Pros and cons of raising a puppy or dog

If you knew more about what raising a puppy or dog entails and the benefits it brings, would that be something you would consider? The primary goal of parenting is to temporarily house and prepare a puppy or dog for adoption. As with everything in life, there are pros and cons.

Decisions must be made before committing to raising an animal. Are you willing to make and keep the promise of time, energy, patience, and love? What do you prefer, a puppy or an older dog? Do you know the responsibilities associated with that decision? Do you know that some animals in foster care can have behavioral problems?

What race, mix, age, size, or gender would you be most comfortable with? Are you willing to bring an older dog? Would you consider a puppy or dog with a disability or health problem?

How does your family feel about parenting? If you have a pet, how would you react if another animal moved into your territory? Remember, everyone should feel comfortable with this decision.

For how long are you willing to commit? Some adoptees prefer short-term commitments. Others, for as long as necessary. Would you be able to give up the animal, especially knowing that it would go to a loving home? Would you be willing to adopt your adoptive, if his destiny is not a forever home?

There will be changes in your routine; most likely for the better. You will do more exercise!

You may have to provide the food. There are bailouts that occasionally help with food costs.

The most common complaint heard is how attached an adoptive has become to their animal. This is usually done with less experienced foster children. Those who have done it before have an easier time “letting go”. They are happy that their upbringing has found a loving family, a forever home. There is also another side to the attachment complaint. It is not unusual for the foster parent to decide to stay with his ward. They are all winners!

Most shelter dogs are medium or larger in size and / or mixed breeds. If there is a specific breed you prefer, check with rescues for that breed. They are overloaded and are also looking for foster homes.

Some of the animals in rescues and shelters have health problems, disabilities, or behavior problems. Would this be a problem for you? There are servants who prefer to take care of the tender and loving care of an elderly or terminally ill animal. They want to offer them the best quality of life, in the little time that they have left. They are undoubtedly extraordinary people. Congratulations to them!

The animal you breed may require basic obedience or housebreaking training. Are you willing to invest the time necessary to make them more adoptable?

You will most likely have to pass a background check and a home inspection. It is gratifying to know that you have met shelter or rescue standards and are eligible to provide a temporary home.

Most shelters / rescues will take care of necessary medication and veterinary expenses. Surprisingly, there is parenting that absorbs those expenses as part of its responsibilities. They deserve congratulations too!

By welcoming, you will be a less destroyed animal, creating a vacancy for the shelter / rescue to offer another puppy or dog a roof over their head and food on their belly, until they find their forever home.

Bottom line. You will earn the unconditional love and appreciation of the animal to whom you have opened your heart and home, however long it may be. You will have the gratifying feeling of saving at least one puppy or dog, of being destroyed simply because there are so many out there who need our help.

Is the Catahoula leopard dog breed aggressive or just wary of strangers?

The Catahoula Leopard dog is an intelligent, energetic, and hardworking dog that has a long history in herding and hunting. Sometimes denounced as an aggressive dog, they are best described as aggressive workers as they have a very strong work ethic and love to work, but it is also true that they are very cautious around strangers.

The Catahoula temperament is not suitable for everyone; These dogs are very protective of their territory and their family, especially the males, but they are kind and gentle with other dogs when they are on neutral ground.

It is these traits, combined with their independent nature, high energy levels, and physical strength, that can make a Catahoula difficult to handle for quite inexperienced or owners who lack confidence, or enough energy or strength to discipline. these dogs properly. And it can make having such a dog a problem. This can be especially true for those who live in apartments and small spaces. Also, the CLD does not work well when tied to a runner or placed in a kennel. It is best to recognize that you will need to spend a lot of time with this breed and to avoid leaving this dog for a full day at work. Eight hours away from home can be too much for this normally active and energetic creature.

The Catahoula Leopard Dog is also too independent-minded to be the ideal training partner for the intensely competitive trainer. On the other hand, for someone who wants a powerful and exceptionally capable companion, the CLD can go from swimming to climbing trees in a single hike (seriously, look at the pictures on the internet).

The Catahoula is unmatched when it comes to driving cattle.

The CLD’s eyes can be brown, blue, aqua, green, gold, or a combination of any of these colors in one eye, which is called ‘Cracked’ or eyes of two different colors in total. Eye color can often vary with a different color in each eye. Given the diversity of these traits, it is difficult to predict which characteristics will dominate.

Catahoulas are naturally protective of what and who they think they possess. In fact, many owners will say that Catahoula owns them. Catahoulas are a dominant breed by nature, so YOU ​​should always be in control. They are also very territorial, and do not always discriminate between friend or foe, which is why I do not advise letting a Catahoula, or any dog, run free without supervision.

Research on the origins of the name suggests that the name may be attributed to a mispronunciation or insult of the word “Couthaougoula” meaning Choctaw. This word was used to describe the Indians or their dog, giving the inference that the Indian was no better than his dog.

A Catahoula with a light gray or tan coat can have nearly identical spots to the leopard. It is theorized that this was the result of natural selection, as it is a particularly effective camouflage in low light and cloudy skies.

A CLD should have a single short coat, medium ears, large round feet with thick pads and well defined toes, and have a muscular but athletic build. Catahoulas have deep chests, an obvious flank crease, and fairly long straight legs.

Breeder Web, unlike other sites, does not serve as a link between the person who wants to find puppies for sale and the person who has raised their Catahoula Leopard Dog puppies.

If you are looking to buy this breed of dog, do your best to make sure you buy from a good human breeder and not a dog breeder who breeds more than three types of dogs, as that tends to signal breeders to focus less. on the dog and more on profits.

When viewing dogs for sale on the internet, keep in mind that while purchasing a puppy only through a website can be tempting, it is generally not advisable.

Dog breeders advertise the sale of their puppies and dogs in the breeder directory and classified ads. Remember that breeders know your dog’s breed best and should be able to provide you with the temperament of your puppies and any special care that the specific breed needs. Take your time while making a commitment that will last a decade or more.

Seven Easy Ways to Stay on Your Customers’ Mind

One of the most important things you can do as the head of marketing for your own business is to stay on the minds of your prospects and customers. The reason this is so important is that if you are not a priority when the need for your services arises, the likelihood that they will end up buying from you is greatly reduced.

You may be thinking that staying in mind is an expensive and time-consuming proposition. It does not have to be this way. In fact, it can be much easier and more effective than you ever imagined. Take a look at the seven ideas below. You will see that they are not difficult, they are not very time consuming and they are not expensive. The most important thing is that they are effective.

Send thank you notes

How could it be easier than this? Sending thank you notes shows professionalism. Beyond that, notes are additional opportunities for you to show your name and your company to your clients, prospects, and business partners. Like nice to meet you note cards, they can be store bought or custom designed. Also, just like with note cards, you should downplay any obvious “sales”. Remember, less is often more, and this is one of those times.

Send notes of pleasure to meet you

What do you think when you open an envelope and find that someone has taken the initiative to send you a “nice to meet you” note? If you’re like most people, your first thought may be, “It’s good that you take the time to post this.” The second may be, “That’s very professional of you.” Of course, you may even think, “I wish I had done this.”

Why do those notes make us stop to think? Because sending handwritten notes is believed to be a thing of the past. With email, voicemail, and other technological advancements, handwritten and mailed notes stand out and are appreciated. Obviously, the sender not only had the idea to send a note, but also took the time to write it, put it in an envelope, affix a stamp, and mail it. Does this really take a long time? Not really. But it’s more than most of us do, and with our chaotic lives, it’s appreciated.

Types of cards

You have a few options when it comes to note cards. One is buying store bought cards. These may have “Thank you” or “Nice to meet you” on the front. You can also choose simple cards; it’s up to you. For an even more professional look, design a custom card. This is even more impressive, especially if you minimize the business aspect of the card. Maybe it’s a simple card with your logo (not too big) on ​​the cover. Another type of note card is a custom-designed postcard. These allow you to write quick notes, apply stamps, and mail them. Personalized note cards don’t give the impression that they do, but if they help you stay consistent, they’re the perfect way to do it.

I read once (I wish I remembered where) that only five percent of us constantly write notes by hand. Be one of these five percent and you are sure to stand out from the rest and make a big impression.

Send greeting cards

Everyone loves to receive greeting cards, and sending them makes it show. Opportunities include birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, recovering just because, and holidays such as New Years, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and more. I advise skipping the most popular parties. Although it is perfectly valid to send cards at times like Christmas, yours is more likely just one of the many cards received.

Send cover letters

Most of us think of cover letters when we first start our business, and they are worth taking advantage of. But this is not the only time you should use this tactic. Tell your family, friends and others what you are doing, for whom, how it benefits your clients, and that you are actively seeking referrals.

Your letter is an excellent opportunity to build good relationships and promote your business. Make the information in your letter clear, complete, direct, and concise, allowing your readers to absorb the information quickly and effortlessly recall or refer to it.

I am often asked how a letter begins that is intended for someone with whom they have lost contact. It is easy. Be honest. Just say that you realize that it has been a while and that you would like to be in touch more often.

Send personal letters

Few of us still take the time to write and send letters. What a fantastic opportunity this is! Recipients immediately realize that you took the time to write the letter and add something personal. Sending letters that are specific to the recipient is an effective way to set yourself apart and be remembered. The personal aspect of your letters could include any of a multitude of elements: acknowledging the recipient’s promotion or other achievement, pointing out the success of the recipient’s family member, etc.

Send announcements

Are you one of those people who says, “I don’t like honking my own horn”? If so, get over it. No one else is going to play it for you. If you insist on not honking your own horn, don’t wonder why your competitors’ successes are recognized and yours are not.

Make sure to let your clients and prospects know when you have something of interest to advertise. It could be an award you received, a new hire, your new location (yes, treat this as an opportunity, not just a need), or even breaking your sales goals. To determine what you might advertise, use this little technique. Imagine you are having lunch with a business associate and ask, “You know what?” Then they respond, “What?” And he responds with the information, for example, “The local Chamber of Commerce awarded me the Entrepreneur of the Year award.” If you think this will elicit a response, like “That’s great! Tell me more,” then the ad is worth submitting.

Mail items

Too often, the only mail our customers, prospects, and business partners receive from us is sales related. It’s probably because, just as often, all we think about sending out to customers and prospects are sales-oriented materials. How unfortunate! How uncreative! How disappointing! This is a fantastic opportunity to differentiate yourself not only from your competitors, but from most other entrepreneurs as well.

As you get to know your clients, prospects, and associates, take a look at the things that matter to them, such as: he plays golf, she skis, he loves basset hounds, she dances, they own a sailboat, he goes on vacation in Maine, your daughter is By attending Penn State, they beat breast cancer or whatever else is relevant to them as entrepreneurs and as people in general.

The idea is to show them that you are thinking of them. By sending them articles that interest them, you not only show them that you are thinking about them, but you also show them that you are thinking about them at different times than when you want to make a sale. This helps build relationships, and the most profitable relationships start with showing you care.

As you can see, staying in mind doesn’t have to take an inordinate amount of time or go broke. Select the ideas that you can and will implement consistently and get started. It won’t be long before you see your sales and referrals increase dramatically.

Prognosis of hemangiosarcoma in dogs

The prognosis for dogs that survive with hemangiosarcoma is very poor. I have searched the internet for answers since my dog ​​Moebert died of this horrible disease. Hemangiosarcoma is a very aggressive, very persistent type of cancer that can spread rapidly to other parts of the body to other tissues, especially the liver, lungs, and abdominal lining. Hemangio (sarcoma) a blood-fed sarcoma; which means that the blood vessels grow directly into the tumor and it is usually filled with blood.

At that point, you will see any “clinical signs” such as pale gums, cold to the touch (your body, mouth and nose), shortness of breath, abdominal swelling, just to name a few. it would probably be too late as it was with Moebert.

The earlier your vet diagnoses and treats canine hemangiosarcoma, the better the chances of survival, but unless they run blood tests, X-rays and look for something specific, they will never know either. How would you know that your dog might have a “hemoabdomen” (which means free blood within the abdominal cavity)? Sometimes spleens will grow masses and they are usually benign tumors that are (hemangiomas) or malignant tumors that are (hemangiosarcomas).

The treatment and prognosis of a hemoabdomen depend entirely on the cause. In most cases, the cause of the bleeding must be stopped surgically by removing the spleen. Or eventually the growth ruptures and the spleen bleeds. When a vascular organ like the spleen bleeds, the loss of blood can be life-threatening and lead to a (hemoabdomen). Studies have shown that most bleeding tumors are more likely to have been hemangiosarcoma. There is a 50:50 chance that it is one of the two, the only way to know for sure is through a biopsy.

When the spleen tumor ruptures, the dog usually has profuse bleeding in its abdominal cavity, which is usually very detectable to the vet by the swelling of the abdomen. In my opinion, it would still be too late to actually save your dog. Even if they could be stabilized, which would involve taking radiographs / X-rays and / or ultrasound, replacing the lost blood volume with intravenous fluids and blood and oxygen transfusions, the result would be the removal of the spleen, but in many cases if it has metastases; which means that it has spread to other parts of the body and with that the prognosis becomes very bad. Remember that hemangiosarcoma is an aggressive cancer and that is the problem, even with the removal of the spleen and tumor, the dog will probably be saved from death by bleeding, but will probably eventually die from the cancer.

So what is the prognosis for hemangiosarcoma in dogs?

In the long term, if your dog is diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, your chances are slim to none. Survival time after splenectomy is 3 weeks to 3 months, with chemotherapy it could increase survival time from 5 to 7 months, only a few dogs have survived after one year. Of course, survival time can vary depending on the scale of the disease, aggressiveness, and follow-up care. Follow-up care usually includes monthly chest x-rays and physical exams that are necessary to monitor any recurrence of the cancer. Most dogs will likely die or be euthanized due to this metastatic disease. This type of cancer, I’m sorry to say, is fatal, but if caught early enough, the dog’s life can be prolonged, but at whose expense? … The answer is as much for you as it is for your dogs.

If your dog is diagnosed with canine hemangosarcoma, you will have some very difficult decisions to make to say the lease. No one wants to do anything to save their pet in the first place, but what are you going to put your best friend through to do that? X-rays, blood tests, surgery, pain only for you to give in to cancer and die anyway. Should you consider your age and whether or not you have other health problems and what your quality of life would be like? Then you have to factor in all the vet bills that would go into extending your dog’s life by just a month or three or maybe even days. This is not the type of cancer that chemotherapy can cure (which can make your dog sick) if you get rid of the cancer from one place where it is more likely to have spread to another. The result will be the same.

Only you, the owner, can make this arcading decision. It doesn’t matter if you contracted this disease in its early stages or not, the prognosis will continue to be poor. I didn’t have to make a decision; it seemed like my dog ​​Moebert made them for me. He never showed signs of being sick. It is true when they say that hemangosarcoma is the “silent killer” because in most cases the cancer has already advanced before the dog owner realizes it. Moebert waited for me to get home from work so we could both say goodbye; I know it in my heart.

Had he undergone the surgery and everything else? If I had saved his life and had been better and “cured” … you can bet. It meant more to me than life. I am so glad I don’t have to make a decision about whether to have surgery or even consider euthanasia. Sometimes circumstances don’t give you time to ask questions and when you’re so upset, one wouldn’t be thinking clearly anyway. I know I wasn’t, I probably would have done anything to keep Moe alive, but it wouldn’t have been for his sake, it would have been my own selfishness in not wanting to lose him and that wouldn’t have been right. I have never been as devastated for losing anyone or anything in my life as I am for my Moebert.

Love and hug your pet every day and every opportunity you get, because you never know what can and can happen. You may not have another chance.

For you and the health of your pets,


Is your pet reincarnated? Reincarnation of animal angel, inspiring hope of support for mourning loss of pets

My dog ​​died.

I was devastated! My heart experienced heartbreaking pain and loneliness. My life was destroyed. His wiggling wasn’t expecting me, and being in an empty house was more than I could bear.

I watched endless months of weekly photos, daily puppy updates, rescue videos, and webcams. Any! I didn’t really even care because my heart still cried to the bottom and my tears still flowed. However, I felt compelled to keep seeing the updates no matter how annoying they made me feel.

Then this fluffy little ball of fur that was dragging a BIG stuffed toy in its mouth happily ran across my computer screen. My heart raced. I must have watched, re-watched, and memorized that video hundreds of times. I “felt” it in my soul (sign 1). I called, he was available although 2500 miles away. I thought too far to fly the little one with scales. (Signal 2) as the Universe would do, the airline added a non-stop vacation flight from that area to our airport, so now I had no excuses. He had been free of obstacles for years and a new puppy, well …

I talked and asked the puppy’s keeper until she was probably really tired of me. In one conversation, she jokingly referred to him as “bad boy”. I asked why. He said he had what looked like a B on his right hip and he would send me a picture. (Signal 3) the image sent chills up my spine and all my friends in a chorus of “what is it you don’t understand?” He was already being spoken for on a higher level than any of us knew at the time. It was as if God had assigned an angel to monogram my signature on his hip so that I wasn’t so “human” as not to understand that this dog was meant to be mine.

With a tired, scared and excited heart I met him at the airport VERY apprehensive! What if I have the wrong puppy and we don’t connect? He had never chosen a puppy from a distance. It launched out of its box and immediately sat the 7 pounds of 9 week lint in front of me. He looked up and looked me straight in the eye as if to say where you’ve been. Now let’s get on with our life. Then he jumped into my arms and slept all the way to my house, which had now become our home.

I called him friend. He responded to his “old” name without missing a beat. He knew where his bed was, recognized the toys from his past life, and collected them in the same place where they were supposed to be! He didn’t even inspect the new toys, he wanted HIS toys! He talks, hugs and does all the things that all the dogs of my soul “did”. When I look into his eyes, we never leave. It is my “puppy”, my best friend. When my heart asked where you had been, her spirit responded: I had to exchange my old body for this new one in order to be in your life again. At 10 weeks old, he knew and responded to all of the old dog’s commands, no training was necessary. He is my old grown dog with few puppy moments, except he runs to “open wide”, is learning to operate those new feet, and is a chewing machine.

I am lucky to have soft paw pads caressing my face to wake me up every morning. All the eccentric little habits, routines, traits, favorite toys, foods, stains and tricks that only my soul knows are back in my world in another form of earthy skin “monogrammed” as Friend.

If you’ve lost your pet, service dog, companion animal, assistance dog, pet therapy dog, soul dog, and fur baby forever, don’t give up hope. Listen to the impulses of your heart, observe your dreams and follow the knowledge and intuition of your soul. If you feel like you want to cling to your pet’s beds and toys, there is a reason, a part of your soul knows that they will return. The soul of each dog is a spirit composed of eternal energy that lives forever in all that is.

When he is your soul pet, animal spirit guide, or spirit teacher in animal form, God / the Universe honors his choice to reincarnate to be with you many times in various physical bodies. Know that your pet is not gone forever. Give your spirit time to choose a new body. You will know when you see them! “Mom, I’m home!”

Here are some signs that your animal may have reincarnated:

1. Listen and follow the timing and guidance of your inner drives to seek your new body shape. You will “know” if it’s a puppy, a rescue dog, an animal shelter, a newspaper ad, an internet search – just listen and trust!

2. Never overlook small details and let them pass as not worthy of attention.

Follow the details and trust that they are correct. There are no coincidences.

3. Look into the eyes of your pet, the window of his soul, he will know and recognize your connection.

4. Ask questions and listen to the answers with your heart.

5. If you feel like you want to cling to your pet’s beds and toys, there is a reason, a part of your soul knows that they will return.

Sometimes when they return, they incorporate a new trait that you expected them to have, in addition to their previous traits, as one more answer to your prayer. The reincarnation time period in which they return can be as short as several hours or more.

There are many animal reincarnation books and groups on animal and pet loss and pet bereavement available to aid you in your healing. The Just Plain Love books provide more information and a list of pet reincarnation signs. Pet loss bereavement counselors, animal communicators, animal angel networks have many books on Amazon and in retail stores. Internet resources can provide blogs about past lives of pets and reincarnation of animals, discussion forums on reincarnation of pets in my space will help you deal with the loss of your companion. Listen to your heart, you will know if your beloved pet will reincarnate and say “I’m home!”

Love has no end!

Feel free to reprint this article in its original format.

The Science Behind The Thunder Dog T-shirt: Why It’s So Effective

If your dog is determined to be suffering from anxiety, an ideal place to start would be by wearing an anxiety shirt for dogs, such as the Thundershirt. How and why does this product work? It’s actually quite a simple design, with a result anything but simple. Thundershirt for Dogs is comprised of a unique patent-pending design that provides consistent, yet gentle pressure to a dog’s body, providing great high and dramatic calming effect, to a large percentage of dogs.

Over 80% of dogs that have used Thundershirt have been shown to have shown significant improvement in one or more of the symptoms experienced with anxiety. When a body experiences anxiety, of any kind, there may be uncontrollable nerve spasms, which may not be visible outwards, causing extreme restlessness within the body. The result can be very unsettling and incomprehensible to dogs, causing undesirable behavior when trying to deal with these feelings. It is not such a good thing for the owner or the pet.

With the constant pressure provided by products like Thundershirt, dogs will be able to feel the compaction in their body, allowing them to focus their attention on something other than what is causing them anxiety. The way these shirts wrap around the dog’s body ensures that its pressure points are in focus, thus providing the greatest comfort and sense of security, as well as peace of mind.

For many years, diapers have been a known and highly effective means of treating discomfort in colicky babies, as well as the use of constant pressure to relieve anxiety in those with autism, pressure shirts for children suffering from behavior problems, as well as the use of pressure to calm animals, by veterinarians, for injections and vaccinations. A compact, constant and gentle pressure is synonymous with peace of mind and safety.

Some may associate pressure with pain, however the type of constant pressure used with anxiety wraps for dogs, as well as the techniques mentioned above, is gentle, steady pressure that is reassuring, gentle, and focuses on the most effective parts of the body. The gentle pressure “compacts” the nerves within the body, allowing a sense of calm and tranquility to take over the body. This, in turn, allows your pet to refocus their attention on the positive aspects of their life and not find unwanted ways to deal with their anxiety – a positive outcome for both the pet and the owner.

Famous Pets: Pet Supplies for the Rich and Famous

Life is good for most celebrities’ pets. It seems like a fashion these days to flaunt your pet in public if you’re a celebrity. The most popular is the canine. I’m not sure who was the first person to start it, but it definitely caught fire. One Hollywood movie that definitely influenced this trend was Legally Blonde. Reese Witherspoon’s Bruiser dog in the movie went everywhere with her. She dressed him in clothes and jewelry. She pampered him as if he were a child. Not only movies influenced this trend, but real-life celebrities as well. Paris Hilton was one of the first that most people probably remember. Paris and her Chihuahua Tinkerbell appear on the pages of various magazines each week. She turned a simple dog into a fashion accessory. If you can believe it, you actually take your dog for a pedicure and that’s definitely not at a discount pet supply store. Most people think this is crazy, but more and more celebrities are joining the tabloids with their pets.

Celebrities buy all kinds of jewelry for their pets. They get things like diamond necklaces and designer clothing leashes for their puppies. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears take their dogs everywhere with them. Not only are Louis Vuitton bags a fashion craze, Louis Vuitton dog carriers became a fashion item in Hollywood because of the pop stars. Mariah Carey lets her dog Jack bathe with her, boy does she get the royal treatment. She spends hundreds of dollars on pet supplies every month just to groom Jack.

One of the craziest stories around is about the fashion designer who was hired to make the wardrobe for Tori Spelling’s dog, Mimi LaRue. Some celebrities simply have more money than they know what to do with. Does Your Dog Really Need Personalized Pet Clothing? Another celebrity who never seems to shy away from being the center of attention would be Sean “Diddy” Combs. In fact, he dressed his Maltese Sophie identically to him for 2004 fashion week in New York. I wonder what your pet supply budget will be!

Celebrities like the Osbornes took on MTV reality shows, and their pets became stars, too. People who watched the show knew the pets by name. They saw how the dogs were pampered every week as if they were humans. Osbourne’s dogs definitely carried some stylish and luxurious pet appeal. Sharon! Have you seen the% @!% & * Pet Supplies!

One of the most popular things to do with your dog right now is get canine training from Cesar Milan “The Dog Whisperer”. Oprah and Denise Richards are among the many celebrities who have joined this movement. They invite Cesar to their home to help them with any problems they may have with their dog. Cesar offers his opinion on pet training and supplies, but most of the time he trains the owner.

Some celebrities go a bit overboard and take things to the extreme, but others just pamper their pet like you and I would if we had the extra money to do so. Pink, for example, gives her Bulldog “Elvis” only bottled water. Oprah only buys her dogs designer collars, like the Burberry necklace she bought for Sophie. These are just a few of the celebrities who are constantly in the news for being crazy about their pets. One thing is for sure, if I were an animal, I would like to be a celebrity pet.

10 ways to help your dog overcome the fear of being alone

Being social animals, dogs HATE being left alone. There are always exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, a dog wants to be with his pack, be it you, your family, another dog, a cat, or even a bird. There is a feeling of insecurity and vulnerability when left alone. Some will feel abandoned and panic. By relieving himself throughout the house, a dog ensures that this territory is his. Your path of destruction is simply a way to reduce boredom and separation anxiety.

Dogs whine, bark, and howl intuitively, hoping you’ll hear them and get back to them. When they are separated in the wild, this is how they meet. They have no concept of work, shopping or school. For your dog, every time you leave the house, you have gone hunting without them and you may never return.

A closed door for your dog is equivalent to dropping a rock at the entrance of his den. NEVER put your dog in a room with the door closed. Use a half door (it is less defining) or a baby door, so that they can smell, see, hear and feel that they are not totally separated from their comfort zone and their surroundings.

There are a number of steps you can take to help your dog feel less anxious while you are away. First, protect the area for dogs, just as you would for a child. Remove anything that can chew or choke, remove all chemicals, lift cords, unplug anything electrical you have access to. They will get into anything when they get bored or anxious. Most dogs sleep practically the entire time you are away, when they are in a restricted protected area or in a cage. This is why they are so full of energy when you walk through the door! Give them a comfortable bed, some safe and sturdy toys or chew items, a couple of treats, and just enough water to wet their whistle.

10 tips to help your dog feel less anxious when he leaves the house are:

1. BOX / WIRE – A box is not as cavernous as an empty room or the whole house. Most dogs are quite comfortable, and surprisingly for some, they feel extremely safe in their crate. Inherently, for them it is a protected and safe lair.

2. DOOR: Some dogs don’t mind being restrained, as long as they can see what’s going on in the rest of the house. If that’s the case, a high-quality baby or dog gate is a great solution to the problem. Your dog won’t run around the house for a search and destroy mission, but he won’t feel rejected. It’s also a great way to keep the dog from getting underfoot, but feel included, when you have a house full of guests. Make sure your dog learns to respect the door before leaving him for an extended period of time.

3. PARTNER – Another dog would be great, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a dog. Many enjoy the company of any animal, be it a cat, a rabbit, or a bird. Interestingly, while living under the same roof, dogs often bond with these unnatural “members of the pack.”

4. ENTERTAINMENT: Find safe, quality, durable toys or chews to keep you busy. Rotate them so your dog expects something “new”.

5. NOISE – White noise works wonders. A radio, in another room, with the volume low, with soft music, a talk show or even the weather channel, gives your dog a feeling of calm and human companionship. It also helps filter out distracting outside noises.

6. OBEDIENCE TRAINING – Find a local trainer who applies training methods without positive reinforcement and without punishment. Spend quality time every day working on obedience skills with your dog, to build his self-confidence. They appreciate your undivided focus on them, and you get a well-behaved dog. It is a win-win situation.

7. EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE! – Tires your dog BEFORE putting him to sleep for the day. A brisk walk for 20 to 30 minutes, or a strenuous game of “FETCH” before quitting, will help you relax. A tired dog is a good dog!

8. HELLOS & GOOD BYES – Keep greetings and goodbyes quiet. Don’t make your entrance and exit melodramatic. Your dog feeds on your behavior and emotions. If they whine, whine, or bark when you leave, go back, make a firm correction, ignore them, and walk out the door.

9. CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE – Most of us are creatures of habit. We do not realize it, but unconsciously we follow a prescribed routine, before leaving the house. Dogs are very in tune with him. Change your routine daily, so that your dog does not get anxious, feeling your departure. Get your braces BEFORE you brush your teeth. Put on your shoes, then grab a magazine and act like you’re reading it or pour yourself a cup of coffee and sit down. Then get up and walk out the door. No goodbyes! When they see that you are not following your usual exit ritual, they will lower their guard and be less anxious.

10. DOG WALKER / DOG DAYCARE – If your dog must be left alone for 8 hours or more per day, consider using a dog walking service and / or enrolling him in a doggie daycare at least twice a week. Your dog will not only appreciate social interaction with humans and his playmates; breaks the monotony of their day and gives them something to look forward to.

Work to build your dog’s self-confidence and undo his anxiety of being left alone with brief separation exercises. Start with 5-10 minutes; then slowly lengthen the time. It takes a fervent commitment on your part, but reassure your dog, you will return to him.

SUMMARY: Ultimately, almost all dogs adapt to human routines. However, there are some who will never adapt to being left behind. To keep them, your house and belongings safe, definitely work on wire cage / kennel training. Your dog will gradually adapt.

Realtor Door Hangers: How Teens and Doorknobs Can Get You Clues

If you live in a suburban neighborhood, you’re familiar with those little paper door hangers left on your front door knob on a special at Pizza Hut or a deal on windows from a window manufacturer. You have to be like Pizza Hut! Well, not exactly, but you need “Realtor Door Hangers.”

They may be annoying (at least to me, unless it’s pizza), but it’s a numbers game like any other marketing weapon. A certain number of people will need / want that particular service and will respond to the advertisement / door hanger.

The great thing about “Real Estate Door Hangers” is that you can target your ads to the neighborhood you want. If you specialize in “Glendale“for example, and you specify that in your marketing article (Realtor Door Hanger), you will be targeting your audience as much as possible. Marketing is about getting a specific list of potential clients and you can do this with the door You have even more sense as a realtor or agent because you specialize in a certain geographic area, of course.

By the way, you might be terrified of walking up to someone’s house and putting a “Realtor’s Door Hanger” on the knob. It’s okay. An alternative is to hire your teenager or college student to do it for you. Pay them per hanger and save yourself the agony. Or you can offer them a referral fee for any deal you close as a result of the door hangers they deliver. That will really kick them in the pants to put those pups on all the doorknobs they can find. Plus, it will force you to keep track of your marketing, which is a must.

Of course, the advantage of doing it yourself is that you will get to know the neighborhood better and will probably strike up some conversations with the people coming to the door or outside. It’s about building relationships and this is a great way to do it.

A word of caution though: be discriminating about the neighborhoods in which you hang these “Realtor Door Hangers.” If the area is not that good, skip it. It’s not worth getting shot or mugged.

Also, if you’re trying to get listings, you want houses that potentially sell quickly; Not the crack house that people don’t go through. Stay in the pleasant suburban areas where your safety is not in jeopardy. That way I won’t have to worry about you.

So the first thing you need is an attention-grabbing “Realtor Door Hanger”, of course. Visit for the most affordable and professional-looking options. Add some color to it and make it pop and be sure to improve your copywriting skills; you’ll need excellent sales copy to get a high response rate.

Once you have the door hanger printed and on hand, it’s easy. Just walk through the selected neighborhoods and hang them up. Simple. Once again, everything is a numbers game. The more you hang up, the more traffic you will send to your website or phone.

If you really want to increase the success of your door hangers, go back and hang them once a month or so. Statistically, a consumer needs 7 times before they become familiar with your brand. Repetition is the key.

Even if your marketing piece sucks, if you present it to the consumer enough times, you will see results. It is well worth the time and effort to continue to hang these door hangers month after month, or for whatever period of time you choose. You will get the rewards in the long run, trust me.

One final thought, don’t get flimsy and cheap with these door hangers. Don’t print some black and white copies from your computer and punch holes in them to hang over the doorknob. What are people going to think about you and your brand? Is it portraying the image you want to convey? Of course, no. So spend a couple of bucks and get it right.

Get them professionally printed and have them reflect the image you want to convey about your brand. Don’t skimp on this. It’s very important.

But of course you don’t want to go broke either. There are some solid, inexpensive door hanger designers and printers out there. Take a look and get started!

How to use natural home remedies for cats with ear mites

Most cats have ear mites at one time or another. Cats with ear mites are miserable with symptoms of shaking their heads, itching, and scratching their ears. Hundreds of these tiny insects are invading your cat’s ear canal living off the wax. The life cycle of a mite is three weeks and then they begin to mate again. Ear mites are extremely contagious and are transmitted from one cat to another through direct contact.

Ear mites are the most difficult parasite to eliminate, but if you follow a specific treatment, your cat will be free of ear mites. If left untreated, they can cause ear infections, swollen red and inflamed ears, or even hearing loss in your cat. Some cats have lost their hearing from vigorously shaking their head, causing a blood vessel to burst.

To check your cat for ear mites, use a cotton swab dipped in mineral or vegetable oil. Fold the earmuff back and wipe the cotton ball on the ear. If there is black residue or a thick substance like coffee grounds on the cotton swab, then your cat has ear mites.

Clean kitty’s ears with vegetable or mineral oil first, or you can purchase a cleaning solution from PetSmart. Clean the ears as directed on the bottle. Always clean the cat’s ears first before treating him for ear mites.

There are a few different remedies for cats with ear mites. You can use the conventional method or the holistic approach. The easiest treatment is to visit your vet and get a topical dewormer like Revolution.

Kill both fleas and ear mites. It is a stain on the vial tube that is applied between the shoulder blade and lasts for one month. Acarexx or Milbermite are two other conventional topical medications that you can choose to use. These conventional medications include “pyrethrins”, which are an insecticide that penetrates the nervous system of parasites.

The safest approach is natural treatment without chemicals. This is not the easiest way, but it is the safest alternative to chemicals. Clean your cat’s ears with a tablespoon of olive oil and a combined vitamin E capsule. (Push the capsule and pour the gel with the olive oil)

Use an equal amount in a syringe and spray on the cat’s ears and spread. Wait five minutes, massage the base of the ear with your thumb and forefinger, and then clean the mite debris with a cotton swab. Repeat this process daily for seven days.

Olive Oil suffocates mites and Vitamin E heals the ears. Another treatment is the use of white vinegar and water. Dilute the solution in half and half. Use a teaspoon in a dropper or syringe in each ear. Place your hand around the base of your kitty’s ear and massage the base of her ear with your thumb and forefinger.

Use cotton swabs to clean the mite debris. Use this for seven days and then stop for seven days. WARNING: Do not use this method if the ears are red and swollen or have any open wounds.

Garlic and olive oil combined are great for treating ear mites. Crush the garlic and soak it overnight in warm olive oil. Throw in the cloves and heat the olive oil. Add 5 drops to each ear for 21 days. This remedy also suffocates ear mites.

My favorite are Aloe and Calendula essential oils. They are very soothing to kitty’s ears and have done wonders for getting rid of ear mites. Both oils are available at your local health food store. Add several drops to the kitten’s ears once a day for 21 days. The oils have a healing effect, so if your kitty has sore or inflamed ears this will help.

These are the best remedies for cats with ear mites and now you can choose the conventional or holistic approach. Your cat will feel so much better and will love you for it.