Enjoying Your Stay in Jamaica: Jamaica Travel Guide

Jamaica, above all else, offers beautiful water features. From the beaches that surround the island to the waterfalls of Ocho Rios, a visit to Jamaica is like a trip to paradise.

* Pond of alligators: fishing area to see local life

* Falmouth – many resorts

* Kingston – the capital

* Laguna Azul – beautiful water surrounded by tropical forest

* Playa Negril – popular beach for tourists

* Dunn’s River Falls: beautiful waterfalls in Ocho Rios

When to visit

There really is no bad time to visit Jamaica. Every time you plan your trip to Jamaica, you will be greeted with a temperate climate between the 70s and 80s. The lush tropical forests should obviously receive some rain, but most of that rain falls in the mountains beyond the island, which is not frequented by tourists. If it rains on the part of the island where you plan your Jamaica excursion, you can be sure that it will only last an hour or so and then disappear. Hurricanes strike occasionally, but rarely. If you are concerned about hurricanes, do not plan your trip between August and October. America’s winter months tend to be the busiest months for tourism, as vacationers try to escape the cold and snow. If you don’t want to travel to Jamaica during the peak season, plan your vacation for the summer months.


When traveling to Jamaica, all-inclusive resorts are the best hotel options. These resorts are highly recommended as you will have a variety of food to choose from and even your excursions may be included. These resorts can be found in Negril, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and other beach resort areas. Sandals and Couples are Jamaica’s largest resort facilities, offering beautifully decorated Jamaica hotel rooms. If you want to stay in Kingston, you are most likely staying in a Jamaican hotel. Hotels in Jamaica are especially suitable for upscale American travelers. Jamaicans really know how to please a tourist.


Jamaican restaurants offer delicious island dishes. Jamaica is famous for its jerk chicken whose smell will make you salivate and the taste will melt in your mouth. Be sure to order a rum drink at Jamaican restaurants. The rum available on this island is among the best in the world. Plus, save room for dessert and for at least one day during your trip to Jamaica, opt for bananas. These banana-like fruits are served deep fried and saturated with sugar. Don’t take your diet to a Jamaican restaurant!

If you choose to stay at a resort, you will have a selection of Jamaican restaurants on the property. But don’t be afraid to venture outside the resort to explore other restaurants. You are unlikely to find much of the fare “native, local” as residents tend to live in the inner parts of Jamaica. But you will find Jamaican restaurants that cater to the most discerning traveler.

Things to do

The essential activities in Jamaica revolve around water. You will find many things to do in the ocean. Of course, sunbathing on the beach is a popular activity. Negril’s 7 mile beach is world renowned and is a wonderful area to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean. You can also enjoy sunset cruises, snorkeling, jet skiing, renting a kayak, and more. In Negril, you can rent a personal boat and row across the water to your own private island and claim your claim on a beautiful stretch of Jamaican beach.

If you feel the need to take a break from the sun, head to Dunn’s River Falls. Here you will walk a path that leads to many waterfalls. The path is shaded by a jungle setting full of beautiful native flora and fauna in a park-like setting.

While a trip to Jamaica is not known for being educational, you may want to visit a museum if you decide to venture to the country’s capital, Kingston. When many people think of Jamaica, they think of reggae music and Bob Marley. If you want to learn a little about this side of the island, visit the Bob Marley museum in Kingston.

11 ways to organize your trip

Traveling is one of my passions.

I love meeting new people, seeing how they live, and just talking to people from all over the world.

It can be overwhelming to coordinate all the details and organize all your clothes, so this is how I organize my trip:

1. Start making lists well in advance. These can include lists of things to pack, things to do, things to see, foods to try, etc.

2. Always carry extra plastic bags for dirty clothes, shoes, etc.

3. You don’t have to plan activities for each and every day, but at least if you have a rainy day, you can search your list and choose an indoor activity.

4. Expect to buy things while on vacation, so plan for this and take less with you. Plan to bring 10 kg less than your baggage allowance to have enough space for all your purchases.

5. Pick a color palette and stick to it. I usually pack fall colors like brown, yellow, orange, and green. Each pair of pants will match each of the tops.

6. Count the number of days you will be away and plan enough sets of clothes, remembering that you always need more tops than tops. Still, you won’t be wearing all of your clothes. Make a note of all the clothes you didn’t wear so you don’t pack too much the next time.

7. Pack travel-size toiletries or if you have some old hotel toiletries, use them. I keep my toiletry bag permanently packed and restocked immediately when I return from a trip. This saves me a lot of time because all I have to do is pack clothes.

8. Always carry a backpack. There is a reason why they are so popular with tourists: their hands are free to eat, navigate, carry water, etc.

9. If you read the Bible, the next time you go, don’t take the whole Bible with you. Just go to an online site and print a chapter for each day you will be away. You can try a different version of the Bible that you use regularly for more variety. The added convenience is that you don’t have to bring these pages with you.

10. Whether you’re flying or driving, take any magazines or e-books that have accumulated around your home. You can catch up on your reading and, again, leave the magazine or e-book in the airport lounge. I love doing this and it is the best way to catch up on reading magazines.

11. Carry a notebook to keep a journal or take some notes about the places you visit. It will help you remember your vacation more clearly, especially once you return home.

And now that you’re organized, have fun and enjoy your vacation.

How Casting Director Mary Clay Boland Found Her Dream Job Description In An Internship Book

Mary Clay Boland was the casting director for As the world turns During her successful career she has worked in casting for theater and film, as well as for television; and received two Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Casting of a Drama Series. Here she answers the question, How did you get that job?

Mary Clay Boland: When I was in college, I majored in theater and communications (focusing on critical analysis of television). And while doing theater, my main objective was directing.

So I would pick my own stuff when directing pieces, little pieces for the theater department and stuff. And I really enjoyed that process; auditioning people and also making adjustments with the actors and working with the actors.

However, I had no idea that casting director was really a job at that point in my life. Then I graduated from university and worked in advertising for a year. And it didn’t fit very well. I did not love it.

So, I went to my mother’s office. She was a counselor at a college in Louisville, KY (Bellarmine University) and had an internship book. And I looked and found out that there are casting practices. And they described what a casting director does: he goes to the theater, he watches everything, he audits people, he has generals. [NOTE: “generals” refers to general auditions. That’s a type of audition done by a theatre, studio, TV show, casting director, etc., when trying to get a feel for the available talent pool. “General” meaning they aren’t casting for a particular role, yet.] And I was like, “OMG, that sounds like a lot of fun.”

I applied for six theater internships across the country, entered three of them, one of them was in New York at Circle Rep Theater. I chose Circle Rep and moved there, and it was a one year internship.

It was a lot of fun actually, because the artistic director of the theater (Austin Pendleton), we got there first and they were all hanging around (the interns) saying what they were going to be interns at and what they were really doing.

Almost everyone was an actor or writer and was doing internships in other departments; and actually I was the casting intern and I said I wanted to be a casting director.

Susan Dansby: That is wonderful.

Mary Clay Boland: Yeah, and Austin Pendleton said, “What? Nobody wants to be a casting director. You just fall for it.” And I was like, “Well, no, that’s what I want to do.” So, I had my mind set on that, and that was almost 15 and a half years ago. And I stayed in the casting since then.

Susan Dansby: I really want to hear what that first year was like.

Mary Clay Boland: I spoiled myself a lot because I didn’t realize that this was not the norm. But because Circle Repertory Theater had such an amazing reputation; and its members, its acting and writing teams, they were amazing.

So I didn’t just broadcast weekly readings for the literary department where I was able to use the members, which were people like Ethan Hawke, Judd Hirsch, Julianne Moore. You would just call people and say, “Hey, are you available to do this reading?” Liev Schreiber. You know, we headed to Side man, the Warren Leight play that went to Broadway, and many plays that have now become huge.

Susan Dansby: That really sounds like heaven.

Mary Clay Boland: Was. It was an incredible experience. I got to see amazing actors, first hand, do these readings and bring these characters to life and watch the playwrights work with them. So I think it really gave me some tools and helped me develop my taste and also see what skills and talents it takes to bring a character to life and be a good actor. So, it was a great experience. It was the best thing that could have happened.

Fun Facts About Chicago

Chicago is home to the Oprah Winfrey Show, Wrigley Field, and the famous deep dish pizza, just to name a few. But among all the obvious reasons the city is famous for, there are many more fun and interesting facts about the windy city that are not so obvious but fun to know. The city is full of art and history, as well as beaches, parks, and more than 7,300 restaurants.

I bet you didn’t know …

I bet you didn’t know that Chicago became a city in 1837 and has become the largest city in Illinois or that “Route 66” began in what is also known as the “City that Works.” In 1893, the world’s first Ferris wheel made its debut at the Columbia World’s Fair and softball was invented in the city that eventually became known for its larger-than-life sports teams, including the Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago. Cubs.

In addition to being involved in many new developments in this country, the “Second City”, as it has also been nicknamed, has been at the forefront of engineering technology, which was demonstrated when the city successfully changed the flow of the Chicago River. so it no longer emptied into Lake Michigan, but instead ran into the Mississippi River. This was done in the 1900s and was increasingly ahead of its time when it came to technology. The city has continued to be at the forefront of technology.

Is that really true?

Is it really true that Chicago has the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere? YES, Willis Tower is 110 stories high and from the highest observation deck you can see 4 states. Is it true that the city has 1 of the 3 free zoos that are still in the country? YES, Lincoln Park Zoo is the oldest zoo in the country and is visited by millions every year. Is it true that the first blood bank was opened in the city? YES, in 1937, Dr. Bernard Fantus established the first public blood bank at Cook County Hospital to help with the city’s blood shortage.

Is it true that Chicago has had only father-son mayors? YES, Richard J. Daley is the father of Richard M. Daley and they have both served as mayors of this beautiful city. Is it true that the first planetarium was built here? YES, in 1930 the Adler Planetarium was built and it was not only the first planetarium in the country, but the first planetarium built in the entire Western Hemisphere. Is it true that the first remote control was invented here? YES, in 1950 the first television remote control was introduced to the public.

So as you can see, there are a lot of fun facts that you may or may not have known about the great city of Chicago. Technology, sports and a lot of cultural history were born here and this great city will continue to produce great things.

Hotels in USA – Splendor Unlimited

Famous as “The Land of Opportunity”, the US justifies this rhetoric especially when it comes to travel. With a plethora of tourist destinations, this region of the world boasts of being one of the biggest attractions for travel fans.

There are 50 individual states that match the size and population of various European countries. America’s numerous large cities and towns form a fantastic combination with the vast expanse of farmland, forests, deserts, and mountains. With a climate that ranges from tropical to arctic, this part of the world has four distinct seasons. The United States is the third most populous country in the world. And, obviously, with so many highly developed tourist destinations, the US leaves a mark on hospitality, unmatched services, diverse population, and varied lifestyles. US hotels always leave a good impression on where you are in the US They offer great amenities at affordable prices to visitors.

Every corner of the US has many destinations worth visiting, like New York on the East Coast. New York is known as a unique melting pot and famous for its skyline. Boston is known as “Bean Town”. Philadelphia is a major political and cultural center of the American Revolution. You will find numerous museums in the capital city, Washington DC. Atlanta is also one of the cities that has experienced immense growth in recent years, especially after the 1996 Olympic Games. Another international tourist destination is Miami and is famous for its Latin culture, exciting nightlife and its amazing beaches. When it comes to accommodation, you have a multitude of options ranging from the cheapest hotels to the most expensive in the US, anywhere in the country.

For a laid-back vibe, you can head to the West Coast, which stretches from Washington state to California. Los Angeles is considered a micro-universe. You’ll get everything from poverty to wealth in Los Angeles. You can visit Orange County in the south to enjoy the surf town of Huntington Beach. You also have another good option of heading to the city of Laguna Beach, on the California Riviera, where you can enjoy the famous art scenes. LA is also famous for Hollywood.

Anna Maria Island, Florida: Hollywood of the Gulf Coast

For more than 60 years, Anna Maria Island has been a star. Hollywood movie producers have frequently used the island’s spectacular white sand and turquoise waters to create the ideal beach scenes. Some of Hollywood’s biggest icons have graced AMI’s beaches, yet it’s easy to see that the island is the real star.

AMI is a 7.5-mile island located directly south of Tampa Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. The island does not allow high-rise resorts, which keeps the beaches much less crowded. Majestic sunsets, high-quality quartz sand, and predictable low waves from the Gulf make the island and its surrounding waters a perfect choice for filming.

Here are some of the movies filmed on Anna Maria Island that you may have seen or heard of:

  • On an island with you: Anna Maria Island’s first appearance on the big screen was in the 1948 MGM Studios musical “On an Island With You.” The film cast Hollywood legend Esther Williams as the lead in one of its infamous swimming, films that combined her stellar performance, singing, and swimming. The film also featured icon Jimmy Durante. The plot of the film centers on a love triangle on a military base in the Hawaiian Islands. AMI perfectly fulfills its role as an exotic island destination in the film, just as it continues to do every day in real life.
  • Out of time: One word … Denzel. Ladies, feel free to swoon. That’s right, Denzel Washington ran the beaches of Anna Maria Island while filming the 2003 MGM movie “Out of Time.” Floribbean Banana Cabana Restaurant is proud to announce that they hosted Denzel’s Appreciation Dinner for the “Out of Time” crew members.
  • The perfect Storm: If Denzel isn’t a big enough hunk for you, how about George Clooney or Mark Walberg? The 2000 Warner Brothers film The Perfect Storm was partially shot off the coast of Anna Maria Island. Producers used the predictably calm waters off the Gulf Coast to capture the calm before the storm.

You don’t have to be a movie producer to capture AMI’s beauty. The best movies shot on the island will always be home movies. While it’s nice to see AMI on the big screen, the island’s culture has never been the center of attention. These are families and friends who enjoy one of the most magnificent beach settings in the world in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. So be sure to bring your camera.

How to price your home correctly in today’s market

There are many factors that come into play when you are trying to sell your home, but the bottom line is price. Here are some tips on how to price your home as you prepare to put it on the market.

Since houses aren’t selling like they used to, it’s obvious that the market has changed, so what’s the most important thing people need to consider right now?

I’ve worked in real estate for over 24 years and I love what I do, but my biggest challenge is still walking into someone’s home and telling them that their home may not be worth what they expected or hoped it would be worth. In some cases, if you just bought your home, it may not even be worth as much as it was paid for a few years ago. So my number one challenge is to make people come true, to get people to understand that price is the most crucial part. Yes, it is a beauty contest, but mainly it is a price war; we have to put a correct price on it.

Homeowners should also assess their thinking before starting the process of selling their home.

What I mean when I say mindset is, “Do I really want to sell? Do I have to sell? Am I willing to pay the asking price in today’s economy?” If you are thinking of selling your home, you should ask yourself these questions because if you are not really ready, you may want to consider other options, such as renting your home instead, or perhaps a lease purchase, or delaying it for a few years until market turns around. But don’t venture there and just experiment; it’s no fun having your house on the market right now. The market is very, very competitive.

People must also take into account some external factors; not just what works for them right now.

We all make plans with our imaginary equity; I did the same. I sold my house not long ago and I thought I had an “x” number of equity in my property and when I closed, it turned out that I had about two-thirds of what I thought I had. We make plans with capital that we do not have. The market doesn’t care about our plans, unfortunately I’m sorry but they don’t care so always keep that in mind.

Everyone is looking for a deal, so you should take advantage of it right now.

It is a price war, but it is a beauty contest. The part of the price war is that it has to have great value. It has to be a wonderful value because we compete with distressed properties, we compete with foreclosures, and we compete with homes that people have left. One of the ways you can compete is to find an agent who will forfeit their share of the full listing commission. This type of arrangement will lower the cost of selling your home so that, in turn, you can lower the sale price of the home. A lower sale price will bring more traffic through the front door because it looks like a better value from the outside. This type of program is working very well for many people.

How can anyone find out what the approximate value of their home is right now?

50 tips to become a better classical musician

1. Subscribe to blogs and news about your instrument.

2. Know who are the best players of your instrument (living and dead).

3. Know all the important concerts.

4. Perform a solo recital at least every 2 months (concerts do not count)

5. Learn about other musical genres (Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, etc.) and try to understand their musical forms, chord progressions, and then try to arrange something for your instrument.

6. Learn to improvise.

7. Try to compose your own cadences.

8. Go to music festivals.

9. Make friends with Concertmasters, Conductors, Composers, Arrangers, Manager of salsa groups, jazz musicians and any other music group around you.

10. Schedule an audition as a substitute at the nearest popular orchestra or group.

11. Always be on time.

12. Bring all your equipment: stands, music, extensions, plugs, etc.

13. Dress according to the occasion, if in doubt dress well.

14. Try a different path in the music business other than acting: composing, organizing, conducting, working as a luthier, managing a symphony, and so on.

15. Teach as much as you can: Not only will it bring you money, it will also remind you of the basics of your instrument, things you will need for the rest of your life as a performer.

16. Play all available gigs no matter how much they pay, especially early in your career, you’d be surprised how many contacts you’ll make – this will lead to future gigs !!

17. Always make friends and tell them what you do – they will spread the word for you.

18. Have a Facebook account and create groups and fan sites.

19. The same happens with twitter and other social networks.

20. Create your own website.

21. Participate in music forums.

22. Practice sight reading, it is easier to do with friends, read quatrains, duets and trios often.

23. Practice your excerpts !: Wake up at 3 am and play Don Juan or another difficult fragment and play it without heating or anything! It is an amazing feeling.

24. Put on an audition for friends and teachers before reality.

25. Become a member of music societies, clubs, and unions like the American Federation of Musicians.

26. Subscribe to music magazines.

27. Attend as many concerts as you can, it will help you with your musical performance, style, etc.

28. Know the score of the pieces you are playing: solo, chamber, orchestra, etc.

29. Try creating your own library of scores.

30. Try building a music library out of CDs and DVDs.

31. Listen to the pieces you are working on (chamber, solo, orchestral, etc.) at least once a day.

32. Get to know the composers of the pieces you are working on (style, period, life, etc.)

33. Practice at least 4 hours a day, 6 or more for competitions.

34. Learn Sibelius or Finale.

35. In times of frustration, call a friend and tell him how much you love music and how much you do not want to give up, explain how difficult the music business is and how hard you are willing to work.

36. You may want to learn German or Italian.

37. Sharpen your transposition skills.

38. Learn the basics of the piano.

39. Study music and physics, the simple things.

40. Listen to other musical genres that you are not interested in and learn from them. Find something good about it.

41. Learn about the major works of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, and all the great masters.

42. Learn the orchestration.

43. Classical music for du-mmies: it’s a great source, I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know, great book!

44. Practice your scales every day; this is the key.

45. Don’t waste time in music theory class, learn everything about harmony, counterpoint, instrumentation, etc. This helps to better understand the music, it will be reflected in your performance, of course!

46. ​​Help organize someone’s recital or musical event, one day you will need them and you will also have the experience.

47. Join your church music group.

48. Prepare for competitions (international or local)

49. Blog about classical music.

50. Get up early to practice marathons with your friends.

Five fun things to do in Nassau Bay, Texas with young children

If you and your family are new to travel, you are sure to receive plenty of advice on where to go and what to do, with strong opinions on how to make sure your kids have plenty to do. Traveling with kids isn’t easy, but it’s nice to know that if you’re traveling to places like the Houston Bay Area, you can boldly ask, “What fun things can you do in Nassau Bay, Texas? And get an answer.

What’s so special about Nassau Bay? Well, along with other cities like Kemah, Seabrook, and League City, it helps form an area of ​​southeast Texas known as the Houston Bay Area. Not only does the area have proximity to one of the largest cities in the country, Houston, but it also has the added benefit of being close to the Texas Gulf Coast. As such, area leaders have gone to great lengths to maintain the area’s picturesque natural beauty, which has resulted in making Nassau Bay and the entire Houston Bay Area a premier destination for fans of the nature.

For families on the go, Nassau Bay has a little bit of everything and it’s all about family dynamics. Even the official 2016 area visitor guide describes Nassau Bay as a “family-oriented community enjoying natural beauty that is seemingly away from the urban crowds, but only 20 minutes from downtown Houston or Galveston.” .

If you are lucky enough to be near Nassau Bay, here are some things you can do with the kids:

Kemah Boardwalk – The fun and excitement of the boardwalk isn’t just something to see on the East Coast. Amusement park attractions, fun, games, concerts and more are available.

Fireworks Friday on the Kemah Boardwalk – Only available during the summer months, there is nothing like watching fireworks light up the night sky over Galveston Bay from the world famous Kemah Boardwalk.

Space Center Houston – The exploration of the country’s space program through the real tools of trade? Sign up! Talk to the astronauts, take a look at the replicas of the famous spaceships used by NASA, and even look at the rocks on the moon.

Big League Dreams Sports Park – What kid doesn’t dream of hitting the home run that wins the World Series? Check out the scaled-down replicas of the famous Fenway Park and Wrigley Field ballparks.

Lake Nassau Park – Enjoy fishing on Lake Nassau or Clear Creek, or try the tennis and basketball courts, or have a picnic.

Truth be told, when you’re trying to find very specific things to do in a specific place, it can be difficult. In this case, we’ve tried to fit two ideas (fun things to do in Nassau Bay Texas) into one, but therein lies the beauty of what Nassau Bay has to offer traveling families. It’s about spending quality time with children and enjoying the world around you. It’s about being close to nature and at the same time taking the time to wonder what is in the stars above. Nassau Bay, Texas may not be the hotbed of thrills that attract, but again, that just means there is more for you and your family to enjoy.

Bringing home the beach

Since I moved to the central Alabama area seven years ago, I have learned at least one important thing about the people who live here. They go to the beach. They don’t just go to the beach, they know Gulf Shores and Orange Beach like the back of their hand. I never mentioned a trip to the beach without receiving recommendations for places to stay, to eat, and fun things to do.

If everyone in the area doesn’t own a beach condo, they have a relative or at least a friend who does. While this has so far failed to get me a free stay at the beach, I have received many good suggestions to enjoy my visits to the coast.

One trip a year is not enough for most Central Alabama residents. Two seems to be the minimum and why not? It is a short trip and the roads are good. Gasoline prices are; well it’s a short trip. While you could spend a long weekend, most seem to spend at least a week sunbathing and walking the white sand beaches.

When you reach a certain age, and I am not going to suggest what that age might be, as it is different for everyone, the night and the most boisterous entertainment lose a certain charm. Drinking beer after midnight at Flora Bama has greater consequences and a much longer recovery time. So I stay with visiting museums, eating in different restaurants and walking on the beach. There is also shopping, which is entertainment for me and generally a drag on my husband. Some also spend a lot of time collecting seashells.

You see these people walking down the beach looking down at their feet and quickly understand that they are looking for a rare sand dollar or an equally sought after shell. You might be wondering why the fascination with seashells. They can certainly be beautiful, but what do you do with them once you get home?

After many years of collecting seashells along the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Mexico from Sanibel to Orange Beach, what to do with the shells remained a question on my mind. Sure you can put some in a vase on the sand that didn’t get spilled on your car. Shells are not appreciated by family and friends as birthday gifts, especially after the first one. You can display one or two on your buffet or on a side table, but that might leave enough shells to pave your driveway.

Why did you collect shells would be a reasonable question and the answer is equally simple: just for the love of seashells. Over the years, I have learned to identify hundreds of seashells. But it just so happened that I had a virtual plethora of shells in my house.

Alabama residents, along with other visitors to the coast, often purchase a variety of items decorated with seashells. Many of them made in China. Why not bring something home from the coast? Why not make beautiful handmade shell items right here in central Alabama? And that’s what I do.

So folks, if you see me on the beach carrying a recyclable bag and looking at my feet, you will know that I am collecting seashells for future projects.