Animals: My Spiritual Companion and a Heartwarming Story

This Christmas night, I spent some time reflecting.

What an honor to remember my friend and spiritual partner, Mr. Stormy, and the many divine blessings that accompanied his transition back to Spirit.

On December 20, 2013, I arrived at the Horse Protection League (HPL) Ranch in Golden, CO and was greeted by Miss Emie (HPL Barn Manager). I found great comfort in his warm embrace. When I entered Stormy’s meadow, she greeted me along with her human friend, Esther. I noticed that he kept his head close to the ground looking for a comfortable position. While talking to Esther, I asked her if she would like an affirmative sentence.

Before we started, the rabbits and squirrels encouraged me to feel the peace around us and enjoy the soft glow of our surroundings. Dr. Wayne Dyer has described this gentle and peaceful glow as Godlight.

When I closed my eyes and settled into the beauty and stillness of that Divine moment, I felt at One with everything. Dr. Patty Luckenbach, DD (Divinity Doctorate) has taught me about the Principle of Unity. Each of us (including animals) is an incarnation of the One Spirit.

All life is inseparably One. Certainly there is a Divine Totality, a total interconnection. We are all One with each other and One with all Life.

When I began the Affirmative Prayer, the gift of the present moment allowed Divine Right Action to flow.

As he spoke, I saw various spirit beings among us. As an ambassador for the International Animal Ministry, coordinated by Dr. Patty Luckenbach, we have discussed my Divine gift of seeing these beautiful beings so full of Divine grace. When I finished the affirmative sentence, I opened my eyes to see Stormy staring at me with her head held high. Respecting the bond between Esther and Stormy, I was guided to sit in the ranch house and send Reiki energy.

The Universal Consciousness called Rei guides the vital energy called Ki in the practice known as Reiki. With my eyes closed, I could feel the presence of our animal friends from the Nature Realm and feel the energy of the horses in “Lenny’s Crew” moving towards Stormy’s meadow.

At that moment, I was led back to be with him.

When I opened my eyes, there was a large flock of mourning pigeons in their meadow. For the collective consciousness (humans), these beautiful birds represent a message of life, hope, renewal and peace. And, in this flock, a single White Dove was present, which is a symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christian iconography. For Christians, the Holy Spirit represents “the Spirit of Jesus” (Acts 16: 7) and the “Spirit of our God” (I Corinthians 6:11).

When I got back to Stormy’s paddock, I started to feel very unsteady, like I was going to pass out.

In fact, “Lenny’s Crew” had gathered next to him, and Miss Pearl (member of the crew) suggested that I put my right hand on his left shoulder. As I listened to his wisdom and breathed deeply into my Hara (Center of Balance), I felt like a tree with a deep root that allowed it to weather any storm. Standing next to Pearl, I watched the vet Dr. Long take a deep breath next to his truck, slowly let go of it, and leisurely walk towards Stormy’s meadow. I considered it as a profound moment to witness. After years of dedicated service, I was moved by his continued expression of humility in helping a soul return to the Spirit.

As she led Stormy to a beautiful grassy area on the west side of the ranch house, Pearl mentioned that she should follow her. I counted 14 mourning doves sitting on a power line near us. In numerology, the number 14 can be further reduced by adding 1 + 4 = 5. I have been taught that the number 5 symbolizes protection. The single White Dove sat between them, representing the presence of the Great Spirit. Therefore, I knew that everything was fine. On a soul level, Stormy and I looked deeply at each other and I heard him say, “Bye.”

I felt that word spread throughout my Heart Chakra.

At that Divine moment, we were truly One with each other. Nothing else existed except the two of us. Stormy’s gaze moved and her expression went blank. In that Divine moment, I felt like him looking from his perspective at his body standing below him. This all happened before Dr. Long’s injection.

After Dr. Long’s departure, I was guided to return to the ranch and send additional Reiki energy. Afterwards, I took a walk through Stormy’s meadow and didn’t feel her presence. As I made my way through the mounted horses, greeting everyone on the road, I felt great peace. Mr. Lenny informed me that everything was fine and assured me that the other horses understood as well. While greeting each of the HPL horses at the front of the property, I spent some extra time with Miss Patches.

While gently stroking her neck, I mentioned Stormy’s name. I was very honored by the recognition of her name when she looked at me and said she was sorry about her friend. I felt an understanding from her about a much larger picture connected to her transition. One of my favorite photos from the 2014 HPL calendar shows Patches and Stormy side by side on the grass. It reminds me of a quiet afternoon with friends as the sun sets behind the mountains.

When I returned home from the HPL Ranch, I was exhausted both physically and emotionally.

That morning, at about one in the morning, I went to bed after a two-week trip to California and Oregon. Stormy’s fatigue and transition were taking their toll, and I opted for a rejuvenating nap. As tears ran down my face thinking of Stormy, I closed my eyes and saw two lovely spirit beings. I knew everything was fine. Later that night, as I brushed my teeth, more tears ran down my face. While I was in bed, I closed my eyes and began to feel Stormy’s presence very strongly.

I knew everything was fine.

During the Christmas Eve service at Mile Hi Church, I was moved to tears again! During a time of prayer, I thanked Higher Consciousness for helping Stormy with a smooth and safe transition back to Spirit. I felt the peace that passes all understanding.

As an animal communication specialist and teacher of animal reiki, I am fortunate to have many clients. Before Mr. Stormy’s transition, one of them stopped by the HPL Ranch to visit me on my volunteer day. We took a little hike to visit with some horses. In Stormy’s meadow, he stopped and looked. She explained that she knew him and that it was difficult for her to see him at HPL. His commitment to his horse has been an inspiration to me. It was difficult for her to understand why a human companion would willingly place a horse on HPL.

I told him that I fully understood his point of view. When I mentioned the incredible commitment, compassion, and love extended to Stormy and all the HPL resident horses, I felt a deeper level of understanding from her and myself about the true gift of HPL. Stormy was showered with love, the best gift we can give ourselves, others and our beloved animal companions, no matter how big or small they are.

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** Author: Eden Koljord