Barbados – The six best beaches in Barbados

By law, all beaches in Barbados are open to the public from high tide to the sea. None is off limits to anyone. This is great if you like stargazing; The beaches of Barbados are a favorite getaway for celebrities from all over the world. Famous or not, everyone who visits marvels at Barbados’ pink and white beaches, which are made of coral reefs that have been ground into a very fine powder by ocean waves.

The “favorite beaches” are not automatically those graced by the placid waters of the Caribbean Sea. It is true that many of us like the “zen” of calm. But some of us yearn for the exciting churning of the Atlantic Ocean.

With its 70 miles of beaches, Barbados offers both. The water that washes the beaches of the west coast, also known as our “Platinum Coast”, is the Caribbean Sea, which is as calm as a lake. The Atlantic Ocean on the east coast offers waves for world-class surfers; it’s fun to sit on the beach at the “Soup Bowl” in Bathsheba on the east coast and watch surfers risk life and limb to catch the perfect wave.

The south coast offers a mix of Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean waters; these waters are not calm but neither are they tumultuous. The living water and sugar white sands make the beaches of the south coast a favorite of many of our visitors.

Any “best” list is a personal effort, and listing the best beaches in Barbados is necessarily even more personal. There are so many that I like that there could be any combination on any list. But here’s a stab at it anyway.

1. Carlisle Bay. We start close to town, on a mile-long stretch of beach that runs along historic Carlisle Bay, from the Hilton at one end (called Needham’s Point) to Bridgetown at the other. This beach is actually divided into local sections like Yacht Club Beach, Burke’s Beach, Browne’s Beach, etc., but it is a stunning expanse, loved by many Barbadians.

2. Brandon Beach. On the north side of the city, along the beginning of the West Coast. Another long stretch of incredible white sand, nestled in calm, warm waters. Brandon’s Beach becomes Brighton Beach and then becomes Brandon’s Beach again. But whatever you call it, it’s a beauty.

3. Sandy Lane Beach. The center of West Coast opulence. This is a great place to hang out and watch the stars of the world famous Sandy Lane Hotel come to bask in the warm Caribbean Sea. Madonna, Pavarotti, Jagger, Cowell, Tiger Woods (who honeymooned there), they’ve all been there and they all come back. And it’s no wonder: the beach is pristine white, with water so clear you can see your toes wiggle.

4. Cattlewash Beach. Stretching for several miles along Barbados’ rugged east coast, Cattlewash Beach soaks up the power of the Atlantic waves’ first landfall after a 3,000-mile journey. As a result, the surf is magnificent, pounding day and night. The places to swim are small pools and secluded areas; other places can be dangerous. Interestingly, the beach on the east coast has coarse, coarse, brown sand.

5. Crane Beach. A wonderful view from the imposing perspective of the Crane Hotel, and a delight to swim or stroll. This is the southeast of the island, but the waves are broken by a long barrier reef, so the sea is safe and shallow. Accessible through the hotel property or by public road.

6. Accra Beach. Right in the action zone of the South Coast. You’ll often see superstar singer Rhianna here. She is a native of Barbados and comes home often. And why wouldn’t she choose Accra Beach? Accra is a half-mile shimmering white beach, with excellent swimming and body surfing areas along it.

By now, for anyone who knows Barbados, my list is bound to have its supporters and its detractors. The truth is that there probably isn’t a bad beach anywhere on the island. So go ahead and explore them all and make your own favorites list!

Organic Gardening – A Speech for Teachers

Organic gardening has increasingly become an important part of the curriculum in schools around the world. Teachers in all grades are teaching it to students and are sometimes asked to give a speech to a group of parents. As a professional educator and director, I know the difficulty of opening time for speech preparation and offer this speech on organic gardening for your use. Feel free to edit it to fit your needs.

organic gardening speech

How selfish are you? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how selfish would you rate yourself? If you’re a bit selfish, you might be interested in organic gardening.

A speech on organic gardening may seem more appropriate coming from a home economics professor, but I’m selfish enough to love organic gardening. I want to share that love with you and your children.


I want you to come with me, in your imagination, to a time and place before the Industrial Revolution. The year is 1707. We are at the end of summer. We find ourselves walking through the streets of a small town. The houses are well spaced for privacy. The land stretches out behind each house. As we look around, we notice that much of that land is taken up by gardens. Here and there, we see both adults and children actively participating in gardening. The plants are beautiful.

You call one of the adults and ask what they use to make the garden so lush. A wide smile opens, and through the smile come the words: “Feed the earth and the earth will feed the plants.”

You shake your head. Poor people. Too bad they don’t know about that miracle combination of chemicals you saw advertised on TV last week. That’s the easy way to grow spectacular plants!


The organic gardener invites us to join them for dinner and we accept. At dinner, we join in the prayer of thanksgiving and then watch in awe as the children, one after another, start eating fresh vegetables.

You are not so fond of vegetables yourself, but politely take a small portion of each. You bite into a steamed cabbage leaf and your eyes widen in amazement. It’s sweet, twice as sweet as the cabbage you buy at your local market! You see a little boy stuff his mouth with dark green kale and wince. There’s a tiny spoonful of the nasty vegetable on your own plate, and you chop it up, putting a single tiny leaf in your mouth. Amazing! It’s also twice as sweet as any kale you’ve ever eaten. The same seems true for all the vegetables on the table. You decide that if the vegetables in the supermarket were so good, you would eat many more.

Our imaginary journey ends at that table and we return to the present.

Benefits of organic gardening

Organic gardening has many benefits. If you are completely selfish, you will want those benefits for yourself. If you are not selfish, you will want those benefits for your family. Let me give you just three of the benefits of organic gardening.

1. Taste: Organic gardening has been shown to produce tasty fruits and vegetables. A study from Hong Kong measured Brix levels, the percentage of sugar in plant juices, using organic and non-organic garden products. The results showed that organic gardening produced products that were 2 to 4 times sweeter than those produced by non-organic gardening. Sweeter fruits and vegetables are tastier and easier to eat, whether you’re a young person or an adult. The organic garden helps us eat better by providing us with more tasty fruits and vegetables.

2. Nutrition: Organic gardening has also been found to provide nutritionally superior produce. Virginia Worthington of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore compared the composition of vegetables grown simultaneously under different agricultural conditions. Her work included 41 studies with 1,240 comparisons of 35 vitamins and minerals. Worthington found that organic gardening produced vegetables and fruits that were higher in most minerals and vitamins than non-organic gardening. Not only that, organic garden products had less potentially harmful nitrates, which result from nitrogenous fertilizers. Dr. Worthington concluded that organic garden products are nutritionally superior. You and your family will enjoy better health with fruits and vegetables from the organic garden. (Effect of Farming Methods on Nutritional Quality: A Comparison of Organic Crops with Conventional Crops, Virginia Worthington MS, ScD, CNS, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 1998, Alternative Therapies, Volume 4, 1998, pages 58-69)

3. Exercise: Finally, organic gardening offers you and your children regular daily exercise in the fresh air. Organic gardening helps you build muscle, especially the important core muscles. Organic gardening brings you into the sunlight where you can absorb essential vitamin D. Organic gardening is an excellent tool for managing stress. Organic gardening gives you an outlet for creativity. It provides satisfaction to see that your work produces useful fruits, herbs and vegetables.

We could talk about the aesthetic pleasures of organic gardening: how beautiful such a garden could be. We could talk about how you can save money with organic gardening – growing your produce instead of buying it.

Finally, we could talk about how important it is for our children to learn about organic gardening, to embrace it as the path to better health, and to practice it in school, home, and community gardens.

A speech on organic gardening could last for hours, but I’ll stop here, hoping I’ve whetted your appetite enough to seek out more information on organic gardening.

Helpful Tip for Speakers

A few large bowls of beautiful organic produce can be placed on the shelf or around the room to help visual learners visualize organic gardening.

The perfectly formatted VITO card

The following is a true story about the power of a perfectly formatted VITO card. Before you pick up that £3,000 phone to make a sales call to any member of the ‘C’ suite, including the CEO, read and remember this story.

Recently one of my salesmen had some car trouble, so I offered to drive him to work. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity to do a little one-on-one role play, I suggested we go over some phone skills for scheduling appointments. A well-proven statistic that you have just eight seconds to grab an executive’s attention. Daniel, I was a bit skeptical about the eight second rule. He looked at me and said, “Boss, eight seconds is too short a period of time! It’s barely enough time to take a deep breath, let alone make a meaningful opening statement!”

At the next red light, when it turned green, I kept my foot on the brake and started counting: ‘One thousand one, one thousand two…’ People started honking. By the time I got to “one thousand four,” Daniel was begging me to move. By the time we got to the sixth second, the guy behind us was starting to get out of his car and Daniel was looking for a place under the seat to hide. When I finally got to eight, the intersection was a symphony of honking horns, ‘finger pointing’ and screaming mouths. I stepped on the accelerator.

Now, if you’ve read any of my books, attended my live events, webinars, or read any of my articles, you’ll understand what motivates ‘C’ Suite members to buy; you know the real benefits of your product, service or solution; and you have a good idea about the VITO tactics at your disposal. When you find yourself preparing to pick up that £3,000 phone to call any ‘C’ level executive, including the CEO, what do you say?

Let’s also assume you’re calling a new lead:

You have decided to use the phone to do this, either as a follow-up call to a written communication (see my article on Correspondence to VITO), or as your first contact without sending a correspondence.

Your goal is to get a date or create the next step with VITO, who is the person who can actually buy whatever it is you’re selling and the person who has the ultimate veto power.

Three big goals:

1. Make it sound conversational.

2. Deliver it with confidence.

3. Get a favorable break as soon as possible…one that clearly keeps VITO in control.

The Five Key Ingredients of Your Phone Opening Statement

For now, assume VITO will grab your own phone and not your personal assistant… (for my epic tactics on working with VITO’s private assistant, check out my article titled ‘Guardians’). By the way, VITO will take its own phone about 25% of the time.

Key ingredient 1: the introduction

Usually when VITO picks up his own line, they say his name: “This is VITO” or “VITO Important speaking.” Your first step will be to repeat the name of VITO. Keep things formal for now, use Mr. or Mrs., then VITO’s last name.

Prospect: This is VITO.

You: Mrs. Important?

Prospect: Yes.

This first step will earn you Ms. Big’s full attention. Whatever she was doing before you said her name, she has now stopped doing it. She is paying attention to you and that is a good thing!

What most salespeople do now, despite widely and endlessly repeated evidence that they shouldn’t, is say something totally silly like this: “Hello, Mrs. Jones. I’m Will Perish with ABC Insurance Company.” .


Unless your name is, say, James Bond, or your company affiliation is, say, the Publishers Clearing House Prize Disbursement Division, or the IRS, I can tell you what happens next in the vast majority of such cases. calls. The prospect will respond to this counterproductive “verbal handshake” by disconnecting, asking you to send written information, pretending the building just burned down, or disengaging from the call. In other words, it will only have been on the line for about a second and a half, and it will be over.

Key Ingredient 2: Pleasure

Here’s an alternative plan (one that works). What I am about to tell you will contradict what you have been taught. Do it anyway.

You are going to say something positive and enthusiastic, something that does not directly identify you, your company or the product or service you want to talk about. It’s too early in the call for that… Instead, you’re going to use a courtesy, something like this:

• “It’s an honor to finally talk to you!”

• “Thanks for answering the phone!”

•”Thanks for taking my call!”

• “What a surprise to put you on live!”

Get the idea? Any and all of these jokes will do a better job for you than your name and company affiliation at the start of the conversation. Or say something totally silly like, “How are you today?” or, “Do you have a minute?”

Key Ingredient 3: The Hook

Immediately after his prank, he will hook the intentional area of ​​VITO’s brain using a hook that is directly connected to something that is likely to be of interest to this VITO.

“We’ve helped (three of the top five device corporations) further increase shareholder value (increasing revenue by up to 4% annually) while keeping the bottom line (top line expenses).”

Now, there is a tangible benefit if ever there was one! Keep your hook focused and a sentence or two long, and you can’t go wrong.

the interruption

Most of the time, this is where you’ll get your favorable interrupt if your hook is doing its job. VITO is likely to step in and say something like:

“Interesting, tell me everything.”


“How did you do that in this economy?”


“I have absolutely no interest.”

Don’t worry. You’ll learn how to deal with any not-so-favorable interruptions in another of my high-value articles.

As I said, you will almost certainly be interrupted at this point. However, for the sake of completeness, you should complete the body of your opening statement, so that you know what to say in those cases where you are not interrupted at this point.

Key Ingredient 4: Naming Names

Once you’ve shared your hook, VITO knows why you’re calling. The cat is out of the bag. This is the perfect time to identify yourself and, if he wishes, to organize him. If you choose to identify your employer, give them a brief “commercial.” What you say fits in one sentence. It should sound like this:

“This is Will, Will Prosper, with ABC Insurance Company, the busiest company in the insurance industry today.”

Key Ingredient 5: Your Final Question

If you are not interrupted at this point, you will conclude your opening statement with a final question that incorporates some element of time.

“Ms. Important, does this touch on issues that concern you this (month/year/quarter)?”


“Mr. Benefito, do you want to accomplish something like this by the end of this (quarter/year)?”


“Ms. Important, what is the best way to explore this further?”


“Mr. Benefito, who on your team would you like to continue this conversation with between now and the end of this business (day, week)?”

Putting it all together:

Here is an example of an opening statement for VITO that works. Yours shouldn’t sound exactly like this, but it should be this long and should, like what follows, hit all the bases you’ve been reading about.

Prospect: This is VITO.

You: “Ms. Important?”

Prospect: Yes…

You: “(Pleasantly) It was a pleasure to read that your company has successfully expanded into the European market. By the way… (Hook) After studying another client’s operation, we suggested an idea that provided revenue gains of more than $25,000 per year. The real surprise is that we did this without taking an ounce of your hard-earned capital. (Your name) This is Will Prosper at Zenith. (Final question) Similar or greater results may be hard to duplicate. But, Would you be open to take the next step between now and the end of this work week?”

Again, you should not try to simply insert your company details into the message you see above. You should use all the ideas in this article and most importantly make sure you read all my articles and use what you read!

Truck Accidents and Driver Fatigue – Accidents that are about to happen, accidents that can be avoided

According to the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), more than 750 people are killed each year and more than 20,000 are injured each year due to fatigue among truck drivers operating commercial vehicles. Tired drivers are deadly drivers. Unfortunately, operating an 18-wheeler is generally a low-paying job and can lead many truckers to drive long hours to earn more money. Commercial trucking employers are not helping the situation by imposing tight deadlines on their truckers.

Sleep deprivation can cause a trucker to fall asleep or drift into other lanes. Inefficient crumbling, tip-overs and jackknifing are also typical results caused by inattentive and fatigued truckers. Multi-vehicle accidents are not uncommon when it comes to a truck. Truck operators themselves are exposed to these obvious dangers, with nearly 600 commercial truck drivers dying each year in road accidents.

All truck drivers are required to keep log books and these will usually be helpful in litigating a case and proving liability based on driver fatigue. Black boxes as well as Electronic On-Board Recorders (EOBRs) can also be useful tools in reconstructing the events that led to the collision with a truck.

Trucking accidents involve overlapping laws and regulations. Typically, a truck accident lawsuit must be brought against a trucking company and the driver of the commercial truck. However, government agencies, truck mechanics and maintenance companies, truck manufacturers, and their insurance companies are also potential defendants and their involvement in an accident should be investigated before filing a lawsuit. In tractor-trailer collisions, a history of vehicle inspections and weigh station stops is always important and traceable information. Recent changes to highways, such as reclassification or new signage, may create liabilities for government agencies or subcontractors.

Obviously, passenger vehicle operators should stay away from trucks as much as possible on the highway. This means, for example, remembering that trucks have a shorter braking distance than cars, so when changing lanes after overtaking a truck, car operators should keep in mind that an 18-wheeler will will quickly approach behind them. Be sure to see at least the trucker’s two headlights in your rearview mirror before re-entering the lane. That said, most truck accidents occur, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, on rural highways and in the middle of the day and on weekdays. Therefore, driving on the highway is not the most likely location for a car-truck collision.

Minute to win it party

Could you balance 6 dice on a popsicle stick held in your mouth for 1 minute? How about pulling all the tissues out of a tissue box with one hand?

Do you watch NBC’s Minute To Win It every week and wish you could try these crazy challenges? If so, it might be time to host a Minute To Win It party!

How to Host a Minute to Win It Party

  1. This party is perfect for tweens, teens, girls’ night out, or adult couples.
  2. Invitations – Buy inexpensive timers and attach the party details to the timer. The stopwatch also makes a great party favor!
  3. Choose your challenges based on the ages of your guests and the supplies you have on hand…this will keep you affordable!
  4. All challenges are done by teams of 2, so when guests arrive, have them look in a hat to find out which team they’re on. Add to the fun by coming up with funny team names!
  5. Keep it simple, no complicated rules, after all… we’re playing for prizes, not a million dollars!
  6. Each team that completes the challenge in 1 minute or less will receive 1 point.
  7. All teams will start the challenge at the same time. Make sure you have plenty of family members to help keep track of time and monitor that the challenges are done correctly. There are some challenges that will be easier to do 1 team at a time like Foul Shot.
  8. Buy a variety of prizes and the team with the most points will get first choice! Second place gets second choice, third place gets third choice, and so on.

Challenges Minute to win it

NBC offers a full list of One Minute Challenges to win it, but I’ve created a few that are suitable for teenage girls. Remember to start that timer because all challenges must be completed in a minute or less!

  • pyramid power – Starting with 8 dixie cups at the bottom, build a pyramid of 36 cups.
  • double bubble – Choose a team member to blow a bubble within a bubble.
  • dress a statue – One team member dresses the other using all the items in the bag. The person being dressed cannot raise their arms or legs, hence the name Dress a Statue!
  • cupcake chaos – Using all the ingredients in the bag, decorate your cupcake. Note: These cupcakes can be used later for the birthday cake!
  • rope thing – Working together, cut this piece of string into 30 equal pieces! Tape measures and rulers are not allowed.
  • three legged race – Before the timer starts, we will tie one of your legs. Can you and your partner run 100 yards in 1 minute?
  • paint my toenails – Choose a team member to paint the other people’s toenails. It must be clean!
  • Braid it! – Choose a team member to braid other people’s hair into 2 braids. All hair (except bangs) must be worn and no hairbrushes allowed!
  • tennis ball toss – Throw tennis balls in a bucket. You must get 5 inside!
  • Roll it up, roll it up, roll it up – Choose a team member to hold the toilet paper roll, the other person must unroll the toilet paper without tearing it.
  • chopstick challenge – Choose a team member to use chopsticks with one hand to move 30 miniature marshmallows from one bowl to another.
  • Dirty game – Choose a team member to make 10 free throws! The other team member can help retrieve the ball.
  • book balance – Choose a team member to walk 20 feet while balancing 3 books on their head!
  • say cheese – Throw a piece of American cheese at your partner’s forehead and make it stick!
  • thread the needle – Thread 10 needles.
  • chocolate unicorn – Stack 4 ding dongs on your teammates forehead while they are standing, prone.

The possibilities are endless for Minute To Win It challenges! Remember to test the challenges and adjust them for your age group and the length of the party.

The countdown is on for another fun and frugal party from the girl on the budget!

Measuring wheels are for measuring a long distance with one hand

Tape measures are no longer strips of cotton that are rolled up tightly to carry in a pocket or keep in a tool kit. Of course, you can still find these types of tape measures, but there has been a revolution in the field of tape measures ever since your grandmother used them to take measurements before she sat down to sew that wonderful dress for you or your sister. Or… am I talking about your mother’s grandmother? Maybe…

Not too long ago, all tape measures were made of cloth. The flexibility of the fabric made it possible to easily carry a long length in your pocket or safely store it in your tool kit. However, tape measures made of cloth frayed easily. In addition, they were not very elastic and therefore had to be replaced after a while. Then came plastic tape measures to provide more durability and accuracy. Fiberglass tapes were invented first, and now you have vinyl-coated tape measures marked with UV-resistant ink.

That was for tailoring. For carpentry work, people used a wooden ruler at first. Later, metallic tapes were invented. They were and still are made of a thin, curved metal ribbon that can stay straight and stiff when extended, but retracts into a spiral shape when not in use. Therefore, they are not only easy to work with, but also easy to store. These tapes are also used in surveying work. However, a surveyor’s tape measures are much longer than those used by carpenters and tailors.

What was a new invention yesterday, today is outdated… that’s what progress is all about. Unless there was that inclination to improve, man would have lived in caves even now. He has worked tirelessly to improve his lot since the day he invented fire. See how he is constantly improving his tools since the day he collected stones to kill animals or defend himself! That he would improve his measurement tools is hardly surprising.

Now we have magnetic tape measure.

Since they have magnetic tips, you can stick them on an iron or steel surface and take precise measurements yourself without any help. If you are working with ferrous metals, this is a must have for you. We also have a laser tape measure. These tape measures have revolutionized measurement techniques for landscapers, real estate appraisers, construction workers, or even those involved in remodeling older homes. You just need to point it at your target and press the ‘Read’ button and the correct distance will appear on the digital display.

Usually the user’s manual for the laser measurement tape or laser measurement wheels contains the instructions for starting the instrument, measuring objects with the instrument, taking readings with the instrument, and finally the user’s manual it will also contain precautionary measures to be taken. when using the laser tape measure or laser measuring wheels. User manuals can be in the form of a small book or in the form of a brochure. The number of pages of laser tape measure user manuals may vary depending on the type of laser tape measure.

However, measuring wheels have two main drawbacks:

o Unless you walk it in a straight line, it will give an incorrect reading.

o Also, if the terrain is too rough, it will also give an incorrect reading. That is why it is often used only for rough checking.

Previously, measuring wheels could not give very accurate results on uneven terrain. They have now become more sophisticated and most manufacturers claim that their products give accurate results even on uneven surfaces. Make sure the fact when by one. Search the net for the right product before you buy one. Most of these sophisticated measurement tools come with a user manual that you should read carefully.

If you buy them in regular stores, you can ask for a demo. Don’t worry, if you have to buy them online; Most online stores have good customer service. Plus, it’s no secret that you get them at a lower price when you shop online because they have no overhead to bear. In addition, shipping is free within a certain distance. The delivery time is always mentioned in advance and they try to meet it. Therefore, you do not have to wait endlessly. However, wherever you buy it, buy it after much deliberation and read the user manual carefully.

The Orchid Principle

How do we build a business? This is the ultimate question. Our quest to grow our company in our vision is something we all strive for. But how do we do this? How do we market ourselves to create awareness and attract our ideal customers? Some of life’s biggest questions have the simplest answers. I will try to offer my philosophy on one of the most important questions in business.

I have entitled this article: The Orchid Principle. Do you or someone you know love orchids? Orchids need an incredible amount of tender loving care. They need to be fed, watered, and even placed next to a compatible companion orchid in order to thrive and grow. You may ask, is all this worth it? Okay, yes! Orchids, when cared for properly, will bloom continuously for over a year! This is a major reward. You may be wondering, this is interesting, but what does it have to do with building a business?

In my course, The Designer’s Coach, I describe 6 fatal flaws of a design business.

1) No Strategic Vision

2) Non-cooperative teamwork

3) Dangerous Marketing

4) Fan Sale

5) Poor customer compliance

6) Poor Negotiation Skills

Each of these flaws can be overcome by understanding The Orchid Principle. Let’s break down each failure and see if we can relate growing orchids to growing our business.

No Strategic Vision

Does your business operate without a vision of where you want to be in 5 years? Do you function day by day making decisions that do not have a strategic basis? As a leader, you must lead with a plan.

Let’s look at our orchid garden. Your goal in 5 years is to have the most beautiful collection of orchids. You can close your eyes and see the orchids with their fabulous intricate design and intense color. You have hundreds of them. Your greenhouse is a festival of amazing orchids.

Now, close your eyes and imagine your business in 5 years. Is it the orchid garden of your dreams? Can you see your ideal business? Like an orchid, can you see the shape, the textures and the colors? Who is your ideal client? How will you approach and find it?

Non-cooperative teamwork

Whether your company is a one person operation or has dozens of people on the payroll, your business must operate as a team. Does your team understand your strategic vision? Are you struggling to make sure the messages you work so hard to create aren’t undermined by uncooperative employees or contractors? It is a serious problem when your team works in a state of disharmony.

Did you know that orchids do better when they are mixed with compatible species? This is teamwork! It takes a trained grower to know this about orchids. You should also build a team, even if you are the only one in your organization. Team members include not only employees, but also suppliers and vendors.

random marketing

Many times I have seen advertising throw money as if it magically encouraged dating. This is an ineffective attempt to generate leads through misappropriation of resources. What ends up happening is paying an extraordinary amount for a lead. Also, the most valued type of lead, the referral, is basically ignored or taken for granted.

Many orchid growers look forward to orchid shows. I recently attended one this spring at Rockefeller Center in New York City. This is truly an amazing event. Each orchid vendor puts on fabulous displays, one outdoing the next. If each seller sells the exact same product, orchids, how do they generate awareness? The successful ones do it with great arrangements, deployments and specialization. They know the magic of merchandising, display and finding a niche.

How will you get noticed? What will differentiate you from the competition? What will your niche be? How are you going to create a brand? Simply placing an ad in the local newspaper is throwing your money away. Marketing is a careful process of creating a perception and awareness of who your company is.

fan sale

I have seen people try to sell without a plan or system. This leaves the designer working in a confused state. Sometimes you may be selling for price and sometimes for value. The design team has not established a position in the mind of the consumer and does not project a clear value message. There is also the problem that the sales team is not properly trained and appears unprofessional.

Orchids need to be nurtured and cared for, just like your customers. Each orchid can give you years of growth. New shoots grow from the old. Your clients you care for will recommend clients like her to you. You build a business with one customer at a time. There is exponential growth by focusing on getting the most out of each client. Get to know all about her and encourage her to give you references.

Poor customer compliance

Once the deposit is received and the order process is underway, the task of delivering on their promises begins. This is the critical area where most companies fail. There is very little room for error in meeting your customers’ expectations. This is because, if the perceived value is not achieved, the customer will consider that their expectations have not been met, and then the consequences could be a dissatisfied customer. To achieve flawless customer compliance, systems must be created and implemented.

Did you know that growing orchids successfully also requires a system? Orchids need adequate light to thrive and they feed first to grow and then feed to bloom. If problems occur, there are special foods to promote growth or resistance. If the orchid grows too large, it must be carefully cut, divided and replanted or the original orchid may die.

Orchid growers know these systems because they have been tried and tested for many years. You must develop your own systems. Some will be unique and some will be time-tested industry standards.

Poor negotiation skills

How do you trade? Do you understand the nuances of the negotiation process? Are you able to correctly analyze who are the decision makers? After establishing your business as values-based, can you receive your just reward? It all comes down to this, the bottom line. The final measure of success will depend on your margins. This is a complex business, and unless you understand that your business must operate on certain margins, you will not be successful. Most companies will price each job based on the urgency of the cash flow statement and do not understand the detrimental effects of a price cut.

How does this relate to orchids? Have you seen the price of orchids lately? Do you think orchids have a higher cost price or what the customer is willing to pay? Orchids arouse emotions, and the orchid seller knows it. How will your business awaken the emotional side of your customers?

Decorating is an emotional decision. Your business offers the best opportunity to sell products at the best price. You decide, do you want to sell daisies or orchids?

For more information, come to my website:

Paying for College: A Gift That Keeps Giving: Helpful Strategies for Grandparents to Lend a Hand

Adding the cost of college tuition, fees, and housing, this number can easily double. But paying for college shouldn’t require winning the lottery. Careful and coordinated planning by parents and grandparents with the help of a trusted financial advisor can help reduce the burden on families and their children.

Before grandma or grandpa writes a check

Enlisting the help of a relative will certainly take some of the pressure off. But before someone writes a check, he needs to have a serious discussion about how best to help.

Providing aid the wrong way can be detrimental to a student’s chances of obtaining financial aid.

Consider these strategies that will help the student in a financial aid friendly way.

Consider paying off student loans after graduation

Financial aid is based on several formulas to calculate the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Most of this is based on information provided on a student financial aid form about the assets and income of the parents and children.

Financial aid forms do not ask about the financial assets of other family members.

If you or a relative find yourself in the fortunate position of having extra money, you may be inclined to help. But providing a cash donation directly to the parent or student will result in an increase in reportable assets which will reduce the calculated need, increase the EFC, and in turn reduce the amount of possible financial aid.

And if a helpful relative comes forward and indicates that they will help, then the financial aid office will also reconsider the student’s financial need. The money paid to the school on behalf of the student could be considered like any other outside resource, such as a private scholarship that reduces the aid offered by the school.

A better way is to let the student qualify for maximum aid while they are still in school and then help by helping pay off loan balances.

Family EFC too high?

For those who know their EFC is too high to qualify for help, there are still options for grandparents who can still help. These options at least offer them some tax savings.

Tip #1: Pay the college directly

Since the aid will not be affected, simply pay directly to the school. Each grandparent can give up to the annual gift limit ($13,000 in 2010) to each student. This will help reduce the grandparents’ taxable estate and is an exempt gift to the student.

Tip #2: Establish a 529 Savings Plan

For grandparents who want to help with college costs, a qualified tuition plan offers a great option. Money set aside in these plans can be used for eligible expenses like tuition, fees, books, and equipment.

These accounts offer a variety of investment options that can be tailored to the time frame before the funds are needed. Funds grow tax-free and, if used for qualified expenses, can be withdrawn tax-free.

Grandparents can transfer large amounts of cash into these accounts without triggering gift tax. Each grandparent can effectively deposit up to five years of annual gifts which is currently $65,000. The assets in these accounts remain under the control of the grandparents and are not countable assets for the student.

Tip #3: Give the gift of prized possessions

Assuming Grandpa has long-standing assets that have increased in value, one way to pay for college tuition and reduce a potential tax bill is to gift these highly prized assets to someone in a lower tax bracket. This could be the child or the parents.

This saves the large capital gains tax bill the grandparents would likely incur if they sold the appreciated asset and used the proceeds to help pay for tuition or other expenses directly.

Tip #4: Establish a Charitable Remnant Trust

For those who are charitably inclined and want to help a student, grandparents can set up a trust.

A charitable remainder trust can be funded with highly appreciated assets that can later be converted into income-producing assets. The income that is generated can be used to help the student. Eventually the remaining assets can be given away to charity. This strategy helps the grandparents avoid paying capital gains on the assets and removes the asset from the taxable estate. While not an issue this year (no estate taxes in 2010), this will change in 2011 without any action from Congress.

For more tips and helpconsider using a qualified college aid planner.

The importance of concentration

Looking at people like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Sergey Brin (from goggle), David Filo (yahoo), Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and many other successful people. You can see that these personalities achieved outstanding success in their respective fields.

You can also take a look at the first African Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka (Nigeria). There is no doubt that these people have left indelible marks. But the magic secret is that there is no secret. It’s just an important trait that they can’t lose, and that’s the art of concentration.

Concentration is the art of being focused on what one is doing without allowing any hindrance. It is more than a classroom job of studying books correctly. It’s about keeping up with what you set out to do, which is your vision or goal. Somehow it is related to specialization. In fact, it is related to specialization.

Giving a practical biological example, in the organization of life. There are different levels at which living cells exist, ranging from cell to tissue to organ to system. The system level is known to be structurally more advanced than the cell level. Their activities are complex, compared to the simple cell stage. This is simply because the more complex life (system) comprises smaller, less complex structures that perform specific activities. That is, they focus on a particular type of task. For example, the human system consists of brain cells, nerve cells, sex cells, hair cells, etc. With different types of tissues and organs. However, an amoeba, for example, which is at a cellular level of organization, has a single cell that controls all of its activities. Can you then compare the productivity of an amoeba with that of a human being?

To achieve a higher level, above ordinary people, you need to make yourself complex by specializing in your field of interest. Instead of spending most of your time on irrelevant areas, you could spend that time learning almost everything about your field. That is what shows your competence in your field, which shows that you know what you are doing. However, it is also important to learn or do other relevant things that might be outside your field. This is not a contradictory statement.

Situations must be seen from more than one facet. For example, as a writer, I need to have basic computer skills and know some web design or programming to successfully launch and manage my website, e-zine, and even publish my e-books. No knowledge is ever a waste. We can learn things that will add value to our lives, but not distract us from our main work. The key point is this; ‘Know something about everything and know everything about your field.’ However, to be realistic, no one knows everything. You can only know so much or almost everything.

Expanding your reach makes you more informed and opens doors of opportunity. Also, I’d love to give a practical example of myself. Before I got into ezine, I used to write articles from time to time and only submit them to public directories. Over time, ideas such as network marketing, offline wholesaling, offline printing and digital publishing, web development, basic computer services, programming, etc. came to mind. I even thought about research in medical sciences.

I used to think that I could accomplish everything at the same time, combined with my work as a writer and college student. I consulted my mentor and he advised me to prioritize my specific goals and choose activities that linked me to achieving those goals. I also learned that getting involved in too many things at the same time would accomplish nothing. It could serve as a time waster, an energy sapper, and a distraction from my dreams. I decided to stick to motivational writing/ezine and web marketing (based on motivational products and resources), in another to keep up with my studies and still excel at everything. I think I made a good, realistic and productive decision. This is because; Being internet based saves me a lot of time, energy and money. All I need to do is give at least 3-4 hours a week to work on the Internet. T

this provides enough available time for my studies, writing, faith, and self-improvement. A valuable investment, right? I didn’t bombard myself with all kinds of work or limit myself to one activity. I found things that could help me develop my talents and achieve my goals better and faster.

Today, I have a strong sense of accomplishment and productivity. I am more satisfied with life and have been able to overcome most of my previous problems, such as time management and self-esteem. The art of focus has worked for me by creating a clear image of my destination and guiding me towards it. I strongly believe that it can work for you, if you are willing to allow it.

I advise you not to give any source of distraction in your life a chance, especially emotionally or psychologically related. You need to get rid of criticism and any obstacles to your success. Think critically before making and making decisions. Make productive and realistic decisions to give meaning to your life! More importantly, learn and apply other self-improvement techniques such as time management, goal setting, motivation, leadership, etc. Also learn from others and examine yourself regularly. Don’t forget to share what you have and know with others. Remember it; only when you focus will you know where you are going and reach the pinnacle of achievement.

All the best in life! For more resources visit []

How To Give A Guy The Best Night Of His Life With These Oral Sex Tips

She wants to go to bed and she wants to give her man the best oral sex of his life. You want to give her a night and an experience that she won’t forget for a long time. You want to be the best and to be the best you need a little help.

If you want to give a guy the best night of his life, then you need to use these oral sex tips.

See it before. If you can arouse your man before you start stimulating him, his job will be much easier. You won’t have to be down there for as long as he will already be aroused and closer to orgasm, unlike if you started everything on your own.

You can turn him on by surprising him with some lingerie and giving him a bit of eye appeal. Remember that your man loves visual stimulation from him and a man loves to watch. When you walk into that room wearing lingerie or completely naked, this is going to boost his orgasm and make him have an erection in no time.

Tease him a bit. Men always complain that they hate teasing but they actually love it. Men love to feel that anticipation because it drives them crazy. Before letting him into your mouth, lightly suck or lick his member, without letting it all the way in. This is going to drive him crazy and he’s going to die because you let him go until the end. He’s going to be begging for release and that’s how you have all the power.

When you’re really stimulating him and getting into him, use everything you’ve got. Use one hand to stroke his shaft and use the other hand to stimulate his testicles. Do all this while stimulating the tip of his member with your mouth. When you combine all these touches and sensations, you get some variety and you won’t know what to do with it. Everything will feel amazing to him and he won’t be able to contain his orgasm for long.

This is how you give a guy the best night of his life and how you really give him amazing oral sex.