Bariatric Surgery – Support, Image and Motivation

After weight loss surgery, the number one goal for patients is to stay on the path to weight loss. There will be many distractions trying to make your motivation plummet, such as financial stress. Even if some of your bariatric surgery expenses are covered by your insurance, they will still have to pay for your dietary supplements and future cosmetic surgeries. They will also have to pay a price in psychological effects before and after surgery. Before surgery, a morbidly obese patient may have difficulty convincing herself that she can follow and stick to her doctors’ guidelines. After surgery there is no turning back, and patients may feel more pressure than ever not to fail.

Staying motivated to get the proper exercise and proper nutrition needed to lose weight can be a challenge. For some it is a mountain of responsibility and sometimes requires online support or joining support groups. These support groups can make a big difference, and doctors will often require patients to join such groups prior to surgery. Support groups help patients deal with the body change they will experience or are experiencing.

Makeovers can be great things, but they come with a flurry of effects on the psyche. Support groups will encourage and motivate, helping to mold a once fragile and touchy mind into one rich in self-assurance. As bariatric patients go through the period known as the “rapid weight loss” period, they must come to terms with the changes in their body by making additional external changes in their lives. First, they must recognize the importance of the changes they are making. The years before the operation and the years after the operation are often considered “two separate lives.” While friends and family may remain the same, successful post-op years should truly be of a different lifestyle. There must be behavior modification. This modification will help resolve the years of emotional damage that being overweight can cause.

For example, let’s say depression is a side effect of a specific obese person. After bariatric surgery obesity disappears by a miracle of science, however there is no such miracle to quickly heal depression and emotional damage that still persists. This is the purpose of being surrounded by well-wishers who share each other’s circumstances, so that you can lift each other up through positive reinforcement.