Activities to inspire your kids to stay active

No matter what time of year it is, it never seems to fail that you can find your kids between activities and that they need something to keep them active. They have a habit of falling into a trance after school or on weekends in front of the TV or computer for hours. Certainly, the season will depend on what activities you can take part in outdoors, but don’t limit your fun to just being outside, as there are plenty of things you can take part in while stuck indoors in cooler temperatures.

The main reasons you want to keep your kids involved in some type of activity are for the mental clarity they can get from it and also to keep their growing bodies fit and strong. Children need to be busy to learn and physically excel. By participating in the smaller activities, they can learn to appreciate other sports that they may be inclined to join later on. As for the mental clarity that is beneficial, all children, whether they are six or sixteen years old, experience stress during the day. Yes, children also have stress in terms of keeping up with their studies and also all the social aspects that attending school and having friends can bring.

Some activities to consider for getting your kids immersed are playing outside whenever possible, participating in video games that encourage physical play, such as the very popular Nintendo Wii shows, and participating in any exercise videos that are available for kids . Don’t forget all the chores your kids can help with around the house that also encourage movement, like mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, carrying baskets full of laundry, vacuuming, raking leaves, taking out the trash, help store items in an attic or basement and clean out the shed or garage. Children are not helpless creatures, and the only way they learn to be productive adults is by instilling them from an early age. Having weekly chore responsibilities is good for keeping them active and teaches them how to take care of themselves. Some other activities would be board games that require you to get up and move to win, such as the Twister game. Hopscotch can be played in any garage, basement, or hallway with a little tape to outline the squares, and a scavenger hunt around the house is the perfect way to spend a rainy day and encourage them to use their minds. Make it a routine that one or two nights a week you have a family game night or at a specific time after school, go outside or inside to play. When it becomes a habit, it is something they will continue to do for the rest of their lives and when you join in the fun. This not only gives you time to be active too, but also to enjoy the wonderful family you have created.