Interesting facts about Mount Snowdon, Wales

If you’re planning to visit Snowdon in Wales this summer, here’s some interesting information about the mountain that you might want to know.

Snowdon, in Welsh, is Yr Wyddfa, which means tomb or monument. Legend has it that it is the tomb of Rhita Gawr, an ogre who killed kings and made cloaks with his beard. He supposedly puts the end of it when King Arthur climbed to the top of Mount Snowdon and killed him.

No one knows who first conquered Snowdon, but climbing the mountain became popular when Thomas Pennant published ‘Tours’ in 1781 and included his visit to the top.

Snowdon, like the surrounding area, has been mined since the Bronze Age, and evidence of copper mining can be seen all over the mountain, from old mine buildings to old tramways. Care must be taken around these old buildings.

Snowdon facts and figures

Snowdon is at an elevation of 1,085 meters (3,560 feet). Every year 350,000 people reach the top, some on foot and others by train. The summit gets 200 inches (508 cm) of rain per year and can reach temperatures of 30 Celsius in the height of summer and plummet to -20 Celsius in winter. Add to this winds up to 150 mph and the temperature can feel more like -50. The summit buildings at the top can get covered in ice and snow between November and April.

Snowdon Mountain Railway

Before the railway, ponies used to take tourists to the top of Snowdon. Sir Richard Moon and Mr. George Assheton Smith were responsible for the idea of ​​the Snowdon Railway: Sir Moon as a way of driving tourists using his standard gauge lines, and Mr. Smith when he realized that money of the tourist can compensate him for the loss of income from his declining mines.

They imported a fully functioning 800mm gauge mountain railway from Switzerland. The railway remains the UK’s only rack and pinion railway. It has zippers with teeth in the center of the track that engage with teeth under the cars.

The only accident on the railway occurred on the day it opened to the public in 1896. Locomotive #1, Ladas, derailed and plunged down a slope. The crew jumped out of the engine and survived, and the guard applied the parking brake to the cars, bringing them to a stop. Unfortunately, one of the passengers panicked and jumped out of the car, falling onto the tracks and under the wheels. He later died from his injuries. The saga wasn’t quite over, as just as the carriages came to a stop, the engine following them (Enid, still running today) hit them from behind!

The railway was closed. Since it reopened the following year there have been no more accidents! And since that date there has never been another Engine #1 on the Snowdon Railway!

The cost of the train ride isn’t cheap (aside from being a nice ride in itself – another reason to try to summit on foot!), but it’s a great way for those who can’t make the climb to travel to the top. However, good weather cannot be guaranteed and you may start the journey on a clear day, only to find yourself in a cloud when you reach the top.

If you choose to take the train up to Mount Snowdon, you can walk back along the Llanberis Path. You can get wonderful views of the trains going up and down the road. Not all trains are steam, there are also diesel engines.

If you plan to take the train to the top of Snowdon, be aware that the trains get very crowded in the summer, and it is best to arrive early or even better to book in advance by calling 0870 458 0033 at least the day before. If you don’t, you may have a long wait. A sign next to the ticket office will tell you which is the next train with available seats. You can buy a lap, or just one at the top. Single tickets for the trip down are only sold in standby mode.

Weather permitting, trains run from mid-May to late October to the summit, but from mid-March and a bit into November, they stop at Clogwyn. The trains start running at 9 am and continue until the end of the afternoon.

Buildings at Snowdon Summit

In 1820, a guide named Lloyd built the first rock shelter at the top. A copper miner, William Morris, had the idea of ​​selling soft drinks from the shelter, an idea that continues to this day. Having walked up the mountain is probably as welcome today as it was for the previous tourist, to be able to eat and drink something before starting the descent.

Two hotels were opened on the summit, one called the Roberts Hotel, the other the Cold Club. Both competed fiercely with each other. However, there were often more visitors than beds, and conditions were not the best. In 1898, the Snowdon Mountain Railway and Hotels Company took over the hotels and began rebuilding them: the harsh conditions at the top of Mount Snowdon meant that any building had a limited lifespan. In the 1930s, it was decided to replace the buildings on the summit with a hotel, cafe, and multi-purpose station. With little regard for preservation, the builders simply pushed the old abandoned shacks down the mountainside to make way for new construction (imagine the fuss today!). Sir Clough William-Ellis, the architect and designer of nearby Portmerion, designed the new building, complete with huge windows so visitors could better enjoy the panoramic views. Unfortunately, the windows only lasted six months before they blew out and had to be replaced with much smaller ones.

During the war years, the buildings on the summit were used by the Ministry of Supply for experimental radio work, and later by the Ministry of Air, the Admiralty and the Armed Forces, and the top of the mountain was closed to visitors. tourists. The hotel did not reopen to tourists after the war.

In 2004 it was agreed that the buildings on the summit would undergo a total refurbishment. Demolition is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2006, and the new center will be ready in 2007. There has been much debate about the shape of the new buildings, but one thing is for sure: whatever the new buildings look like, they are always they will be a welcome sight for walkers who have struggled to reach the top of the mountain!

Whips in movies (Gold, Get a rope)

The other day, talking with some friends, the issue of whips came up. Someone asked me, “Does it seem like more people are contacting you about buying a whip soon after they’ve seen a whip at a recent movie premiere?” The answer is always yes.” Without a doubt, whips featured in movies create or rekindle interest in whips among moviegoers. People who are avid whip crackers decide it’s time for a new whip, while some who they have never cracked a whip or had little interest in it, now they feel like they would like to try learning how to handle a whip.So movies featuring whips mean an increase in whip sales among whip makers.

Unfortunately, while the movies have done a lot to spark interest in cracking the whip from time to time, they do point to some impractical uses of whips. One of them… swinging or climbing with a whip.

Flashback: Indiana Jones swinging through the seemingly bottomless pit with his whip wrapped around the wooden beam above his head.

Can this be done? Sure you can. Should it be done? Only if you absolutely have to escape a booby-trapped temple that is crumbling and collapsing all around you. A whip can be used for swinging, although all whip makers who take pride in the whips they build for a living will tell you, as I do, that a whip is not made for the purpose of swinging over chasms or rivers or building . to build. It’s made to crack. If used for climbing or swinging, there is a good chance of damaging the whip. Here are just three ways a whip can take damage when used for repeated swinging or climbing:

1. Separation of handle and core.

2. Thread breakage, either internal or external.

3. Stretching of threads, weakening their strength and causing gaps in the braid.

A good whip is built in layers. I will not delve into the construction of the whip, but will instead give a simple breakdown of the components of a whip. A whip starts with a handle and an attached core. Over this is usually a braided (braided) layer of threads, either leather or nylon, up to a predetermined length. Next, there is usually some kind of reinforcement that covers this braided part. Another layer is braided over this with a specific number of yarns at another predetermined length and longer than the first layer of braid. From here, another layer of reinforcement or braid can be added, depending on the desired thickness of the whip when finished.

The internal components of a whip are integral to how a whip handles and cracks. One particular area of ​​concern, when it comes to whips, is what is known as the transition zone or transition area. It is that particular joint where the solid handle and the core of the whip meet. Some whip manufacturers make this area very rigid by bonding each layer of construction together, usually with artificial sinew or waxed thread. Some whip makers simply rely on the tension of the braid to keep this area strong. This area receives a lot of stress when a whip is cracked. It would also receive even more stress if a whip was held by the handle when using the whip to swing or climb. The strength of this area can be greatly compromised if the whip is used for swinging or climbing, even if the handle is separated from the core.

More damage that could happen to the whip is one or two strands breaking in the whip due to excessive force. This can happen inside a whip; which would probably never be known unless, in fact, the whip broke entirely at that point; or it could occur on the outer shell of the whip, showing more easily. This now turns it into an ugly looking whip.

The least amount of damage I can think of to happen to a whip used for swinging or climbing would be stretching. I don’t think a whip that is used for swinging or climbing will definitely be ruined and can’t be used for its intended purpose of cracking. However, I feel that the strength of the braiding will be weakened to an unknown degree when used for such activities and the lifespan of the whip will be shortened. Once the whip is stretched far enough, it changes dynamically, both functionally and aesthetically. Will it still crack? Most likely yes. However, there may be gaps between the individual strands of the braid. Once again, this makes the look of the whip look pretty ugly.

In movies, when a character swings a whip, it’s usually not a finely crafted whip they swing with. Rather, it is a wire that has been covered with braid to make it look like a whip. Usually the end of the handle has some kind of coupling or clip that hooks onto a harness or belt worn by the actor. Even if there is no accessory, the whip being used is likely not a whip at all. Safety is a top priority when performing stunts and a cable is stronger than a whip.

Many, many times I get asked by clients how much weight one of my whips will hold. Right away, I know where they’re going with this. They want to know how long a whip can hold to swing or climb safely. I always say that a whip is designed to be broken and not to be used for something else. Of course, if you’re faced with a survival situation and a whip is the only thing you can use to scale a high wall or fence, or swing over a well, anything is fair game when it comes to saving a life. Otherwise, get a rope.

21 reasons to export a used car from Japan


There has never been a better time to import a used car from Japan and save a lot of money. Japan’s exports have increased steadily over the past three years as more and more distributors, wholesalers and private buyers around the world realize this great opportunity.

Reason #1: Wide Product Range: Due to the very competitive Japanese domestic car market, there are a large number of models and manufacturers in Japan, including Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru), Suzuki and Daihatsu. .

Reason #2: K-Class Mini Cars – This is a new type of car created in Japan to address environmental concerns, the demand for fuel efficiency, and the general lack of space on Japanese roads. All K-class vehicles meet a specification that restricts weight, engine displacement (maximum 660cc), and exterior dimensions. K cars have excellent cost performance and are in increasing demand all over the world.

Reason #3: Excellent Japanese Road Conditions – Despite the lack of space, Japanese roads are extremely well maintained, meaning that normal wear and tear that might be attributed to poor road conditions in other countries is not a problem. problem in Japan.

Reason #4: Average Vehicle Age: The average age of all vehicles on Japanese roads is almost certainly lower than in most other countries. It is unusual to see cars over 15 years old on the roads. The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) reports that the average age of vehicles is approximately 5.8 years.

Reason #5: Higher Model Specs: Due to the abundance of models from each manufacturer and the Japanese penchant for new electronics and other gadgets, the specifications of a Japanese vehicle produced for the domestic market will generally be much higher. higher than those of the equivalents produced abroad. This means you can buy a Japanese export model with all the features you want for the same price as a base model bought domestically.

Reason #6: Low Mileage: Most Japanese live in cities that lack space and are very dense in terms of population. Since everything needed to live a comfortable life is within easy reach of the typical Japanese, the average mileage of domestic drivers is often less than half that of other countries. The Japan Motor Vehicle Inspection Registration Association reports that the average mileage of Japanese domestic drivers is around 9,000 km a year. American drivers, on the other hand, drive an average of 12,000 miles each year.

Reason #7: Relative Cost – Even after taking into account costs like freight and local fulfillment, it is almost always cheaper to import a used car from Japan than to buy a locally equivalent used car. There are several reasons why Japanese exports are so cheap, chief among them being mandatory Japanese vehicle safety inspections that effectively increase the cost of ownership as the vehicle ages.

Reason #8: Excellent resale value: Japanese cars, particularly Toyotas and Lexus, generally have much more value over the life of the product than their foreign counterparts like Ford and GM.

Reason #9: Highly Efficient Automated Auction Systems – Instead of buying from private sellers or through local used car dealers whose reputations and business practices can be cautious, used Japanese cars can be purchased at wholesale prices from through highly efficient auction houses run by Toyota, Nissan and other well-known companies. Every vehicle placed at auction is photographed, inspected, and graded, and this information is useful, accurate, and readily available to potential buyers.

Reason #10: No need to deal with local shoddy used car dealers – It’s an unfortunate fact that the used car industry worldwide has a reputation for being full of nasty guys who cheat and lie. to cheat their customers on every deal. . Whether this is true or not, buying a Japanese export car eliminates the need to deal with these people.

Reason #11: Japanese Cultural Habit of Always Buying New: Typical Japanese drivers are loathe to buy a car someone else has used, regardless of the value proposition inherent in doing so. Therefore, the Japanese routinely buy new cars every 5 to 7 years, creating a pool of high-quality, low-mileage, high-spec used cars ready for resale around the world.

Reason #12: No need to waste time and money with private sellers: It is well known that buying a used car from a private seller is sometimes a good way to find a bargain, but this type of purchase can be quite risky for a private seller. buyer. It has no mechanical inclinations. It can also be time-consuming dealing with private sellers, trying to schedule meetings and test drives, and traveling around town to inspect vehicles that are often not as advertised. .

Reason #13: Abundance of Japan-Based Used Car Specialists and Exporters – Since Japan represents the second largest vehicle manufacturing country in the world and the number of exports from Japan is growing every year, there are many exporters and specialists who they can help you get and export your car. Due to the number of people who live for your business, you can choose an exporter that you like and also get very competitive prices.

Reason #14: Japanese Safety Standards: The Japanese roadworthiness testing system is positive for two reasons: (1) All Japanese vehicles undergo extensive semi-annual tests and mechanical checks to ensure they are well maintained and ( 2) become roadworthy (called Shaken in Japan) usually costs a lot, artificially inflating ongoing running costs year after year as the car ages. The latter is one of the main reasons why Japanese drivers switch to a new car so quickly and often.

Reason #15: Increase shipping capacity and shipping options: Many vehicle transport companies are increasing their capacity to transport new and used vehicles from Japan due to the growth of this market. For people who want to buy 2-4 cars at a time, shipping by container is also an option that can be faster, safer and possibly cheaper depending on the port of destination.

Reason #16: Availability of unbiased information: There are many car review sites on the Internet today dedicated to providing accurate, timely, and unbiased data for all types of Japanese cars. Individual buyers no longer need to rely on vendors or manufacturer marketing literature to gain an accurate understanding of vehicle specifications, pricing and condition prior to purchase.

Reason #17: Auction Tests and Appraisals: Every auto auction house in Japan performs mechanical tests and appraisals by trained technicians prior to the vehicle’s entry into auction. These evaluations are very detailed and precise and include all the relevant information along with the rating of the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

Reason #18: Flexible payment terms: While most exporters prefer to be paid by telegraphic transfer, credit card/Paypal payments and letter of credit payments are becoming more common. Most exporters are open to alternative payment methods and the foreign buyer may also consider escrow services if hesitating to send large sums abroad for the first time.

Reason #19: No need to speak Japanese: Due to the huge market that has developed in Japanese used car exports, there are many people from many different nations involved in this business. Pakistani buyers can communicate with exporters in Urdu. Buyers from Russia can speak in local dialects with Japanese exporters in northern states, where Russian speakers are common. Almost all exporters based in Japan also speak English. You don’t need to worry about communication problems.

Reason #20: Parts Availability – While Japanese domestic models are often higher specs than their foreign-made equivalents, the fact that there are so many Japanese manufacturing plants around the world means that parts are likely to be missing. for popular vehicles are available at low prices in local markets. . In the event that a part is not available in the country, there are many parts specialists who can help locate the required part.

Reason #21: Trucks, buses, and machinery are also available: While used cars are currently the most popular automotive export, sourcing buses, trucks, and machinery is also becoming more common. Japanese trucks are mostly purpose-built, while those made in other countries are not. So it is possible to get the perfect truck for the job at hand by exporting it from Japan. Once again, the quality and value of these items exceed what could normally be obtained locally.


Buying a new or used car from Japan is a great way to get your dream car and save money doing so. Although it may not be the fastest way to shop, more and more satisfied shoppers are taking advantage of this great opportunity. Since buying a car is often a big decision and an expensive proposition, it’s definitely worth considering exporting your next car from Japan.

Android Smartphone: How to choose the best?

Many smartphones have entered the technology market in recent times. It is due to changing technology and software that makes it difficult for users to make a decision. If you know the criteria to choose the best option available in an Android smartphone, you can easily choose one for yourself. Let’s find out the criteria you need to know to choose the best Android smartphone.

The first thing to consider is the specifications. Let us examine these one by one and find out.

1. OS or operating system

Before you decide to go for the latest version available, you should first know that Android keeps getting updates. So if you own an Android that isn’t up to par with the latest software version available, you don’t need to worry. You can update your device and receive the latest version of Android. Versions are available online for download, you can easily access them through your device or sign in to get the latest version. The latest version of the software has many features, free offers and is compatible with new smartphones. With the new OS (Operating System), you will be able to download new wallpapers, get faster access, have a new menu and other additional features.

However, you must remember one thing: not all Androids are designed to receive updates. Often, updates are only available for specific operating systems, while others become obsolete. For example, you already have Gingerbread; you will be tied to it until you get an update for this particular version. Remember that the software update is not a guaranteed thing. It is better to opt for an Android version that is capable of receiving new updates and the recent version should be taken into account when making a purchase.

2. Updates

It’s understandable that you’re interested in software updates, but what if you can’t implement the same on your device? One essential thing is that you should opt for the latest device available. Choose the latest available phone. You may come across various Xperia or Galaxy series and so on with different brands. A latest available device is capable of accepting software updates. You should keep an eye on the latest version available to know if that manufacturer is interested in releasing another software update for that specific device.

When choosing an Android smartphone, choosing the latest OS version is crucial and if you can’t find one with Jelly Bean, settle for Ice Cream Sandwich, but check to see if the manufacturer has promised, released or is working to release a Jelly bean. to update. The most trusted manufacturers when it comes to device updates are HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and Google. HTC has the most impressive Android updates of its devices, but Motorola (run by Android) has a reputation for fast updates. Keep in mind that manufacturer updates often come with new widgets, tools, and fixes that aim to improve the overall use of the device.

Another essential thing to keep in mind is that you need to have a ROM capable of improving performance and installing additional applications or tools. If you are looking to update it, you first need to make sure that custom ROMs are available for that specific device. For example, Motorola phones have a custom ROM.

3. User interface or UI

Each Android device has a different user interface. The reason is that with each manufacturer, the user interface also changes. The user interface is different with different brands and the features also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If in any case you are not satisfied with the user interface of your smartphone, you can download third party software online like Zeam, ADW, Go or Launcher Pro.


The processor is the most essential component of your smartphone. Consider this; If you are more of a gaming enthusiast and hooked on 3D games, then you need to have a smartphone with high-powered CPU processing. If you use your smartphone for moderate activities, you can do it with a 1 GHZ dual or single core. A smartphone powered by a quad-core processor makes sense for those who enjoy intense gaming and video streaming activities throughout the day.

Some other facts:

• Choose a smartphone that has a good internal memory, such as 4 to 8 GB, if you want to download applications

• If you are interested in streaming HD videos and content, you should choose a phone with a faster processor such as a quad-core processor.

• For the installation of video calls, you must find a smartphone with a front camera in addition to the rear camera

• The phone must be backed with a high capacity mAh battery so that it can last longer

Keeping all the tips given above in mind will help you choose the most suitable Android phone.

Sell ​​jeans on eBay to make money

Clothing is one of the most popular items you can sell on eBay. Every day, ordinary people earn extra money by buying and selling the best selling clothing brands on eBay. When I started selling online on eBay in 2009, money was flying. I was shopping for inventory every day at my favorite consignment store. A pair of Lucky jeans with worn cuffs would sell for $60 or more. The competition has become fierce ever since.

Start with a brand you are already familiar with. Let’s take American Eagle as an example. You have a great pair of her skinny jeans that is now a size too small and you decide to sell them. First, do your research. Go to eBay and type in American Eagle Skinny Jeans Size 6 and then refine your search by showing only full listings.

The items that appear in green (for the price) are those that have been sold. Items listed in red were not sold. Ignore items that didn’t sell. Usually those are too expensive. Focus on items similar to yours that have sold. Take note of the condition. Is there visible wear? Any defect? Worn cuffs? Also, keep an eye out for keywords that successful sellers included in their title and description.

If you sell jeans, you need to know what style they are. Are they boot cut or skinny? Low rise or high waist? Familiarize yourself with clothing terms like high rise and inseam. You also need to learn how to describe the wash of jeans. Light or dark? Some brands will have the wash written on the care label, as well as a date code that shows the season and year the jeans were made. Not sure what the codes mean? Look at those. There are some buyers who are very specific about what items they are buying. Do your research in advance.

Take quality photos on your smartphone

You don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars for an expensive digital camera. Just use your phone to take the photos. Edit the photos with the Edit function of your phone. I use my Apple iPhone to take ultra flattering photos. I can post directly to eBay right from my phone.

Find the best jeans to sell on eBay

Men’s jeans that are high-end brands can make you a lot of money. Women’s jeans will sell but the profit margin is slightly lower. Men are less likely to return jeans. You can and will make money selling jeans, but expect crazy looks and rolling eyes when you tell your friends about your plan. Ignore them. I started selling jeans on eBay in 2009 and have sold thousands of pairs of jeans, shorts and skirts. Look for these top brands:

Diesel: jeans for men and women, mainly made in Italy. Authenticate with photos. The jeans sell for between $10 and $210 on eBay. There are many fake diesels on the market. A pair of New With Tags (abbreviated NWT on eBay) SAFADO style in Dirty New Age (dark wash, slim straight) recently sold for $210 on eBay. Those are men’s jeans. Originals vs. Fake Diesel Jeans: Original jeans are made from higher quality material. You can feel the difference. Diesel was started in 1978 by Renzo Rossi. The most popular men’s styles are Zathan, a slim-fitting bootcut jean, and Thanz, a slim-fitting, straight-leg pant. Women’s styles include Liv, a lower-rise straight leg, Matic, a low-rise skinny jean, and Low sky, which has a straighter leg cut and lower rise.

True Religion – Sells for $15 to $300 on eBay, depending on style and condition. True Religion was founded in 2002 in California. It is considered High-End Denim. There are many imitations on the market, so add photo details and close-ups to authenticate the jeans. The best selling style online is Super T. True Religion brands are known for their oversized white stitching. The jeans are made in the USA unlike many other popular brands.

Hudson – Founded by Los Angeles native, surfer, yogi, and cyclist Peter Kim in 2002. Look for the Union Jack label and V-button pocket (triangular back pocket). Hudson jeans symbolize a proud spirit of defiance. These sell for anywhere from $10.49 to $85 on eBay, depending on condition and style. If you can find jeans that are NWT (New With Tags), always get a clear photo of the tags to increase the selling price.

Paige – First launched in February 2005 in high-end retail stores, founded by Paige Adams-Geller, who is the only female founder in denim history. These are high-end jeans in styles like the Skyline Skinny and the Avalon Hidden Hills Bootcut. There are even amazing skinny maternity jeans with built-in panels for women to look fabulous during pregnancy. My favorite Paige style is the Skyline Skinny in Carson.

BKE – Buckle-made jeans for men and women $20 to $250 on eBay

Vintage Levi’s – A pair of Levi’s from the 1890s sold for over $36,000 on eBay. The jeans came from a mine in the Rand Mining District in CA’s Mojave Desert. The seller uploaded the listing with data to authenticate the origin of the jeans, including explaining candle wax drippings from the miner’s light. Levi’s usually sell for $15 more.

Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle: Not considered high-end, but these brands are popular. My favorite brand is American Eagle, especially AE Artist jeans. American Eagle clothing is well made and sells well. Certain styles that have been discontinued like Real Flare are still in demand. If you can find quality items and get them at great prices, you will make money on eBay.

What’s inside the Kindle Fire?

Have you heard the hype about the Kindle Fire or seen commercials about Amazon’s new product on TV? People wonder what the Kindle Fire is. Being such a new product, there is not a lot of information about how it works and what the product has to offer to consumers.

Launching on November 15, 2011, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire gives you a product comparable to Apple’s iPad and other Android tablets. The most popular feature of the Kindle Fire is the price. It’s affordable, but offers many of the same features as its competitors. Since the Fire is new, many people ask what is inside the Kindle Fire. Here are some features you will find:

1. It has a web browser that allows the user to download popular apps like Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora, as well as email.

2. The Fire links to Amazon’s huge collection of books, videos, magazines and music. You can also download your own music and photos.

3. This table has a very clear and sharp 7-inch color screen. It also has 8 GB of memory.

4. PDF, Word, Excel and Power Point document files can be read on Fire.

5. On the Fire you’ll also find a Micro-USB connection, a headphone jack and two speakers. The only button on the Fire is the power button.

This is a basic overview of what you’ll find inside the Amazon Kindle Fire. Some things you won’t find are 3G wireless, cameras, microphone and GPS. It also doesn’t have a Facebook app or a Twitter app, yet. The Fire is best used for reading your favorite books, catching up on your favorite TV shows and movies, and listening to your favorite music. That’s what you’ll find in Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

The Fire is something worth looking into when trying to decide what kind of tablet you’d like to buy. It is new, so there is still a lot of research to be done to determine its pros and cons. You can find reviews of the product on the web and more reviews will be posted soon. As mentioned above, the best feature of the Fire is its price. It currently retails for $199, which is very low compared to similar products on the market right now. How successful the Fire will be remains to be determined.

Ideas for themed parties – ABBA Party

Big styles, lots of white, it’s the ABBA party

Have you seen the Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried movie musical released last year? My goodness! When I saw the movie, I fell in love with this song and other songs in the movie. It was like relieving the days of ABBA once again.

Abba has been one of the mainstays of the 70’s music industry until his last recording in the early 80’s. Many people, young and old, have fallen in love with his music. With the release of Mamma Mia, it was as if Abba was back in the spotlight.

Abba Party anyone?

When I was thinking of a suitable party for my friends, I came up with the idea of ​​an Abba Party theme. Why? Because when I saw how they reacted when they heard the song Mamma Mia and I Have a Dream, I was immediately sure that the Abba Party theme would be a hit.

The whole idea of ​​Abba Party is to revive the 70’s era of Abba but to put a touch of today. Of course, the night should be a night of music and the songs of the band Abba should be highlighted.

Abba Party Ideas


The setting for Abba’s party can be a 70’s backdrop in a bar where Abba’s music can be played continuously or your own place decorated with 70’s stuff. Depending on your budget, you can choose the actual bar and rent it for the group or decorate your house to look like a disco.

It’s relatively easy if you have the budget to reserve a bar for your group. All you need to do is tell the manager to prepare the place for an Abba party. In addition to the ’70s backdrop, you may also want to include Abba album posters to breathe the Abba vibe into the venue.

If you’re on a tight budget and decide to turn your venue into a 70’s Abba Party hub, try creating a disco-like atmosphere by using cardboard placed on the floors and decorating the walls with bright colored paper. Opt for orange, lime green and yellow!

The music should create a distinctive atmosphere at the party. Abba’s songs must play continuously in the background. At the beginning of the party, she selects the most famous songs. Mamma Mia is an ideal option as it is used with the recent movie. Guests must be able to identify that the music being played is by Abba, so the selection of the first few songs is very critical. The rest can be randomly selected because towards the end, if the guests don’t know the song, they’ll just react, “Oh, so it’s still Abba’s!”

The look

It’s time to open the closet and get the 70’s clothes out of the boxes! The 70’s is the era of colorful and psychedelic clothing. Choose flared, flared pants and leather jackets. Color matching rules were simply forgotten in this era. Of course, since this is an Abba match, the Abba elements should be present in addition to the ’70s.

If you want to go big Abba, put on a white suit and bring out the afro wig! That will surely do the job. There are thousands of photos of Abba on the net where you can get inspired.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to be a little conservative, you can wear a bright-colored top and then cover it with a wide, same-color headband.

12 months free line rental – Mantra for stress-free mobility!

Thanks to mobile phone manufacturers for making investments in terms of money and time and for creating the plethora of state-of-the-art devices in the name of mobile phones. Today, a mobile showroom is no less than an art gallery. An entrance to any mobile point of sale guarantees an experience to see the result of the degree of innovation and progress of modern technology. But by then, a mobile shopper is in a state of utter confusion. Wanting to buy the best, the buyer gets lost in the rest, promising to improve the best. If one is lucky enough to come out of such a situation successfully, there is another amount of struggle to select the best one from the range of mobile phone deals on offer.

Well, thanks again, but now not only to mobile phone manufacturers, but also to mobile network service providers. To ease the pain of selecting the best mobile deal, network service providers have come up with a plan that serves as the most cost-effective and efficient option for a mobile phone user. Dubbed a 12-month free line rental deal, the deal comes with a host of freebies and gifts, and requires one to sign a contract agreement for a period of 12 months.

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Micmacs Review

Cast: Dany Boon, Andre Dussollier, Nicholas Marie

Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Release date: December 14, 2010

MPAA Rating: R

I had no idea what micmacs was and hadn’t even heard anyone say anything about the movie. When I looked up the title on the IMDB website, there on the cover was a middle-aged man who looked a bit dumbfounded, wearing suspenders and a long-sleeved fleece sweater. So I was completely at a loss as to why this would be a suggestion for us to write a review. So I started looking at the page more closely to discover that the movie was directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet. He is a wonderful self-taught director who has done a lot of film work abroad. He has an interesting way of visualizing what a movie should look like, shows different camera angles, has good character development, and generally tells a lovely story.

micmacs It begins with a boy, Bazil, whose father has just been killed by a landmine in Morocco. On the day of his funeral, a messenger returns the father’s belongings to the family. The young man discovers a collection of photographs in a box taken after the incident. Upon closer investigation, he discovers that the manufacturer of the landmines is La Vigilante De L’armes. Her mother, dealing with her grievance, sends her son to a Catholic boarding school. Bazil cannot stand the harsh treatment inflicted by the nuns and runs away.

We meet him again 30 years later and he has become a video rental clerk at Matador Video. We find him one night relaxing at his work watching an old Bacall and Bogart movie, lip-syncing lines from the movie. The movie is over and his attention is now focused on the sound of gunshots outside. Someone in a black car is dueling with a person on a motorcycle. A bullet flies through the air, hitting the front glass window of the video store and flying past Bazil. Then suddenly the car crashes, the driver falls off and fires one last shot at the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist slips on wet pavement and loses his grip on the gun. The gun rises and hits the ground just before it fires again. The bullet has found a new home, right in Bazil’s forehead. The doctors at the hospital contemplate whether he should remove the bullet because if they do he could turn into a vegetable. If they don’t, he could die at any moment. They flip a coin and the decision is to leave it in. “It will drive airport security crazy.”

After being released from the hospital, Bazil returns home only to find that the landlord has changed the locks and his possessions are gone. He still has the work of his own, so it’s not all useless. When he arrives at work, he discovers that he has been replaced by an attractive young girl. As he leaves, she runs up to him and hands him the shell casing from one of the bullets that had been fired the night of the accident. She kindly takes it and looks at it to see the name Les Arsenaux D’Aubervilliers printed on it. She puts it in her pocket and decides to find a place to sleep for the night. Now homeless, jobless, and familyless, he takes refuge on the streets. His only form of income is the coins that passersby throw into his hat while he performs the pantomime in the square.

One day, while performing, a homeless man calls out to him. The man introduces himself as Slammer, due to his time in jail, and that he might know of a family that would be willing to adopt Bazil. Intrigued, he follows Slammer to a junkyard and enters a house built out of all kinds of junk. Inside the cavernous mound he is greeted by several other residents. There’s Tiny Pete, a master mechanic, Calculator, who can easily see exact measurements, Remington, an ethnographer, Buster, a human cannonball on a mission to return to the Guinness Book of World Records, Mama Chow, a motherly type, and the contortionist. He is welcome to the family.

After salvaging interesting junk, Bazil returns home in his three-wheeler. Some things fall out while he is driving and he stops to retrieve them. Crouching down, he sees in the reflection of a puddle a familiar image. It is the office of La Vigilante De L’Armement and across the street is the office of Les Arsenaux D’Aubervilliers. A little surprised that the two companies that have caused the most turmoil in his life are right next to him. He decides to go into La Vigilante to talk to the president about the bullet that now resides in his head. The president Mr. De Fenouillet wants nothing to do with him. After being kicked out, Bazil crashes a party for the boss at Les Arsenaux. Mr Francois Marconi is giving a speech about how happy he is that the company is doing so well and how he has no regrets. At that time, Bazil plans to take revenge on these two men and companies of him with the help of his new family.

Jean Pierre Jeunet has directed films such as City of Lost Boys, Delicatessen, amelie, a very long engagement and a few others. It has the most interesting way of presenting a movie and the cinematography is so unique. The colors have that muted strength like the intensity of when it’s about to rain and the sky turns a purplish gray that makes the leaves on the trees look a more vibrant green. Jeunet’s films are always a delight to watch and it’s nice to find Dominique Pinon. It’s in every one of the Jeunet movies. It’s like Where’s Waldo, but you’re looking for this short, stocky guy with a big crinkly smile. I really enjoyed Micmacs and would be willing to watch it again, but the story wasn’t very memorable. Interesting, but not necessarily memorable.

WoTLK Guide Review – Zygor WoTLK Guide

There’s a new wave in WoW 1-80 leveling guide collections. There are two guides recently published by Zygor. One is specially designed for Horde and the other is for Alliance players. The two separate guides are written to add more specialization to the included instructions, which is very important in the WoW game.

It seems like a new guide for World of Warcraft is released every week. This time, there were two of them even. Some guides are not worth anyone’s time simply because they tend to ignore some important information. However, there are others that contain too much information that overwhelms users. It is almost impossible to pack too much data into a comprehensive guide. Zygor guides are very different. This really is worth your time and money from him.

The idea of ​​having two different guides for the same search is more than attractive. In fact, the Horde and the Alliance require different sets of strategies. However, these guides were created in great detail, and both are over 300 pages packed with information. But more than the guide that you have to read cover to cover, Zygor has also created a map to complement your game. This can make your search twice as simple. Golden guides are included on the map. By using the guide and the special map together, you can increase your wealth while trying to reach the power levels.

The details included in both guides are fantastic. It covers all the important missions that the players have to follow while playing the game. Compared to other guides of similar scope, Zygor’s guide would do twice as well. The author tries hard to remove all the quests that you don’t have to follow as they would just take most of your time and slow you down. There are also quests that provide very little reward at the end and as such aren’t really worth your time either. The guide is specially created to take you to level 70 in less than eight days. That is, if you choose to follow all the instructions and recommendations in the book.

The guides also include the Cartographer map-mod. This program allows several modifications of the map to adapt it to your needs. Loading the mod-map also allows you to follow all the things as stated in the Zygor leveling guides in a very methodical way. Every point you need to reach on the WoW game map can be set as waypoints. By doing so, you don’t have to open the map all the time just to know where you need to go. By making a particular location a landmark even though it is not, the arrows will point directly to it, thus showing you the correct path to follow.

The Zygor Guide provides players with a complete walkthrough of the relevant parts of the game. This includes the start area of ​​the race. Whether you’re facing an alliance or a horde, the guide covers both areas.