Deepak Chopra – Golf for Enlightenment – Book Review

Dr. Deepak Chopra has written an interesting fictional story about a man named Adam and his search for the perfect swing. Through the Adams story, Dr. Chopra illustrates the insightful parallels between golf and life. There are seven important lessons that anyone who plays golf should think about. The book is a great read and you will find it difficult to put it down once you start.

I wasn’t expecting much when I first picked up this book that was bought by someone else in the house. I thought it would be pretty boring for the title, “golf for enlightenment.” However, as soon as I started reading it, I found it difficult to put it down.

The story is about a man named Adam, a guy who is obsessed with golf but leaves the course in a bad mood. A situation that most of us can relate to. That’s why this book is really nice, because we can relate to it as Adam is a typical golfer.

‘A new way to play’ and ‘Master of the game’

There are actually two chapters before this one and a foreword by Jesper Parnevik. The chapters are titled “A New Way to Play” and “Master of the Game.” In the first chapter, Dr. Copra approaches golf in spiritual terms, which is something that has not been done before or is very rare. Since he is a golfer himself, he talks about the need for the sensations that go through his body just before hitting the ball to be correct, since that will determine where the ball will go and that “clear perception” is necessary to dominate the game of the ball. Golf. . Dr. Chopra also discusses the need for creativity in golf due to the different lies it can get and the many situations it finds itself in while playing. He also mentions that you don’t have to be a “metaphysician” to read the book, but any golfer can read it and benefit.

Deepak rightly says that the self should not be forgotten while playing because the self is very important in golf. He proposes a method in which you forget to be technically perfect because you lose an element of yourself (unless, of course, it comes natural to you or you start when you are young). He talks about his experiences while playing his rounds and how he does it. He relates his golf experiences to life very well and in an easy-to-understand way.

Typical golfer

Introducing Adam Seaver, a golfer from the greater Boston area. It is introduced to you while playing a frustrating round with your friends. You can hear his friends laughing at him. At this point, he gets very angry and just hits the ball, cutting it raw. When he gets to his muddy ball, he’s away from his friends, it’s drizzling, dark, and he’s in a pine-covered area like a forest. A voice says “You are going to be a master of the game.” The stranger tells Adam to meet him the next day in a strange place.

The lessons

What follows are seven brilliant chapters titled, “Be Single-minded,” “Let the Swing Happen,” “Find the Now and You’ll Find the Shot,” “Play From Your Heart to the Hole,” “Winning is Passion with Detachment “,” The ball knows everything “,” Let the game play you “and then the epilogue:” Leela “.


This book contains so much practical information that anyone can use, for life and for anything. It is very entertaining and once you get started, you will want to keep reading. For a golfer, it is a must read. It is something different from all the technical magazines that exist and also more entertaining.