Complete list of must-haves for your dance makeup kit

Dancers Makeup Kit Checklist:

The choreographer and / or performance location often determine the look of the ballerina makeup.

Stage Performance – Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, modern and contemporary dancers typically dance on stage. Whether you are a recital dancer, competitive dancer, or professional dancer, you will need to wear a darker and more intense ballerina makeup than your average everyday street makeup. This is due to the intensity of the stage lights, the intensity of the costumes, and the distance between the performer and the audience.

Outdoor performance: Depending on your dance style, if you perform outdoors, your dancer’s makeup can be much more discreet. For example, although a ballerina’s makeup style for the stage often includes red lipstick, you can consider a more natural pink color instead.

Ballroom dance floor: When you are a ballroom dancer, you typically perform on a dance floor that is at the same level as the audience and the lighting, while dramatic, is not as intense as that of the stage. However, a ballroom dancer’s makeup is usually quite dramatic to accentuate the dramatic style and wardrobe of this genre.

Belly Dance Performance: Belly dancers have a variety of performance venues: stages, restaurants, and open-air festivals. However, the makeup of a belly dancer is much more oriented to the style of dance and costumes than the type of place in which they perform. Their performance looks can range from the most natural and classical beauty to Cabaret belly dancers makeup to the dramatically artistic styles of tribal belly dancers makeup.

Ideally, choose hypoallergenic / non-comedogenic (non-clogging pores) products, talcum powder, and paraben-free products that are as natural as possible and effective. Ballerina makeup must be worn for long periods of time and this can be very harsh on the skin, especially if it is sensitive or prone to breakouts. You don’t want products that make your skin look and feel awful at the end of a presentation weekend. There is nothing that can make you more self-aware than red and irritated skin on an acne-covered face.

Here’s a list of what should be in your dance makeup kit for a fabulous performance makeup look:


• Hypoallergenic / non-comedogenic (does not clog pores)

• Without mineral oil

• Water resistant / sweat resistant

• Full coverage foundation that feels very light on the skin

• Warm-toned colors are best seen under stage lighting; avoid rosy undertones foundation

• Half to a shade DARKER than natural skin tone for stage performances.

• Match your foundation color to skin for all other performance venues.

Loose powder

• Translucent, contains very little pigment

• Transparent in tone so it doesn’t look caked on the skin

Foundation brush

• Used to apply a thin base coat.

Triangle Shaped Makeup Sponges

• It is used to soften the base, mix colors, correct mistakes.

Eye shadows

• Highly pigmented, water / sweat resistant, talc free and paraben free mineral makeup colors work well

• Three main shades:

o Highlighter – light color

o Contrast – medium color

o Contour – dark color

• Warm neutral earth tones: black, brown, bronze, copper, gold, cream


• Highly pigmented, water / sweat resistant, talc free and paraben free mineral makeup colors work well

• Neutral-warm reds or pinks

Black waterproof mascara

Black Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner OR Black Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow / Eyeliner

White illuminating eyeliner

2 pairs of false eyelashes, just to be safe!

Waterproof Eyelash Adhesive – Duo is the BEST!

Lipstick: neutral shade, long-lasting (but does not dry out the lips!)

Mineral lipstick – long-lasting (but doesn’t dry out lips!)

Makeup Brushes: Lips, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Blush, Complexion, Eyebrow Comb / Brush

Glitter / Shimmer Powders (as determined by choreographer)

Glitter adhesive