Deer Valley Resort – Unique Ski Experience!

Along with its more famous neighbor Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley Resort is located in the Wasatch Range in Utah, USA and consists of 6 interconnected mountains. With unparalleled service and skiing to match, it is a hidden treasure worth discovering.


An integral part of the Deer Valley Resort philosophy is the concept of providing the optimal luxury experience. Therefore, when Edgar Stern founded the resort, it was primarily a combination of the highest class of guest service, room and board. At the time of the Stern family’s foray into ski resorts, there was no other resort that offered this service-oriented skiing experience. Thanks to their many years of hospitality experience, they were uniquely positioned to create the pinnacle of US ski resort luxury.

When Deer Valley Resort first opened in 1981, it had five chair lifts, 35 ski slopes, and just two mountain lodges at Snow Park and Silver Lake. No longer a family business, the next era of Deer Valley is in full swing as it was bought by Alterra and has become an integral member of the IKON pass, expanding enormously since those early days.


Preparation on the mountain is unmatched in the Wasatch ski area as more equipment is used than at any other resort, meaning the ski experience is seamless and appropriate for all levels, types and ages of skiers . Making snow at the beginning of a season is important to create a good base for the slopes, as well as to ensure that the ski slopes are well covered in the leanest years. Deer Valley Resort has this covered as they have accumulated 670 acres of snow throughout the resort. Similarly, to maintain the quality of skiing on the slopes, chairlift tickets are limited to a sale of around 7,500 per day, ensuring that the slopes are not crowded and there is plenty of seating in the restaurants to enjoy a night. – Rushed dining experience. Not only this, Deer Valley Resort is a solo ski resort, one of the few remaining in North America, that prioritizes the skier experience.

The facts and figures about the resort’s skiing are equally impressive. The total uphill lift capacity of more than 50,000 skiers per hour is 50% greater than that of its larger neighbors, spanning all 21 chairlifts, including 12 high-speed detachable quads and an enclosed 4-passenger gondola. These elevators will take you through the 2,026 acres of the six mountains: Little Baldy Peak, Bald Eagle, Flagstaff, Bald, Empire, and Lady Morgan. Mountain to mountain, there is skiing for everyone. Little Baldy Peak, Bald Eagle, and Flagstaff consist primarily of beginner and intermediate runs with fewer advanced runs. The Baldy, Empire and Lady Morgan Mountains have an incredible mix of terrain, ranging from smooth intermediate runs to more challenging and exciting advanced / expert runs. With six bowls to choose from, you can try the exhilarating expert bowls of Empire and Bald Mountain or even the steep slides of Empire Canyon. And if that wasn’t enough, Deer Valley’s 930 acres of terrain are dedicated to clearings, perfect for skiing in the trees, waiting to be discovered.

Customer service …

Given its history and experience of skiing down the line of excellence, naturally there is customer service to match. Deer Valley Resort is not only a pioneer in the area of ​​luxury and convenience, but also an innovator. Deer Valley was the first resort to offer many exceptional services including: ski valet carrying guests’ ski gear, complimentary transportation to the parking lot, a state licensed child care facility, and uniforms for all employees. Going one step further, your ski gear can even be stored overnight for free at the bottom of a mountain so you don’t have the weight of carrying your gear. Not only this, but there are even mountain amenities that demonstrate Deer Valley Resort’s commitment to the skier experience, such as providing bandanas on the lift lines, as well as waterproof ski maps for those snowy days. do not destroy their help. to negotiate your way around the mountains.


Convenience doesn’t end with guest service, as the accommodation continues this theme. The large quantity and quality of mountain accommodation, ski in ski out, is exceptional. From inns like the luxurious Stein Eriksen residences, which are surrounded by ski slopes, to the beautiful and contemporary One Empire Pass, whose location next to the Silver Strike chair lift makes the ski experience incredibly easy.

However, if you are looking for other types of convenience, properties like The Lodges at Deer Valley and Telemark Homes have their own advantages. The Lodges is home to the resort’s newest restaurant, The Brass Tag, which allows for hassle-free dining after a hard day on the slopes. Telemark Homes offers space for multiple families, with the added convenience of free Cadillac-provided transportation to and from the slopes. Whatever your priorities, ski vacation accommodations at Deer Valley Resort have something to offer.

The amenities at these Deer Valley properties also serve those seeking a five-star experience. Many accommodations have private hot tubs, often on an outdoor terrace, and include complimentary breakfast and après ski.


The pursuit of excellence is a well-known facet of Deer Valley Resort, having broken into the top three resorts in North America in 1998 and remained there thereafter, as ranked by the top ski magazine, SKI. From 2013 onwards, it has won the award for best guest service at a ski resort in North America every year without fail. In addition to this, in 2018 it was awarded the best overall ski resort in North America. Quite interesting.

Awards aside, the excellent food at Deer Valley Resort also sets the tone for the level of luxury you should expect to find. Like restaurant n. 1 in Utah, as ranked by Zagat restaurant guide, Mariposa at Silver Lake offers the best of culinary arts. Alternatively, have lunch in the beautiful alpine setting of the mid and high mountain restaurants. And if that wasn’t enough, order whatever sweet treat you want at the fully functional Deer Valley Resort Bakery and pick up your custom pastry order.

Boutique shops are something you won’t miss out on as there is easy free access from most accommodations to the city’s extensive shopping opportunities, as well as after-ski, nightlife, and restaurants. Park City.

We hope this has given you an idea of ​​what to expect from a visit to Deer Valley Resort in Utah, USA.