11 tips and ideas to remodel a small kitchen

As we know how important space is and how difficult it is to use it wisely, especially in the kitchen, with so much furniture and utensils to accommodate, we have put together the 11 most successful tips and ideas to remodel a small kitchen.

1. Plan ahead! Especially when space is limited, there are so many things to consider that it is very important to have a complete plan and accurate measurements. This way you make sure nothing is left out and you can keep track of your budget.

2. Try to do most of the work yourself. No one knows what you need better than you, and no one will work as hard as you do to make sure everything is perfect down to the smallest details. Plus, you save money this way, and the more you get involved in the project, the more satisfaction you’ll get when the job is done.

3. Have cabinets and cupboards custom made. It may be a bit more expensive, but the quality should be better too, and you can have everything in the dimensions and colors you prefer.

4. Choose materials resistant to steam and high temperatures, so that your culinary ideas do not affect their state. Especially when it comes to kitchen and table top, heat and water resistance should be the key features to look for. This way, you won’t have to worry about a glass of water spilling or the hot pan leaving marks. In addition, these materials are also often easier to clean and maintain.

5. Keep the table, sink and cooking machine as close together as possible. Cooking will be less complicated and you will have everything at your fingertips.

6. Try to ensure a high level of comfort, so that your loved ones can keep you company while you cook.

7. Choose colors that are easy to match. You can repaint the walls from time to time, so make sure the furniture gives you the freedom to choose different colors for the paint on the walls.

8. One of the best ideas to remodel a small kitchen is to buy a folding table and chairs or have them custom made. Small should not mean uncomfortable. With the table and chairs folded you will be able to move freely around the kitchen and, when you finish cooking, setting the table will be a matter of seconds.

9. Choose sliding doors. No matter how small or beautifully decorated, regular closet and cabinet doors require space. More than that, you may accidentally leave them open and hit your head, leg or hands when you turn around.

10. Use medium brightness colors: dark tones favor dust, while colors that are too bright emphasize dirt.

11. Be sure to leave room to open the window as wide as possible. You need to clear the window area to improve airflow and let odor, steam, and smoke out. Air filters and extractor hoods are useful, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a hand.

Aside from the above tips and ideas for small kitchen remodeling, we have one that is off the record, but probably more important than all the others: follow your heart and do your best to create an inspiring and welcoming environment; If you like your kitchen and feel comfortable in it, the food will taste better, cooking will be less tiring, and your family and guests will be happy.

Importance of cooking in our life

Get to know your food, get to know your farmers, and get to know your cuisine. The kitchen is the heart of every house. There will never be a day in your life where you don’t have a reason to walk into the kitchen. Whether small or large, the kitchen is the center of the house. It’s where meals are created – feeding the bodies, minds and souls of friends and families around the world. Your kitchen is a bonding area that not only brings your home together, but also brings your loved ones together.

The importance of the kitchen depends on both the size and design of your kitchen. Formerly, the kitchens were smaller and were separated from the rest of the rooms. More importance was given to the living and dining area. But now is where the entertainment happens. When people meet, two things happen: food and conversation. And your kitchen allows you to do both in one place. It is the place where children first learn how to help you.

But if your cooking isn’t done right, would you enjoy preparing food? It is better to invest in kitchen layout than to spend a lot on appliances. Having a beautiful kitchen means investing in the health and happiness of your family. A functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen will draw family and guests into the heart of your home and envelop them in the warmth of home.

Now kitchens began to become living spaces with more time spent in these spaces and where more was done than just cooking. Newer homes were designed with kitchens as living spaces in mind, so these rooms were made larger to better accommodate family and friends as an extra space for entertaining. As a result, homeowners began modifying and expanding their own kitchen spaces to follow the “trend,” both for lifestyle and resale. Old kitchens need to be made to look newer, more streamlined, and more modern.

Designing a modern, custom kitchen is not something you need to spend a lot of money on and can instantly revive the look of your home interior. With home prices reaching new heights, it’s more important than ever to get the best price for your home when you sell it. By designing a custom kitchen to be convenient and easy to use, you are ensuring an increase in the value of your home thanks to the importance of a clean, modern and fully functioning food preparation and storage space.

Some of the latest kitchen design ideas are:

open shelves

There is a growing trend towards open spaces, where everything is visible. This also extends to the kitchen, whereby furniture increasingly tends to have open shelving, where jars, spices, glasses and plates can be seen.

ceiling lights

Lighting is the most important part of kitchen design. For modern and modern kitchens, ceiling lamps are the best option for you.

How to keep sliding entry doors functional and reliable

Sliding doors are very convenient entry options, especially for commercial areas that experience heavy traffic. Most homeowners also find automatic entry gates beneficial in different areas of their properties. There are so many styles that you can choose from and when you have your sliding door in place, the next thing you need to do is make sure that they remain functional and reliable. This could mean putting extra security measures on doors and keeping parts so jams are kept to a minimum.

Test existing lock – Most sliding doors come with a lock on one side to hold the door to the frame. Make sure the lock is working properly and always repair or replace it as necessary. A professional door fitter can help ensure the frame remains secure and level so you know you can have complete confidence in your sliding door lock.

Install the sliding lock bar – After a long day of automatic door operations, you’ll need to lock the doors and get a restful night’s sleep. By installing a sliding lock bar on your sliding doors, you will take security to a higher level in your facility. This is usually a metal bar or wooden dowel cut to fit the bottom rail of the door. When installed, it prevents the door from opening even with the latch lock removed or damaged. Most new sliding door models come secured along the frame to make them more secure even with all the conveniences they offer.

Maintain and care for door rollers and tracks. – Remember that sliding doors rely on rollers to move back and forth and if they are damaged, it will be difficult for the doors to work smoothly. Clean debris and dirt along the tracks and make size adjustments if necessary. Some of these doors come with adjustment holes on the top or bottom edges and you can easily compress or expand the rollers for smoother operation. The rails should always be in tip-top condition so that it is not easy for intruders to lift doors off the rail and bypass any locks you may have present.

lubricate the tracks – In addition to making sure the sliding door tracks and rollers are clean, you should also lubricate the bottom and top tracks for smooth operation. You can also lubricate the door lock with a spray lubricant to remove dirt and coat the moving parts inside. You would have to disassemble the lock to lubricate it; you can have a professional do it for you if you’re not too sure.

Install a commercial lock – Commercial entry sliding doors deserve a commercial lock to improve reliability and security. The lock can be used as a replacement for, or a complement to, the deadbolt lock and can be installed at any door height and adjusted accordingly. The locks feature two-bolt or single-bolt locking systems that connect to latch points and steel bolts that drop into place. You can also go one step further and connect an alarm system to the door.

How To Choose The Right Glass Display Cases And Glass Showcase

Choosing the right glass display case and shelving unit can be a daunting task as there are so many variants and styles available. To choose the one that’s right for you and fits your budget, it’s a good idea to first consider the space where you need it and the items you want to display. It is usually advantageous to select the most versatile option that is available so that it can be used in different locations and still meet your current requirements.

Glass display cases and glass storage shelves really help create a wow factor for all the items you want to display, whether it’s in your home office or in the wholesale or retail store. Your visitors or customers will be able to see your valuables or merchandise in the most favorable conditions possible and in full light so that the natural colors and shapes are exposed in the best possible way.

When choosing the right glass display case regardless of where it is required, consider:

  • The size of the area you have to place the cabinet or shelf.

  • The size, shape, and weight of the objects to display.

  • There are freestanding cabinets in many forms, low cabinets, wall cabinets, corner units, tower display units, countertop cabinets, suspended type cabinets, as well as mirrored, backed styles and hundreds of variations.

  • Will you want a glass countertop for display or storage?

  • Do you need mobile shelves and how many shelves are needed?

  • Placing items under glass makes them look precious or prized, so consider security and where cabinet doors are and whether they can be locked.

  • Consider the other accessories in the area or room and find a cabinet that fits the decor. Cabinets come in many styles and most are easily cleaned as they are glass, glass and wood, or glass and metal.

  • Consider the lighting you’ll need and whether you want cabinets with built-in lighting.

  • Glass display cases minimize shoplifting and make items easy to see at a glance.

  • Choose cabinets or shelves that allow you to organize all your merchandise in an easy and practical way. It’s important that employees can quickly find items for customers and that prices are visible.

  • Glass cabinets can make a room appear much larger than it really is and help you use minimal space wisely. This can allow a large amount of merchandise to occupy a relatively small space but in an orderly and tasteful manner.

  • Glass is the perfect material to provide a hassle-free and intimate shopping experience for your customers while allowing you to see what is going on. Giving you a reasonable amount of security.

  • Adjustable glass shelves are crack-resistant and add a sleek, sophisticated touch while being convenient for shoppers, making their experience in your store more enjoyable, suggesting they’re more likely to return .

Color to decorate – Color Decorating Ideas

Choosing the right color for decoration can transform your house into a home. It can turn your bedroom into a haven or even help your house sell faster. Here’s how to choose decorating colors you’ll love and can live with.

When choosing the color for the decoration, take into account the purpose of the room. Choose brighter colors for the spaces where you live and calm colors for the rooms where you relax. Try a modern bedroom color palette of gray and white. It will be both interesting and relaxing. Gray is a gender-neutral color, so both you and your spouse will be able to agree. When decorating with gray, be sure to divide the space with bright white furniture or pops of yellow as an accent color. You can turn a bonus room into a game room with bright colors. You can even try a turquoise floor or create a large linoleum rug to protect your existing floor and add color. You can paint each chair a different color to hide a mismatched outfit or create a whimsical feel.

Choose interior decoration colors with a defined style. Sometimes choosing a color palette is difficult. You may know that you want a contemporary room or that you like traditional decor. Every decorating style uses the basic primary colors, just different versions of them. You can find red paint colors to work with different themes. You can find a bright white kitchen with red cabinets in a modern house. A country kitchen would have distressed white cabinets, a farmhouse sink, a wooden kitchen island, and red brick walls. For a traditional red kitchen, mahogany cabinets can act as your red dot in the room. Top it off with sand or black granite countertops and paint the walls gold.

Choose a color palette based on what you need to work with. This could be the fireplace stone or your existing furniture. You may feel like you hate your furniture, but you may hate how it stands out in the room. This does not mean that a green sofa requires green walls. It just means you can neutralize the room, add artwork that focuses on green plant life, and throw a taupe blanket and pillows on the sofa. Then, the furniture will be related to the elements of the room that you really like. Try painting a vanity to update a bathroom. You can add trim to plain, flat drawer fronts for architectural interest before applying a neutral color. Choosing the right color for your décor will change the way you feel about your home, even if you’re decorating on a budget.

Marble and Granite Products – Working Wonders in Home Construction

Marble and granite products have been used in house construction since ancient times. Its elegance and beauty has been creating magnificent interiors and exteriors for all types of residential, commercial and palatial buildings for centuries. These natural stone products provide multiple benefits during home construction and even after. In addition to beauty and elegance, they offer excellent durability and require less construction time.

Marble and Granite Products for Every Need

During home construction, people need various types of stone products to meet essential and decorative needs. The wide range of options in marble and granite products makes it easy for homeowners or builders to choose the type of products that are most appropriate for them.

From flooring to commercial and residential buildings, people can find marble and granite products for their kitchen, bathrooms, and backyard gardens. The use of marble tiles on floors is the most popular trend in home flooring. Marble tiles come in various colors and textures, giving you more options. They are the most elegant option for beautiful and durable floors.

Granite countertops are the most essential ingredient for the construction of any modular kitchen. Today, people can’t even imagine having a kitchen without granite countertops. Due to its essential attributes, granite acts as the most suitable element to be used in modern kitchens. Granite is also used for flooring, but it is a bit more expensive than marble. Therefore, it is preferred by people who have no problem exceeding the construction budget.

Marble and granite products rule not only in interior finish but also in exterior finish of residential and commercial buildings. There are some products that are widely used in the exterior finishing of houses. Lightweight stone panels, stone cladding, and marble statues are among the most in-demand construction elements for the exterior finish of homes. Most commercial buildings today have exteriors made of lightweight stone panels. It is useful to improve the visual appearance of the building and protect it from heat.

Marble, granite, limestone and sandstone products are becoming popular day by day among people due to easy availability and low prices (due to intense competition among marble product manufacturers). Having a house that looks wonderful is no longer a secret. Anyone can have it if they use the elegance of marble and granite products in their home construction plan.

How to Sell Your House on Craigslist: Step-by-Step Instructions

With the advent of the internet comes the advent of great free advertising tools and Craigslist is one of them. For those who don’t know, Craigslist is a free online classifieds website used to buy and sell a variety of items. One area that has seen great success on Craigslist has been with real estate and millions of people advertise on Craigslist daily. Due to the high level of ad participation from other sellers to get the most out of Craigslist, you need to stand out from the rest of the ads and get attention.

What you need to have a great Craigslist listing is the following:

-> Post Title (aka your Compelling Headline) – You need to make your listing unique. As mentioned above, focus on your home’s features, benefits, and what makes your home unique to catch the eye of a potential buyer. The headline should be compelling enough to get people to click on your ad before others. Mention that your home is FSBO. People like to know this and on Craigslist this will get your listing more attention as people will like the appeal of non-real estate agents.

-> Post description (aka property information): Your ad and content should be short and to the point. Don’t go overboard with catchphrases and marketing language, people will pick up on that. Since your ad is a reflection of the home you’re trying to sell, be sure to check your spelling and proofread your ad to make sure it looks acceptable. There should be an internet web link or multiple web links from your listing that will lead a prospective buyer to your full property information page. This web link to a full information page could be your MLS listing, Facebook listing, postlet listing, or all of the above.

Your Craigslist post description should include:

1. Your name

2. Email and/or phone number

3. Home address

4. The title of your publication (compelling title). Said again.

5. Brief facts about your home (eg, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, single-family or multi-family dwelling, price, square footage, parking, lot size, etc.).

6. Description of the property in a couple of sentences.

7. Property features in a couple of prizes.

8. Web Links.

9. Open house information, if applicable.

10. Your contact information is indicated again.

Check out the example ad below to give you a better idea of ​​how an ad is put together.

Craigslist ad example:

Price: $250,000

Post Title: Private Lakefront Home Near Downtown Maple Grove – FSBO

Post description:

Mary Jane Doe | 555-555-5555 | Email address here

1234 Center Lane N., Maple Grove, FL

Private Lakefront Home Near Downtown Maple Grove – For Sale By Owner

3-bedroom single-family home offered for $250,000

Year of construction 2000

2,150 square feet

Bedrooms 5

Bathrooms 2 Complete

Floors 2

basically yes

Lot size 1 acre

Garage 2 Cars


These 2,150 square meters. foot home is in mint condition and has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a great view of the lake from the kitchen. The kitchen is open and spacious with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, porcelain tile, and cherry cabinets. The private backyard leads to the lake, dock, fire pit and plenty of room for entertaining.


Gas forced hot air heat, central air conditioning, gas fireplace

Vaulted ceilings, lots of closets, hardwood floors, tiled kitchens and baths

Family Room, Sunroom, Dining Room, Bonus Suite, Owners Suite, Full Basement

Stainless Steel Refrigerator, Gas Range and Wall Oven, Microwave and Dishwasher

Granite Countertops, Center Island with Sink, Cherry Cabinets

Washer and dryer, cabinets, mud area

Large yard, lake, doc, fire pit

Complete description of the property:

[Web Link Here]

Virtual tour:

[Web Link Here]

-> Photos and Virtual Tour: Include some of your best professional photos so prospective buyers can see what your home looks like. As mentioned above, high-quality photos are a very important part of your listings. You should also have a link to your virtual tour so they can see what your house would feel like walking through it.

-> Call to Action: When the prospective buyer opens your ad, they should see a call to action that also compels them to call or email you. Think about it, what would make you call in an ad in your area.

-> Repost your ad daily: Craigslist ranks ads by displaying the most recent ads first or at the top of the web page visible to the viewer. So as ads continue to serve, your ad will continue to move up the list or on a subsequent page. Although many potential buyers will use search terms to find a listing, it is still beneficial to be as close to the top of the page as possible because some people view homes in most recent date order.

-> Real Estate Agent or NOT Real Estate Agent – If you put “No Real Estate Agents Please” in your ad, most real estate agents will not contact you, therefore only buyers without representation will contact you. I still subscribe to the theory that more exposure to a pool of buyers you wouldn’t otherwise have access to is better, however if you really want to try and sell your home 100% commission free you’ll want to advertise “No Realtors, please “. This can be a risky move because it will limit your pool of potential buyers, use your own judgment here.

-> Best time to post your ad: The three times of day that will give you the best possible exposure are morning, noon, and the night after dinner. Pick a time and go with him. Your ad will only be at the top for a brief moment, but all helpful tips count.

Kitchen Countertop Comparison: Traditional Products vs. Stone Cladding

There is a new option available for countertop buyers. It is a manufactured stone product made to be installed over existing tile or laminate countertops. The question is; How does it compare in value and performance to traditional countertop offerings?

What exactly?

Overlay “granite” product is an artificial mixture of granite, quartz, and other stone particles mixed with resins to form a ¼” thick slab. It is not granite in its natural state. It is essentially the same as overlay products. traditional quartz, like Silestone, Caesarstone and Cambria except it is not as thick.

Does thickness matter?

It certainly does when it comes to the appearance of the finished product. Traditional stone products are 1-1/2″ overall thickness. Since most people opt for an undermount sink, the thickness of the material is very apparent. Reviews of ¼” tile products have indicated that the thin material looks cheap. Other quartz slab products are offered in ¼” thick slabs, but are only recommended for tile or vertical surfaces.

How do these products compare in design versatility?

By far the most versatile product is Solid Surface (ie Corian, LG HiMacs, etc.). Solid Surface is a mixture of acrylic and polyester. It can be molded into organic shapes (thermoforming) and polished to a variety of gloss levels. Edge profiles are limited only by your imagination. It is also the only product that offers “integrated” sinks eliminating the silicone around the sink making them more hygienic and easier to clean.

Traditional stone products like granite and quartz also offer an amazing range of colors, edge options, and even a few different surface finishes. The most common finish is bright; however, “leather” (matte) finishes are becoming more popular. Some stone countertop manufacturers are also capable of applying a variety of other finishes to the stone surface.

The stone cladding product offers fewer color and texture options. The border options are also limited due to the thickness of the material. These products are only available with one type of gloss finish.

What about the cost of removing old countertops?

Removing old countertops is usually a quick and painless process. A reputable countertop company will clean up any mess created from a move. Removals typically take around 30 minutes for laminate and around 2 hours for tile. The cost of removal varies depending on the type of countertops you have. Some companies can even remove your old countertops for free.

How do they compare in cost?

This will vary depending on many factors. In general, stone cladding products are comparable in price to common granite, quartz, and solid surface products. Exotic granites and quartz and solid surface “designer” colors will be more expensive.

What about durability?

Thickness also plays a role in durability. Since stone coating products are relatively new, it is too early to say how well they will hold up over time. Some buyers have indicated on the HGTV forums that the product has not held up well over time. Other overlay products have been available in the past; none of them are still around today. Traditional products like granite, quartz and solid surface have been proven to last a lifetime.

Handcrafted Showers – The Options and Possibilities Are Limitless

You’re ready for a new bathroom, and if you’re like most people, your new bathroom will include the removal of a whirlpool tub or an increase in shower size.

In remodeling, the shower has become the number one most requested item in the bathroom. Gone are the days of meeting code with a 30 x 30 fiberglass enclosure and in its place is the handcrafted walk-in closet.

There’s so much to designing a shower that it’s hard to know where to start, especially when it comes to budgeting. With over twenty years of design experience and nearly eight years of field work, I know a thing or two about showers. Before you call in a professional like me, you’ll find it helpful to familiarize yourself with building a custom shower.

Let’s start with the basics of the shower: the pan, the walls, the plumbing, and the door. Next we have accessories such as niches, decoration, shelves, tiles and benches.

Each of these will contribute to the cost of your overall project and it is important to understand all of your options so you have a better idea of ​​what your vision will cost.

To get started, you’ll need to determine the size of your shower. If it’s standard, you’ll have the option of using a prefabricated or fiberglass shower tray. This option will save you money compared to other options.

If you want a more elegant look or if your shower size is custom, you may want to look at a tiled tray. With this option, the basin can be manufactured in any size and can be tiled with stone, ceramic, mosaic or marble. Some things to consider here. When tiling a tray, you should also think about what material will be used for the curb. Quartz is often a favorite curbside option and is cut to size. If you are looking to save money, a cheaper material would be tile. Often in design, if quartz is not used, the tile that is on the shower walls is used on the curb. A side note to consider is that when using tile on your curb, you must have a product to finish the edges of the tile. Bullnose is one way to achieve a clean finish and a more economical tile edge solution is to use a metal/plastic edge. I’m not a fan of plastic, but I often select metal over the rounded tip because it can actually enhance the design.

The other consideration is the tile. The shower floor takes its fair share of abuse, so staying away from marble (while beautiful and elegant) will keep your shower looking new for years and years.

Moving on, let’s talk about shower walls. Shower walls can be finished with any size tile and any type of tile, but not all are within the same budget. Marble, the king of any bathroom, is the most expensive in both labor and materials, and requires a lot of maintenance. Travertine is next on the price list. Although travertine is one of my favorite materials to work with, the tolerances for laying this tile are tight and care must be taken with the materials used behind the scenes so as not to stain this stone. Because marble and stone are more labor intensive and more expensive to purchase, using any of these materials in your bathroom will put your project at the higher end of the bathroom remodeling price scale.

If you are looking for custom but low maintenance tile and yet want a more modest budget, I would consider ceramic or porcelain tile in a large 12×24 format or plank tile in any size. Both tiles are easy to work with and can often be cut without the use of a wet saw, saving time on labor.

Looking for something right in the middle? The best option for the middle of the road is ceramic or porcelain subway tile. Subway tile is my favorite tile to work with for several reasons. The first reason is that I consider it “evergreen”, since it never goes out of style. I love that this unassuming tile can look more glamorous than stone and marble if styled correctly. It comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and can be installed herringbone, 1/2-set, 1/3-set stacked, and more. The possibilities with the meter are endless and the cost is cheap. If you want a great design but don’t have the budget for marble subway, it could be the tile for you.

Other materials to consider are glass and shapes like the hexagon. Both will run on the higher side, but still won’t come close to the price of marble or travertine. Often these mosaic tiles are used as accents to give the shower a little wow factor.

As with the curb, you should think about how the edges of the tile will be finished with options of metal or beaded edges. Just like curbing, metal curbing on the wall will save you money compared to curbing.

Now let’s talk plumbing! It may seem like you don’t have much to think about here, but in fact you do. Let’s start with the most important piece of plumbing, aside from the obvious rough pipes, the valve. By code, you must use a pressure balanced thermostatic mix or a combination of the two. From there, you need to decide on accessories, such as a rain shower with a standard shower head and body jets. Every component you add to your shower will require some thought to ensure the correct valves are used to provide the necessary pressure based on the fixtures used. To save on both material and labor, a standard pressure balance valve with standard shower head will help keep your budget balanced.

Another way to save money is by selecting a standard drain. If you are looking to create a little more glamour, the draw through will do the trick. It will cost a bit more for both labor and material, but the final look is well worth the upgrade.

The final main piece of the shower is the shower door. Shower doors are not all the same. There are standard doors that require their opening to be a specific size. They come in a variety of finishes, as well as glass types. They require assembly but will save money on both material and labor.

My preference is the custom door. Available in almost all finishes and made to order. These doors will have thicker glass and can be treated to resist water marks. Heights can be increased for a more dramatic look and they come both frameless and framed. Doors can be hinged to swing in both directions or can be ordered as sliding. Finally, these doors can have wraparound glass, allowing designers to create stunning display showers.

With the main shower components discussed, it’s time to explore the features that will enhance your shower. These features will add to your overall shower experience, but they can also add to the overall cost of your project.

My favorite accessory to add to any shower is the shower niche. Adds dimension to tile and is great for storing shower essentials while keeping showers tidy. Shower niches can be made in any size and are often lined with a different material, such as mosaic.

Benches are another classic accessory. The code requires a shower clearance of 30 x 30 and the NKBA requires a clearance of 36 x 36 before a shower seat can be added. Shower seats vary in size, but the most common is 15″ deep and 17″ to 19″ off the floor. Benches can be covered using the same tile as the shower wall to save money or you can order a piece of quartz to cover the top of the bench.

Other accessories include niche lighting, grab bars, waterfall tiles, corner shelves, and box walls. The possibilities for creating a unique shower are endless and no matter what your budget, there are options available to enhance your space.

Now that you’re familiar with the basics, it’s time to call in a professional and get started!

The principles of kitchen and bathroom design

Good design is defined as unity of design and a timeless look. But to achieve unity and an evergreen look, all design principles must be considered. Remodeling your kitchen and bathroom is much more than selecting accessories and painting the walls. A good remodel will have a well thought out design concept that starts with design principles as the foundation.

The principles are balance, rhythm, emphasis / focal point, scale, proportion, and harmony / unity. To get a better understanding of these concepts, we will look at each of them in relation to bathroom remodel planning and kitchen planning.

Let’s start with the balance that is the distribution of the visual weight of objects, colors, textures and space. In a recent vanity design, a client requested that tiles be installed over the vanity all the way to the wall and considered placing tiles all over the wall, not just over the vanity. The vanity, being very small, could only visually support a small number of tiles without making the space feel bulky or heavy. Based on the principle of balance, we opted for less is more and decided not to do the whole wall. The light pendants we chose were also thought about, again wanting to keep the balance of the room, we chose streamlined lights that had very little volume and clear glass to keep the balance of the space feeling light. These decisions helped make the design of this small room feel spacious even with the lack of square footage.

Moving on to the beat. The easiest way to create rhythm within a space is to repeat design elements that can include lines, shapes, textures, colors, patterns, and lights. In a recent bathroom project, we used floral tile in the shower, on the floor, and on an accent wall. We repeat the pattern in several areas on muted colored tiles to give rhythm to the bathroom. In a recent kitchen we used straight lines on cabinet doors, hardware, lamps, and furniture to create rhythm and flow. The idea is to keep the eye moving in a natural way that makes one feel relaxed and comfortable in the space and never overwhelmed.

Accent / focal point is one of my favorite design principles to work with. The idea here is to show a part of the design and keep the viewer’s attention. Often known as the “wow” factor, you can be as creative as you want, as long as you think about the rest of the design principles. One of my favorite design projects was a master bathroom that was designed in marble. The whole bathroom was open-mouthed, so creating a focal point meant we had to get creative. The solution was to build a false wall to house a fireplace and a wall-to-wall niche with herringbone tiles that was accentuated by the sun from a skylight. Although the entire space was impressive, everyone who walked in kept their attention on the false wall we created. Focal point achieved!

Scale refers to the ratio of two or more objects, one having a commonly known size. In a kitchen, we know that the average prep sink is 12×12. When selecting a faucet for this sink, it would not be appropriate to select a large gooseneck or commercial kitchen faucet.

The proportion is an obvious principle and easy to detect if it is not calculated correctly. Simply put, one cannot have a nine foot walk-in shower in a single 8×9 bathroom. The shower ratio is overwhelming and too big for the space. Similarly, we would not use a giant chandelier destined for a cathedral ceiling in a kitchen with eight-foot ceilings. Scale and proportion go hand in hand and are a very important part of good design.

Harmony is all the different elements that come together to create a beautiful and well thought out design. In a recent mid-century makeover, we thought about every element we add to the space. We chose dark blue tile, bold gold fixtures, walnut-colored cabinets, and turn-of-the-century lighting. Once all the elements were combined, the harmony of the space was evident. We would not have added polka dots or nickel finishes to this design. Anything outside the middle of the century would have disrupted the flow.

Design has endless possibilities, and with due care for design principles, any bathroom or kitchen can become a showcase.