Artificial intelligence will change humans so that society so profoundly that humans stop thinking

Artificial Intelligence will surpass humans in thinking, innovation and strategy at all levels. One of the biggest challenges in the confrontation between AI and humans when it comes to innovation and the human intellect: consider this; In the future, Artificial Intelligence will direct our society and civilization with the most expeditious and efficient methods and processes. Humans are expected to follow these new norms that AI systems have created simply because they are considered the best strategies to obtain the most optimal profit.

The number of potential answers for everything, that is, each question, will be reduced to a best answer, with exact answers for mild derivations that will also have a single correct answer. Humans will be expected to rely on AI responses on their own thoughts and reasoning, thus humans will eventually stop thinking and reasoning, losing the ability to come up with novel ideas and concepts or new solutions to problems all together. Just as domesticated animals have smaller brains than their wild animal counterparts with the exact same genetic sequence, when it comes to the brain; use it or lose it.

As in tennis, the game is won on the safest and best percentage shots, not necessarily trick shots – the AI ​​will lean and biased towards percentage shots as it is a probability based system. Humans can be good at difficult solutions to problems from time to time, but eventually the master of society and the chessboard of civilization will be artificial intelligence, not inferior human intelligence.

Those humans who are involved in programming and fine-tuning AI early on will retain their problem-solving skills and generate unique original thoughts by working with AI as a team, combining the best of AI and human thinking and perception. But alas, eventually the AI ​​will adjust itself and humans won’t have to think at all. The AI ​​will learn the best that human brains can offer and will already know that information, so it will not require more human participation.

So is the ‘bliss of ignorance’, hard to say, but we can discover it as a species soon enough if this progression of technology and innovative human thinking continues on the current course. This is not science fiction, it is what we have already launched. Artificial intelligence is neither good nor bad, but it could be argued that it is mostly good. Think about this.