Anna Maria Island Vacation Home Rentals – Centralized and Secluded

Vacation home rentals on Anna Maria Island are numerous and diverse. From the largest group to the couple on a getaway looking for private moments, Anna Maria Island beach rentals are some of the best vacation homes in Florida and cater for all desires.

Anna Maria Island is south of Tampa Bay. On a secluded island, off the beaten track, there is a main road leading from one end to the other with a small portion near the public beaches that is a main thoroughfare. Although sometimes the traffic in this section can be high volume, it is a very small area of ​​the island. The highway leads to Bradenton, Florida, which is a good-sized city and the closest to the island. However, to the south is Longboat Key. An exclusive address to own, Longboat Key is a pleasant approximately 10 mile drive into Sarasota.

Before arriving in Sarasota, the appropriate Lido Key will appear. Lido Key is a quaint little town with several shops and lounges. Of course, there are nice public beaches available and Key offers a great destination for a day trip while on vacation on Anna Maria Island. However, that’s just the beginning.

If you continue about five miles further south (driving distance) you will reach Siesta Key and the world famous white sands of Siesta Beach. A coveted destination for people from all over the world, Siesta Beach has a wide range of amenities. Tennis courts, BBQ grills, volleyball courts, and the largest white sand beach you will ever see. It truly is a spectacular place and if you plan a trip for a Sunday, you may be able to join the drum circle as the sunsets set. What is the drum circle? You have to live it to understand it, but it’s great.

As you can see, Anna Maria Island vacation home rentals turn out to be a great starting place for exotic locations close at hand. The beautiful island, while close to many places, is a secluded spot for a wonderful getaway, so you may not want to leave for a minute. After all, it is home to some of the best vacation homes in Florida. A beach rental on Anna Maria Island will likely keep you home to enjoy the spectacular sunsets and hunt for dolphins that play in the gulf. On the other hand, you may want to ride the waves in search of shark teeth as the sun rises. Anna Maria Island is a great place for a relaxing vacation.