Digestive Health: Why You May Be Suffering From ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’ And How You Can Fix It

“Life and death are in the power of the intestine. Those who master it will prosper in their health. Those who do not will gnash their teeth in disease.” -Uzo Onuwkugha, M.D.

You are not just what you eat; you are what you ingest, digest and assimilate. Everything you’ve eaten since you were a baby contributes to your overall health and well-being up to this point. Every cell in your body has an immunological memory and imprint of everything you’ve eaten. The law of sowing and reaping works behind the scenes. Some people don’t even understand that there are dietary laws that govern optimal health. We should stop focusing on the type of disease and start asking, “What kind of person has the disease?” Your cells tell the story better because they have a record (biological clock) of your state of health even when it has not manifested itself with symptoms and no medical examination has been able to detect it.

Well, you are only as healthy as your individual cells. There is a law in science that says that in a closed system, any large-scale phenomenon also repeats itself in a smaller time frame. Therefore, your cells hold the key to your overall health. To be precise, the focus is on the cells of the intestines. My zoom lens is on your small intestine, where most of the absorption and digestion of food takes place. The word ‘intestine’ is somewhat vague because it could refer to the digestive system, part of it, or even the stomach.

Now, do you know the best-selling drugs in the United States? It doesn’t matter if it’s over-the-counter or prescription drugs. The most sold medicines are antacids or remedies for intestinal diseases. You probably know all the brands: Gelusil, Sucralfate, Mylanta, Pepto-Bismol, Tagamate and all kinds of laxatives. Keep in mind that taking antacids makes the problem worse because these patients suffer from a lack of acid. This is because your acid-making enzymes (hydrochloric acid) are depleted. Neutralizing the little acid has given you symptomatic relief and tends to make the problem worse.

Target diseases include heartburn, gastritis, flatulence, dyspepsia, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, colorectal cancer, chronic constipation, and other forms of digestive ailments. Some of the diseases may not even have a well-defined symptom or signs that fit into a definite clinical pattern. That is why they are often called syndromes.

Many times, clinical tests will reveal nothing, and yet the patient continues to die. What is the underlying cause of these diseases? The answer is not what you think. It’s an uncharacterized phenomenon that most doctors don’t talk about. The name is ‘leaky gut syndrome’. You are simply saying that your intestines are sick because they lack energy, so they have become porous. I prefer a more scientific term called “leaky gut disease.”

The onset coincides with the depletion of functional enzymes in the body. This is the time when the resilience of youth tends to be weaned off. Depending on your dietary habits, it peaks around your twenties or early thirties. Rapid aging seems to pick up at this point. It is a process that sneaks up on you. At this time, your hair begins to thin and fall out. His head went bald. Some of your hair may even start to turn gray due to depletion of nutrients, especially the B vitamins. The symptoms of intestinal disease seem to get worse at the same time. People begin to notice bloating, gas, belching, constipation, and lactose intolerance.

The key to explaining ‘leaky gut syndrome’ lies at the cellular level. The small intestine has the hardest working cells in the human body. These complex cells can even work harder than brain cells. (No wonder they’re called ‘brain in the gut’ because they have all the chemical messengers found in the brain.) In fact, the intestine is considered the center of life and intuitive thought. People tend to call it gut instinct, a meeting point of supernatural and physical energy. The Japanese call it the ‘center of power’. The cells of the intestine are arranged in the shape of a finger called villi, designed to increase the surface area for the absorption of nutrients. This process is an energy dependent mechanism called active transport. (Water is absorbed by osmosis and does not depend on energy.)

Therefore, 85% of our lifetime energy is used in the digestion, absorption and assimilation of food. You might imagine that only 15% is reserved for the rest of the body for active work and other functions. Do you see why your digestive health is very important? Everything in life is energy and disease is nothing more than a lack of strength. Either you take care of your digestive health or you live at the mercy of the medical community. Most of the time they are confused because most doctors are not trained in nutrition therapy.

Furthermore, the intestine acts as a semi-permeable membrane. In other words, it has a gate mechanism that allows some nutrients to pass through while removing others. For example, essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and essential fats are absorbed while toxins, bacteria, parasites, and partially digested or allergic foods are prevented from entering the blood. These wastes are eliminated through the feces. However, if the linings become porous like an old filter, it all passes into the blood without restriction. Now the gut is said to be leaky. Keep in mind that most junk food is full of energy-deficient and nutrient-depleted elements called oxidants, or free radicals. Because these substances lack electrons, they are highly reactive and attack the lipid bilayer of the cell membrane. The tight and open junctions between cells also give way, creating more holes in the membranes.

As unwanted substances and chemical toxins pass through, they now set up a chain reaction. The body hates these intruders just like you hate spam. The body strives to fight these free radicals as foreign bodies. Oftentimes there is no help from the sufferer who continues to eat junk and nutrient depleted food which causes more free radical damage. These allergens and carcinogens have already set the stage for the autoimmune reaction (allergens are foods that cause allergies and carcinogens are risk factors for causing cancer). At this time, the body’s defense mechanisms are also down giving rise to all sorts of degenerative diseases or even cancer depending on the end organ and nutritional deficiency involved. Leaky gut also triggers a premature aging process. The victim also suffers from chronic fatigue. (Food should give energy and not deplete your reserve).

Foods that cause leaky gut include fast sugars, trans and partially hydrogenated fats, wheat gluten, yeast, bacteria, viruses, canned nuts, dairy products, smoking, alcohol, corn syrup solids, food additives, and flavors. Acidic foods and free radicals make the whole scenario worse. All non-living foods, chemicals, processed foods, and all junk food depletes the body of existing enzymes, leaving it open to attack by all sorts of diseases. For example, a teaspoon of sugar shuts down your immune system for two hours. Also, if you eat in a hurry without chewing your food or meat very well, you are a candidate for leaky gut syndrome. Digestion is a process and it starts in your mouth along with your mood. Stress is a powerful contributing factor.

Here’s the good news: “Anything that can prevent disease can also help cure it,” said Dr. Bernard Jensen. These foods boost your immunity, attack free radicals, strengthen your intestinal walls, aid digestion and absorption, cleanse and detoxify you, give you energy, and add more years to your life and more life to your years. The list of healthy alternatives is many. But my favorite is a bunch of green superfoods: barley grass, wheat grass, chlorella, green kamut, wheat grass, alfalfa, and spirulina. Add avocado to your staple diet. Also a mixture of essential fatty acids (omeg-3, 6 and 9), multivitamin and mineral supplements, aloe vera-papaya, periodic fasting and colon cleansing. Avoid junk and processed food. Drink eight glasses of water a day. Our body is 70% water. Water supports metabolism and helps flush out toxins that cause disease and the ravages of premature aging. Don’t forget the recommendation of at least five servings of green leafy vegetables a day. Minimize acidic foods and eat more alkaline foods. Practice combining foods to ease your digestive enzymes. Do not eat for at least 3 hours before going to bed. (The body heals itself at night.) Otherwise, the body will use energy for regeneration and repair to digest food. This makes you feel tired when you wake up.

I must add that I drink lemon juice and green tea regularly. Just stop drinking coffee, it can make leaky gut worse. Lemon is great because all disease-causing bacteria hate anything bitter. They love sugar because they can multiply in nanoseconds. Both lemon juice and green tea aid digestion (they have vital enzymes) and boost your immunity and strengthen your enzyme reserves while cleansing your system. Both are powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause lack of energy and aging. A lifestyle of regular exercise must be added.

Exercise is so important that it requires special emphasis. Lack of exercise causes some kind of intestinal paralysis. This gives undigested food more transit time to settle in the intestine and for toxins to seep into the blood and trigger degenerative changes, allergies, and a stagnant immune system. However, when you exercise, nature cooks your food twice, both in your stomach (more acid is mixed with your food) and in your intestines. This improves digestion and waste elimination. In general, many people notice a bowel movement during or shortly after exercise. Also, exercise draws air into the body, which is more efficient in fighting off disease-causing insects. Disease does not exist in the aerobic environment. All cells start to age when they don’t get enough oxygen. Many other benefits of exercise are beyond the scope of this article.

Simply put, if you do these basic things, including adding raw foods to your diet, you will improve the quality of your life and enjoy optimal health every day of your life. The key is to take responsibility for your own health. Be careful what goes into your mouth. Learn about how your body works. Listen to your body. Give him what he needs to serve you better. Your life is in your hands; not the doctor. Do not fool yourself. You don’t put water in your gas tank. You? Don’t think you are a machine. Even the machines break down. Before you blame God and your parents, first change your eating habits. There are healthy alternatives to the junk you see around you. Good health is a lifelong journey. The sooner it starts, the better. Good luck on your quest for optimal health!

How Adam Sandler taught me to eat healthy

The other day a friend of mine told me he HAD to see the movie “Click” starring Adam Sandler. Seeing that I was, as he put it, “into all that personal development stuff,” he said he thought I’d like it. Well, since Adam Sandler has never seemed like a “personal development guru” to me, this was enough to intrigue me enough to watch the movie…

The show is pretty good and has a great moral (although let me quickly point out that it delivers with a lot of Sandler’s usual vulgar bathroom humor… so don’t say I didn’t warn you). Long story short: It’s a modern “It’s a Wonderful Life” where the main characters realize their career isn’t worth the price of their family…feel good stuff.

However, this was not the part of the film that stuck with me the most.

It was actually just a little line in the script that went back and forth so fast that it wouldn’t register with most people. But it was deep…

Says so…

Sandler’s character, Michael, apparently has a penchant for Twinkies and other junk food. His strange new friend named “Morty” (Christopher Walken, the one who gives him the magical remote control that can “fast-forward” into the future), makes a simple but powerful observation about his eating habits…

He says, “Michael, THAT FOOD (talking about junk food) is contributing to your DEATH, not your LIFE.”

What’s especially poignant about this statement is that later in the movie, it’s revealed that Michael’s new friend “Morty” is actually an angel…

…He is the Angel of DEATH.

Don’t worry, this isn’t just another junk food lecture. It’s deeper than that, I hope. The reason this statement from Morty the Angel of Death hit me (aside from the fact that I was eating popcorn and drinking a soda when I heard it… yes, I have “days off to enjoy my favorite “) was that I realized there is NO neutral middle ground or “navigation”. Every little thing we do brings us closer to the life we ​​really want, or closer to destruction.

The fact is that all food that is put into the mouth has a positive or harmful effect. Fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods help the body, while junk food slowly destroys it.

However, the reason so many people fall victim to “it’s just a twinkie” is that it takes so long to figure it out, most of us think there’s nothing wrong going on. Since we can’t see the plaque lining our arteries, or because we don’t feel bad, we think we have “good genes” (or some other lie we tell ourselves) and somehow we’re going to fool the truth. But that’s not how it works. By the time we realize what we have done, it is often too late. We can end up 50 pounds overweight with a heart condition, cancer, diabetes, etc.

And on a side note… this mindset can also work against us in ALL the other key parts of our lives, if we allow it to happen:

– Like when we get together with “toxic” negative people. Little by little, we take their attitudes and before we know it… we are one of them.

– When we yell at our kids 10,000 times and don’t praise them for the good things they do. Slowly but surely, the walls go up and our behavior helps turn them into the “nightmare” teenagers we feared…but created.

– When we just TALK about achieving greater financial success, but never DO anything about it.

We spend our lives working to make someone else’s dreams come true, only to end up bitter and resentful and with a fixed retirement income.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can choose to change your behavior and attitude toward food and exercise (and all other parts of your life if you choose), which will lead to inevitable success.

I eat? Consciously making the right little, seemingly insignificant decisions, day after day. This is what the successful minority DO and the unsuccessful majority WILL NOT DO.

The truth is, there are enough weight loss “gurus” and “how to” “plans” in the world RIGHT NOW to leave anyone feeling incredibly confused. People don’t need any more “how to” weight loss programs. They need more “DO” solutions. Think about this for a moment… 66.3% of Americans are overweight and it is estimated to increase to 75% by 2015 if we don’t change the way we are. See, it’s EASY to do the things day in and day out that it takes to be successful at losing weight. The problem is… it’s also EASY not to. Which do you choose?

So what’s it going to be? Put yourself in the shoes of Adam Sandler’s characters… are you going to keep doing the things that lead to destruction? Or are you ready to make the necessary changes that will ensure you stay happy and healthy for a long time?

The choice is yours…

Why viral traffic is essential? Get your business online on Hyperdrive!

Viral traffic has been the recent target of Internet marketers. This is the result of viral marketing or is sometimes called viral advertising. This method takes advantage of social networks to create a buzz to promote certain brands, firms, products or services. This promotion is supported by various techniques such as video clips or eBooks. It can be in the form of text messages or images.

Viral traffic is influenced by ‘pass it on’ methods, which in turn surprise certain readers and encourage them to pass it on. It is important to use techniques that must be generally accepted by the target market. Let’s say you use the video clip viral promotion method. If this is well accepted, then people will pass it on to others by blogging or supporting it.

The reason why viral traffic is known in the internet marketing world is because it costs you nothing. In fact, it is only related to the reader’s potential to pass the information on to others. Your endorsement of the certain product or service will drive traffic to your site. This is in contrast to using the mailing list where you collect the email addresses of your readers. Then send newsletters or emails on a regular basis. The downside of this is the high risk of being blocked or removed.

Good viral marketing attracts people to visit your site or check out the services on your websites. This is the only challenge because you have to be creative and innovative while creating your viral marketing tool. Also, this technique carries more weight because readers get to know about your services and products through word of mouth. It’s more reliable than being backed by an overwritten sales newsletter.

The initial step in getting started with viral traffic is to become familiar with your target audience. What market are you targeting? Are you looking for stay at home moms for your website? Once you identify this, you can start brainstorming ideas that you think are the best way to capture their interest. It’s usually best to base these ideas on the needs of your target audience. Let’s say for your audience of stay-at-home moms, the general need for them is an additional source of income. From that need you can start creating ideas or storyline to hook them.

Once you have finalized this idea, start spreading it to your network. You may have a small network, however if you use a brilliant viral marketing tool, then viral traffic starts generating on your website.

In fact, this revolutionary way of generating traffic to websites has been very useful, especially for those who do not have the means to hire and invest in third party service providers. So, what are you waiting for? Start injecting viral traffic to your website now!

Male Enhancement – Different options for penis enlargement

It doesn’t really matter how big your penis is; everyone wants a little more. While sexual positions and techniques can turn a small member into a great performer, men with large packages tend to have it easier when it comes to driving women crazy. There are many male enhancement scams out there, but there are also some legitimate options for you to increase your size and performance abilities for the better. You just have to know what to look for.

Here are some options to consider, both the good and the bad. You can decide what to use from there.

Male enhancement pills are starting to become a popular trend because they are so easy to use. Pop a pill in your mouth and start seeing results. However, if you are looking for a size upgrade, these may not be right for you. All the pills are designed to do is make you firmer and make your erections last longer if you have problems in that department. The size increases you will see with almost any pill are minimal. However, you can find improvements in your sex life with the pills if you invest in the right ones.

There are also products on the market called penis extenders that do exactly what the name says. They provide male enhancement by extending the penis beyond its normal size. Many of these don’t have lasting results, and the ones that do often make your penis less firm than it was before. You have to be careful with this. Beware of scams and read some reviews of penis extenders on the market before buying one. You should also look for a money back guarantee in case the product doesn’t do what it says it will. That way your investment is protected.

If you want to take the male enhancement gear out of the mix, you can do jelqing exercises to make your rod longer than before. It seems that they have been used to enlarge the penis since the beginning of time, and they really do work if you know what you are doing. Again, you need to consider how firm your penis will be after the exercises, as some men struggle to “get it up” after a big “workout.” With the right training, you can see the great results you need without having to deal with the side effects.

How to Please a Man: Oral Sex Tips That Will Make Your Toes Curl

If you want to be the best in bed your man has ever had, then you must learn how to give him great oral sex. Men agree that there is no greater stimulation than oral sex and nothing feels as good. So if you want to know how to please a man, then you need to learn some oral sex tips that will make his toes curl.

First of all, you need to tease him a bit to get him in the mood. The more foreplay you use with your man, the easier your job becomes. The more aroused he is, the less stimulation you need to give him because he will already be feeling pleasure. Men always complain about how much they hate a tease, but men actually love it. Men love it when a woman takes control and when she teases him. The only thing to remember is that if you are going to tease him, then you have to keep pleasing him.

The best thing to do during oral sex is to use a strong grip on his shaft with your hand. Although you do want to give him some wet stimulation with his mouth on the tip, what will really send him over the edge is feeling a strong grip on the shaft. Men love to be roughed up, so don’t be afraid to push it a bit. You will love it.

Another oral sex tip that will blow your mind and twitch your toes is to let him watch. Too often, men cannot see what is happening to them during fellatio. Of course they can feel it and it feels good, but they just can’t see what’s happening. Men are very visual creatures and they need to have that stimulation to contribute to their orgasm. Position yourself so your man can see what he is doing to you. You can also give him fellatio in front of a mirror so that he not only feels what you are doing, but he can see it too. Guaranteed he won’t be able to hold on to his orgasm with the mirror trick.

The ultimate way to blow him away during oral sex and fully please him to his full potential is to swallow your ejaculate. Spitting after oral sex is offensive to men. Even if you gave him the most pleasure he’s ever felt in his entire life, you’ll ruin it by going to the bathroom and spitting it up. Be brave and turn it on swallowing. He’s going to love it and it’s a great turn on for him and the perfect way to end the perfect oral sex experience.

Sex guide for couples – Learn how to give proper oral sex

A sex guide for couples is perfect for those looking to learn or improve oral pleasure. Oral pleasure is one of the most intimate and exciting forms of intimacy and is something every man and woman should learn to master.

A sex guide for couples on female oral pleasure, also known as cunnilingus, is a must for every man who wants to sexually satisfy his lady. To learn you have to teach, and a good cunnilingus sex guide for couples is the perfect teacher to help you learn. Unfortunately, many men don’t give cunnilingus the attention it deserves.

Men, if you want to send your lady to the moon, then learn all you can about cunnilingus. Like the ones that don’t go straight to the clitoris! A cunnilingus sexual guide for couples can teach you more than you imagine. Did you know that there are 8 components in a woman’s genitals and if you learn to stimulate them in the correct order you can give your lady two orgasms at the same time? Did that get your attention?

A woman’s clitoris is a very sensitive place and every woman is different but the last thing you want to do is head straight for the nerve center. This can really hurt your partner. Save the more intense clitoral stimulation for when your lady is really getting excited. Move slowly at first, ask questions to learn as you go, and explore your partner with your mouth. Your partner will be more than willing to help you when they know that you are sincere about pleasing them.

A cunnilingus sex guide for couples will show you many different ways to use your tongue as this is how you will bring your partner to orgasm. You can stimulate her with quick vertical licks with a firm, pointed tongue, or you can put your tongue in, plant it firmly against her clit, and move your head back and forth in a somewhat vigorous fashion. You’ll know when your lady is getting close and that’s when you don’t try to change anything, she just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t stop!

The same goes for women. A sex guide for couples that deals with male oral pleasure, also known as fellatio, is something every woman should have. Everyone knows how much men love receiving oral sex, so why wouldn’t you want to give your man the best oral pleasure possible? A sex guide to fellatio for couples will teach you everything you need to drive your man crazy.

Ladies, do you know the 4 components of a man’s penis and when to stimulate the right places at the right times? Did you realize that with an excellent fellatio sex guide for couples you can learn over 15 different techniques to send your man into ecstasy?

One of the best things you can do when giving your man fellatio is to leave the light on and watch him perform. Men love to look and staring into his eyes is the perfect way to make an intimate connection.

Remember to suck and not just suck the penis with your mouth, use your hands and be sensual about it, don’t pretend you are milking a cow. Lastly, never forget about her testicles. A man’s testicles are very sensitive, but a gentle massage will go a long way.

6 Very Powerful Body Language Signals for Flirting and Sexual Attraction

In the game of sexual attraction, what you say is not as important as what your body says. In fact, if you’re that good at silent speech, you can say a lot more with your body than words can do for you.

This is how you do it.

1. Eye contact triangulation

First you need to draw attention to yourself. That can be accomplished by fiddling with your neck, necklace, or earring, or dusting off your sleeve or shoulder, just to name a few. After you get their attention, hold their gaze for about 3 seconds, break eye contact down to get their nose, lips, and chin.

Triangulated eye contact communicates a desire to get to know the other person more intimately (and I’m not talking about “sexual” people!). Keep in mind that while men generally aren’t bothered by prolonged eye contact with a strange woman (in fact, they crave it, especially if she’s stunningly beautiful), women, on the other hand, tend to get quite irritated by stares. long periods of unknown men (even large ones). those who look).

Also beware of cultural differences.

2. Flash of eyebrows

Eye contact with a flash of eyebrows followed by a smile has an even more powerful effect.

Make eye contact, hold their gaze for about 3 seconds, and break eye contact down (very briefly). When you look up again, take note of the chin, lips, nose, and up to the eyes. Add the eyebrow flare and smile.

The message you want to send is “I was just being polite at first… but now that I’ve had a good look at it… OH-WOW!”

Shy people can do this much better than the more aggressive type because subtlety and modesty come naturally to shy men and women.

3. Eye-catching

Once you have their attention and the conversation is flowing, use your fingers to draw attention to their eyes and keep their gaze focused on you, and only you. This is especially important when the exchange takes place in cramped or crowded conditions.

Lightly touch your nose or gently rub your cheek making sure your index finger touches the area around the outer corner of your eye; your other fingers pointing when touching the mouth area. This says, “Look, we’re having a conversation here.” To create maximum rapport, be sure to maintain eye contact when the other person is talking, then when their gaze starts to wander, bring it back by directing your eyes to their eye and mouth area.

Another thing you can do is hold your face with both hands with your chin resting on your palms and your elbows on the table. Gently rub the area around the outer corners of both eyes with your index or middle finger; the other fingers are slightly extended in a semicircle around your face. This gives the illusion of a whisper or secret being shared. Very intimate!

And if you wear glasses, take them off slowly, rub your eyes very briefly, and put them back on. But please make sure it’s not so obvious. And don’t get red-eyed because the apple of your eye has its attention drawn to the guy or girl across the room. You have to make the conversation interesting too, not just desperately try to mechanically meet her gaze.

4. Sideways glance

This is best accomplished when you walk away from or sit with your back to the person you want to be attracted to. Look slowly behind you with your eyelids partly closed, but look down the moment you notice. This fall of gauze must be very brief. Look up triangulating your eye contact starting at the chin, lips, nose and working up to the eyes. Smile.

Moistening your lips while looking down increases sexual tension.

For women, the sidelong glance combined with a toss of hair and parted lips can be very powerful. For men this with the brow flash is devastating! But you do need a bit of masculine confidence not to look creepy.

5. The crossed leg (only women)

Intertwined legs draw attention to body balance and give the impression of high muscle tone. Crossing and uncrossing your legs while an interested man is looking at you is a strong sign of attraction, especially when you simultaneously maintain eye contact, tilt your head to the side, and caress or rub a knee.

The problem here is that the type of men you are most likely to attract with this move are horny men, yes, the hit and run type! So unless you really know the guy and have checked his stats, keep your feet on the ground and together.

And if you’re in a relationship or even married, these body language moves can do wonders for your sexual chemistry. And when combined with prolonged eye contact and stroking a cylindrical object such as the stem of a wine glass, a straw, a pen, a pencil or a cigarette… Aiyaiyaiyiayai! Houston, we have a problem”.

6. The Cowboy Hook (men only)

This “I’m all man!” Dominant posture requires more masculine confidence to achieve. He works with his thumbs tucked into the belt and the other fingers resting on the sides of the thighs framing the groin area (did I mention this requires more masculine confidence?).

You can also achieve the same effect (or close) by leaning against a door frame or wall with one hand, the other hand in your pocket, thumb sticking out and pointing you-know-where.

Any hand gesture that draws attention to the groin area shows great sexual and social confidence. A lot depends on whether the woman in question approves of a caveman’s approach.

Will any of these communication gestures with the eyes and the body give you the man or woman of your dreams?

Not necessarily. Personally, I don’t think the mechanical gestures of body language, as simple and flawless as they are, can do anything for you other than boost your confidence and get the sexual energy flowing in your body. At the end of the day, it’s the confidence vibes coming from you that initiate sexual attraction. Body language can only jump-start the already existing sexual chemistry. If you can use body language to cause a chain reaction, you’re halfway there!

And just as it takes effort and practice to master any language, it takes practice to master body language. You can practice in front of a mirror or with the help of a supportive friend. You will find that as you become more fluent in your flirting and sexually attractive body language, your self-confidence as a sexually attractive man or woman also increases.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. The goal is not to become an expert in body language, but to be sexually confident with the opposite sex. So have fun with your sexual self. It’s yours to enjoy!

You can also use this knowledge to judge if someone is flirting with you, interested in you, and attracted to you. You can also use this knowledge to tell if someone is flirting with you, interested in you, and attracted to you. Keep in mind that body language is not an exact science.

For graphic illustrations of these powerful flirtation and sexual attraction body language signals, click here and watch your flirtation and sexual confidence hit the roof.

CPR for dogs

I was reading the newspaper today and came across an interesting article about rescuing a dog. In West Monroe LA, a firefighter performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and revived a small dog he found lifeless inside a burning mobile home. I was very impressed that this firefighter, Stephen “Odie” Odom, walked into the burning house when he was told there were 2 dogs inside. When he entered, he found two small terriers in pet cages in a smoke-filled room. These were small dogs, and he had the presence of mind to give him CPR and revive him.

Giving CPR to a small dog would be similar to giving CPR to a baby. The first thing that is sought is to clear the airways, and then cover both the mouth and the nose with the mouth and breathe. In adult humans we cover our noses and breathe mouth to mouth. But for a baby, we would cover both the mouth and the nose in one go. There were two things that the owners of the house did not do well.

They first left the house with their puppies locked in dog crates so there was no way for the puppies to run off and save themselves. Dog owners need to take proper care of their dogs and could have done it themselves. As excited as I am that the dogs were safe, I do believe that dog owners should take care of their babies, especially if they are being held and contained and cannot find freedom on their own.

My daughter owns this cute pup, Kate, who is a Maltese/yorkie mix and she is so adorable! We only put her in the cage when the family is away from home. When she spends time with me, she knows that she will be free for most of the day. She hated putting her in the cage. But it’s just so she doesn’t break the house looking for her family. She is terrified of thunderstorms and she runs under the covers and shudders, and we hold her tight to let her know that she is the most important baby there.

I am so relieved that the firefighter came in at the right time to be able to rescue the pups. With babies, CPR is similar. You cover your mouth and nose and breathe, chest compressions can be given with 2 fingers. Should pets be left in their carriers during the day? Yes, but if there are any signs of trouble, we must contact the responsible party to get them out of harm’s way. Pet carriers or cages are suitable for keeping pets. There are nice soft box bedding mats to keep the pups cozy. I pray that they don’t have any lingering issues. Small dogs tend to have more respiratory problems than larger animals. I just want to congratulate the firefighter for saving the lives of these little pups.

How To French Kiss A Girl: This Is An Art You Must Learn At All Costs

Kissing a person is an art. You have to master the art with practice! There are no textbooks that teach you how to kiss. You may be reading about it in ‘how to’ things, but when it comes to putting it into practice, all you have to do is experiment!

When it comes to kissing, there are several types of kisses. A kiss on the cheek is also a type of kiss, but when it comes to passionate kissing, there is no better way to show your passion for the person than to share a French kiss.

The French kiss is an open mouth kiss in which the tongue also plays aside. You have to be careful before you start the kiss. If your partner is not ready for it, it is advisable to wait for the right opportunity.

o Make sure your mouth smells good. And your lips are little wet. Approach your partner and start with just your lips and open them slowly to play with the girl’s lower lip.

o Be sure to tilt your head slightly to keep your nose from getting in the way. Sometimes if you don’t bow your head, you may find it difficult to kiss as both partners’ noses make it difficult to continue!

o Once you insert your tongue into your mouth, slowly explore your mouth with your tongue. Let her also play with your tongue for a while.

o Going slow is the key to French kissing. Don’t stick your tongue deep into his mouth. There is a chance that she may not like it. You want to build the passion by going very slowly and increasing the pace and pattern of the kiss.

How Endurance Runners and Walkers Can Find Time to Exercise – Perfect Day

Finding time as a runner or walker to exercise can be challenging, especially if you’re training for a marathon, half-marathon, or other endurance race. Here’s a trick to finding that time.


Visualize your perfect day, including running or walking, and your brain will find the time.


Fact: Your unconscious mind drives much of your behavior.

Do you want proof? Consider all the steps someone must take to get to work each morning, from eating breakfast and showering to getting dressed and driving. Many of these activities require very little of the conscious mind. “On automatic” is a popular phrase to describe this.

Fact: Your unconscious mind is susceptible to visualization suggestion.

Do you want proof? Consider what happens when people watch a scary movie. Perspiration increases. Heart and respiratory rates increase. Dilated pupils. And all of this is a reaction to something that the conscious mind knows is not real! But the unconscious mind prepares for fight or flight.

You can take advantage of these two facts to get the behavior you want, taking the time to run or walk, visualizing your perfect day, and including your workout in that visualization.

Here are some best practice tips for visualization: (1) Visualize only once a day. (2) Spend no more than 5-10 minutes on visualization. (3) Include every little detail possible. (4) Infuse the visualization with emotion. (5) See yourself through your own eyes, not as a stranger. (6) Focus on or beyond the end result.

Best practice tips 1 and 2 are relatively self-contained, but here’s how to apply best practice tips 3-6 specifically to the training portion of your day.

Tip 3: Examples of including “every little detail possible” in your training visualization include:

  • listen to the birds singing in the trees under which you run or walk;
  • see car headlights in the distance;
  • smelling the grass clippings from a lawn that was mowed the day before his workout.

Tip 4: Examples of infusing your visualization “with emotion” include:

  • feel the smile that grows on his face when the cool air hits him;
  • feel the joy of sharing a good conversation while exercising with your training partner;
  • feel the rush of endorphins at the end of a long workout.

Tip 5: Examples of seeing yourself “through your own eyes” include:

  • looking down at your waist to adjust your hydration belt;
  • see a hydration bottle in your hand while you take it to your mouth to drink;
  • see the sweat on your own hands at the end of your run or walk.

Tip 6: Examples of focusing “on or beyond the bottom line” include:

  • pressing the stop button on your watch or GPS wrist unit at the end of your workout;
  • feel how good you will feel right after running or walking;
  • feeling how great you’ll feel for the rest of the day after your morning workout.

How does it work

By “showing” your unconscious mind what your perfect day is, this trick causes your unconscious mind to handle the behavior “on automatic” that you want.