3.5T or 7.5T recovery vehicle

When considering auto transporters and salvage vehicles, 3.5-ton trucks can provide a cost-effective alternative to 7.5-ton trucks, especially with rising fuel costs.

Operating costs and flexibility are the keys to purchasing decisions. It is not necessary to buy a larger truck than necessary. The choice depends on the loads, but for recovery operators with more than one vehicle, it makes sense to have at least one 3.5t truck in the mix.

Illustration of fuel costs

If the cost of fuel is £ 6 per gallon, then this would be roughly £ 40,000 per 100,000 miles for a 7.5t truck. As a 3.5t truck it uses about half of this amount (running at about 30 mpg as opposed to 15 to 17 mpg for a heavier truck).

After 100,000 miles, you will have saved most of the cost of replacing the recovery light vehicle.

3.5 Your truck

  • Capital cost: around £ 20,000
  • Fuel at £ 6 per gallon per 100,000 miles: £ 20,000 (based on 30 mpg)
  • Total cost: £ 40,000
  • excluding other operating costs such as taxes, insurance and maintenance.

7.5 Your truck

  • Capital cost: around £ 48,000
  • Fuel at £ 6 per gallon per 100,000 miles: £ 40,000 (based on 15 mpg)
  • Total cost: £ 88,000
  • excluding other operating costs such as taxes, insurance and maintenance.

Paying for the tonnage

Heavier 7.5 ton trucks are more expensive to drive, and in most car hauling cases a 3.5 ton truck will provide enough payload to do the job just as well.

The KFS designed and built ultracar transporter specifically for the vehicle transport market offers a massive 1,780kg payload in a low-line chassis design. This payload covers about 80% of the cars on the market, which means that a lighter and more efficient vehicle can be used in many races, especially for longer trips, allowing instant fuel savings.


The versatility of the 3.5 ton truck makes it an ideal vehicle for the salvage business. 3.5 ton vehicles can be driven with a standard UK license and, unlike 7.5 ton trucks, they do not require an additional license, or tachograph or tachograph training.

They also tend to be able to reach higher speeds, even under full load, reducing travel times and reducing overtime. As a smaller vehicle, they are easier to maneuver with smaller loads and since they are based on a standard chassis, the maintenance and testing costs are also very competitive.


The latest generation of 3.5 t trucks is not of inferior quality. They’re rugged and built to last even if they cover 2,500 miles per week, and they should provide similar reliability to heavier vehicles. The entire aluminum deck construction combines comprehensive strength and corrosion resistance while maximizing the vehicle’s carrying capacity.

There are numerous reasons, especially financial, why it makes sense to switch to a 3.5 ton truck, especially with those with a fleet of vehicles. A 3.5 ton truck makes economic sense to include in an operator’s fleet.

"9" is another Tim Burton triumph of style over substance

I can’t tell you how many times in the last 17 years I got really excited seeing an incredibly cool trailer for a movie, only to have my expectations shattered by seeing Tim Burton’s name attached to the movie. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Tim Burton. He has been responsible for some films that I love, but in general I consider his participation in a film as a curse rather than a benefit. I can pinpoint the exact day I made this decision on Tim Burton. It was the night of June 19, 1992. I was leaving Batman Returns consciously thinking “wow, that movie was 99% flair, and whatever the other 1% was, it sure wasn’t substance.” And that formed my impression of Tim Burton’s overall record as a filmmaker and it’s a record that he tends to meet most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gotten some entertainment value from several of his films, including some that he directed himself. But even the movies that I really enjoyed, like Eduardo scissorhandsHe fought mightily to give me something that would overshadow the “vision” and give me something substantial.

Now you don’t have to tell me that Tim Burton loves to put his name on every project that comes to mind out of the corner of his eye. I liked Nightmare Before Christmas and I’ve heard a lot of complaints that I practically had a two paragraph concept that was developed and created by others, but still it was that dark vision of Tim Burton that tries to push that poignant story into the midst of the subversive world. I can hear all of you Burton lovers yelling “you just don’t get it, man.” I understand. He loves an attractive movie. I can understand your fan’s appreciation for your work, but just because something has a visual flair and an atmosphere that’s expertly done doesn’t mean there’s something in there that isn’t.

So, I admit that Burton, after bringing me two incredibly happy movie experiences in the ’80s,Beetle juice and bat Man– I could be tarnished for the next 17 years by an incredibly bitter one, basically Batman Returns. Well let me tell you that every time I come across a huge Batman Returns supporter is inevitably a Tim Burton fan rather than a Batman or comic book fan. I remember the first Batman Returns discussion I had in 1992 with a fellow student and a co-worker. I thought he was absolutely crazy. I heard the argument about expanding the incredible vision of Gotham City that he had started to build on the first one. The anguish … blah, blah, blah. That, for me, was the problem. I need a story there. You might even accept the movie as is, but it still doesn’t change the fact that you can practically get the Batman character out of Batman Returns and suffers nothing. It really has little impact on the story or plot. In fact, Michael Keaton even disappears for a third of the movie. The film even failed as a psychological drama about the neurosis of two people.

Okay, I guess I have to talk about 9. Yes, I was immediately disappointed when I saw Burton’s name in the midst of half a dozen other producers. But the movie looked so cool in the trailers. It’s probably the first Tim Burton-associated project that I really wanted to see in a dozen years. So I gave it a try.

First, even for a weeklong night out, I had a bad “word of mouth” feeling about 9 entering the cinema. The first trailer had just started and there was no one in the theater. For the record, this is the first time I have walked into a movie theater after the lights had been dimmed so as not to see anyone else there from a weeknight show of the excellent and underappreciated Fast change with Bill Murray, Gina Davis and Randy Quaid in 1990. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a brilliant job, devastatingly fun: Netflix at full throttle if you haven’t seen it.

In any case, this 7:20 pm 9 screening was empty. Finally, there was an additional customer who came in after the actual movie had started, but it wasn’t a substantial enough audience to prevent me from putting up all the armrests and laying down on the seats and unapologetically gassing during the movie. So what about 9 o’clock? It was visually brilliant, eye-catching, and beautiful. The performances were excellent from Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, Martin Landau and Christopher Plummer, basically excellent across the board. And the story, what little there is, was acceptable. Yet this short film spends the first hour of its 80-minute runtime winding through a dark, esoteric world with almost no identifiable frame of reference for the viewer. In my opinion, the classic Tim Burton to the bad. The problem really starts for me with the lack of a solid foundation, either in pure fantasy or in whatever reality it can relate to.

Let’s compare that to a “Tim Burton” movie that I loved, Nightmare Before Christmas. Nightmare was immediately established as fantasy and set the rules and guidelines for his fantasy world from the very beginning. I was on board and I kept it up from the lovely story to the outstanding music. So 9 begins to give us a brief background to the fictional world where a 1940s militaristic society reminiscent of Nazi Germany creates a Steampunkish version of Skynet from the Terminator series. Man makes machines. Machines take on a life of their own. Machines destroy humanity. I can get on with that. In fact, I completely agree with that. Okay, what’s left? Well, there are 9 puppets left. Make it 8 puppets and a Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie puppet, only this time with half a pair of scissors tied to a rusty nail. What are these puppets? Why are? Do we need to know? So a little.

I tried. I really tried to move on. Puppets have a kind of life. Are they machines? Well, they seemed to be threatened by the remaining machines, so it’s difficult to determine. Why do they have life? They really seem to be more rag dolls than mechanical ones. Why does my old, uncreative mind have trouble accepting this for what it is? It is a group of puppets that fight against a group of hybrid machines, one of which seems suspiciously built by the evil Sid from Toy Story.

The problem is that history forces us to give us again clues that it IS important what the purpose and origins of these puppets are, so you cannot enjoy it for what it is. He’s caught in this twilight between fantasy and tech speculation and he never lets you go too far by any means. It never allows you to buy 100% on any of the story visions and after 45 minutes, even though the character from 9 He was charming and friendly, I began not to care if the mechanical dogs and pterodactyls absorbed the mysterious life force of these puppets or not. I just wanted the story to get somewhere. Admittedly it does, hastily, in the short, rushed third act where all of these tech pieces and symbols all of a sudden become very important even though the end credits go by without properly explaining any of it. It’s a huge slap to the audience. Just accept that this piece of metal does this and it means this and this does this when it is placed there and cold, soulless, soulless machines have some inexplicable ability or need to suck the souls out of these rag dolls.

Better yet, turn the whole thing into a cross between a ghost story and a fundamentalist religious story to sum it all up. We basically have a cheesy post-apocalyptic crossover from the 1940s between Raggedy-Ann, Christian mythology, and the end of Return of the Jedi. I’d say the whole thing is kind of a mess, except there aren’t even enough substantial parts of the story to make it too big of a mess. Not horrible, but not very good either. It’s moderately entertaining and endlessly unsatisfying, only supported by impressive visual flair, entertaining performances, and some witty sequences that lead to a conclusion that will have even the most spiritual and captivating of us shudder with cheese shame. -factor. Hey, it’s classic Tim Burton.

That’s the end of my review, but for the record, I loved Ed Wood. Probably Burton’s best since the ’80s, and Michael Keaton remains arguably the best Batman on screen (not to mention the standout Beetlejuice).

Red Ring of Death fixes: the fastest way to get a working Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video game console is subject to a variety of technical problems, as well as certain glitches that can render the device practically useless. Certain technical problems that may arise can be identified by a series of bright red lights that are placed around the power button on the console. Xbox 360 users have provided a nickname for these blinking red lights, “the red ring of death,” also known as “RROD.”

If your Xbox has that problem, you will need one of the red ring of death fixes. In addition to the more common technical problems that can arise in an Xbox 360 video game console, there are additional problems that can also affect the integrity of the game console, such as discs getting scratched inside the unit and consoles freezing due to to the board. updates.

The indicators surrounding the power button are divided into four quadrants where quadrant one (Q1) is placed in the upper left corner, quadrant two (Q2) in the upper right corner, quadrant three (Q3) in the lower corner. left and quadrant four (Q4) in the lower right corner. When you turn on the game console, the first quadrant should light green, assuming the console is working optimally.

The number of quadrants the LED (light emitting diode) light is illuminating indicates the number of game controllers that are connected. Unless there is some kind of error, the LEDs should not blink. Red ring of death fixes are needed if your Xbox does not indicate the correct green lights.

If your Microsoft Xbox 360 is not working properly, or if you have some bugs, there are ways to find out what kind of error the console has detected. All you need to do is understand the signals the flashing RROD is sending you. If the fourth quadrant, or Q4, is flashing red, that usually indicates a hardware failure.

You need to check all the hardware and make sure they are connected and working properly. If your Xbox 360 reaches unusually high temperatures, the device will automatically shut down the CPU and GPU, run the fans at optimal speeds, and blink the first and third quadrants until the game console has cooled down satisfactorily.

Now if a general hardware failure occurs or one or more hardware components are not working properly, Q1, Q3 and Q4 will flash red. It is quite similar to the error of a flashing red light, but unlike the error of a light where an error code will be displayed on the connected display, a general hardware failure will not show any error codes. Finally, if all the quadrants are flashing red, this usually indicates an error in the A / V cable.

This usually happens when the console is not detecting any A / V cables. However, if you are extremely unlucky, the blinking death ring could indicate a serious error, hence the nickname. The only solution in this case is to use one of the red ring of death arrangements.

Since the launch of the Xbox 360 in November 2005, several articles have appeared in the media exposing the failure rates of the game console. Legal action has been taken to try to hold Microsoft accountable for the game console’s failure rate.

As you can see, the Xbox 360 nickname Red Ring of Death wasn’t coined for no reason. The flashing red ring used to spell the death of your Xbox 360, but now with some red ring of death fixes available, there is still hope.

Cost estimates for your Sturgis Rally vacation

If you’re heading to Sturgis for the Black Hills Rally and races in Sturgis, South Dakota, you might be wondering how much your Black Hills trip will cost. As with any vacation, it is always best to have a budget and plan your trip according to your budget. So with that in mind, here are some estimates of typical costs associated with a Sturgis South Dakota vacation for the Bike Rally.

Accommodation or Camping:

Hotels in and around Sturgis can be very difficult to find during Rally week. If you can find a hotel room, expect to pay between $ 300- $ 400 a night for a Super 8 room. If you are camping, you usually reserve a space that covers you for 15 days to allow time before and after the Sturgis rally. . This can range from $ 100 to $ 175 per camper using a tent site. If you have a recreational vehicle, expect a charge of $ 400 for 30-amp service or $ 450 for 50-amp service. Many campgrounds also charge a per camper fee on top of this, so add $ 100- $ 175 again. You can rent a house for around $ 2500.00, which could work for groups of passengers.


Since you will be driving a motorcycle, it will obviously consume a good amount of gasoline. You’ll typically get around 25 miles per gallon, so to figure your gas costs, see it as $ 12 per 100 miles. Take your distance to and from Sturgis and then watch how you drive on a day-to-day basis. When I travel the Black Hills, I generally travel around 300 miles a day. So for me, 1200 miles to travel to and from Sturgis and 900 miles to travel gives me a fuel cost of $ 252.00. Of course, if you are towing your motorcycle, you will need to adjust your costs for the MPG your truck, car, or RV gets.


Much of the food you will eat is fast by nature. You will eat lots of regular and diner-type foods. It would be fair to estimate between $ 15 and $ 30 per day for food (not including alcohol) depending on where you like to eat.


If you like to party, you can expect to spend a lot on alcohol. Similar to a concert or soccer game, if you buy beer at a bar or camp at concerts, you can expect to pay between $ 6 and $ 7 for beer + tip. So how much do you drink? Take that many beers and multiply by $ 7 to get your estimate. You can save money at some campgrounds by keeping an inexpensive cooler and ice and buying beer by the case.

Total cost of Sturgis trip:

So for a couple of passengers on a 5-day trip from the Midwest, here are the cost estimates I’ve calculated. Tent in Sturgis $ 300.00. Fuel for both passengers $ 500.00. Food at $ 50 per day for the couple $ 250 and three holidays $ 180.00 I did not include souvenirs, but according to my figures, this trip for two passengers would cost around $ 1230.00. To be covered. As you can see, Sturgis is a very inexpensive vacation, but it has many cost variables that will affect the total cost of your vacation to the Sturgis Rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Replacement cards Dominion Dark Ages Estate

Well, as the official story of the new Dominion: Dark Ages expansion game says, the good times are over (thematically, of course). In the context of this latest release in the popular Dominion game series, you have moved out of your once luxurious and now ransacked castle and plunged into your pleasant ravine. And even though he’s a beggar now, he can at least throw out the trash whenever he wants!

Ok, maybe things have gotten worse. And that fits well with the themes of the new Dark Ages expansion. With cards like Rats, Pillage, and Graverobber, it’s no wonder this version focuses on trash, dumping / upgrading, and obtaining cards via other specific cards. Even the nice, comfortable and humble estates that each player started the game with in all previous games have now been replaced by hybrid shelter cards. And, since the new Shelter cards are present in all Dark Ages games, a discussion about how they compare to the previous bland Estates is worthwhile.

But first, check the rules of each of the three shelters:

Shed: Cost = 1 Coin. Card Type = Reaction / Refuge. Rules = When you buy a Victory card, you can throw it away from your hand.

Necropolis: Cost = 1 coin. Card Type = Action / Shelter. Rules = +2 actions.

Covered Domain: Cost = 1 coin. Card Type = Victory / Refuge. Rules = 0 VP. When you throw this away, +1 card.

Before continuing, it should be noted that these cards are not in the Supply and, although they have a cost, they cannot be purchased. The cost is there primarily to facilitate value calculations due to remove / update interactions. A shelter, for example, can be transformed into a card that costs 3 coins. Now for a brief discussion of each of the new Estate replacement cards.

First, let’s examine Hovel. Thematically, this card goes well with the new set. Instead of starting in a nice farm, you are trapped in a hovel. What do you want to do if you live in a shack? Move in, of course! Hovel is not a Victory card, does not provide any benefit, and is basically a drag on your deck. Therefore, this card is even worse than a starting Estate. But, the only scenario that is likely to warrant buying a victory card to get rid of it early in the game is if you open with a 5/2 split. If all 3 Shelters are in your hand with two Coins, buying an Estate to destroy the Hovel makes sense (if there are no good 2 Coin cards on the board). Otherwise, you will trade the purchasing power or engine components for a deck-clogging victory card. As the old saying goes, it takes money to make money, and once you land on a Hovel, it can be difficult to pull a Jeffersons and move on.

Second, let’s examine the Overgrown Estate. This card also fits the theme of wealth to poverty. What was once pristine is now in disrepair and overgrown. Consequently, the 1 Victory Point (VP) awarded by Estates for Overgrown Estate is missing. However, since it is a Victory card, it will still be beneficial for VP calculations with Silk Road. When thrown away, the +1 card minimizes the impact of a reshape on the current hand, and upgrading it produces a 5-card hand. This shelter will be a good target for early destruction and is roughly equivalent to a farm IF destroyed.

Third, let’s examine Necropolis. This card is strictly better than a starting Estate. Its +2 Actions feature allows for much more variability with openings. In fact, you can initially buy more terminal action cards without fear of dying. One of the main ways this can influence a game is through 3-coin attacks (like Swindler and Ambassador). Drawing the Necropolis with two Swindlers, playing as both, and swindling two of your opponent’s Coppers in Curses would probably spell victory.

Of course, these are just the beginning of the possibilities and strategic implementations that can be formed with the new Dominion Dark Ages cards. As more card games are played, more unique interactions will be discovered and skill will increase. Make sure you have your own game ASAP!

Apple phones: for unique features that only an iPhone user can enjoy

Let’s admit it. Deep down, we all feel a bit of envy when we see someone enjoying the benefits of an Apple iPhone. After all, who couldn’t resist the simple and easy-to-use interface, attractive designs, great reliability, exciting app store, and finally the great user experience that Apple phones have for you? So if you’ve been the fox that has been convincing yourself that grapes are sour all the time, it’s time to buy the latest Apple phones online and finally buy yourself the phone you deserve. With the variety of models in which Apple phones are available online, making a decision can be difficult for you. So to make your job easier, here is a brief look at some of the latest 10 Apple mobile phones that you can see online:

Apple iPhones at medium prices for you

If you are looking for slightly lower prices, the Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6s, Apple iPhone 6 Plus and Apple iPhone 6s Plus are some models of the latest 10 Apple phones that you can take a look at. All of these Apple phones are available at mid-range prices to suit your budget. This way, you can get one of the latest 10 Apple mobile phones at a reasonable price and still enjoy the range of features and benefits that make an Apple phone unique. You can enjoy an immersive viewing experience with the Retina HD display, increased security with Touch ID, and record stunning quality video with the HD camera.

No, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have not disappeared from the market. So, if you want to buy an iPhone at a considerably lower price, you can take a closer look at the features of these two phones online. With 4-inch Retina displays, sleek designs, 8 MP rear cameras, and 2 MP front cameras, these phones make good affordable iPhones. Another model that you might want to take a look at is Apple’s iPhone 4s. So whether you want one of the top 10 latest Apple mobile phones or an affordable iPhone, you can search online to compare the price and specifications of these latest 10 Apple mobile phones to choose the best one. iPhone for you.

Apple iphone 8

Another of the latest Apple phones that you can take a look at is the Apple iPhone 8. This phone is built with the 64-bit Apple A10 Fusion processor that allows you to enjoy powerful performance. Added to this is the 64-bit Apple A10 Fusion processor and built-in M10 motion coprocessor that lets you enjoy a variety of fitness tracking capabilities so you can measure your steps and distance traveled to get all the motivation you need. you need to stay in shape throughout the day. . Photography lovers can enjoy capturing brilliant 4K videos, as well as stunning images, with the phone’s 12 MP camera. Some other features that you can enjoy with this Apple iPhone 8 are a Touch ID function, a 4G LTE connectivity, and of course, your personal assistant, Siri.

Apple iphone 7

Let’s start with the Apple iPhone 7. With an advanced camera, efficient performance, immersive stereo speakers, a brilliant display, and finally a dust and water resistant body, this is one of the last 10 Apple phones that has almost everything. what you would have. want on a new smartphone. You can take it on all your outdoor activities and take stunning photos with the phone’s 12 MP camera. If you are a selfie lover, you can capture stunning selfies thanks to the FaceTime HD function that gives you sharp and bright images when you use the phone’s 7 MP front camera. As a movie buff, you can enjoy an immersive viewing experience on your phone’s Retina HD display. And as a gamer or multitasker, you can enjoy efficient performance, thanks to the phone’s A10 Fusion chip.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPad Pro: What’s New from an IOS Developer’s Perspective?

When developing iOS apps, developers should focus on different iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models to deliver a richer user experience across multiple iOS devices. Despite running on the same version of iOS, the screen size, features, and functionality of individual devices differ. So the new models of these various devices recently unveiled by Apple at an event in San Francisco will have a huge impact on iOS app development.

According to information published by Apple, developers can easily identify the notable features of the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPad Pro. The new iPhone models are designed for regular users, while the iPad Pro is designed for professionals and business users. Developers must take advantage of the specific characteristics of different Apple devices so that new iOS applications provide a better and richer user experience and obtain higher returns.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

The iPhone 6s will have a 4.7-inch screen, while the 6s Plus version will have a 5.5-inch screen size. Since the screen sizes of the new models are similar to the already available 6 and 6 Plus, the screen sizes of the new models will not have a significant impact on the application development front. But the 3D technology introduced by Apple will completely transform mobile app development. The function taken from Apple Watch allows users to apply different levels of pressure on the touch screen of the device.

For example, users can now simply press hard on the Maps app and see shortcuts to related options like Directions to home and Mark my locations. In addition, the 3D touch function allows users to quickly view the contents of an email by simply clicking hard on an unread email in the inbox. Quick view will allow users to read your content, without marking the email as read. Therefore, application developers must allow users to access important parts or aspects of an application without opening the application or following certain steps.

The latest iPhone models will also include second-generation Touch ID, 64-bit A9 chip with M9, 5MP FaceTime HD with Retina Flash, 12MP iSight camera and 4K video, and Live Photo. Major manufacturers will use advanced lenses to enhance the 12 megapixel capability of the iSight camera. This feature will encourage users to capture sharper and sharper images and post them to online social media websites. They can even take advantage of the Live Photo function to create a video clip by stitching together high-quality photos. Therefore, the improved iSight camera and Live Photo function will have a definite impact on iOS application development.

iPad Pro

Apple has designed the iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch screen size to meet the requirements of business and professional users. Compared to the iPad Air, the Pro version has a larger screen, more processing power, and better accessories. Users now have the option to use Apple Pencil to interact with the iPad screen more proactively. The iPad Pro screen will respond to the level of pressure from the stylus, while displaying the appropriate applications related to drawing and handwriting.

Users also have the option to interact with the iPad Pro via the Smart Keyboard which includes physical keys similar to laptop keyboards. The smart connector included in the Smart Keyboard can transfer more power and data. Apple has already updated its Mail and Notes applications to be compatible with the stylus. When developing apps for this device, iOS app developers should keep in mind that users will love accessing and interacting with their apps via Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. At the same time, they should also focus on Split View, Slide Over, Picture in Picture, and similar multi-tasking enhancements for iPad included in iOS 9.

As is obviously the case, the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPad Pro will work with iOS. Apple has already released iOS 9 preview beta versions with several new features and improvements. Therefore, developers should focus on the next version of Apple’s mobile platform, along with the iPhone and iPad models recently introduced by the company.

South Africa to face India in the Midlands International Polo Tournament

South Africa to face India in the Midlands International Polo Tournament

South Africa will face India in the main match of the first International Polo Tournament at the Lions River Polo Club in KZN Midlands. The match will be preceded by three curtain raises and is scheduled to thrill all fans and spectators on May 6.

“We are delighted to welcome the Indian team and we have been overwhelmed by the level of public interest in this event. Both teams will be at the 15-goal level and this balance in handicaps will ensure a very close and close match.” Said Mark Davies, president of the South African Polo Association.

The Indian team will be captained by the fifth scorer: Colonel Ravi Rathore, who has represented India in five consecutive World Cups. Gaurav Sahgal (4), Salim Azmi (3) and Siddhant Sharma (3) will play alongside Ravi Rathore for the Indian team.

“The Indian Army is made up of an incredible 1.4 million soldiers and the 61st Cavalry Regiment is one of the last fully assembled active fighting corps in the world. Most Indian polo players learn their equestrian skills in this elite regiment of which Col Rathore is commander “. Davies said.

The program of the day will begin at 10 am with a curtain raises among young people that will be followed by a match between Ngunis & Ankoles. School teams consisting of current and older boys will play at noon before the big international event.

The game between India and South Africa will begin at 1:30 p.m. and conclude at 3:00 p.m. and will be followed by a live band performance.

“Rathore is the commander,” Davies said.

The exciting and exhilarating international polo will arrive in the central area of ​​Kwa-Zulu Natal on May 6 this year! The Polo Association SA has invited a 15-goal team from India to play against a South African team at the Lions River Polo Club at the inaugural action-packed Midlands International Polo on Sunday 6 May 2018. This date has has been chosen to coincide with the hugely popular college rugby match between Hilton and Michaelhouse that will take place the day before, Saturday, May 5, at Michaelhouse. This International promises to be an exciting and fun-filled day of entertainment. The day will begin with a children’s match between the Elands and Bushbuks at 10:00 am that will show younger generations who they will be the future stars of South African polo. This will be followed by a curtain opening match between the Nguni and Ankole teams at 11.00 and then, in accordance with the weekend’s rivalry at 12.00, there will be a curtain opening polo match of Hilton vs Michaelhouse. The main match between South Africa and India will take place at 1:30 pm, followed by the awards ceremony. There will be a live band (Angus) playing for a couple of hours from the conclusion of the awards show to end a fantastic day of polo and fun.

Tickets are available in the form of pre-sold picnic sites or general access that can be purchased at the day gates. Details of these can be seen below. You can bring your own food and drink, but there will be public catering services, public cafe and bars available that day (listed below).

The SA Polo Association would like to thank Grindrod Bank, Jonsson Workwear and SMG Jaguar Land Rover Pietermaritzburg for their support of this event.

How to move to a mountain and snowboard every day

So you’ve decided that you really like snowboarding. He has been traveling his local resort / hill whenever he has had a chance and wants to take it to the next level. You may just finished school or are between jobs, in any case, you have the winter off and you want to snowboard every day. This is how you do it.

Where to go?

One of the most important decisions you will have to make right away is, if you don’t live in the mountains yet, where will you move. This article assumes you are moving up a hill to ski, as there are several other options for snowboarding every day, but that’s a topic for another time.

First, you will have to decide whether to travel to another country. If you are in a place like Australia, which is home to many traveling snowboarders, chances are you are traveling. That is not to say that there are no ski resorts in Australia. Here is a list of some popular countries for snowboarding and what they have to offer.


It is arguably the best snowboard in the world. Canada’s cold temperatures and typically humid climate make it a winter wonderland. The peaks of western Canada boast some of the deepest dust on earth and you have many great resorts to choose from, all of which receive annual snowfall of over forty feet! Mountain communities in Canada are used to travelers from abroad coming home to work and play, making it easy for you to make friends and meet other snowboarders. If you like to go where the action is, you can choose to live and work in a resort like Whistler or Big White. However, if you like things a bit quieter where the powder stays cool a bit longer, you can try Whitewater or Kicking Horse. If you want to go riding in Canada make sure to bundle up because it can get cold at first, but once you get used to the cold you start to crave it, it means better snow conditions!


The US has many great resorts similar to Canada in that they exist in what could be called the same mountain ranges (some mountain ranges run through both countries). Being a little further south, the climate is warmer, although it can be comparable in altitude. There are some large mountains in the western United States that receive annual snowfall in the 12-meter range as well. Some of the resorts here see a lot of action due to tourists and a large local population. Jackson Hole is a great place to ride with huge annual snowfalls and lots of nightlife. The resort usually receives more than half a million skiers a year! Alta Ski Resort in Wyoming is a high-altitude resort that receives heavy snowfall and is one of the oldest ski resorts in the US There are many great resorts to choose from in the United States if that’s where you choose to travel.

There are plenty of other countries you can move to if you want to snowboard all winter, but we won’t go over them in this article, just do a quick Google search for an area that interests you.

Okay so you’ve chosen the complex you want to live in now, let’s talk about some of the other options you’ll have to make.

How much money will you need?

Ski resorts are expensive places to live, they are resorts so they have to charge a premium on everything in order to extract as much money as possible from all the tourists and families who visit each year. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a smart snowboard bum and live on a budget that allows you to ride more fresh snow than most people can dream of. The lifestyle you choose will ultimately determine the amount of driving you do. Let’s look at some of the essentials.

Elevator step

This is the only reason you go. If you want to ride a lot, you will need a season pass, you have a couple of options. You can buy one for between $ 750 and $ 2,200, depending on the resort you choose, and travel as long as you like. Your other option is to work for the resort. Most venues will give you a season pass and cash it out of your paycheck gradually throughout the season. This is like a payment plan for people who cannot contribute the cash and plan to work while they are there. The only problem with this option is that if it snows 12 inches and you call in sick to go to slash pow, they will suspend your pass for the day and you will be stuck at home while your friends have a great time.

Season Pass = $ 1000 (common price of the smallest resort pass)


You will likely rent a room in a large chalet or mountain home with a group of other traveling snowboarders. This is the only way most people can afford to live full time in a resort, as renting your own place can cost several thousand per month. The typical rent for a room in one of these shared houses is about $ 500 a month. In some places you’ll pay another $ 50 in utilities, so let’s call it $ 550. Assuming you’re staying a full season, you’ll probably show up in mid-November and stay through mid-April.

5 months x $ 550 per month = $ 2750


Another annoying thing essential to human survival. Food in the mountains is expensive like everything else. There are usually small grocery stores, but they will cost you about twice what you would pay for the same product in town. If you find a trip to the city that is close to your mountain, you can buy cheaper food there, but you’ll generally pay resort prices for groceries, and if you’re eating a lot, you can say goodbye to your funds pretty quickly. If you live off the instant noodle cases, you can save a lot of money, but let’s say you want to eat a balanced diet while destroying your body, snowboarding every day. Single-person groceries will typically cost you around $ 75 per week.

20 weeks x $ 75 per week = $ 1500

Get out

Although it may not seem like it, this is probably your biggest expense. You live in a resort, people are there to have fun, not to mention that they are all passengers, so people are more willing to step out of their comfort zone. You will live in a house full of new friends and there will always be something to do. You will have to choose your nights out wisely because this factor may be the one that decides how much you have to work to survive rather than cutting back on fresh dust. A typical night will cost you around $ 100 if you have a drink before drinking at home and don’t get too excited about it. Some weeks you can have two of these nights, some weeks one. Let’s average it and say 1.5 nights a week.

30 nights of partying x $ 100 per night = $ 3000

These are just essentials, there are always unexpected costs, but this will give you a good idea of ​​what it takes to live in a mountain resort and snowboard every day.

Total for the 5 month season = $ 8250

Now that we know the numbers, we should talk about your two most obvious lifestyle choices, as they will be the biggest factor affecting your season. Although it is not available to everyone, what you can do to give you the most fun and freedom is to save up to $ 10,000 to cover all your expenses and have all the free time to do whatever you want. That means driving when you want, going out when you feel like it, and most of all, never missing a holiday! When you live on a mountain, it’s all about powder days. Things can be tracked quickly and it really sucks when it snows and you have to go to work. Seeing your friends and all the other random people having the best time of their lives, while you can’t participate, will give you a burning sensation like no other.

That brings us to his other option, the one most people take instead. Get a temp job at the resort you’re moving to. This also has its advantages, such as meeting people, making money, and perhaps learning a new skill. Not all businesses on the resort grounds will be part of the resort itself. However, if you are going to work for the resort, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a pass, as the resort will provide one for you. Usually this will be on a payment plan that will be automatically deducted from your paycheck. Just remember, if you get a “free” pass for their work, they are in complete control. Any gunpowder day you decide to call in sick will see your pass suspended for the day that will render you unable to travel anyway.

Many of you cannot save that much money and will be forced to take a job if you want to do something like this. In that case, the job you choose will also play a role in how much you can mount. Night jobs are great because you can ride during the day, if you can get up. You could take an inexpensive course and become a ski / snowboard instructor; then they would pay you to be in the snow. Only, you wouldn’t be doing what you want to do and hitting the places you want to hit, you would be teaching mostly beginners the basics all day. Just make sure you choose wisely, some of the best jobs are the least sought after.

Many people spend a large part, or even their entire lives, living and working on the ski slopes. This is just a short guide and delves into this lifestyle, there is much more to write on this topic. If you do this, even for a single season, you won’t regret it. It is something that you will remember for the rest of your life. You’ll meet tons of amazing people and make great friends, party like a rock star, and snowboard every day. If that sounds like one of your dreams, what are you waiting for?

How to create your own podcast

But first, what is podcasting?

Podcasting is a relatively new type of technology, so here is some background for those who have yet to come across this term. The definition on wikipedia is pretty good:

Podcasting makes audio files (most commonly in MP3 format) available online in a way that allows the software to automatically download the files for listening at the user’s convenience.

The way I view podcasting is a cross between a radio show and a blog. The good news is that anyone can produce a podcast with little expense and only very basic IT knowledge. Once you have produced a podcast, you can allow people to subscribe to receive updates when they are uploaded to your website. This is done in a very similar way to using an RSS reader to distribute blogs / news feeds (more on this later).

How did I make and publish my first podcast?

The first step for me was research. I wanted to know what other podcasts sounded like and what other people were doing (especially in my personal finance field). This was also a useful activity to eliminate any fear that all podcasts already produced were of a highly professional quality; some are, but most are not!

Once I realized that no one else was doing what I planned to do (with the exception of Martin Lewis, the money-saving expert, but it’s more about saving money than financial planning) it was time to figure out how to record. my first show. .

He planned to record ten minute shows that would cut down on production time and also keep the file size quite small. Because this is an audio file hosted on our website, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too large (to keep download times fast but also to save on bandwidth restrictions).

To record my podcast content, I first tried using ‘Sound Recorder’ that comes with Windows XP. This was not ideal for a couple of reasons. Recording time is limited to 60 seconds, which would have meant cutting my planned show into ten perfectly timed segments and then editing them all together. He also wouldn’t have allowed me to talk about the background music (something I felt was important for a professional sounding show / presentation).

I searched the web and found some free programs to try on download.com. This software is called Propaganda 1.0 and it offers a complete solution for the podcast creator. I downloaded the free trial to make sure it did everything I wanted, and then I spent the $ 49.95 to activate the full version.

I wanted to make sure my podcast didn’t have ten minutes of talking about pensions, so I asked my sister to record some sound bites for me. These were simple audio snippets that you could use to introduce the show, split up the content, and use to finish the podcast (my warning / regulatory disclaimer).

In terms of hardware, I only used a headset with a microphone; the same system I use for Skype. This cost me £ 10 at Dixons and it does a good job in terms of recording a single voice.

Using Propaganda I was able to record content for the show, line up up to 16 different audio tracks (including some backing music), and play with timing. This whole process took just under 2 hours before I was happy with the final version.

Publishing my podcast

The Propaganda software also makes this quite easy. Basically, there are three steps to publishing the podcast.

1 – create an MP3 file of the podcast. MP3 seems to be the most common file format for podcasts, so I stuck to tradition. The blurb allowed me to convert the 16 audio tracks I had lined up into a single MP3 file and choose the most suitable file quality. I opted for something mid-range, not too low as the sound quality suffered and not too high to keep the file size reasonable (less than 4MB).

2 – host the MP3 file on your website. I use MS Frontpage to design my website and some free FTP software to transfer files from my PC to the Internet. To host the archive, I also built a basic web page that would tell potential listeners a little more about my podcast in general and more about this podcast show in particular.

3 – create an RSS feed. Once again, Propaganda did this for me with its publishing function. The RSS feed is the syndication feed that enables podcast players to find your podcast and subscribe to updates. When you produce a new podcast show, you update this RSS feed (which is hosted on your website) and the various podcast players notice the update and download the new podcast for the listener.

Promoting my podcast

Now that I had a podcast I had to get some listeners! I posted a request for help on an online network, Ecademy.com, and got some very helpful responses. It seems that the main podcast directory is Apples iTunes, so I started there. It’s really easy to get listed as all they need to know is the links to your podcast, website, and RSS feed. There is a research process so I had to wait a couple of days for it to be listed, but on Sunday morning I found my link and was able to use iTunes to download, listen to, and subscribe to my podcast.

There are many other podcast directories, but one that caught my eye was Britcaster.com. Since this only lists UK podcasts (most directories, including iTunes, are US-centric), it should result in a more relevant audience.

In addition to listing them in various directories, I added a blog on my website and a mention in my Ecademy signature. The combined effect of these two elements is to score high on google.co.uk when the search term “personal finance podcast” is used.

I think I now have a good story to tell the press as this is the first time a podcast has been published in the UK (personal finance from an independent financial advisor). I have already had some positive responses from the trade press, so this week I plan to move on to the consumer financial press.

Whats Next?

Well, in addition to working on show number two, I plan to improve the production quality of the show as time goes on. You might consider producing some ‘jingles’ that you can mix into the show to improve the feel and quality of the output. There is of course a business reason for producing this podcast as it will (hopefully) lead to further inquiries and a higher profile on the web and in the press.

For anyone considering their own podcast (or have read this article and think it might be something they could do), I suggest you do it! Podcasting is still at a very early stage and not many people in the UK have found out about the technology yet. With the explosion of ownership of the iPod and other MP3 players, all predictions point to massive growth in the podcast market.

Because relatively few people produce their own podcasts, now is a good time to launch your own show before your competitors catch on to the idea.