Are they the Chicago Bears for real?

This story reminds me of Baltimore a few years ago, win with defense and keep your offense on the field long enough with time of possession to score enough to win with a below-average quarterback and excellent training. I’m looking at this team closely, but still I passed them against an overrated Tampa Bay team this weekend and I’m still kicking myself. Let’s take a look at the leading NFC North Bears and see what happens to these guys. Are they real or not? Does it reflect the Ravens when they won it all with Trent Dilfer at quarterback? Read me while I do some research here.

Defense stands out more than anything and it should be, ranking # 1 in total yards allowed and scoring defense, and # 6 against rush. With a constant stream of great DBs who are opportunistic and talented, most teams have trouble throwing the ball because the Bears can stack the line against run and playing man coverage, which in the NFL is a huge advantage. . Did I mention Mike Brown and Nathan Vasher as cornerback or Brian Urlacher as linebacker? Three of the best at their positions in the NFL, great speed, tough hitters and all leaders who make big plays when they count. This defense is disruptive and difficult to plan with so many players making great plays, no team will enlighten them. Sound like a Ravens a few years ago?

Let’s look at offense now, and it’s not pretty at all except for one obvious statistic, which is that it’s the sixth in the NFL to run the ball. They rank last in shooting at 128 yards per game and 28th in the NFL in scoring, yet they are 8-3 and clearly in demand by the NFC North, with Green Bay on tap in Chicago this weekend and the Pack is back. hot on their heels here, he can’t execute it and Brett Farve throws interceptions like no other right now, 19 to date. Good luck to the Pack, in the second leg of back-to-back road games after a loss to the Eagles.

Kyle Orton isn’t impressive at QB, but once again comparing these guys to the Ravens when they won the Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer at QB, Dilfer wasn’t Joe Montana either. The ONLY concern is if the defense fails here for the Monsters of the Midway, because this offense isn’t geared toward scoring points in clusters or playing from behind with a 63.2-rated QB with a 54% completion rate and 12 picks. for 9 touchdowns, however, they can run it, and they’ll have Cedric Benson back for the playoffs as a running back to add depth. Again, it’s not a prolific offense, but once again, it doesn’t have to be. Does this sound like the Ravens still, when they won the Super Bowl? The answer is YES, the Bears are real and still somewhat undervalued by bettors in my opinion.

The remaining schedule is also favorable, with Green Bay at home and the other home game against Atlanta in 2 weeks. You definitely want the Falcons on the road in cold December air in Chicago, a huge bonus. Road games in Green Bay and burgeoning Minnesota are easy to win, while a real test lies in Pittsburgh next Sunday. Assuming they can go 3-2 or 4-1 SU in those games. and gain some home-field advantage in the first round of the Playoffs, the Bears end up in Seattle if it goes according to plan for a possible NFC Championship. We all saw what happened to Seattle against the Giants defense on Sunday, the Bears have a real shot at getting an NFC Championship based on what I saw, it all comes down to Seattle and Chicago. Are they better than the 1985 Bears you ask? No, they aren’t, especially on offense, and the defense, while good, lacks Buddy Ryan’s knack for exposing schemes. Generally speaking, don’t be surprised that this team is heading into the Playoffs, making money on the unders, and if the opportunity exists, bet some short numbers with them and get some cash.