internet, it has become essential for all businesses to use online advertising methods for the promotion of their products.

Online advertising is a marketing method that uses the Internet to deliver your product message to the public. Everyone is connected to each other with the Internet and it is the easiest way to spread your product information to the whole world. When you are on the Internet; you go global even before you know it. The commercialization of products or services through the Internet has grown very rapidly. Online advertising is reported to have reached over $25 billion US dollars. This includes search engine advertising, display advertising on different websites, online classified ads, video advertising, and email marketing. The main reason for this growth in online advertising is cost effectiveness and immediate delivery of the desired information to the target audience.

The growth of social networking websites has forced marketers to align with the internet marketing technique, called social media marketing. Social media marketing involves the techniques used to advertise your products and services on websites that offer social media options to their users. Internet users are rapidly growing on social networking websites and with over 600 million users, Facebook is the largest social networking website right now.

In addition to social networks, Facebook is also now used as an effective marketing tool on the Internet. With over 600 million users, this unique platform has the power to help a business grow online. Facebook provides a number of features that can help brand and increase public awareness of a company’s products. Pages and groups are undoubtedly effective marketing tools, but Facebook Ads features are a real competitive advantage that one can have. If set up correctly, these ads can really drive the ultimate goal of an ad campaign, namely sales.

Facebook Ads are easy to set up and provide some great options for targeting your audience. The first step to a successful ad campaign is designing an innovative and engaging ad. Facebook allows you to advertise your own website, Facebook page, or even an event you might have created on your page. Be creative when designing your ads because on Facebook, you can only have a 25-character headline and a 135-character description. You can also use an image to liven up your ad a bit.

The selection of the target audience is very complete with Facebook ads. Not only can you target people by their geographic location, but you can also select gender, age limits, likes, interests, and even education. The most powerful targeting tool is the ‘Likes and Interests’ tool. If you are planning to promote mobile phones, you can target people who have already liked the pages of various mobile phone brands.

Advantages of Facebook Marketing

  • You can create your own Facebook page that acts as your own website
  • Fan following can be measured by page ‘likes’
  • Comprehensive targeting even allows you to target fans of an already established Facebook Page
  • You can select your maximum advertising cost options for CPC and CPM
  • The daily advertising budget can be specified.
  • Advertising can be scheduled. You can select when to start and end the campaign
  • Good click-through rate on ads if ads are designed correctly
  • Cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) are low compared to other display advertising options.

Incorporating online advertising is essential to a successful marketing strategy. All internet marketing experts agree that Facebook plays an important role in your brand positioning and placement. Be creative, properly research your target market, and select your audience wisely to get the most out of a marketing campaign.