Better sleep with chronic pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, you know what sleep and anxiety produce. Unfortunately, they all coincide and cause various health disorders, such as lack of sleep, anxiety, negativity, low self-esteem, and sometimes a feeling of hopelessness.

Chronic pain has many causes, including injury, illness, social stress, and long-term physical or emotional stress. Chronic pain not only causes poor sleep and many other health problems, it is also something that, if left untreated, can make life negative and an unwanted burden.

This type of pain causes the brain to work excessively, unless there are intervals of rest. Resting for just 15 to 20 minutes a day, especially on days when stress and pain are at high levels, can bring relief not only to the brain but also to the body. In reality, rest is almost like a sedative; it is calming and very helpful.

Sleep is important not only for a better-looking body, but also for refreshing the mind, soul, brain, and almost every other part of the body. It’s essential for better health, but when you can’t sleep, take heart. You can sleep and you will, but you must do your best to sleep.

If you like to watch TV for long hours, eat too much food, drink too much water or alcohol, and then play on your phone or laptop while in bed before sleeping, then you will have a hard time sleeping.

Also, if you suffer from chronic pain and have difficulty sleeping, chances are that the next day you will suffer from depression, negativity, hopelessness, and insecurity. Now if this happens, go for it. There is nothing mentally wrong with you. All that is wrong is that you lack sleep.

To make sure you get the best possible sleep, even with chronic pain or anxiety, here are some things you can do during the day and early at night. Do as many positive and productive things first during the day. Make a list and cross off what you accomplished. Throughout the day, eat healthy meals and sandwiches. Drink plenty of water. Water nourishes the brain and aids digestion.

Also, get moving! Stand up and walk; If you can’t get out, walk inside and get some light exercise. Get out there and get some fresh air. If you can’t stay outside for long due to the weather, just stay outside for a few minutes. When the weather is too cold or too hot, go to the nearest window and get some sun. Make sure you are not looking directly at the sun. Just look where there is glitter. Do this for at least five minutes. This will help you sleep at night.

Keep your conversations positive and upbeat throughout the day and try to accomplish at least one or two things that make you happy. Listen to beautiful music or some fun things online. This will help more than you think.

For chronic pain, take prescription or over-the-counter medications; medicine that will relieve pain. Also, stay connected with your loved ones. Talking to caring family or friends can make your days so much more joyful and your nights more peaceful, peaceful, and enjoyable.

Don’t let chronic pain and anxiety control your days and nights! Be in control of your health, mentally and physically! Yes, sometimes it seems like the pain and anxiety won’t go away, but they will! Be strong with your health! Take charge and don’t give up! And, if you are a Christian and believe in God, remember that He will help you, but you must ask Him for help. And know this! He will help you because he loves you.

I have suffered from anxiety and chronic pain for over 15 years and there have been times when I almost gave up. But, at this point in my life, I refuse to give up because life is precious and I want to enjoy it as much as possible.

So go ahead! Follow the tips above and I guarantee you will sleep better and your anxieties will lessen. Life is short. It’s like the words in “Days of our lives” … “Like sands in the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.