Learn more about a divorce lawyer

As time modernizes, people surround themselves with rules, laws, and mostly need a lawyer. A person who practices law is called a lawyer, and lawyers come in many kinds. Today, divorce has become a very important issue since it affects not only the couple but probably their children as well. A divorce attorney has a great role in handling these cases that would be best for their clients.

What does a divorce lawyer do?

There are a variety of attorneys available, from criminal law to divorce law to patent law. They are knowledgeable about the legal procedures through which they suggest and help their clients to solve their problem through legal means.

Education and licenses

Divorce attorneys must graduate from law school where they learn about divorce law, family law, and ethics. After graduating from the university, the law student must take a law exam through which they can obtain a license to acquire their work in the future. This license is only responsible for any lawyer its genuine.


It is the separation of the couple who does not want to stay together. It is the solution to the failure of any marriage and has many causes in terms of fights, domestic violence, extramarital sex, mid-life crisis, addictions such as alcoholism, gambling, etc.

Divorce often affects children’s academic, school and mental depression. These are not only causing problems for couples but also for their family, work and profession. Society can also face some imbalance problems in the environment.


A divorce lawyer works in child custody, disputes, leases and trusts and helps his client with their respective problems. Most of their time is spent gathering evidence, drafting documents, and filing documents in court. They collect all the information and represent before the judge.

They should have responsibility towards the expedited process and should not harass their clients by demanding more fees.


A divorce lawyer must be skilled or focused on interacting with people in order to earn the trust and respect of their clients. A trained profession, a divorce attorney must be calm and sensitive, as their job can be strict on emotions and feelings.


Married couples are advised to give up the decision to divorce and commit to leaving in peace so that no further conflicts will occur later. They are also informed about the custody of the children, the distribution of property to which more problems may arise and therefore they must abandon the idea.

Gonzo Theory – Beware of the OPUS Concept – A Review of the Above – August 2010

Beware OPUS…

An evolving gonzo theory, OPUS is a voluntary internal generation of the dark side of that unique duality of human nature, good and evil. OPUS composes the basic ingredients of human deception and clever tricks, which is for the sake of the Obsessive-Compulsive Postulation for Subjectivism Without Substance.

In short, the suggestion of such echoes the desires, desires and longings to be authenticated regardless of what the facts say. Fiction is often more acceptable than reality. We will believe anything if it agrees with the mental rubric we have fabricated. Credulity knows no bounds. We even invent extradimensional, anthropomorphic, or supernatural entities to express our lustful passions for personal and collective scapegoating, sacrificial rites, ceremonies, and rituals to ensure others conform to our belief systems. No one dares to disagree or disagreement has a price. Especially where the pretext of social customs is expected in a wide spectrum.

From the reflection we see in the wish pool of personal inclinations, reflected images stare back at us in the form of self-projected wishes. From there, good and evil, pleasure and pain, gain and loss, publish or perish, win or lose, in competition with eros versus Thanatos. So potent is the sensuality we see in ourselves that we do all sorts of things to deny its primary motivational processes.

The life force, fueled by intuitive energies, fights to defeat the ultimate enemy, death. But, inside we hear the voices that say, you can’t win the end game, eventually you’ll have to give up. This reflects the psycho-sexual dynamics of human intentions that are completely self-focused as opposed to other focused. In short, its logistical prompting from the cause-and-effect continuum of primary human thought processes stems significantly from the core of free will.

Ah, but the main direction of that unique voice, the libidinous inclinations that fuel lewd intentions, is singularly focused on self-gratification. This, at all costs, for the high heights of self-promotion. Working with the three puppets of the psychopath, paranormal, political and planetary conspiracies distract and sidestep the need for common sense. There is a duality of choice in this deliberate self-interest for this level of thinking, to do or not to do. As for gonzo theory, that is the strong sense of investigative skepticism, the cynical attribution towards fallacies of inference, all animated by a practitioner’s point of view of the real world of experience. And, liberally seasoned with a healthy dose of satirical humor to mock the pious pontification of pseudoscientists. Especially those from the “sacred” halls of academia, comfortable in the ivory towers of the so-called “social and behavioral sciences.”

Naturally, gonzo theory scoffs at silly notions backed by specious arguments based on untested hasty generalizations against the reality of human malice and terror. Their experiential diversity runs counter to the orthodox dogma of so-called “experts” who like shortcuts to the validity of evidentiary factors for their claims.

For example, many times if you read a so-called “expert’s” bone fide on the internet, on their so-called “expert” reference site, it will mostly be extraordinarily long with excessive use of the personal pronoun – “I”. Also, you can see words like “expert”, “nationally recognized”, “trained by experts”, “certified”, etc. You’ll also usually find a very dramatic photograph, which can project a glamorous image of proclaimed notoriety and special authority.

Self interest is everywhere. From the cognitive bias, subjective validation is part of our daily interpersonal social interaction. OPUS is very artificial. Here’s what to do to make sure wishful thinking hides facts. Particularly if you are running for office and want to mislead the public. You can usually rely on the fact that most people won’t do their homework or ask probing questions or do their own research. So keep the message simple, general, and smooth, like fortune telling or a cold reading. Scrap enough stuff that something sticks and seems to make sense.

Appeal to emotion at every opportunity. Like in criminal profiling, for example. Ensuring immediate gratification so that people feel good. Feeling always trumps logical deduction. Reinforce faulty conclusions to safeguard questionable and non-factual belief systems. Give people hope that they are always right and that life is full of ethical absolutes that reinforce “morality and meaning” regardless. Good luck!

Earn Money Online Part 3

I am assuming that you are reading this article because you are interested in online cash making systems. Most importantly, you should know that there are several genuine open doors for online entrepreneurs today. A large portion of which have helped ordinary people build gigantic passive wage steamers.

In a way, the web is a huge equalizer. Regardless of who you are or where you are, building a business from the ground up has never been so open. Anyway, how about we take a couple of minutes to look at some of the most beneficial open doors to making cash online today?

Affiliate Promotion

Whenever I am asked about some beneficial systems to make money online, affiliate marketing jumps right into my brain. This type of promotion is a manifestation of web marketing in which independent advertisers are paid a commission on the item sales they generate for another organization. That was just a confusing sentence that basically means: affiliate advertisers sell products on the web.

under an umbrella

So what makes partner advertising one of the best ways to make cash online? As a matter of first importance, starting a promotion business in this niche is quite cheap and easy.

This 3-step methodology should help reveal to you precisely why this type of marketing is one of the most exciting ideas for making money online today. Affiliate Marketing Process:

1) Register as an affiliate in a certain organization. There are a large number of partner projects that offer a large number of quality items to sell.

When looking for the partner program that’s best for you, be sure to consider the commission rate, average percentage, offer, and “gravity” of the items. The severity rating basically tells how “hot” or lately effective the affiliate product can be.

2) After signing up for the affiliate program of your liking, the next action is to promote. Regardless of the fact that you don’t know anything about web promotion, I’m sure you can learn.

A large number of affiliate advertisers have found success through blogs, feature videos, email promotions, and pay-per-click promotions. If you’re ready to pair up with the right coach, you’ll be able to start turning a profit fast, and you’ll see exactly why partner marketing is one of the best cash-generating systems online today.

3) After figuring out how to convert to sales by creating web blog content and attracting visitors, the last step is simple. Trusting and appreciating your new source of salary using the online cash making system requires constant effort, just like any business endeavor.

The end result in this industry simply happens to be one measure considerably more profitable than others; particularly considering that affiliate marketing is often allowed to start with no investment.

Blogging for income?

As I specified earlier when discussing affiliate advertising, blogs can play a real role in web marketing. With a website, you can build trust online and establish an association with your site visitors through comments and social media integration. Actually, blogging itself is one of the most prevalent online money-making systems today.

Making a profit is all about quality trading. If you can build and maintain a blog that imparts important substance, you are sure to get lucrative results. You can earn money on a website through affiliate advertising, Google AdSense, system promotion, and so on. Getting traffic is the key.

When considering online cash building systems, be sure to match your efforts with the right projects and people.

Internet Safety for Kids – 4 Important Tips for Parents

Throughout the world, the Internet and computers have become indispensable. We communicate with friends, search for information, shop online, use online banking to pay our bills, and many other things that make our lives easier. However, there are also certain dangers that come with using the Internet. In addition to viruses, the Internet could also pose a threat to our children if they are allowed to use it without proper supervision and control.

Parents can take preventative measures to mitigate the dangers. But to be successful with the implementation of parental control on the Internet, parents must be tough. For the sake of your children’s well-being, you must be a parent and not a friend. We are all aware that identity theft, pornography, and pedophiles are rampant today. If you don’t want your children to be the next victim, you can use the following tips to effectively control your children’s Internet use.

Know as much as you can about computers and the Internet.

A parent needs to know how to handle computers and the Internet. Knowing how to check recently visited websites, learning how to clear the cache, and knowing how to put restrictions on unwanted websites are just some of the skills that parents should have.

Never allow your children to access the Internet alone in a closed room.

Kids may need privacy, but hours and hours alone on the computer can spell trouble and shouldn’t be allowed. You would have no way of knowing what is going on behind that door unless you ask them and there is no guarantee that they will tell you everything. You need to encourage your children to be open to you about everything that is going on to gain their trust and it is good to start when they are still young. Never get angry if your children have opinions that are different from yours and when they say things that would upset you.

Computers must be placed in a common area.

The best place for the computer your children will use is in an open area like the family room. Never put computers in your children’s bedrooms. You can set a time for family members to take turns using the computer. For the protection of your children, they should not be allowed to use the computer unsupervised and isolated.

Educate your children about internet safety.

Children will become responsible adults if they are trained at an early age. Teach your children not to provide personal information over the Internet. Make sure you know the people on your child’s chat list and with whom he often chats. You have to impress on them that important information like their home address, their current school, the time their parents get home, and other information that could pose a threat to their safety should never be given to anyone online.

By following these tips, you will ensure that your children are protected from the dangers lurking in Internet communities.

If you’re good at science and want good money, consider a patent law degree

What is Patent Law – Intellectual Property Law?

There are four main types of intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. Tea patent The system exists in most industrialized countries and is designed to reward inventors and authors. Patents are granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), where patents are carefully examined and protection is granted to those that meet legal standards.

Copyright Protection is governed by federal law and applies to literary, musical, and dramatic works, to name a few. The owner of a copyright has the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute copies of his work. Limited use of the copyrighted work for educational and research purposes is permitted without the permission of the copyright owner.

Trademarks It can be a single word, a group of words, or a logo used for the sale of merchandise. The owner of a trademark can prevent others from using it in the sale of their products. It not only protects the brand owner, but also the public by minimizing confusion and buying something that is actually something else.

Required education and courses

Patent law is a specialized field within the practice of law. To enter this profession, you will need to accomplish a number of things. You will first need to earn a college degree. Then you will have to enter and finish law school, as well as pass the bar exam. Once you pass the bar exam, you are licensed to practice law.

If you’re thinking of majoring in patent law, it’s best to get a college degree in engineering, physics, or the natural sciences such as chemistry and biochemistry. To be successful in this profession, a general knowledge, understanding and taste for science is essential.

Patent law degree programs cover courses such as intellectual property, copyright, patent law and policy, trademark law and unfair competition, antitrust, bioethics, genetics and law, international intellectual property, international business law, and application drafting. patent. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does give you an idea of ​​the curriculum and the specific skills developed within this profession.

Careers with Bachelor of Patent Law

Patent attorneys work in a variety of settings, from corporations and law firms to universities and government agencies. In corporations, I would work as an in-house lawyer. He would have experience in the technology of his corporations and his main task would be driven by the business of the corporation. In law firms, would have a wide variety of clients and would practice patent law in a broad spectrum of technologies. A universities, You could work as a law professor. In these types of positions, you would not only teach, but also have time to research and write articles and presentations on copyright law. Tea federal government employs a large number of patent attorneys. In this role, you would represent the government and litigate on behalf of government agencies.

A day in the life of a patent attorney

Patent attorneys spend the majority of their time acquiring and licensing patents. The acquisition of a patent begins when the inventor describes his invention to the lawyer. Then he would have to evaluate the client’s description of him and think about his usefulness, novelty, and obviousness of his invention. His job at this stage is to assess whether his client’s idea can be tagged as a valuable patent and whether a patent application should be filed. To carry out this task successfully, he must have a great command of the law, but also of the technical field involved.

Let’s say a decision is based on applying for a patent. So your job is to draft a patent application and file it with the USPTO. The application is quite elaborate and includes a detailed description of the patent, how it is made, and how it will be used. A major part of the application defines the inventor’s patent rights. Once filed, the application is assigned to an examiner. As a patent attorney, he would be the primary contact person for the examiner and would need to spend many hours in correspondence in order to obtain a favorable final action for his client.

If the patent application is not approved, you will be responsible for appealing the decision to the USPTO Board of Appeals or even to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. However, if the application is approved of patent, then it will develop and investigate the granting of licenses and the presentation of the corresponding patent applications in other countries.

Patent Attorney Salary: How Much Could You Earn?

If you like what you’ve read about patent law so far, you’ll love what comes next! According to PayScale.com, in 2005 the median salary for a patent attorney was $115,000. The American Intellectual Property Law Association reports that the average salary exceeds $180,000. If this surprises you, it shouldn’t. Keep in mind that you must have a strong science or engineering background to become a patent attorney. Due to the high educational demands, this specialization of law is more in demand than other legal areas of practice. As a result, salaries are high.

Pro Bono Work – Why do it?

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, there are valid reasons to pursue pro bono projects if you have the time. While the term gratuitous Frequently referring to free legal services, it also applies to any free commercial service performed for the public good.

While it can easily be interpreted as the work you are doing because you are not busy, or because you may have an ulterior motive in believing that paid work will be rewarding, neither of these have been the case for me. I do pro bono work out of a moral responsibility to perform free services for a noble cause. But I must be careful not to in any way offend any of my paying clients, some of whom are non-profit organizations. For this reason, such work is always done discreetly, without fanfare or public displays to garner praise.

It’s also easy to feel that such work degrades the value of your services, since you’re wasting business efforts that you’re normally paid for. In fact, you may even feel taken advantage of by those you are trying to help. Whether it’s a justifiable concern or not, you’ll need to dismiss these fears for the sake of fulfilling the reason you agreed to donate your skills in the first place, which is to contribute to the well-being of the community in a special way. Your motivation to do your best in this endeavor should have nothing to do with gaining fame or fortune, but rather with providing a valuable service that you and your company can be proud of. If something else comes as a result, be it public gratitude or future paid work, that should look like a wonderful bonus, but it’s certainly not to be expected.

In my early days, my workload was so heavy that even considering doing pro bono work was completely out of the question. However, there were times when I had no choice and had to fit in for political reasons, let’s say. This means that you may have already been working with a major client (aren’t they all major clients?) at a prominent business in the community, and one of your favorite charities needed some marketing work done for a good cause. Sometimes clients like this would pay for such services, but more often than not, they expected us to contribute our services free of charge for the benefit of all. And of course we would deliver, keeping both the client and the charity very satisfied.

In today’s economic environment, with so many highly-skilled and educated people out of work, you’d think the need for pro bono services would be handled by this great pool of talent. Ironically, it almost seems that if you are labeled “unemployed” it logically follows that you may not be “qualified” or “valuable” enough as a resource available for pro bono work. While this can unfortunately be a common misconception, it has led to continued requests for pro bono work from our firm. Since I thrive under pressure and enjoy customer service that I excel at, these requests serve to bolster my self-esteem even though they usually come at the last minute when I’m already busy with other pressing deadlines. The reason I’m flattered usually relates to knowing that they had tried to do the project themselves to avoid asking for my help, but had to admit there was no substitute for the inspired professionalism we provided; hence your belated call for help.

However, I must explain that these requests come from a non-profit source to which we have regularly donated our services for the last five years and always agree to continue without reservation. Why? First, they had initially consulted us on the recommendation of their president, a prominent real estate agent, with whom we were doing business at the time, for a comprehensive marketing plan for which they paid our usual fee. They even implemented that plan over the next two years through other consultants in the area who donated their services. When they came back to receive more work from us, we offered to continue on a pro bono basis. We clearly recognize that there are a number of good reasons why our pro bono efforts on behalf of this organization are worthwhile:

1. The organization is a large religious group that respects diversity and believes in inclusion; values ​​open speech and fights for fairness in every way. They are committed to fixing the world, a responsibility that shapes their belief that social justice begins within the community. Finally, they emphasize the importance of nurturing the hearts, souls, and minds of adults and children, through the best possible educational opportunities. Always looking for new members, the organization is one of great personal dedication and affection. For these reasons, we are honored to represent your efforts, but we are not members of this organization, nor do we endorse your religion or any religion.

2. Your projects are large, challenging, and interesting, giving our work wide visibility in the community. Typical projects have included large color advertisements and posters for high-profile artists; fundraising flyers and stationery; membership brochures; signs; and a variety of press releases. Although we donate our services, the organization pays the necessary charges for printing, signage, and media space.

2. We are given complete freedom to express our creativity, marketing savvy, and design expertise without restrictions or the usual manipulation typical of some “paying” clients who may have a personal agenda or inherent frustrated desire to be the “artist” .

3. Most of the members of this religious non-profit organization are successful business owners or practicing professionals who spend countless hours of their free time and that of their families enjoying the programs and events offered and working towards success. long term of the organization. That makes us partners working toward a common goal for which they are sincerely grateful. As a result, some of these members hire us to do paid marketing work for their companies on a sporadic basis. However, we never aggressively seek your business or expect anything in return for our pro bono services.

4. While not something we require, we do receive a free advertisement in your event programs that we design and send to ensure an accurate message is delivered. Such an announcement will likely serve primarily as an internal reminder to members that we are professionally involved on a pro bono basis, perhaps making it easier for them to recommend us, if appropriate.

We realized a long time ago that a special bond had been forged with many members of this congregation as a result of extensive research we did to prepare their initial marketing plan. We learned many moving stories about their love for this organization and its effects on their personal family history, many of which became the basis for the initiatives we recommend.

With a total of approximately eighty families involved, the goodwill generated by our continued pro bono efforts has tremendously positive repercussions within the community. This kind of gratitude is something money can’t buy. But beyond that, the satisfaction we get from seeing our good work help this organization build a better world is priceless and far outweighs any residual work we can get from its members.

So why work pro bono? Because it’s the right thing to do. And that’s enough.

Online Sweepstakes, Games, and Contests: Navigating Legal Issues and Cheats

Online sweepstakes, games and contests have become increasingly popular thanks to the widespread use of social media and iOS apps. However, companies often overlook the need to include the proper documentation and guidelines required by state or federal laws and regulations. Also, today’s new technology often allows web/app users to submit cloned tickets or circumvent online rules. Similarly, the collection of personal information for sweepstakes, online games, and contests can trigger a variety of completely different legal issues, often without the knowledge of the host company. Care should be taken before launching new online sweepstakes, games or contests.

One of the biggest challenges with online sweepstakes and gaming is the differences in rules and regulations from state to state. Before launching a new sweepstakes, online contest or game, the host must verify that it complies with the laws of each state where it is available. This often requires an analysis of each state’s laws, as many sweepstakes, games, and contests are available to residents of all 50 states due to the nature of the Internet and iOS/Android applications. Some states require registration for certain types of contests.

In addition to state laws, online game hosts must verify compliance with federal laws and regulations, such as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) and similar privacy laws. Given the global nature of the Internet, attention should be paid to whether compliance with foreign laws is necessary or whether access to the Internet sweepstakes, game, or contest is limited to United States participants. The laws of European countries, for example, set stricter privacy restrictions than US e-commerce laws.

While businesses can achieve compliance with state and federal regulations on their own, it is advisable to retain an e-commerce attorney due to the complexity of the legal landscape. The first step is to evaluate the associated promotional material and online rules to ensure that federal and state laws, including online privacy laws, are not being violated. Next, the eCommerce attorney will likely review the entire framework of the contest, game, or sweepstakes to ensure overall compliance with state and federal laws that apply to the client. As mentioned, this may require registration in certain states and the posting of bonuses. Finally, the lawyer will draft the general guidelines as a reference for use in future promotions. These guidelines can be used to reduce the costs of future sweepstakes, contests and online games.

Disclaimer: As with any discussion of legal topics, this article is intended to be educational only and does not replace legal advice, provide legal advice, or form an attorney-client relationship with the reader. Please seek legal advice before making any decision. Also, please note that this article may not be updated, so the law and circumstances may have changed at the time you read this article.

Top 10 Distance Learning Universities in India

Distance education is rapidly catching up in India and the number of students opting for this mode of education is increasing. Many students living in remote areas cannot follow regular courses for their higher education, even if they want to. They can fulfill their wish with this mode of education. Even working professionals can give their career a boost with better qualification and skills. With the advancement in open learning, many universities in India providing this form of education have developed in recent years. We will take a look at the Top 10 Distance Learning Universities in India.

Top 10 Open Universities

Below is a complete list of the top 10 open universities that offer different courses to candidates through distance learning. They are not in any particular order.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

Governed by the Distance Learning Council (DEC), IGNOU is the most popular university among students seeking admission to correspondence or online courses. Courses are categorized into different schools of study.

Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University

There are about 137 centers of this university across the country. The motto of this University is ‘Education at your door’. Various undergraduate, graduate and graduate courses are offered at this University.

manipal sikkim

This university is recognized by the United Grants Commission and there are around 725 authorized centers across India.


Annamali University is the first distance learning university in India offering postgraduate courses in subjects like Zoology, Applied Psychology, Bioinformatics, Botany, Law, etc. All courses are approved by the Distance Education Council.

Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning

This institute is situated in Pune and follows the concept of ‘blended learning’. Its programs have e-learning facilities along with printed study materials and faculty interaction. The structure of the program is such that the students obtain the same knowledge as in the regular courses.


ICFAI University has many centers around the world and is well known for its MBA courses through the open education mode. With an ICFAI MBA degree, candidates can greatly enhance their career opportunities.

Maulana Azad Urdu National University

With 9 regional centers, the university offers 3 undergraduate, 3 postgraduate and 8 Diploma, Certificate and PG Diploma courses. B.Ed programs are also offered to interested candidates.

University of Alagapa

Alagappa University offers industry-specific and job-oriented programs to its students in this educational environment. Both Tamil and Hindi are the medium of instruction. Diploma holders are eligible for side entry into various degree programs.

mumbai university

The University of Mumbai has a separate section for students interested in taking open learning courses. The Open and Distance Education section offers different degrees under various faculties available.

Institute for Open and Distance Learning IMT

Cyber ​​security and management are the two areas of study that students can enroll in for correspondence or online learning. Graduate programs and PhD programs are highly recommended.

However, a thorough check of all aspects of admission is required before enrolling in any of these distance learning universities.

Doolin, County Clare, Ireland – the perfect place for a family getaway

Need to get out of the fast lane for a few days? Doolin, located in the Clare country near the world famous Burren, is a fantastic place to visit. Better yet, there’s plenty to do. This article describes just a few of the many attractions in the area.

The Burren: The name Burren comes from the Irish word “Bhuireann”, which means stony place. Stoney certainly is: 300 square feet. kilometers of field covered with limestone. However, it is not as desolate as it seems. Rare Mediterranean and alpine plants flourish together. A guided tour is essential. Unless you are a botanist, you will be amazed by its rocky beauty, but without a guide you will miss out on the incredible flora. If you’re feeling energetic there are many mapped walks through the Burren.

Aillwee Cave: if you have children you should visit Aillwee cave. Jack McCann, a local, originally discovered the cave and investigated it by candlelight. However, Jack kept the find from him a secret for decades and only showed the cave to others in the 1970s. The cave was opened to the public in 1976 and extends for at least 1 km underground. This hugely impressive cave contains waterfalls, stalagmites, stalactites, brown bear bones, and much more. Surrounded by a woodland walk with a restaurant on site, it’s a half day of entertainment in itself.

Cliffs of Moher: The Cliffs of Moher rise more than 200 meters above the Atlantic Ocean. There is a new visitor center with an excellent interpretive display of the Cliffs of Moher:“Edge of the Atlantic”. The Virtual Reality Cliff Face Show – “The Ledge” – not to be missed. After that, a walk along the cliff’s edge offers stunning views of the cliffs and the Atlantic. Don’t worry, it’s walled in and safe for kids.

Boat trip on the Cliffs of Moher: drive to Doolin Pier and you can book a boat trip to the base of the Cliffs of Moher. Once there, you can’t help but be amazed by the size and rugged beauty of the cliffs. Tourists at the top of the cliffs are only distant specifications and you can get an up-close view of the bird population of Atlantic puffins, gulls, guillemots, shags, ravens and choughs. You can also book trips to the nearby Aran Islands from the Doolin pier. These trips range from ½ day to overnight.

Doolin Pubs: Doolin’s pubs have been a breeding ground for world-renowned traditional Irish musicians. There are three traditional pubs McGanns, O’Connors and McDermotts in Doolin. They all have a lot of traditional music and homemade food. Children are allowed until 9:00 pm.

The Burren Perfumery: a very interesting visit with all the flowers and herbs that form the basis of locally sourced perfumes and soaps in the Burren. There is a small tea room and a herb garden.

The Burren Interpretive Centre, Kilfenora: there is an excellent “walk through time” Burren exhibit, a video, craft center and tea room.

a visit to Lahinch Beach on a summer day it is reminiscent of Hawaii with surf schools lining the beach.

Liscanor Stone and Rick Shop: full of precious stones, semi-precious stones, local stones and lots, lots of prehistoric fossils. As you drive back from one of the many other attractions in the area, you can simply call to watch! But be warned, you’ll probably come away with a 10,000-year-old fossil keepsake!

The best of all these attractions is that none are more than half an hour’s drive from Doolin. Doolin can get very busy in the summer, but it’s a great place to visit and lots to do. You might consider spending a few days outside of the bustling summer season and if you’re lucky enough to have good weather, you’re guaranteed a great time.

Knowledge – Its Importance

On Sunday, January 27, 2002, there was pandemonium in the Mile-2 area of ​​Lagos State. Everyone was running wild except for a chemistry teacher who was walking calmly down the street. The chaos was due to bomb blasts that occurred in a neighboring town (Ikeja Military Cantonment, Lagos). You may wonder why the master did not run with others. Could it be that she was fed up with life? Not! She did not run because she had a good knowledge of the atmospheric constituents of which non-combustion nitrogen has the highest percentage composition (about 79%). This made her understand that whatever happened, the explosion could not spread to where she was and that was the secret of her calm.

First of all, what is knowledge? Knowledge is simply the information, understanding, and skills acquired through education or experience. It can also be defined as the state of knowledge about a particular fact or situation. A person who is well informed about something is well informed about that thing. Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is power” and you and I know how important power is. If that is the case, we can emphatically consider that Knowledge, which is Power, is very important. Now, the question is: What is the importance of knowledge?

Knowledge gives you an advantage over others who lack it. In the above tale, one can clearly see how the chemistry teacher had an advantage over others who were ignorantly running and running, some even in the direction of the explosion. He had this air of confidence about him, a characteristic of well-informed people. Giving a correct judgment or showing great discernment is another importance of knowledge. One needs knowledge to be able to discern good from evil. It was this same knowledge that helped the wisest man, King Solomon, to discern who was the true mother of the baby in the popular Biblical story.

Another importance of knowledge is in the area of ​​scientific and technological advancement, which has made life much easier than it was in the past. Nowadays, moving from one place to another can be done in the blink of an eye with the help of planes, helicopters, cars, etc. In addition, interconnectivity has been simplified. Now one can easily connect with people from all over the world through the internet, phones etc. In the area of ​​agriculture, mechanized farming has certainly helped increase agricultural production.

If you want to earn the respect of others, acquire knowledge. I say this because knowledge earns respect. Think of any great man or woman whom you respect so much and you will see that the person really reached that height because of his knowledge in certain aspects of life. To reinforce my point, let me mention a few names: Michael Faraday (father of electricity), Ben Carson (a great neurosurgeon), Dr. Alexander Fleming (discoverer of penicillin), and even Barack Hussein Obama (a great lawyer and first black President of the USA).

The point I am about to make now may sound funny to you, but it is true. Knowledge makes people seem forever young. Relax! I would explain, but before that I would like to give you some examples of people who fall into this category in my own judgment. The 1986 Nobel Prize winner – Prof. Wole Soyinka, former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria – Prof. Charles Soludo and the popular Nigerian actor who appeared years ago in the TV drama “Everything Falls Apart” – Pete Edochie are some of the practical examples that I want to highlight. Year after year, these people look the same or sometimes even younger. This is because knowledgeable people are able to solve problems; it’s easier for them to find solutions to virtually all problems, so they have little to nothing to worry about, as worrying too much causes rapid aging. In addition, the knowledge they have acquired helps them know what to eat and what not to eat, unlike an illiterate person who eats anything as long as it is edible, without considering its effects on health.

The importance of knowledge cannot be overstated because it is an integral part of life. In fact, I would apologize to the ignorant that ‘Knowledge is life’ because both are inseparable. The more you live, the more you learn. As TL Osborn says, “When you stop learning, you start dying.”