Does the media disproportion things? Do they really care about Rihanna and Chris Brown?

Being a person who has been in the media (print, television and radio) for about 15 years, there is one thing that I have learned, and that is that there are good journalists and there are bad journalists, there are those who will step on someone else’s toes. if that means it will make your story that much more interesting. There comes a time when you have to choose if you want to ruin a person’s life or if you want to just deliver the story as it should be written, without all the additional and misleading information.

I often tell people that I should be rich by now and for no other reason than, I have stuff on tape that could probably make me make a quick buck, and with celebrities who are telling my guts and not realizing it. what do they say. You’re saying it might as well ruin them. I was raised to believe that you actually reap what you sew, and while that is cliché, it is the absolute truth: what happens, comes back, and it is for that reason that I believe in reporting history as it happens. it was passed on to me.

So it’s all been about R & B / Pop singers, Chris Brown and Rihanna, and domestic abuse. The image says it all or not? It shows Rihanna being abused, suddenly turning ‘good’ boy Chris Brown into a villain, after maintaining such an impeccable reputation for so long, suddenly something goes terribly wrong, and the next thing you know, in the eyes of the public, Chris Brown is damaged: he loses sponsorships and radio play, which ultimately means he is losing money. Can we thank the media for that? Did they do it for the right reasons or to sell newspapers and get an audience? Or did they do it because it was domestic violence and it is necessary to raise awareness? I have personally lived in a women’s shelter due to domestic violence, so I know there is nothing to play with, but why wasn’t my story or my mother’s story told? Because she’s the one who endured it. I say the above to say, there are so many women out there who deserve to have their stories told, but the reality is that they are not Rihanna – which is unfair, because telling Rihanna’s story sells more roles, than if you had it told me. story or someone else’s, who does not have celebrity status.

So, I say at this point, having written for countless newspapers and owned my own entertainment magazine, use your own judgment when reading and make your own assessments of what could have happened, and always remember that there are two sides. of a story – you just can’t believe everything you read or see, unless you absolutely trust the medium that reports it.