Beautify your bathroom with countertops

Designing your bathroom on your own can be very exciting, but it can also be a bit scary, especially if you are not used to design. There are so many things to consider to make your bathroom equally functional and attractive. When choosing the material to use, for example, you should take many things into account.

Two of the most common materials that people use to make elegant bathrooms are ceramic and granite tiles. Both ceramic and granite are affordable to make a countertop. Tile is one of the most common pieces for toilet design, it is easy to rinse, grout and mortar, although butt joining can be difficult.

Although we also use tiles for our kitchen, there is a big difference in the tiles used for toilets and kitchens. The kitchen needs shorter length seams compared to the bathrooms. This means that slab granite solid surface material is better for kitchen as it has fewer seams and is smaller compared to ceramic.

If you prefer solid surfaces for your toilet countertop, then you must find those polymer-based countertop materials like Corian or Silestone. Polymer countertops can be simulated with hot bath instruments such as curling irons.

If you choose between slab and modular counters, you should consider the composition of both. Slab granite is the most popular for toilets as it is much cheaper, but if you want high quality you can go for modular granite. This type of granite comes in sheets that are smaller than its slab counterpart. Because it is thinner, it will be very easy for you to fit the bathroom countertops on your own and keep the seam count to a minimum.

If you want a more sophisticated look for your sink, you can also opt for Quartz bathroom countertops. Two of the most popular brands that use quartz for their countertops are Zodiaq and Cambria. This type of countertop uses 90% organic quartz composition. Quartz looks significantly better than granite as it is a transparent crystalline mineral with varieties of colors, plus it is harder.