Native American Astrology – The Sturgeon Totem

In Native American astrology, there are twelve Native American zodiac signs based on the medicine wheel and they form a twelve-month calendar. For each month, there is a corresponding animal sign, and this animal sign contributes to the character traits of the person born under that Native American zodiac sign.

But Native American spirituality suggests that these animals also offer themselves as spiritual companions for those born under that sign. They are available to help each person learn life lessons, develop more desirable characteristics, and heal in any way that helps them grow and become the people they should be.

This series of articles has looked at each of the twelve Native American zodiac signs and in this article we will examine the sturgeon. If you were born between July 23 and August 22, you were born under the sturgeon totem sign.

Spiritual traits

From the sturgeon, you can learn to persevere no matter how difficult the situation, how to stay true to your course, you can strengthen your determination and learn about depth and knowledge.

Character traits of the sturgeon totem

“Individuals born under the sturgeon sign, considered one of the strongest signs in Native American astrology, are dominant, spontaneous, creative, and outgoing. These people were born to lead. They possess grace and dignity, and have an expansive spirit. Personality. Ambitious and strong-willed, they are positive and confident in their abilities. These people know what they want in life and they get it. ” Deborah Durbin, Simply Native American Astrology

Does it sound familiar to you?

If you were born under this sign, you are not easily discouraged and will persist to achieve your goal. You can keep going even in the most difficult circumstances. You can also be quite stubborn in your perseverance and in other ways. Sometimes you just refuse to listen to the other person’s side of things.

But he’s also kind and generous, and while he’s determined to succeed, he doesn’t want to do it at someone else’s expense.

He’s meant to lead, but he doesn’t perform well in a team. Faced with teamwork, many times you will end up taking charge.

Generally, you have positive expectations, but sometimes you react badly when things don’t go the way you expected. At times like these, it helps to have loved ones around to cheer you up, and this often helps restore your self-confidence.


You are likely to rise to the top in business or commerce, but you may have too high standards for politics. Any career that offers leadership and advancement would be beneficial.

10 best chocolates you have to try in New York

Here in New York, we have tried some of the best chocolates. Are:

1: City Bakery Hot Chocolate

City Bakery has provided eight ounces of waterless chocolate that has been melted. This is provided in your cafeteria style cafe with a large homemade marshmallow placed on the tip. Although it is not healthy, it offers a good experience.

2: LA Burdick’s Christmas Chocolates

Said to be the best store in New York. Stop by for a cup of hot cocoa with some of your friends on a cold morning or hot afternoon and go out with a box full of delicious chocolate penguins as a gift for a friend.

3: MarieBelle Chocolates

This is a mixture of the best and original chocolate that is combined with eclectic ingredients that give it a wonderful flavor. All this combined with the best artisan design that resembles precious jewels makes it perfect.

4: Fine Chocolates Olivia Kita

Olivia Kita’s Chocolatiers are probably the best chocolatiers offering vegan organic chocolates. These beautiful creations mixed with beautiful flavors of herbs, flowers, exotic fruits, berries, nuts and other spices offer the best flavor.

5: Chocolate Jacques Torres

These chocolates are probably some of the best you have ever tasted. They are made from fresh beans and can be paired with other delicacies that will overwhelm your taste buds indefinitely.

6: Martine’s Chocolates

They are made of fresh cream chocolates and truffles. The delicacies are handmade and are prepared in front of the customers. They include Belgian Callebautcouverture, French butter, and fresh American cream. Presented in a pink box that makes the customer even salivate before eating.

7: Kee’s chocolates

This place creates artisan pastries. They have an international flavor since their ingredients are imported: yuzu from Japan, French sea salt and Spanish saffron. This is an ideal stop for people who prefer a small SoHo store.

8: Vosges de Haut-Chocolat

This is perhaps one of the best places to buy truffles. Provides an international flavor with exotic flavors collected from around the world. It is made with curry, Thai pandan leaves, and wasabi. You can order this unique sweet online for dessert.

9: Hampton chocolates

The Hampton Chocolate Factory employs some of the best chocolatiers from around the world to offer some of the most unique creations. They are all natural, non-preserved, and are said to have the best flavor.

10: Gnosis chocolates

The gnosis chocolates are all natural and created to improve the client’s health. Only the best organic ingredients are used to provide attractive taste and nutrition made from some of the best herbs from China and Native America. Appropriate for dessert.

Collard greens

Collard greens are a staple in the esteem of most southern planters. Collard greens are dull, green, and loaded with vitamins. Collards, with their somewhat harsh flavor and chewy surface, are misjudged creatures of the plant world. A collard greens formula, by convention, is mostly not for those 30-minute dinners.

Any formula that strives to “lift” these green goliaths in less than an hour will likely not reach the correct consistency to eat. Like its cousin, mustard greens, delicacy is vital to its appeal. Just place them in a large pot over moderate heat. One hint to using cabbage in any formula is to cook them until delicate, solidify them, and make them for a spirited dinner when the yearning for something subdued, green, and green is hard to miss. This is also true for turnip greens.

Southern cuisine can be divided into “high nation” or “low nation”. The cuisine of “low nation” is a basic load and uses the abundance of vegetables that are developed in multiplication:

– rhubarb

– sugar beet

– sweet potato

– okra

– pumpkin

– margarine beans

– Swedish

Also, the greens:

– cabbage

– mustard

– turnip

– dandelion

Each of these greens is installed in most southern kitchens with an energy that is unmistakably “southern” for family social events, particularly occasions and gatherings. There are rare flavors that are used to enhance the type of these vegetables, for example, curry, cumin, bean stew, cayenne, or turmeric.

What gives low-nation cuisine its extraordinary flavor are the included alternate fixings. For example, a formula for collard greens might include:

– Smoked ham

– smoked turkey

– ham sells

– Pigskin

This constitutes a party in itself. The tantalizing fragrance of chard and ham sold cooked in a large pot is a cameo food image hard to miss. It is a pleasure for the faculties that it is undoubtedly the most common current in the families of the south and is quickly becoming so prominent in the kitchens of the north as well. They are sustenance that are solid, in contrast to the known discernment since they consolidate the most nutritious vegetables with little measures of meat. A collard greens formula can contain smoked turkey or smoked ham. Including a touch of chopped onion further enhances the flavor. Turnip greens cooked with ham hawks and tomatoes fill the air with a heavenly aroma aided by a hint of bean or cumin stew. A mix of three leaves, collard greens, turnips, and mustard are zipped when tomatoes, green bell peppers, and garlic are included. With a curry hint, the flavor progresses just enough to satisfy any vegan’s spirit. Throw in a dash of crunchy basil and the fragrance will transform into a glorious dish fit for a lord.

The universe of lower nation cuisine is fast becoming the new American food. The assortment and mixes accessible to chefs is endless for all intents and purposes. A collard greens formula for these muted, delicate green miracles makes for an ingenious culmination when paired with smoked meats and the right flavors and herbs. They can be served as a side dish or main dish for dinner. With garlic / cheddar cornmeal and eggs, they make breakfast extraordinary.

Humana’s challenge

In an effort to promote health and wellness, as well as bring a slice of championship golf to the desert and instill the idea of ​​being involved in improving the quality of life, the PGA along with Humana have partnered with the Clinton Foundation. to present the newly christened Humana Challenge.

Formerly known as the Bob Hope Classic, the Humana Challenge lasted 9 days from January 14-22 with a series of events lined up along with the participation of the 42nd President of the United States, William J. Clinton. With a new trophy, a new format and a new name, the Humana Challenge participated in the PGA West Golf Club in La Quinta, CA, which involved players, spectators and viewers in a variety of activities and events that revolved around the theme. of the life. wellness

On Saturday the 14th, the event began with the Humana Wellness walk along the Bear Creek Trail along with a Healthy Fun Fair that took place in Palm Desert that provided a series of interactive activities, as well as valuable information on health and wellness. . Sunday brought the Humana Farmers Market in Old La Quinta where I was able to sample some of the delicious vegetables and fruits that line the streets and allowed myself to share some friendly words and smiles with the large gathering of food seekers. The festivities continued on Monday and spectators were welcomed to one of the three fields and take a few rounds of practice from the pros or watch the Bob Hope Legacy Pro Am that took place on the private field of PGA West Nicklaus.

On Tuesday the Kickoff Breakfast was presented at the La Quinta Chamber of Commerce followed by the Clinton Foundation Conference with the keynote speaker being former President Bill Clinton with the theme focused on Activating Wellbeing in All Generations. Then it was time to play golf.

Starting Thursday, professional golfers such as Phil Mickelson, Greg Norman, Anthony Kim, David Toms, Stuart Appleby, Justin Leonard, David Duval, Rich Been, and defending champion Jhonattan Vegas played alongside celebrities such as Alice Cooper, Morgan Freeman, Billy. Crudup, Michael Bolton, Smokey Robinson, Don Cheadle, and legendary basketball hall of fame Julius Erving, better known as Doctor J.

The four-day tournament played the first three rounds in a pro-am format. Each team consisted of a professional and an amateur who played in groups of four, and the fans competed in daily and general competitions.

The final round was for professionals only. The size of the field expanded 16 professional spaces over the previous format, making it 144 professionals along with 144 amateurs. The number of courses used in rotation was reduced from four to three. Those three were La Quinta Country Club, PGA West Nicklaus Private, and PGA West Palmer Private. So, alongside the golf action that took place during the week, the Humana Challenge featured a series of activities that were designed to play a key role in how we all live to lead healthier lives.

Relieve shoulder pain with the emotion code

Most people experience some degree of shoulder pain from time to time. The joint enables the body to perform a wide variety of everyday tasks, from dressing to playing sports. The complexity of the multiple joints within the shoulder makes it easy to accidentally adjust a little too much, causing discomfort and pain that may or may not require serious medical attention.

The most common causes of shoulder pain include inflammation, arthritis, and bone breakage. In the case of inflammation, the problem may be due to inflammation of the tendons or bursae. The tendons within the shoulder serve to connect bone to muscle. Tendon inflammation is simply a matter of wear and tear, which occurs when tendons wear out over time.

Shoulder pain due to tendonitis can be caused by a long-term health condition, such as arthritis or aging, which is seen more often in older people. This is known as chronic tendonitis. Acute tendinitis is caused by some form of repetitive action that may be necessary in certain manual work positions or by excessive overhead actions, such as throwing a ball.

Bursae, fluid-filled sacs that cushion bones and help provide smooth movement, can also become inflamed. Bursitis occurs at the location of the shoulder between the rotator cuff and a part of the shoulder blade. As with tendonitis, bursitis is caused by repetitive overuse of the shoulder.

The most serious causes of shoulder pain include infections, tumors, and medical problems that involve the body’s nervous system. However, many times the cause of bodily pain, including shoulder pain, is related to the state of a person’s emotions, which has a direct impact on physical health. According to this idea, the emotions of the body exert an energy that can potentially cause pain or physical illness. Releasing these trapped emotions is the key to finding the cure.

The emotion code is a book written by Dr. Bradley Nelson, which confirms this concept and explores emotional solutions that will bring resolution to both mind and body. By incorporating this energy healing technique, Dr. Nelson says that people suffering from shoulder pain can learn to release their trapped emotions and consequently their physical ailments. It enables those who take the time to learn from it to reap long-term benefits that will last a lifetime.

When people cannot find pain relief through conventional methods of medication and treatment, the cause is likely to be emotional. The energy healing techniques of The emotion code they are the safest and most natural way to treat the root cause of shoulder pain. The information in this book will equip the individual with techniques to release trapped emotion and relieve shoulder pain, whether acute or chronic.

From women to women: a guide to the Holy Grail of orgasms

Female sexuality is primarily mental. As I put it bluntly with David Shade ‘The Renegade Sex Expert’: “a woman’s orgasm begins between her ears” and that “foreplay can be anything and everything that happens to her throughout the day” (ie , long before I enter the bedroom). This is also the key to why many of us women find it difficult to overcome our inhibitions, let go and enjoy the deep and satisfying pleasure of a vaginal orgasm. [My other comment: A vaginal orgasm is longer, deeper, more emotionally satisfying than the intense ‘release or spike’ of a clitoral orgasm].

Many of us women believe that only the ‘lucky ones’ achieve that ‘holy grail’ of female sexual pleasure, the vaginal orgasm; in fact, evidently, according to David’s research, only 30-40% of women experience them in their lifetime. No! Every healthy woman is capable of soul-satisfying orgasms and vaginal orgasms are her birthright!

Compensation: what is needed is to learn to connect the pleasure centers of the vagina with those of the brain; letting go and losing yourself in the moment and releasing your inhibitions and self-sabotaging behaviors; to let yourself feel a deep pleasure.

Here are some of the best tips for achieving a vaginal orgasm:

For a woman (personal or partner pleasure):

  • Drop the damn vibrator! (Or, at least, take out the batteries.) David says that “vibrators make women dependent on clitoral stimulation and orgasms. That’s not what you’re looking for. Use a ‘realistic’ substitute and let your imagination run wild.” Women’s imagination or fantasies and emotions are a key ingredient in releasing emotions.
  • Practice the emotion you would feel with a partner and / or allow yourself to fantasize about each and every aspect of pleasure: letting go is both a mental and a physical exercise.
  • Be oriented to pleasure, not goals or time. Give yourself time and live the moment, every moment, with yourself or with your partner.

For the man who is guiding you to your pleasure:

  • Keep your goal a secret. Nothing will cause your performance anxiety faster than telling a woman that your goal is a vaginal orgasm (in the sense that very few women believe they are capable of it!).
  • Understand that your pleasure has to come from her pleasure.
  • Keep her involved in the journey and let her know that you are enjoying it and that you really want her and her pleasure.
  • Don’t be frustrated if she cuts you short at first and won’t let you continue to please her. Many (if not most women) fall prey to self-sabotaging thoughts of ‘it’s taking too long’ or ‘I just can’t get there …’ or ‘You must be frustrated or tired, we need to stop … ‘.
  • Take advantage of each and every opportunity to learn, to gather intelligence for the next time you are together, so that you can try once again to sweep it away. Progress is good no matter how incremental.

The anatomy of it all:

  • For a woman who has never experienced a vaginal orgasm and who has a ready and willing partner, David Shade recommends using the middle finger first instead of the penis, because it allows for significantly greater flexibility and movement.
  • The goal is to stimulate the “anterior fornix” of the vagina, which is a 3½ to 4-inch “deep point” within the front wall of the vagina. This is the easiest way to get a woman to her first vaginal orgasm. Note: the deep point is different from the famous G-point.
  • Once a woman has experienced her first vaginal orgasm, she should be able to recognize and repeat the sensation much more easily, in a way that is “trained” to achieve vaginal orgasm over and over again.

Don’t get me wrong, there is obviously absolutely nothing wrong with a clitoral orgasm, which is quicker, more ‘shallow’ and gets the job done – we should all have them! However, a vaginal orgasm is an opportunity to experience a level of deep emotion and power that is extremely rewarding. It is an opportunity to release inhibitions and enjoy your sexuality to a higher level, releasing all your feminine power!

What should I wear for my friend’s sweet sixteen years?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions among teens. It’s never too early to start thinking about what to wear for a friend’s sweet sixteen. Whether you need to wear your best dress to a gathering or just jeans and a t-shirt, it’s all about celebrating together and having a lot of fun.

1. Review the invitation carefully. The way you are invited gives some clues about the dress code. If the hostess makes a phone call or just sends an email, it might be a very informal birthday party. Casual clothing is fine. If you receive an invitation, it will probably be a formal event, which means you need to dress appropriately.

2. For girls, they are expected to wear a floor-length dress once they are invited to a “black tie” party. For the boys, just wear your black tie and decent tails.

3. If it is not a “black tie” party, but an evening event. Girls, choose a knee-length dress for a party if formal attire is requested. And the boys rent a tux.

4. If the hostess requires an attractive cocktail, then she can dress a little less formally. For girls, simply choose your favorite cocktail or knee-length dresses with sparkly sequins, beads, or crystals. For boys, a suit and tie are fine.

5. Consider the location of the party. If the party takes place on the beach in the afternoon, casual beachwear goes well with it. If you are invited to a night party, you better keep your jeans in your wardrobe. If you are attending a pool party, be sure to bring extra dry clothing and a bathing suit.

6. Pay attention to the theme of the party. Traditional Sweet Sixteen party themes include the 70s disco or a Renaissance-inspired party. Renting a suitable costume will help you enjoy the party. If you’re going to attend an old-fashioned Hollywood themed party, simply borrow your grandmother’s appeal or rent at a costume store. The princess themed party is a sweet 16 favorite theme. Young ladies wear ball gowns and tiaras, while boys wear soft-hued tuxedos for a classy look. If the birthday falls on a holiday, it couldn’t be more fun to throw a holiday party. Of course, if you are scheduled for a holiday party, prepare some festive costume to make the most of this event. Twilight and Harry Potter are popular movie themes for teens to throw a wonderful sweet sixteen party. Remember to plan ahead for your vampire or witch costume.

7. If you still have no idea what to wear, talk to the hostess of the party. Most girls want their friends to feel comfortable and comfortable in what they wear. And trust me, they long to advise you on how to dress for this event.


For boys, rent your tux as soon as possible if you plan to attend a formal event around graduation season or back home.

For girls, don’t try to steal the thunder from the birthday girl when you are invited to a sweet 16 year old party. Remember that she is the only princess of the day.

New York wildflowers

The wildflowers of New York are of great species and with a great variety. It certainly interests any type of flower lover. Wildflowers are beautiful, fragrant, and colorful. Wildflowers can also be grown in gardens. These flowers have mixed hybrid varieties that are grown in different colors and characteristics.

There is a wide variety of wildflowers in New York. Trout lily, wild daffodil, common dandelion, yellow hawkweed, common blue violet, sweet white violet, ground ivy, garlic mustard, greater celandine, agave, alder, and periwinkle are some of the more common wildflowers.

The New York State Highway Authority Wildflower program was implemented in 2000 to improve the visual appeal and aesthetics of the Highway system. It also saves maintenance costs by reducing the amount of grass that needs to be cut and making the trip more enjoyable. The program selected several locations in New York City. Different species of wildflowers are planted by tracking growth rate, weed growth, and aesthetic value.

Wildflowers occur primarily in purple and blue flowers; pink, red and orange flowers; yellow and gold flowers; and white flowers. Wildflowers like desert lupine, sand verbena, and desert willow are some of the types of wildflowers available in the colors purple and blue. Ocotillo, strawberry cactus, and fairy duster are some wildflowers found under the colors pink, red, and orange. Creosote bush, cinchweed, desert sunflower, and dune sunflower are some of the wildflowers that are available in yellow and gold colors.

The popularity of wildflower gardens is increasing as gardeners in general are more concerned with nature. Some wildflowers, such as the New York aster, are also known for their edible and medicinal use.

New York wildflowers are seasonal in nature. Spring wildflowers are those that bloom from late April to early June, summer wildflowers are those that bloom from late June to August, fall wildflowers are generally those that bloom from September to November, and winter wildflowers are those that bloom from December to January or March to early April. One has the gift of seeing these wildflowers from early spring to late fall, in a multitude of colors, sizes, and shapes. New York City is fortunate to have these flowers in abundance.

Using a vibrator to tease your girlfriend

It seems to be a common assumption that all men are potentially ‘upset’ by their girlfriends having a vibrator, and that a dildo replaces a woman’s need for a man. This is certainly an incorrect assumption. Many women are more comfortable buying a vibrator and using it to learn more about what they like best, but ultimately, a dildo or vibrator helps improve their sexual relationship with you. If your girlfriend has a vibrator, incorporate it into your sex game by taking control of her toy.

Most vibrators will have a speed dial, so make the most of the different settings when playing with it; start slowly with a low setting. Don’t just insert the vibrator directly into your vagina; use the toy to tease her. Place the vibrator on different sensitive points on your body; Enjoy discovering which sensations you like best by moving the vibrator over different parts of your body. Make fun of her by moving the head of the vibrator around her clit without touching it directly, until she asks you for more. For a variation, hold your vibrator in your hand while stroking her clit for a special pleasurable sensation.

As your partner nears climax, play cat and mouse, slowing down the vibrator again or completely withdraw it to tease your girlfriend until she moans for more. Women may have a hard time reaching orgasm from penetration alone, keep the vibrator running as part of sex, putting it on top and placing the vibrator at the base of your penis will send waves of pleasure for both of you. Alternatively, you could tease her clit with a sex toy while taking her from behind.

If you’re not sure about using a vibrator to tease and please your girlfriend, ask her to show you what she likes to do with her own toy, what better way is there to watch and learn? Another option to drive her crazy is a wireless vibrator, which gives you control over her orgasm. Nothing can beat the thrill of a man controlling his partner’s pleasure via remote control. The use of wireless remote controls means that the opportunities to enjoy this discreet toy are endless; Make your girlfriend wear it where she dares!

A vibrator can also provide amazing stimulation for men; Use it gently on the head, shaft and base of the penis. Anal vibrators can help get a great high for men and women, talk to your partner about what they enjoy, and have fun looking for things to play and vibrators online together.

Should women avoid the ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet has become quite a popular topic in the fitness community. It has been found to aid weight loss and reduce inflammation in the gut. New research has shown positive effects for both men and women following a ketogenic diet.

What is the ketogenic diet?

First, a ketogenic or ketogenic diet is designed to keep your body in a more ketosis state. Ketosis is not abnormal. It is a state where your body is low on carbohydrate fuel. When this happens, you start burning fat, instead of carbohydrates. The process produces ketones. The average person does not stay in a ketogenic state except during intense exercise, such as CrossFit, or during pregnancy.

A ketogenic diet promotes very low carbohydrate intake and higher fat intake. The body, in turn, will use fat for energy. This diet has also been shown to decrease autoimmune diseases, endocrine diseases, and has cancer-fighting properties as well.

Ketosis can be a problem for diabetics. This can happen if you don’t use enough insulin.

How does Keto benefit CrossFit athletes?

As mentioned above, a ketogenic diet helps you burn fat and therefore lose weight. This low carb diet is similar to the Paleo diet. We are a strong proponent of Paleo because it promotes a higher content of protein for fuel rather than carbohydrates. As we said earlier, the ketogenic diet uses fat instead of protein for fuel. Both a ketogenic diet and a paleo diet burn fat while maintaining muscle.

An athlete who exercises at a high level, such as CrossFit, will see increased energy and fat loss, without decreasing muscle mass.

Why is the ketogenic diet good for women?

The benefits of being a woman on this diet are surprisingly good. In addition to losing weight and gaining muscle mass, a ketogenic diet has an amazing way of supporting the endocrine system. We are all aware of the effect hormones have on female athletes.

Fluctuating hormones can cause pain, fatigue, and even depression. There is no denying the link between hormones and cancer. A keto diet has been shown to better regulate the endocrine system. By doing this, you decrease the incidence of some cancers, thyroid diseases, and diabetes.

How does a woman start a ketogenic diet?

Slowly and carefully. A keotgenic diet should not be started 100 percent. You should slowly decrease the amount of carbohydrates you eat. Cutting carbs too quickly can actually have a negative effect. It can stress the body and confuse it, thus causing a wild imbalance.

Also, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not be on a ketogenic diet. During this period, eat a full diet of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and grains.

My best advice is to get your body as stable as possible and then slowly get on a keto diet.

For your fitness,

The CrossFit team