Cork floors and pets

Estimate states that more than 60% of all households in the US have a cat or dog. Animals like this can wreak havoc on your floor by defecating, scratching, and biting. You really should have a trained animal not to spoil your floor, however sometimes there is nothing you can do to break old habits. That’s why certain flooring solutions are better for pets. This article will explain why cork flooring is a great solution for pets in your home.

Cork flooring is a very durable product, capable of withstanding a compression of up to 45% and return to its normal shape without damage. This is crucial with animals like cats that can scratch your floor with their claws. Instead of the cork breaking it in most situations, it will simply compress under pressure from the jack and return to its normal shape when released. Dogs with sharp or large nails will also not damage cork floors; Even when you run over them at high speed to greet you when you get home!

Cork is also waterproof, so it doesn’t absorb water or moisture. So if you have a dog with urination problems in the house, you don’t need to worry about it damaging your cork floors. However, you should clean it as soon as possible to prevent urine from getting behind the tiles or planks and ruining the subfloor. Even though cork can resist moisture, you should educate your pets to avoid unwanted damage.

Sometimes people with allergies come to their pets and it is necessary to lock them up. However, even with pets confined, dander and fur are still present and can bother someone with allergies towards them. However, cork floors are actually anti-allergic. It does not retain pet dander or hair and is very easy to clean. This is also true of pollen and other allergens. People with allergies to pets will appreciate having a flooring solution that doesn’t block them.

So as you can see, cork flooring is a good match with pets in your home. Just remember to do everything you can to prevent your pets from urinating on your new cork floors. If you want to learn more about cork flooring, you can follow the links below.