Benefits of a baby car mirror

Benefits of a baby car mirror

As a parent of a young child, spending time with the child is one of the most valuable. Because you rarely get this time. Our lives get busier by the day: a demanding job, an educational advancement, a side hustle, fitness sessions, all with the goal of meeting the bills and living a good life.

And then, spending time with your child is priceless. This doesn’t always have to be at home and often involves traveling in your car, whether it’s to the clinic, to and from school, church, a day of shopping, or on vacation.

As you well know, when you take your baby in your car, you have to use a child seat that varies depending on the age, weight or height of your little one. For a baby (0-2 years), you need a rear-facing car seat, a small child (2-4 years) needs a forward-facing car seat, while older children (4-11 years) they travel in an elevated seat. An alternative is to buy a convertible car seat that is adjustable to fit all ages.

However, no matter what type of car seat you use, you are required by law to put your child in the back seat of your car as it is safer compared to the front seat.

This creates a challenge to monitor your child while driving and anxiety makes him spin to control it.

Needless to say, this is a serious distraction on the road and the solution is to fix a baby’s car mirror.

You just need to attach the mirror to the back seat headrest, tilt it towards your baby until you get a good reflection of your image in the front mirror.

If the back seat of your car lacks a headrest, there are several baby mirrors for a car without a headrest, the best of which are attached to the windshield or sun visor.

To disprove the superficial arguments against using baby car mirrors, here are the benefits of these mirrors.

Invaluable Benefits You Get By Installing A Baby Car Mirror

(i) It helps you avoid anxiety for the well-being of your baby.

The question of whether your baby is hungry, tired, crying, bored, dirty, hurt, sick, etc. It will surely make you constantly anxious, leading you to turn around and look back frequently while driving.

Accidents or incidents happen in fractions of a second, and the time you turn around to look behind is sufficient for this. Worse yet, discover that your child may momentarily interrupt his judgment.

With a baby car mirror reflecting off your front mirror, anxiety would be effectively replaced with reassuring glances into the front mirror, just like you look through your rear view mirrors.

(ii) The reflection of the mirror can alert you in time to save your child

As with adults, there are so many dangerous situations your little one can get into when traveling by car. These include nausea or any other illness, injury, suffocation, heat stroke, etc. Your baby may fall asleep in an uncomfortable position, or a blanket may cover his face, thus preventing breathing.

The problem with babies and young children is that they cannot help themselves or ask for help. If left unattended for a long time, these problems can become unsightly or even lead to death.

The reflection of a baby car mirror in the front mirror would alert you to take action well in advance.

(iii) The reflection of the mirror entertains your baby

Babies love to watch movement and moving images in the mirror will keep your child glued to the screen. His image in the mirror assures him that he is still with him and therefore he is likely to cry less during the trip.