Balancing pregnancy, life and work

Have you ever walked into a room or sat at your desk and looked at the pile of junk you have to do? As you stand there, you wonder how it is possible for two people, who feel like they are never home, to accumulate so many clothes and dishes. I’m serious. The amount of laundry piling up in my house with just my husband and I is insane and I know it will only get worse when little Davie arrives. I’ve never been a great housekeeper, but when I looked the third trimester in the face, I knew I had to start changing my clothes now to make our lives easier once our lives were turned upside down with a newborn.

The first order of business? Catching up on all the housework I hadn’t done in the first trimester. For those who didn’t know, the first quarter was tough. She was sick all the time and she had absolutely no energy. I was easily in bed by 7 and took regular naps on my lunch break at work. The house was absolutely the last thing on my radar and it showed. So this is where I started putting together my game plan.

Step 1 – Tidy up, deep clean and reorganize. I knew I wanted to get rid of as much junk around the house as possible, but I also knew that if I didn’t break projects into smaller parts, I wouldn’t get any of it. done. So I made a “Nested To Do List” where I broke down each room and what needed to be cleaned and/or replaced. I committed to doing one “big” project a week. Whether it was going through my closet and dressers or clearing out our desk (which had become a general problem), I did something every week. It has been a great help. Within a month my kitchen, laundry room, guest room, master bedroom, and bathroom were all checked out and cleaned. This included going through and getting rid of excess clothing, knickknacks, pots, pans, plates, shoes, bags, anything and everything that I didn’t need or use frequently was donated. I washed walls, cleaned ceiling fans, appliances, etc. This is spring cleaning in Crack. I swear it has made all the difference in the world and keeping it in the fridge helps keep it top of mind. I’ll explain why here soon.

Step 2: Set a new old. Start small, don’t make your new “rule” CLEAN ALL THINGS EVERY DAY. You are setting yourself up for failure that way. I started by making sure the dinner plates didn’t sit in the sink overnight. I made my sink with hot soapy water before I started cooking and when I finished something I put it in the sink. That way you avoid the “I’ll soak this in here overnight.” No. No more of that mom, just create more work for you tomorrow. The next thing I added was not allowing clothes to go more than a day without being folded and put away. This is so hard for me. I hate folding clothes with a passion, but do you know what I hate the most? Spending more than 8 hours cleaning and folding clothes. Yes, that has happened. Starting with smaller goals like that has made it easier to keep up with the big picture.

Step 3: Take 15 minutes a day and pick up the house. I can go into each room and pick up the clutter and put it where it belongs. I move the clothes to the baskets, the trash to the dumpster, the glasses to the sink, the shoes to the cabinets, etc. I have a smaller house now, so it may need to be adjusted for you. You may need to take 15 minutes a day and do a room or level. Any quick pick up when you can will give you more time to enjoy on your actual days off.

Step 4: Become a Lister/Planner. I have a list for everything, especially now. I invested in a Plum Paper planner and I love it. The fact that you can choose from so many beautiful colors, add so many different options, customize it, and choose your start month are things that I love. I will buy the second one next month. I got the vertical layout which allows me to add notes to the left side of my schedule. I keep the calls I need to make, the bills I need to pay that week, and any minor tasks I need to handle by the end of the week on the left. Mark once I’ve paid an invoice and it’s out of account. I made the mistake of marking “paid” on a bill before it came out of the account and it turned us upside down when it came into our account a couple days later. On the right hand side I have all my appointments written for the week or any other important meeting/date. Every morning when I get to my desk, I open the calendar and see what needs to be handled. Even a reminder to return a Redbox is helpful when the prego brain decides to attack.

Step 5: Learn to say no. This has been very difficult for me. I’ve always been forward, forward, forward with about 10 different things going on at the same time. However, once you are pregnant, you must understand that you have new energy limitations. Even on my best days so far I have a solid 3-4 hours of high productivity for house cleaning and then I’m done. I also have to take this into account in my working day. I’m most productive first thing in the morning, so if there’s something imperative that needs to happen, I handle it as soon as I get there. Which brings me to my next point.

Step 6: Be honest. I am very lucky to work with a very family-owned company and an office that strives to take exceptional care of its employees. Management was aware of our fertility struggles and was very considerate as we maneuvered through the diagnosis, doctor’s appointments, and the emotional roller coaster that followed. So when I found out I was pregnant I told them right away. I understand that many women cannot afford this luxury, so as you navigate your own first trimester, be sure to take care of your current responsibilities, but I would suggest not taking on any new projects. I think it benefited me and my team a lot that everyone knew about it so soon. They understood if I was feeling sick and took care of the phone calls that I had to jump past to get to the bathroom. They also considered making sure he had lunch early if he needed to sleep earlier or needed to eat earlier. Again, I am very hurt with my work family.

Step 7: Remember to breathe. This is going to be one of the most joyous and life changing events. I know how it can overwhelm you. What needs to be done, what needs to be cleaned, what needs to be bought, how other moms judge their plans, and everything in between. However, take the time to also focus on the things you crave the most. Something that excites me a lot? Get the car seat in my truck. It’s like an official “I’m a mom” stamp.

Balancing being pregnant, housework, being a wife, and being a co-worker can become a circus act, but with a little more organization, planning, and hard work, the transition will be smoother in just a couple of strokes. Happy pregnancy moms!

hugs and kisses


Open Season – TCLOCS and ATGATT Spells SECURITY


Welcome to the grand opening of this year’s motorcycling season. For non-cyclists, it’s hard to describe the feeling that comes over avid cyclists when the uninhibited sense of freedom washes over them, knowing they’ll be taking to the roads. Some will ride for pleasure, taking them to desired or dreamed places. Some will take their cruisers, sports cruisers or touring cruisers out on the road and travel to a vacation spot, a rally or to visit friends or family. Serious adventurers will load up their enduro, dual sport and adventure bikes and make history trekking on and off the roads to places few of us will travel. I’m in honor of our two-wheeled “brothers and sisters” who have taken their bikes around the world! There are some of us who will make our daily journeys on our trusty metal steeds, partially satisfying a hunger to ride. The fact is that the season is here and the world will see and hear our machines on our roads and paths.



All the euphoria aside, it’s also the season to remind our brothers and sisters on the road that we’ll be out there. I speak to the vast majority of our neighbors who travel in their cars, trucks, vans and the like who, for the most part, have a measure of protection by being surrounded by the metal cage that these vehicles provide. We humbly ask that you remember to pause in left turn lanes, center turn lanes, intersections, driveways, and expressway lanes to look for someone riding a motorcycle near them. . Don’t just look once, look twice. Don’t be in such a hurry that you forget to take at least 10 seconds to look both ways twice. Doing so is an investment in your safety and the safety of all motorcyclists on the roads this season. Make it a habit, you will save a life.


The safety association also involves all motorcyclists. We want non-motorcyclists to know us but it is our part to be responsible with this great privilege and freedom of riding a motorcycle. Safe and responsible driving is vital for everyone on the road and it starts with the motorcyclist. Yes, it starts with you and me. Motorcycle safety is a heart/mindset that is developed long before we speed up. It involves a commitment to simple goals every time we travel. It is a commitment that we will live responsibly, we will take care of ourselves, we will not fall into alcohol or drugs, nor will we be angry or with anything that can distract us from traveling safely on the roads, streets and highways. Information on motorcycle safety is readily available across the country through your local motorcycle dealer, state driver’s license agencies, motorcycle associations, and organizations such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (www.msf-, which is sponsored by some of the major motorcycle manufacturers.


There needs to be a movement to ensure that motorcycle safety education begins while our youth are still in high school. In addition to our driver education programs, motorcycle safety should be added as a required module. Making MSF’s Basic Rider course an additional option during high school would also increase the spread of safety awareness for our children in their teens. It is in this age group that we see an increase in the use of sport bikes, some of the fastest machines on the road today.



Maintaining a safe driving profile for each of us is easy. For starters, here’s what you can do right now to increase your knowledge; go to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation website and download the Basic Course Manual for Cyclists (BRC). You can’t print it, but you can save it to your hard drive and read it on your computer. It has excellent content for both beginners and experienced pilots. Motorcycle safety training is a must, not an option. Many of these courses are free or do not cost much. you can check local or state training resources on the respective websites or search for training sites through the MSF website.



MSF’s Basic Motorcycle Course (BRC) manual outlines two main safety topics that clearly explain motorcycle safety: ATGATT and TCLOCS.


“All The Gear All The Time” (also known as ATGATT) is a rider-focused part of the equation and is the riding mindset in which the rider commits to personal safety by ensuring they wear the proper gear at all times. every trip, on every trip. regardless of distance or weather conditions. There are a plethora of types of gear on the market today (specifically: helmet/eye protection, jacket, gloves, pants, boots). You can get helmets for under $100 to over $500 depending on your budget or tastes. No matter what you choose, make sure it has the dual endorsement of the US Department of Transportation (DOT) (49CFR571.218) and the Snell Memorial Foundation, who extensively test helmets for crashworthiness. MSF courses require a DOT approved helmet as a minimum. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a helmet that didn’t have DOT and Snell endorsements due to the rigorous testing and research that has gone into those products.


When it comes to jackets, gloves, pants and boots, you will find a wide variety followed by mixed opinions from those who have bought them. The bottom line is that these items act as your outer skin, so choose wisely. You’ll find many options, from armored (reinforced with pads) to unshielded textile or leather. They must fully cover your arms, torso and legs and the boots must be at least booties or better. God forbid, but even a low-speed fall off the bike can cause serious injury. My stepdad was coming home from work, he slammed on the brakes because someone ran out in front of him. He was traveling about 35 mph with his sides down and his bike fell off. The bike skidded about 100 feet, it didn’t. The bike had few “insults”. One side of his body was bruised from head to toe, fractured shoulder/clavicle, wrist, fractured tibia/fibula and ankle. He was wearing a helmet, but no additional outer clothing. He was lucky. Fact: The right gear may not completely eliminate injuries, but it can save you a world of pain.


The BRC manual also describes the other side of the equation, the machine, called TCLOCS. The emphasis is on routine and preventive maintenance, specifically focusing on the pre-ride evaluation of your motorcycle. TCLOCS stands for:

T=Tires and wheels (pressure, tread quality/spokes, etc.)

C=Controls (cables, hoses, etc.)

L=Lights and electricity (do they work?)

O=Oils and other fluids (adequate levels)

Chassis (frame, bolts, suspension, etc.)

Side stand (integrity, automatic engine shut-off switch)


I have been almost 100% consistent with it and it takes me about 5 minutes (even checking tire pressure) before a ride. I also try to do a post ride check because things can change, bolts can come loose. The next time you see a biker worshiping his bike, don’t write it off as an obsession with materialism. No, it’s more of an obsession with security. Even routine motorcycle cleaning will reveal structural problems, cables that have come off, cracks in the hoses, and loose bolts, to name a few. Make TCLOCS a pre-trip ritual.



Benjamin Franklin received this insight through his lifetime of observing and working through some of the nation’s most difficult times. He rings true with motorcycling. It only takes a little effort at the beginning to avoid some very drastic consequences later on. It is a choice we all must make. Our commitment to pre-trip safety and responsible driving habits will not only save us. It will save the driver of the car or truck, as well as other motorcyclists. Yes, there are risks in motorcycling, but if you accept the risk and do your best to control the risks through proper and consistent safety checks, your next ride is very likely to be successful. Have a great and safe motorcycle season!


Helpful Links:

Motorcycle Safety Foundation –

Snell Memorial Foundation –

Fame is a fickle mistress: The most bankrupt celebrities in history

Fame is a very fickle mistress. When you’re a Hollywood celebrity, all you have to do is make a misstep, star in a tramp movie, get involved in a scandal, or more often than not, just let time pass and suddenly you find yourself forgotten by everyone. . except the Hollywood archivists and the die-hards. As much as many celebrities would like their stars to shine forever, it’s an unfortunate fact that in the movie industry, fame rarely outlives you. Many people, especially from the comedy and action sectors, have experienced this firsthand when they refuse to branch out or improve their acting prowess.

Here is a list of those once-great celebs who used to be a part of our afternoon sessions or affectionate conversations, but are now relegated to the background. Although they may be afterthoughts now, it’s also great to remember that there was a time when these people were once on top of the world in their respective fields. These miserable souls include:

– Gary Coleman: Many TV fans of yesteryear will remember the hit TV show ‘Different Strokes’ that made celebrities like Gary Coleman famous. His is actually kind of a success story because Coleman was born with a congenital kidney disorder that left him as low as he was. He got over that and became a star in ‘Different Strokes’, but this would also prove to be his downfall. He would forever be typecast as the black kid who said “What are you talking about, Willis?” and his future efforts would never match this success.

– Corey Feldman: One of the shining stars of the ’80s became one of his biggest disappointments when Corey Feldman, fresh out of hit movies like ‘Gremlins’ and ‘The Lost Boys,’ suddenly turned to drugs and was a victim of its power. His star dropped during the ’90s and one of the hottest teen sensations of the ’80s has yet to pick up the pace.

– Jean-Claude Van Damme: ‘The Muscles From Brussels’ was once the world’s biggest action star with the release of ‘Bloodsport’ in 1988. A slew of movies would soon follow to capitalize on the star power of this newly released action born. icon, but his career slowed down in the mid-1990s. He has no recent movies and only one ‘What’s Your Game’ commercial appearance to show for himself recently.

Printed with love: the Canon SELPHY CP790

The photographs you capture can be those of profound moments. For example, the time a newborn baby is born, the day of graduation, etc. The emotions you feel in that very moment can seem very magical and can change your life. While that memory will be etched in stone in your heart and mind, wouldn’t it be great to share those moments of joy with your loved ones?

Why bother printing photos?

One way to make this possible is to regularly print the photos you have taken of these precious moments. Almost everything is digital now.

While it’s definitely convenient, we forgot to print these images. When we realize it, the precious photographs of the happy moments that we wanted so much to treasure are lost in cyberspace.

The Canon SELPHY CP790

The printer I would recommend is the Canon SELPHY CP790. This printer can print images of those happy moments very quickly and quietly, also in a variety of different sizes. This feature makes it convenient for you if you want to create scrapbooks with your photos. Otherwise, you can display the photo in a photo frame on your bedroom shelf, or perhaps keep a photo in your wallet.

It really is best to create a card yourself, whether it’s a birthday or anniversary card, to give to someone. Since you make the card yourself, it will truly be a unique card, making it more unique and meaningful.

Why Canon SELPHY CP790?

What I like about the Canon SELPHY C970 printer is that you have full access to customize the card the way you want. This printer is portable and fits any type of memory cards. I find this really convenient.

Despite that, it also receives photos from your phone wirelessly. You can print your photos on postcards or in smaller sizes that fit in your wallet.

As well as being able to print photos quickly and quietly, the Canon SELPHY C970 also has a wide range of features including frames and borders. It also has a feature called ‘MyColour’ that allows you to adjust the colors of your photos before you print them.

How do I use the Canon SELPHY CP790?

Step 1

Connect the SELPHY printer to the power cable. Load photo papers into the postcard cartridge. Then connect the cartridge to the printer before turning on the printer.

Step 2

There’s the multiple memory card slot that lets you slide in your memory card. The SELPHY C790 printer can accommodate the vast majority of different types of memory cards. You can also send photos from your phone or laptop to the printer via Bluetooth.

Step 3

To print photos on postcard-size images, press on the MENU button and then select FRAME PRINT. Once you’re done, click on the okay button. You can select the CHANGE SETTINGS option to further customize the color and border before printing.

Step 4

In this step, you can now preview and choose the image you want to print. Make your selection by checking or toggling left or right. After that, press on the okay button.

Now choose a frame or border of your choice that best suits your photo. Now you can rotate or zoom the image as you like. You can also adjust its position. When you are finally satisfied with the settings, click the okay button.

Step #5

If you want to use the special function of the printer, select MENU to further customize your image on the CHANGE SETTINGS option. Select PRINT SETTINGS where you can select borderless printing, change the color options in MY COLOR from sepia to vivid, correct red eye and many more.

Step #6

Select the number of copies you want for that photo. Then select PRINT.

Once the photos are printed, you can take them out and tear them along the perforated sides. Now you can start decorating. You can use colored paper and stack your photos to make the card.

Get creative when decorating the card. One suggestion is that you can use glitter, stickers, sparkly ribbons, and buttons as well to personalize your card.

Download Lost Episodes – How to Download Lost Episodes from the Net

Everyone is glued to their sets, following the hit TV show – Lost. And if you want to download Lost episodes from the net, you can do that too. But before we show you what to look for, let’s recap what happens in Lost.

If you’ve somehow missed all the fuss about this popular drama, here are the basics. A group of plane crash survivors are trying to survive while stranded on an island in the South Pacific.

This show features a great cast with detailed backgrounds, making it one of the most intriguing and also one of the most expensive shows on television today. Typically, the show’s format features a main story in each episode, in addition to a secondary backstory. So far, there are three seasons of this hit show and it has been a huge success. 15.5 million people watched Lost every night for the first year. Lost is scheduled to continue running until May 2010, so there are three more seasons to come.

If you’re interested in finding out what all the fuss is about or making sure you don’t miss another episode, one solution is to search online for download lost episodes. You can get episode segments for free on various sites.

These include Revver and Youtube. However, due to the video size limitations these sites host, the quality is often poor and full episodes cannot be viewed. If you just want to review your favorite moments from an episode, that’s fine, but people who want to watch the full episode will be disappointed. Many people use these free sites, but they are not the best way to download Lost episodes.

Fortunately, there is another solution.

You can sign up for a site that provides downloads by paying a one-time membership fee. This will allow you to download any Lost episode you want, without spending a bundle. Whether you want to catch up on the series and find out what the country is talking about, or just get the episode you missed last week, this solution can help.

You can download Lost episodes whenever you want and save them as backups to watch later. Of course, once a DVD of an episode is available, you’ll probably want to pick it up, since digital TV is of lower quality and doesn’t have all the extras. But until then, a download service is a great way to stay on top of the Lost series. You are not even restricted to just recent episodes. All episodes of each season are kept on file for your convenience and you only have to pay once.

Whether you’re a long-time Lost fan or a new one who wants to know what’s going on, you’ll find that your life is greatly improved by the ability to download Lost episodes. More and more fans are turning to online sites to get their favorite TV shows. Hopefully, this article has helped you find a new way to download Lost episodes and keep up with the plot.

consequences of fornication

The great Isaac Newton stated in his third law of motion that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This means that every action has a reaction. In life, everything we do, big or small, good or bad, has a consequence that can be positive or negative. The consequences can be abrupt or they can take time to become effective, it can take many years, but the fact is that it must happen. Fornication is a sin that God hates, God does not hate sinners, what he hates is sin. The Bible says that their eyes are so pure that they cannot see iniquity.

Many Christians take fornication for granted and live a carefree lifestyle all they say is that God will understand so let us enjoy after all he is a merciful father and when we come to him in repentance he will forgive we joke with his commandments. He will truly understand that you are disobedient to his commands and he hopes that you will also understand when he punishes you because you also know that he “honors his word more than his name” and that he hates sin. “No sin will go unpunished, whatever a man sows, that he will reap.” There are no two ways to do it, it is very clear that you will surely be rewarded for everything you do, be it good or bad. God is love and of this there is no doubt and he has shown his love countless times and will show it continuously but many also forget that he is merciful but also dangerous.

“for our God is a consuming fire” Hebrews 12:29 (KJV).

Our God has two faces, he blesses and he curses, he rewards and he also punishes, he can do and undo, therefore he should not be taken for granted. “The Lord kills and gives life; he lowers and exalts, he raises the poor from the dust and raises the beggar from the dunghill, to put them among the princes, and make them inherit the throne of glory; because the pillars of the earth belong to the Lord, and he founded the world on them. He will keep the feet of the saints from him, and the wicked will be mute in darkness, for by force no one will prevail.” 1 Samuel 2:6-9 (KJV).

No matter how long it takes, the consequences of fornication will always prevail. Fornication is a threat and has negative effects that affect people in various branches of life. Rub a man from the rites of him both physically and spiritually and otherwise. Now let’s see this:

“And it came to pass that when Israel dwelt in the land, Reuben went and lay with Bilhah his father’s concubine, and Israel heard him. Now the sons of Jacob are twelve” Genesis 35:22 (KJV).

Reuben entered his father’s concubine, fornicated with her and actually thought that his father would not notice, he carried out this evil and disgusting act and continued with life without knowing that a punishment awaited him in the future. Reuben was the first son and firstborn of Israel, he was the heir to the throne of Israel and a symbol of authority, he was supposed to be a blessing, an epitome of success, he was supposed to be an explorer, but Reuben lost, that’s all . on the altar of fornication, the tiny pleasure of sin many years ago ruined and frightened his promising future and prevented him from receiving his blessings.

Rubén, you are my firstborn, my strength and the beginning of my strength, the excellence of dignity and the excellence of power. Unstable as water, you will not stand out because you climbed into your father’s bed, and then you polluted it: he climbed into my bed.” Genesis 49:3-4 (KJV)

Israel was old and about to die, he asked his children to meet to tell them what would happen to them, of the 12 children Rubén was the oldest and as such he expected the greatest blessing that was actually his traditional rite, his expectation. he must have been that tall, but when Israel looked at Reuben, said Reuben “you are my firstborn”, it reminded Reuben of his privileged position in the family as firstborn and firstborn, a double honor, I guess Reuben would have nodded to that. , continued “my strength” and “the beginning of my strength”-he meant that with you I proved to the world that I am a powerful man, Reuben would have been happy, he said “the excellence of dignity” and “the excellence of power”: he wanted To say that Reuben was in charge and leading, and I wonder how excited and relaxed Reuben would have been to hear all these sweet words from his father, because once Reuben had confidence in himself, his hopes rose. high but he was shocked, surprised and disapp anointed when Israel said “unstable as water, you will not be superior”. Reuben and his 11 brothers would have been dumbfounded for a moment and looked at each other wondering what was going on until Jacob said “you went up to your father’s bed and desecrated it”. Jacob did not stay there, he reiterated in agony “he climbed on my bed”. Lo and behold, Reuben received a curse instead of a blessing because of the sin of fornication, which he did in secret and thought no one knew was brought to light.

“There is nothing hidden under the sun, whatever you do in secret will one day be revealed”

Reuben lost and forfeited his blessings not because his father hated him but because of the sin he committed, maybe he did it just once as many of us would say “I did it just once” but we may never get a chance to correct the wrong that we have done even once. God hates fornication and punishes fornicators, fornication brings shame and disrespect, makes man lose his spiritual power, he despises him. Christians must be very careful. The consequence of fornication can be so great that we could cry “if only I knew.” There may never be a chance to say sorry, so live your life righteously and fear the Lord.

“Do not deceive yourselves because God cannot be mocked”.

Fornication has also resulted in several unwanted pregnancies, where many miscarry and some even lose their wombs or even their lives in the abortion process. Fornication has also inflicted many with various kinds of diseases like STDs and AIDS.

“Losing your destiny as a result of fornication is not what can be prevented with human measures as the appearance of AIDS and other diseases can be prevented with condoms, or as pregnancies can also be prevented with the help of contraceptives or with any other preventive measure. . they will only be prevented from adhering to God’s commandments.”

“For by means of a harlot woman a man is led to a piece of bread; and the adulteress will seek precious life. Can a man take fire in his bosom and his clothes do not burn? Can a man walk on hot coals and his feet will not be burned? Proverbs 6:26-28 (KJV).

Every man and woman has to be very careful with sexual immorality because it is dangerous ground to tread, it reduces man to a piece of bread and hunts the precious life that God has given him, fornication only seeks to mutilate man, destroys what that God has given you. The bible calls it fire and you can’t bring fire on you and you won’t be consumed, that’s how you can’t escape God’s wrath on fornication or sexual immorality no matter what. Don’t joke about this act and its dangerous and consuming consequence because many will never get out of it alive.

Another consequence that many believers are unaware of is demonic possession, which is why many individuals living on the surface are demonically possessed by one or another strange spirit, some are aware that they are possessed why some or not. The devil possesses both men and women and this demon possession is contagious. This means that when a normal person is fornicating with a demon-possessed individual, the person in one way or another becomes initiated. This is one that many people experience demonic oppressions and disturbances either through dreams or by any other means but they cannot understand it, they begin to experience strange feelings and become confused, that is because many have become entangled with spiritual forces through the sexual intercourse Many are not cautious and aware of this fact, many believers never exist, they say that it is just a feeling that is not reality, and therefore many are under the influence of Satan even in marriage and think that they are normal. As Christians, we need to be vigilant and aware of the fact that the physical is governed by the spiritual, spiritual forces are real, they exist, believe it or not. The devil and his agents are doing everything they can to make Christians fail that is why a Christian should not date just anyone and anyway Christians should be careful about any sexual relationship they are in and completely stop aside fornication and adultery. The battle goes beyond the physical.

“For we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness on high” Ephesians 6:12 (RV).

The apostle Paul was pointing out the forces that surround the earth, they are not ordinary, nor physical, nor of flesh and blood and therefore they are spiritual forces of evil and these forces are powerful. The battle here is not the one that can be won by an ordinary man with common ideas and principles and that is why he told them: “Put on the full armor of God so that you can stand firm against the wiles of the devil.” You will fall without the full armor of the Lord, the armor of the Lord is the instructions of the Lord.

“You can only approach the spiritual with the spiritual”

Let me remind you that the great consequence of demonic possession cannot be overcome with condoms with which many are disappointed. It is not physical and a physical environment cannot avoid it, so we must be careful. So many marriages and relationships are failing and have failed today because one partner in a relationship has become entangled in a wrong union with a demon possessed individual and the devil will not only let you use his property and walk free just like that, he is wiser than that. Businesses and spiritual lives have also collapsed due to a bad union with the possessed. Unhappiness, failure, malaise; fear and lack of peace are also consequences of fornication. Many find themselves failing in everything they do and they think that it is not time to excel or they think that it is not what God wants in their path without knowing that they are under the demonic influence of the devil because they have joined themselves. with the devil

“Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers; for what fellowship has justice with unrighteousness? And what fellowship has light with darkness? And what concord has Christ with Belial? Or what share has he who believes with the unbeliever? the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God; as God has said, I will dwell in them and walk in them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people” 2 Corinthians 6 :14-16 (RV).

Our body belongs to God and his temple, therefore we must always keep it hygienized, we must maintain it and not profane it. We are children of light and we should walk and shine as such and we should not be yoked with the devil because we should not have any relationship with him. Visiting prostitutes or sex houses is a sin and God frowns, pornography pollutes the mind and is profane in the eyes of the Lord, God also hates any other perversion.

“Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived, neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor those who abuse themselves with men” 1 Corinthians 6: 9 (RV).

The greatest of all the consequences of fornication is to lose heaven and perish in hell, because no fornicator or adulterer will inherit the kingdom of heaven, the bible says that we should not be deceived, there are no two ways to do it. What happens when you get the ungodly pleasure of sex here on earth and lose your soul in hell makes no sense, so we must be wise not to miss out on everlasting pleasure and peace with God our creator in heaven.

Consequences of Division Within the Body of Christ – Spiritual Immaturity and Sexual Immorality

The division in the church is the result of man’s attempt to incorporate his imperfect religious ideas, perceptions, and rituals into the perfection of God’s Holy Word. In biblical days, the Corinthian church was the perfect example of this type of behavior within the church. Paul addressed his behavior regarding this matter and warned them of the consequences of division (1 Corinthians 3:4). It seems that this same type of thinking is plaguing our churches today. Unfortunately, in modern society, we accept philosophical thought as the final authority on truth; especially, if the speaker has fame and fortune. Our society has begun to show that money and material gain equals wisdom in all matters. The Body of Christ has made a habit of transferring the thought pattern of the world to its new life in Christ. Unfortunately, the church wants to continue to rely on their own understanding and discard the power of the Holy Spirit to direct their lives. Earthly knowledge portrayed in our churches will always consist of various opinions; thus, fostering division in the church. Earthly knowledge should never take precedence over the Word of God. The Word of God should always be the final authority in governing the circumstances and issues of our daily lives. What are the consequences of division in the Church? Spiritual immaturity and sexual immorality are two results of division in the church. There are several other consequences of division in the church; but these are the two that I am going to discuss today.

Spiritual immaturity is one of the main results of division in the church. The Body of Christ must focus on exemplifying unity in the church. The spiritual foundation of the church is based on the Word of God. Quarrels, jealousies, gossip and chaos are friends of the world; therefore, enemies of spiritual growth. Unity in the Body of Christ can only be obtained through the Word of God (Ephesians 4:13). When we do not conduct our behavior on a strong spiritual foundation based on Christ, we will never grow in Christ. Unfortunately, the Body of Christ has adopted expressions such as “baby in Christ” and “carnally minded” as accepted states in the life of a believer. These terms should never become permanent fixtures in the believer’s life. Spiritual immaturity is the exception in the believer’s life, not the rule. When the believer does not grow in Christ, he ceases to be what God has called him to be. Every day, the believer must strive to become more like Christ (Galatians 4:19). The life of the believer must be ordered by the Word of God and nourished by the Holy Spirit.

Sexual immorality is the second result of division in the church. This type of behavior has become so ingrained in our culture that it has become accepted within the Body of Christ. The behavior of the Body of Christ related to sexual perversion has become a mirror for the world regarding this matter. God’s Word declares that his people are not to be conformed to the world; but to be renewed in our mind (Romans 12:2). It seems that believers are taking a reverse role with the world. God has declared that his people are the head and not the tail (Deuteronomy 28:13). Believers are called to be the light in a dark world. When believers embrace or indulge in sexually inappropriate behavior, the world takes the church’s behavior as a stamp of approval for its own sexual perversion. When it comes to sexual behavior, the church must align itself with the Word of God. This is the standard set by God that must be exemplified in every aspect of our lives.

Division in the church is a major problem; but we have the assurance of the Word of God. Jesus is the head of the church and will always have control over its final destiny. Jesus is fully aware of the division in the Body of Christ and I am sure that he has a reason for allowing the division to remain within the church. Jesus promised to build up the church, never abandon the church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against the church (Matthew 16:18). The responsibility of the Body of Christ is to trust in Christ. We have to give up our own way of thinking and accept the authority of God’s Word in our lives. Every day we should get rid of our “worldly beliefs” and put on the whole armor of God. The Body of Christ has to stop trusting in his knowledge and start trusting in the wisdom of God.

The 10 most common questions about ferret kits

Baby ferrets, or kits as they are also called, are charming little creatures that drive strong personalities and lots of energy. As such, many people who want to buy a ferret think about starting over with a baby ferret. However, many are confused about what it means to care for a baby. Here are the answers to the 10 most common questions about baby ferrets.

1. Is a kit right for me?

This mainly depends on your available time. It is true that puppies are more active and much more playful than adult ferrets, so they require much more time and attention, but give them the love they need and you can see them grow and enjoy them full of energy for many years. . Keep in mind that you will have to train and socialize the little one; in effect, you will be his (human) older brother, teaching him to distinguish right from wrong.

The problem is further complicated if you already have small children at home. Human children and ferrets are not a good mix, as not only will you find it difficult to spend time with both, but children can often be quite cruel to small animals, even without realizing it, and puppies have a bad habit of biting As such, there is some potential for conflict and injury. So before you make the decision, think about whether or not you can give the kit all the time and attention it needs, without hurting your job or your kids.

2. How much does a kit cost?

This depends from country to country and whether you buy it from a pet store, breeder or shelter. In the US, you should be prepared to pay anywhere from $75 to $300. Shelters are the cheapest, but you’ll usually only find full-grown stallions there. Pet stores come second, while breeders are the most expensive.

3. When can I neuter or descent my baby ferret?

If you want to spay and/or descend them, wait until they enter the seventh week of life.

4. What should I feed my baby ferret?

Unless you have bred him from birth, a kit should be weaned off his previous diet. To make your life easier, when you buy your new pet, ask the breeder or pet store clerk what kind of food he’s been giving him and, if he’s given special food, what brand it was. If you decide to change your diet, don’t do it abruptly, but slowly and gradually introduce the new food into your diet.

While adults will do fine eating cat food, ferret food is recommended for babies because they need higher quality protein in their diet and cat food just doesn’t have that. One tip to remember is to soak your food in warm water for a few minutes, regardless of whether you’re changing your diet or not. Make sure the food contains 35 percent or more protein and 20 percent fat and look for balanced fats like poultry fat because it contains a better mix of essential fatty acids, essential for your little ferret. Also make sure that it has enough water all the time and change the water twice a day. Never leave your baby without water! Dehydration can cause serious health problems.

5. Is it safe for my children to play with a kit?

For the sake of your young ferret and your children, it’s probably a good idea to keep them apart as much as possible, or at least keep them under supervision while they play with each other. The problem goes both ways: children can easily hurt a baby ferret while playing with it, and the latter have a bad (yet cute) habit of being bitten. Biting is not a habit you should encourage in your ferret, especially when you have small children around.

6. How should I set up the cage for my kit?

You should prepare a large cage for them and make sure they have enough space to move and play. Try to avoid metal cages as they are prone to rust. If you buy a cage made of plastic-coated wire, make sure your furry isn’t chewing on the wires. The crate should also have plenty of places for the puppy to sleep and hide. Accessories like hammocks and sleeping bags are highly appreciated by babies, but make sure they don’t hurt themselves using them. For bedding, you can use any type of soft padding.

7. Do baby ferrets need vaccinations?

Depending on their age, small ferrets generally need up to five vaccinations. If you bought it from a reputable source, it’s probably already had its first shit (called a distemper injection), so you don’t have to worry about that. Make sure the ferret you buy has a health certificate, so you can see what vaccinations it already has and take it to the vet to schedule future vaccinations.

8. How many babies can a mother ferret have?

Normally, a mother will give birth to 7 or 8 pups.

9. My ferret just gave birth, but her pups appear to be blind. This is normal?

Don’t worry, this is completely normal. Like many other animals, ferrets are practically blind at birth. Only later, after about three weeks, do they begin to open their eyes.

10. When can baby ferrets leave their mother?

They are ready to leave their mother after six weeks. This is when you need to step in and take on the role of the ferret parent. Remember to take them to the vet when they are seven weeks old.

The best pro wrestling workers of all time

In the performing art of wrestling, there are many professional wrestling runners who consistently lose. Because wrestling is fixed, obviously some of the wrestlers will have to lose. Those wrestlers who exist for the sole purpose of losing to others to make themselves look good are called jobbers, and they are one of the backbones of professional wrestling. This article is dedicated to listing the top 10 professional wrestling riders of all time.

10. Vincent/Virgil

This guy never put up much of a fight, but he always seemed to be around. When he was in the WWF, he went by the name “Virgil”, poking fun at WCW’s booking chief at the time, Dusty Rhodes (whose real name is Virgil). When he came to WCW, they decided to return the favor by changing his name to Vincent in honor of WWF (now WWE) owner Vince McMahon.


Lodi didn’t wrestle much either, however she was always present on WCW TV in the heat of the attitude era. He was a member of Raven’s flock, and never seemed to do much more than hold up signs and cheer Raven on. He would occasionally get involved in a match, take a hit, and that was it. Perpetual intermediary.

8. The Bad Street Gang

Another relic of the attitude era, the Mean Street Posse was supposedly a group of Shane McMahon’s childhood friends. They never really won any matches, and mostly existed to put others above. They usually only became very entertaining when they got beaten up mercilessly, or by the presence of Shane McMahon and his goofy and goofy dancing.

7. Kaitai

This group was made up of Taka Mikinochu, Funaki, and several other members of Japanese descent. They were involved in a number of ridiculous angles, including cutting out a certain part of Val Venis’s anatomy. Funaki is perhaps best known for the later angle of him as “Smackdown’s #1 Announcer”.

6. Shark Boy

Shark Boy is a relatively recent phenomenon, becoming known only as TNA’s stature rose from around 2004. Kids seem to love him, and yet he almost always loses, which helps win over the younger audience. Recently, he has developed a personality where he makes fun of Stone Cold Steve Austin, which adds to the sheer work of him.

5. Gangrel

Gangrel was a member of The Brood during the Attitude era, along with Edge and Christian. While Edge and Christian became world champions, Gangrel continued to put on weight and now wrestles on the independent scene as “The Vampire Warrior.” He has a sweet entrance that saw him walk up the stage surrounded by a ring of fire, but ultimately such a great entrance was wasted on this middle man.

4. Colin Delaney

Colin Delaney is another newcomer to the world of jobbers, but he has done very well. After a successful run as a face broker in ECW, he was later switched to heel to work with the faces on the roster. He has been giving great performances on the road. Hopefully, after his ECW run, he’ll move on to Smackdown or RAW to work those respective rosters.

3. Brooklyn Brawler

The Brooklyn Brawler is one of the best known brokers, having worked with the WWF/WWE for decades. He seems to show up every now and then to collect a paycheck, and is always amused at losing him.

2. The Clash Master

The Shockmaster was only around for a very short time, but he will be remembered. He used a voice distortion effect when he spoke and wore what can only be called a purple glitter painted stormtrooper helmet. He fell through a wall when he made his debut and was rarely seen afterwards.

1. To Snow

What does everyone want? Al Snow managed to send the crowd into a frenzy with just those few words. He made a name for himself by founding the JOB Squad, a stable made up entirely of jobbers. He made watching the jobbers really entertaining. He wasn’t that bad of a fighter either. All in all, Al Snow is the greatest racer of all time without a doubt.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Lawn Bowl

The ultimate guide to choosing a lawn bowl.

Selecting a lawn bowl is a very personal thing and there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a bowl. There are now over 30 different models available in the UK, each with a different bias, in eight sizes (00-6), four weights (medium, medium heavy, heavy and extra heavy), with at least six different types of grip, not to mention the wide range of colors. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the number of bowlers who bowl the wrong size or get lost before they start is considerable.

I hope the following has answered some, if not all, of your questions, allowing you to make an informed decision about which bowl set best suits your needs.


Honestly, the brand is the least important factor when buying a bowl set. Often club players will argue the merits of one brand over another. The truth is that all bowling manufacturers produce a wide range of good quality products that meet the standards set by World Bowls and almost every player will be able to find the right bowling pin for them.

Most established bowlers will have a personal preference which often comes up when trying out different bowls, either with a clubmate or at your local bowl store. Choosing a particular model will depend on what suits you best, whether you intend to play indoors and outdoors or want a bowl specifically for faster indoor greens.

There are several manufacturers of lawn bowls in the UK. Models are shown in parentheses.

• Taylor Bowls (Lazer, Vector VS, Blaze, Ace, International, Legacy SL, Lignoid)

• Henselite (Dreamline, Tiger II, Classic II, Tiger, Classic)

• Drake’s Pride (Advantage, Fineline, Professional, Jazz)

• Almark (Gold of law, Sterling Slim-Line, Arrow)


The size of your bowl is perhaps the most important aspect of selecting a lawn bowl. Get it wrong and you’ll either hit the opposite shore with a thud or drop it at your feet. As a guide, most men will play with a bowl between sizes 3 and 5, with 3 being the smaller of the two bowls. Checkers usually play with bowls between 00 and 2 in size, with 00 again being the smaller of the two.

The most popular method for determining which size is best for you is to use both hands to spread your middle fingers and thumb apart around the running surface (the smooth area around the center of the bowl so your thumbs touch the bottom of the bowl). and your middle fingers meet at the top to form a circle.If you can accomplish this without leaving too much room at the top of the bowl, it’s probably the right size for you.

But I would recommend trying one or two methods besides making sure you have the right size. Take the bowl that suits you best following the previous method and two more bowls, one of a smaller size and one of a larger size. Taking each bowl in turn, hold it as if you were about to hand it over, with it sitting comfortably in the palm of your hand (according to his preference) and your fingers placed on the grips, swing your arm back and forth. If you feel like the bowl might topple over, it’s obviously too big, but if you can maintain a firm, comfortable grip, then this is another tick in the box.

Lastly, he would ask the pitcher to reach out in front of him, holding the bowl upside down. If after 30 seconds your arm starts to hurt or shake, it’s probably too big for you. However, if you keep a firm, comfortable grip, this will confirm that this is most likely the right size bowl for you. You can even try the same routines with the next size up to make sure you’re not messing with a bowl that’s too small; You should always play with the largest and heaviest bowl that you can comfortably deliver and control. .


Generally, there are two weights, medium and heavy, although some manufacturers offer medium and extra heavy weight options. The weight of a bowl is indicated by the number and letter on the side of the bowl, ie 3H is a size three bowl with a heavy weight, 2M is a size two with a medium weight. In the UK quite a few bowlers own two sets: a heavyweight set for the faster inside surfaces and a medium weight set for the slower outside greens.

The weight difference needs to be considered along with the size of the bowl in terms of what happens during a match. A bowl certainly has its biggest advantages, as it will have more momentum and is more likely to stay on your head. If it is comfortable for the bowler to hold and deliver, I would always recommend purchasing a heavier bowl no matter what size you have chosen.

Indoor or outdoor?

If you primarily play indoors I would recommend a bowl with a narrower bias such as a Taylor Lazer, Vector VS or Blaze, a Henselite Classic II or Tiger Pro or a Drakes Pride Fineline or Advantage. Otherwise, you might find yourself aiming for the far end of the next track so that the bowl swings towards your head.

Unless of course you’re a confident bowler, prefer a wider bias or play to the back, in which case you might as well consider a Taylor Ace or International, a Henselite Tiger or Tiger II or a Drakes Pride Professional or Jazz.

If you are a more hardy breed and spend the summer enjoying the delights of the British summer then the bowl bias is less important unless you play number three or jump when you have to negotiate your way around the other bowls.


Choosing your bowl bias largely depends on whether you are an indoor or outdoor bowler and what position you play in pairs, triples or fours (lanes). If you primarily play indoors, I’d recommend a narrower bias. But if you play outdoors, a wider bias is likely to suit your needs.

If you are just starting out in the game, I would advise starting with a bowl with a narrow to medium bias, as you will probably be asked to play at number one or two, where your main task is to get as close to the jack as possible. as possible. Playing these positions will also give you a chance to find your line and your weight.

Bowls with a narrow to medium skew (best for indoors) include:

• Taylor Bowling (Lazer, Vector VS, Blaze, Ace)

• Henselite (Dreamline, Tiger II, Classic II)

• Drake Pride (Advantage, Fineline, Professional)

• Almark (Arrow, Sterling Slimline)

Bowls with a medium to wide bias (better for outdoors) include:

• Taylor Bowls (Ace, International, Legacy SL, Lignoid)

• Henselite (Classic II, Classic, Tiger)

• Drakes Pride (Professional, Jazz)

• Almark (Sterling Slimline, Sterling Gold)

In general, an indoor bowl is designed to have a much narrower bias, while an outdoor bowl is often too wide swing for indoor use and can be difficult to control. When I say indoor bowling I don’t mean short-mat bowling – you can get away with using indoor or outdoor bowling in a short-mat game, but there are bowling designed specifically for this format of play: Stevens and Drakes Pride are the best known.

If you search Google Images using the terms taylor bias plot, henselite bias plot, drakes pride bias plot, and almark bias plot, you will find a plot illustrating the bias (the lines that the bowls take) of every bowl in the manufacturer’s range of bowls. .


Grips are the notched or indented rings around the sides of the bowl that offer a place to place your thumb and fingers when delivering. These provide a more secure grip and better control, especially in cold and humid or hot and sweaty conditions. If you primarily bowl indoors, then grips are less important.

There are several types of grip (deep dimple, shallow dimple, progrips, crescent grooves, vertical grooves) available depending on the manufacturer and model, so I would suggest trying bowls with different grips before making a decision. Again, if you belong to a club ask your mates if you can have a roll-up with their bowls to get a better idea of ​​which one is more comfortable and suits your style of bowling.


Originally, all bowls were made of lignum hardwood and were therefore brown in color. When composition bowls were introduced, they were invariably black. Today, bowls are available in almost 50 colors, shades, and patterns, and although they are a bit more expensive, the price difference is narrowing. The color of your bowls is a purely personal choice.


A new set of bowls will cost between £160 and £230, so unless the customer is sure they know what they want, we always recommend that beginners buy a second hand set for between £30 and £120. These can often be purchased through your club’s notice board, some retailers, or alternatively take a look on Ebay where there are always plenty of second hand bowls for sale. As long as they are no more than 15 years old (you can determine the age by examining the oval or rectangular seal on the side of the container, the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty seal) and no scratches or serious scratches (minor surface scratches are not will affect performance) will still serve their purpose. And if you later decide to trade in your bowls, a secondhand set will only lose a fraction of its original cost when you resell it.

With so many bowls on the market, I always suggest seeking the advice of a specialist bowl retailer and, if possible, asking if you could try out the model you want to buy. Sometimes bowling shops located inside indoor arenas have samples that can be tried.

In the end, whatever bowls you choose, they are only as good as the player. Bowling can be the most rewarding or frustrating game. One day you’ll throw the opposition off the green and the next you won’t get within six feet of the jack. It can be as irritating as it is rewarding.

A huge part of the game, in any format, is about consistency. I can’t recommend it highly enough that practice makes perfect, whether alone or with another player, drawing the jack over and over again using both your forehand and backhand. But that is for another time.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If so, please recommend him to any other new bowlers you know. Whatever format of game you choose to play and whatever bowls you choose to buy, I hope you not only enjoy the game, but also the friendships you make and the vibrant social scene that goes along with it.