Cool toys for boys with cars – Lego Racers, remote control cars, etc.

If you walk into any classroom in the country, you will have every boy and girl identified in a few minutes as to what they are doing. That girl reading National Geographic loves animals, the guy over there scribbling in his notebook and ignoring the teacher is the artist, and the guy raising his fists in front of him says “Vroooom, vroooommmmm! EEEEEE !” he’s obviously the one in the cars.

It’s one of those fascinations that, for many of us, begins in early childhood and continues into adulthood and then into old age. Whereas in real life, we may have to settle for a more affordable and modest vehicle, leaving hot rods and custom machines to racers and stuntmen, the escapism of a good car chase movie, or just A walk through a classic car show leaves most adults with a smile on their faces, thinking about what we might drive if we didn’t have to hold down a job and maintain a respectable life.

If it’s your son or nephew who is crazy about V8s and knows more about fuel injection than you do, here are some tips: cheer him up. Every time you go to work on the car, let the guy come with you, explain what you’re doing, and let him help you. At the very least, you’re going to raise a kid who can take care of these things for himself when he reaches driving age. And second, continue to nurture their car crush with the right toys.

Some of the coolest car toys actually come from Legos. Lego runners, for example, are great. They let the kid set up a race because he either builds on the instructions, or can build one of his own design.

And of course, you can’t go wrong with remote control cars. When we were kids, these were pretty much the cool toy, and they still are. Sure, you can play racing video games these days, but do racing games let you build your own backyard race tracks? Do you get the same visceral thrill from racing in a video game as you do from listening to the whir and hum of a remote-controlled car’s electric motor? Can you stack a bunch of used soda cans and try to cause spectacular crashes into the pile? Remote control cars offer room for imagination that is difficult to achieve with an Xbox controller.

And of course, if your child is still a little young for something as complex as a hundred piece lego set or a remote control car or something like that, there’s plenty for the car-loving toddler. Wooden toys, for example, may not satisfy that need for speed, but they’re a safe and easy alternative when your child is obsessed with cars and you know he’s not quite ready for something made for older kids just yet.

Why Your First Grader Can’t Read: They Might Be Smarter Than You Think

When it comes to reading, first grade is a critical year in a child’s academic development. It is during first grade that most teachers define their students as emergent readers, fluent early readers, or struggling readers. Unfortunately, it is also in first grade that common instructional practices are arguably most inconsistent with how intelligent children who are analytical by nature learn. A lot of research has been done on visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners, but there are two other types of learners that we don’t hear as much about. They are: memorizers and analytics.

Memorizers need to know the how. That is, show them how to do something, they memorize it, save it for future reference, and repeat it back to them on demand. Memorizers tend to do well with reading and social studies. Memorizers can remember the spelling of a word or a fact without having to come up with logical explanations as to why. However, analytics needs to know the “why” as well as how something is done. Analyticals are logical thinkers and if something doesn’t make logical sense, their brains will reject it. Analysts are critical thinkers to the highest degree. They tend to excel in math, technology, and science. The problem arises with analytical students when you try to teach them a subject without the “why”.

This is where things can get worse for analytical learners and they risk being prematurely or mislabeled as learning disorders when they may not have a learning “disorder” but a learning “difference”.

Case in point: In order to read, even emergently, children need to know how to combine isolated sounds into words. In order to write, children must know how to break words down into their component sounds. This is where the problem arises: Since many first grade teachers focus primarily on phonic awareness, for words that don’t sound like they’re spelled like (off) (of) (where) (this) the analytical learner doesn’t understand why. why the English language is not always spelled as it sounds phonetically. As a result, he may fall behind his peers when it comes to reading. This was a problem for my son who had to repeat first grade because he was not reading at his grade level despite the additional services provided by his school.

I made the decision to homeschool him and developed my own curriculum according to state standards to bring him up to speed. I always knew my son was a kinesthetic learner, but I didn’t realize until recently that he was an analytical learner. He is a critical thinker and will ask a million questions and solve problems until he discovers a concept. With this new information, I began to teach my son the rules of spelling in addition to phonics and sight word memory. We worked on all the constant combinations (sh) (th) (wh) (ch) I taught him the vowel combinations that (ea) like read, bead and teach make the long e sound but (ea) also make the short e sound as head, dead, read (past tense). I explained the (how) of spelling in very basic terms. Part of our language arts homeschool program includes you reading 4 books independently (two beginning books that you must read independently, followed by two books that are slightly above your level. Instead of reading to you aloud you have to read aloud to me and tell me the main idea, the main characters of the book and at least 2 characteristics of each character and how the book relates to something in real life Then I write three vocabulary words from the book read aloud, which you should use in a sentence that is not only correctly punctuated with evenly spaced words, but makes logical sense.

It amazes me to see my son glow with pride when he begins to experience reading success. He went from hating to read to reading a minimum of four books a day. Since my son is not a “because I said so” kid, he needs to know the “why” (broken down logical reason) as well as how to do something. This is the reason why math and science come naturally to him. These subjects follow a logical order, a sequential pattern, being the result of something else. He needs to be taught in a way that speaks to his analytical nature, his rational reasoning. It’s also worth noting that many autistic and dyslexic children are virtual math geniuses.

If you have a child who is struggling with reading, meet with your child’s teacher often to find out what instructional methods they are using to teach your child and how they are working. Take time to discover your child’s dominant learning style. Are you a memorizer or an analytical learner? You need to know this. Knowing this will make all the difference in your child’s academic success. You never know. Your struggling reader may be much smarter than you think.

PingMe and other great messaging apps for the Nokia Lumia 900

The new Nokia Lumia 900 is the flagship of the new range of Windows phones from Finnish manufacturers. Although the Windows platform does not offer the large number of applications that are available in other formats, such as Android and iOS, the number is constantly growing. Messaging apps are one of the most popular types of downloads that allow users to keep in touch with friends who use different operating systems. We take a look at the new PingMe messaging service for the Lumia 900 and also at other great apps that offer similar features.

PingMe is one of the best applications of its kind available for the Nokia Lumia 900. The software is available on all major platforms including iOS and Blackberry. The developers of this software have even produced a version for the Amazon Kindle Fire, making it very easy to keep in touch with friends and family who use a variety of different devices. The advantage of apps like PingMe is that if users have access to a Wi-Fi network, messages can be sent free of charge, which not only helps you keep your monthly bill lower, but also uses less of your allowance. data limited. PingMe not only allows users to compose and send text messages, but also voice recordings. Users can see when their recipient has seen the message, and the platform also supports push notifications, which means you can get alerts about a message even if you’re not currently using the app. One clever feature of this new software is its ability to use the location-based services offered by the Lumia 900. This means you can see the location of the person you’re messaging, which could be useful if you’re arranging a meeting with a friend in a strange place or in a crowded place. PingMe is one of the best messaging apps we’ve come across thanks to its simple interface and useful features.

PingMe is one of the newer applications available for the Nokia Lumia 900, but if you prefer to use other software that your friends have already installed, you will find that most of the popular messaging platforms are available on this device. One such application is Whatsapp, which is available on Windows Marketplace. This software is a favorite of many consumers who use this type of software thanks to the large number of people who use the application regularly. It is estimated that WhatsApp users send over a billion messages a day using the service. In terms of functionality, the platform is very similar to PingMe with text and voice messages. IM+ is another excellent app that is worth a look. The software sends messages through the widely used Skype platform, which means that there are a large number of consumers who can be contacted through this platform.

PingMe for the Nokia Lumia 900 is an amazing new messaging service that takes full advantage of the great features your phone has to offer. If users are looking to use an alternative platform, Whatsapp and IM+ offer similar features and are used by a large number of people around the world.

Puppy House and Potty Training Tips

After you receive your new puppy, there will be a short adjustment period. The goal is to minimize the pup’s stress about leaving his mother and help him bond with his new family. Most puppies under the age of 3-4 months will quickly bond with new people and pets, as long as they don’t have unpleasant experiences with them. This is the critical period when your puppy should be socialized with as many new people and healthy pets as possible to ensure a sociable adult dog.

1) Prevention of puppy house breaking

When you are home, supervise your puppy at all times until he has been taught what he can and cannot chew and where he can go to the bathroom (pee or poop). A good way to keep the pup in your sight and prevent him from wandering off is to keep him on a long leash.

As long as the puppy cannot be supervised, it should be housed in a safe place. This can be a small crate if for a short period of time or a puppy-proof room or pen if the pup is going to be confined for longer periods (more than 1-2 hours). Provisions should be made for water, food, safe dog chew toys, and shelter from the elements if the cage or pen is outdoors. It should not be used as a punishment, but simply to keep the puppy safe from vandalizing the house by going to the bathroom and chewing in the house. Allow the puppy to exercise and go to the bathroom before delivery.

2) How to train a puppy

It is very important to try to avoid punishing new pups, as this can lead to avoidance at a time when bonding with people is critical. This can be done by setting the pup up for success by providing proper supervision or confinement as needed.

If a reprimand is warranted, a simple “NO” in a deep voice AT the time of the undesirable behavior. Dogs cannot associate punishment in the present moment for something that happened in the past.

3) Puppy Potty Training

You must provide an acceptable area for grooming and orienting until the pup learns to use this area as his “bathroom.” The toilet area should be kept clean by picking up feces (poos) daily and disposing of them. A grassy patch away from the house is suitable.

Often it only takes a few days to potty train puppies. They soon learn where they should or shouldn’t go and the consequences of going to the bathroom indoors.

Puppies have a very strong urge to go to the bathroom soon after eating, drinking, exercising, and soon after waking up. You should take your pup to his potty area soon (within 10 minutes) after any of these activities. Most puppies need to go to the bathroom every 2 to 4 hours when they are awake. As they get older, they gain better control and the time between grooming increases. At about 6 months of age, puppies can usually go all night without going potty, however you should still potty him right before bed and again first thing in the morning.

When the puppy goes to the bathroom on his potty, you should praise him (“good dog”) to positively reinforce the desired behavior. Some people may give you a small edible treat to achieve the same effect.

When you are home with the pup inside, he should be supervised so that you are aware of his pre-grooming behavior (circling, squatting, sniffing, whining, and scurrying). If you find that the puppy starts to go potty in the house, then all you need is a short sharp verbal reprimand, DO NOT hit the puppy. Then, take the pup to his potty area to finish grooming him and lavish praise when he does. By establishing a regular routine, the puppy will soon learn to head for the door when he wants to go potty.

If the puppy has to be left home alone or overnight, it should be allowed to go potty just before. The room in which he is confined should not be carpeted to facilitate cleaning if there is a mishap. At first, the entire floor should be covered with old newspapers. Most puppies will soon start pottying as far as possible from their food, water, and bedding, which should be set aside. At this point, you just need to cover the area that the puppy uses to go potty with newspaper. The best and cheapest disinfectant to use if a newspaper accident occurs is regular household bleach (4% sodium hypochlorite) that should be diluted 1:30 with water (for example, 1 cup of bleach per 30 cups of water). Water). It’s a good idea to test a small hidden corner of the floor to make sure it doesn’t stain.

When the pup hasn’t had a “bug” in the house for a month or more, you can start to relax your supervision and confinement. It’s wise to give your pup a chance to exercise and potty before leaving him indoors unsupervised for increasing periods of time. If there is an accident, you may need to go out for shorter periods or resort to confinement until things get better again.

5 things to consider before choosing a moving company

For most people, moving is a successful process as it costs a lot of time and money. This is where moving companies play their role. They offer their services to make your move smoother and less stressful. Therefore, it is important that you hire the services of the best moving agency, especially if you want to save money. Below are five important things you may want to consider before hiring a mover for your next relocation.

Do Thorough Research

We usually get recommendations from our friends, family, and colleagues when we first buy something. In the same way, when hiring a moving company, you should do your research until you are satisfied. You should check the credentials of the service provider instead of relying on your instincts.

Get all quotes in writing

Ideally, you should contact at least five local moving companies and ask them to send you written estimates. Make sure the document contains all the important parameters based on the conversation you had with the agency representative. To get an accurate estimate, you may want to provide all the details of your move.

Choose a licensed provider

Although you can get help from your cousins ​​or friends to move your stuff to your new home or office, keep in mind that it comes with a lot of risks. Professional movers have a lot of experience packing and packing and loading different types of items. Therefore, they know how to do all the work carefully. Your chances of damaging something valuable are very high. Apart from this, these companies are insured and licensed. So even if they end up damaging something, you can recover the loss.

Ask for credentials

If you want to hire the services of an interstate mover, make sure that the company is licensed by the relevant authority. You can also check their website for information about their license. Alternatively, you can ask the seller and they will be happy to provide you with company credentials.

Find the provider’s service history

Do not forget to check the service history of the removal agency. The good news is that you can search for customer complaints on the Internet. Both customer ratings and quotes can help you with that. If the company has a lot of negative reviews, it’s likely that their service isn’t up to scratch. In this case, you need to look for a different provider.

In short, hiring the best moving agency will be much easier for you if you follow the five tips that we give you in this article.

How to put your baby to sleep – Tips and tricks

Are you a parent who is continually looking for ways to get your baby to sleep but failing miserably? No matter how hard you try to get your baby’s sleep routine on the right track, you’re still unsuccessful.

I’m pretty sure you’ve already gained enough knowledge on what to do and are a pro at it, but are you a pro at what not to do? If you’re doing everything in the book and you’re not getting any positive results, you’re probably doing something wrong.

This article will guide you on what not to do if you are wondering how to put your baby to sleep. So, without wasting any time, let’s start implementing the useful tips.

Don’t skip nap time

Parents love the word ‘nap’. It’s usually the only time of day they can take a breather and catch up on some alone time. Some parents believe that skipping naps is a good idea. They think that their baby will sleep early and not get up in the middle of the night.

Wrong! This is a bogus approach and does the exact opposite of what you want. Experts believe that nap time is crucial for the development of babies. You should incorporate two to three naps into your baby’s daily routine.

A well-rested baby will always sleep happier and through the night. When babies get tired, the stress hormones in their bodies increase. These babies will not be able to sleep through the night as these hormones will keep waking them up.

Add cereal in milk

If you are someone who always wonders how to put your baby to sleep, have you tried putting your baby to bed with a full meal? It is true that babies who sleep on their stomachs sleep through the night. To achieve this, some parents add cereal to their baby’s bottle in hopes of making it a heavier meal.

This approach does more harm than good. Babies under 6 months should only be given milk, as cereal mixed with their feed can cause gas, which will cause them to stay up all night.

avoid sugar

If your baby has started eating solids, make sure her tummy is full before bed. Your baby is bound to sleep undisturbed if she has eaten well. Some moms may give their baby a sugary snack with dinner.

This is a big no-no. Sugary items should be avoided close to bedtime as they will eliminate the chances of your baby falling asleep early. Be sure to give your baby a healthy, light meal for dinner.

There you go. Was she making any of these mistakes and wondering why her baby refuses to sleep? These are some very basic mistakes parents make hoping to figure out how to get their baby to sleep. Always keep these tips in mind. You’ll thank us later.

Esther Burr’s Diary – Her Life and Mine – Essay Writing

Esther Burr’s Diary

writing essays

When writing essays one must outline the topic. Here’s an outline that works for biographies or historical fiction.

Compare/Contrast the life of the main character and your life.

Introduction: Present three areas using a parallel structure to present these areas.

Area #1: Life of the main character vs. My life

Area #2: Life of the main character vs. My life

Area #3: Life of the main character vs. My life

Conclusion: Review three areas using a parallel structure to summarize these areas.

Reading Esther’s Burr’s Diary made me think about how different her life seems from mine, so I chose the above outline for my essay. Born on February 13, 1732, Esther Edwards grew up in the home of the great theologian and famous preacher of the Great Awakening, Jonathan Edwards. Later, she married Aaron Burr. Her son, Aaron Burr Jr., became vice president and, above all, challenged Alexander Hamilton, the treasury secretary, to a duel. Hamilton died as a result.

Esther Burr’s Diary – Her Life and Mine

I didn’t know anything about Esther Burr before I read her diary. This journal opens on her ninth birthday when she states that her mother asked her to sew pages together to make a journal. Certainly a girl who wrote a diary in 1741 lived a very different life than I did. Yet we share in important ways. Exploring these similarities and differences, we will look at her relationship with her parents, her husband, and her Lord.

Immediately, Esther’s references to her parents struck me as very different. She referred to them as Mr. or Mrs. Edwards. Except when she was a very young child when she was a daddy or mommy, I have referred to my parents as daddy and mommy. While some of my peers have used other names for their parents, I don’t know of any who have referred to them as Mr. and Mrs. when speaking of or to them. Additionally, Esther would include additional terms of respect such as “my honorable father, Mr. Edwards.” From the diary, I guess that when talking to them, Esther called them Father and Mother. My mother also called her parents Father and Mother. As I got older, I think my parents expected and received more respect from my siblings and me than from others. I grew up in a military family and that possibly contributed to a higher expectation than the general population. Even so, in general I think that respect for elders has diminished considerably throughout my life and certainly quite a lot since the 18th century.

Later in the journal, I found out that the path from meeting someone to getting married has changed a lot since Esther Burr’s life. Aaron Burr, a preacher, had been visiting Edward’s house for an extended period and surprised Esther the day that it was her turn to cook breakfast for Mr. Burr and no one else came to breakfast. Mr. Burr asked her to marry him. Her response: “If it pleases the Lord.” Later, Mr. Burr sent horses for Esther and her mother. Upon arrival, Aaron and Esther were married. Again, she referred to her husband as Mr. Burr. At the age of 20 she became the wife of a busy pastor. Later, she had two children. When she had to preach or teach elsewhere, she missed him and even gave birth to Aaron Burr, Jr. in Mr. Burr’s absence. I also want to show respect for my husband. Nowadays, women commonly refer to their husbands by their first names unless they are talking to a son who should address him as “Sir…” Although, I don’t think we should go back to that formality, as wives. Christians we must show respect for our husbands towards them and towards them. Also, when talking to others, we should not speak ill of our husbands. Certainly, although they are not perfect, they are perfect for us. God uses spouses to sanctify each other. Reading Esther’s journal is a great reminder for all of us.

Finally, we will explore Esther’s relationship with her Lord. She grew up in a pastor’s home and experienced the “Great Awakening” of a very unique situation. She talked about how God used her parents to deal with those convicted of sin. An example of Esther’s relationship with the Lord, “The air was filled with the music of the sleigh bells of the churchgoers as they passed by. And I thought of what it says in the scriptures about the bells when they He entered the holy place; and thus the loudest music from the church bells seemed to say to my soul, Holiness to the Lord!” (p. 22) Also, Esther quoted something her father preached that hurt her,

Ruth’s resolution: ‘Do not beg me to leave you, nor to stop following you. (Ruth 1,16) I will never forget his words about the people of God. He said: “They are the most excellent and happy society in the world. God, whom they have chosen as their God, is their Father. He has forgiven all their sins, and they are at peace with Him. And He has admitted them all privileges of children. As they have consecrated themselves to God, so God has given himself to them… ‘Your people shall be my people, and your God my God.’ P.23

Yes, knowing that the holy and sovereign God of the universe is the God of His children brings untold blessings. I don’t have to be the daughter of famous parents or married to a famous man to know that I am the daughter of this great God.

Knowing Esther Burr through reading her diary has enriched me. Accompanying great contrasts in our lives, I rejoice in the similarities. Her relationships with her parents, her husband, and her Lord mirror mine in many ways.


Six months apart, the grandparents and parents of 4-year-old Sally Burr Reeves and 2-year-old Aaron Burr Jr. died leaving them orphans. Aaron Burr died at the age of 41. Months later, Jonathan Edwards died as a result of a smallpox vaccination. Within 16 days Esther Burr died. Six months after Jonathan’s death, Sarah died of dysentery. These individuals gave everything for Christ.

Learn Quran with Tajweed in the easiest way possible

Learning Quran with Tajweed is one of the most valuable things for any Muslim. When you read the Qur’an, you want to feel every word. Many people love the idea of ​​being able to recite the Holy Quran as Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did. That’s when Tajweed plays a role. There is no prohibition on how to recite the Quran because different people from different regions have different languages ​​and different dialects. However, when you learn Quran with Tajweed, you follow the rules exactly. You improve your pronunciation of each word and letter and read with an authentic accent.

Learning Quran for kids has become quite an easy task with the new trend of learning Quran online. Today, it is possible for you to learn Quran and have your children learn it from the comfort of your bedroom. You don’t even need to buy a hard copy of the book if you think you can’t keep it safe and secure around the house. Also, you don’t have to drive to a mosque for your child to learn. Through online websites, you can give your child the Quran education they have always dreamed of.

Learning Quran for kids through online websites does not mean that they will have to read Quran with some pre-recorded lessons. The good thing is that your child learns everything from a teacher who teaches him live. It is up to you to choose a Qari or Qaria. If you feel more comfortable with a female teacher, you can choose a Qaria and vice versa. These teachers provide your child with the proper guidance; They not only give lessons on how to read the Qur’an, but also teach other Islamic values ​​that matter a lot in a child’s life. These values ​​help them become good Muslims.

Learning Quran with Tajweed can be extremely difficult when a child has to rely only on theoretical notes. This is why live teachers matter a lot. They can tell your child the exact way to pronounce certain Arabic letters, so that he can recite the Qur’an as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did. Most of the Quran learning for kids offered by online websites is very affordable. It is because most of the teachers join this profession for the purpose of preaching Islam and since they are doing such a noble thing, they want to earn only what they need.

Apart from children learning Quran, adults can also start learning Quran with Tajweed if they want. Islamic education is not limited by age, gender, origin or ethnicity. You can always try an online course before paying for it. Most websites offer demo periods where you can try out tutors before paying for them. There are several types of packages to choose from. Some packages are specifically designed for entire families. So if you are planning for your children to learn Quran with tajweed, you can choose a website that offers Quran education through an online medium, such as Skype.

Top 10 benefits of interactive games for children

There are many interactive games for children that you can use for their development and learning. Playing games that incorporate school subjects or develop your problem-solving and analytical skills is a great way to strengthen a variety of skill sets and boost self-esteem. Here are some of the top reasons to use interactive educational games for kids:

  1. The games are based on objectives or goals, so children will develop an understanding that in order to be successful, they must meet or exceed the goal by following the objectives.
  2. The games introduce the topic in a fun, non-pressure way, making it less intimidating.
  3. Interactive games encourage problem solving. No matter the topic, learning games provide ample opportunities for children to practice problem solving. They will learn about trial and error, how to show their work, and experiment until they find the right answer.
  4. Games also develop critical thinking and analysis, especially when it comes to strategy. Children will learn to evaluate what they did, learn from their mistakes, and try again.
  5. Children learn social skills while playing with others. They learn to build relationships and trust, and the importance of teamwork and cooperation.
  6. Interacting with others helps them understand how others are feeling and how to deal with emotions.
  7. Children also learn about competition, winning and losing gracefully. The most important lesson children can learn is how to accept defeat and try again.
  8. The games have instructions and guidelines for children to practice reading and listening to certain parameters or restrictions that they need to pay attention to.
  9. Games require strategy, which makes players more active participants. This means that when children play interactive academic games, they are more engaged than when they are simply doing worksheets.
  10. Playing interactive kids games is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your children. And as adults you can learn a lot too!

Interactive kids games are a great way to engage your child while practicing skills. Whether you’re using a game to introduce your child to a new topic or review a topic you learned in school to get familiar, there are many ways interactive games for kids can benefit your child beyond academics.

What size bedding is used for the sofa beds?

Having family and friends over at your house is fun, which is why many people strive to have sofa beds (also known as daybeds and daybeds) and/or futons. These instant beds are extremely convenient and can be placed almost anywhere in the house.

Sleeper sofas and futons are especially great if you don’t have an official guest room. Maybe you can reuse another room. For example, they can be placed in an office, living room, or family room where it will primarily function as a sofa, but when overnight guests arrive, you’ll have an instant bed.


With this in mind, take a look at the space you have available and decide on the size you need for your convertible bed. They are usually marketed as full-size or queen-size beds, but very few are double-size.


You will want to purchase the right size of bedding for your daybed or futon. It goes without saying that most people have no idea what proper bedding is needed, and guests are left with sheets that shift or come off during the night.

When you go shopping, notice that the mattress is much thinner than a normal mattress. Therefore, it is crucial that you read the informational booklet that comes with it to verify the exact dimensions. You’ll need them to know if you should dress it with conventional full-size sheet sets or if you require special bedding. Because there is a large and varied market for sofa beds and futons, some will need regular sheets while others will need specially ordered sheets. As for duvets or duvets, you can use conventional full or queen size duvets or duvets.


Another thing to consider when buying a sofa bed or futon is how to furnish it with the most comfort. Due to the thinness of sofa bed mattresses, your guests can feel the frame underneath. We suggest that you place additional padding, such as a feather mattress or mattress topper, under your bedding. This will give the mattress more cushioning, soften the feel of the frame underneath, and make for a more comfortable experience for your guest.

You and your guests need not fear the sleeper sofa or futon experience. With some consideration for the comfort of your guests, your sofa bed or futon can provide comfort, support, and a great sleepover experience.

Congratulations and may the guests arrive!