A review of the Sony ICF-CL75iP speaker dock with alarm clock, radio and 7-inch LCD screen for iPod / iPhone

If you’re like me who loves my iPhone, the perfect alarm clock you could get is the Sony ICF-CL75iP Speaker Dock with alarm clock, radio and 7-inch LCD screen. This is a great innovation that Sony offers to all iPhone and iPod users. I myself am completely happy with this model, and I have to share it with you so that you can discover what is good about this model.


The ICF-CL75iP is beautifully designed to fit into any decor and room in the home. It’s big enough to show off its impressive 7 ” LCD screen, yet small enough to stand on any table. It is most preferable in the bedroom, on the nightstand, on the kitchen counter, and on the coffee table or end table in the living room.

Weighing 2.2 pounds and measuring 8.12 “x 5.85” x 4.75 “, you can easily move it from room to room to suit your needs and desires. Its black finish is durable with wear and tear, and with good care , the machine can last for several years.

It is very easy to use because almost every function has its own setting button. The two alarms have separate adjustment buttons on each side of the screen. The snooze button is the longest and is exclusively at the top of the LCD screen to make it easier to press even if you are extremely stunned. Next to the repeat is the volume setting. All buttons for music and radio, as well as other clock settings, are located below the display, on the built-in speaker.


The 7 ” LCD screen is the most magical feature of this model. It is the first and definitely an innovation that takes alarm clock technology to the next level. By docking your iPhone or iPod on the retractable docking tray, you can view your photos, play your movies, and watch music videos on the screen. It also has adjustable brightness settings that you can change up to 4 different modes, depending on the brightness you prefer and also the different times of the day that you wear the watch.

The largest figure displayed on the screen that occupies most of the LCD screen is the current time with a small text of the day and date in the upper left and the indication AM or PM in the lower right. You can also view the two alarm settings you set for the watch with the indications of the alarm time, the day of the week, AM or PM, and the alarm sound settings if it is ringing, radio, sounds. from nature or iPod.


For audio, you can’t say anything about it. The stereo speakers have a power of 1W + 1W that plays the tracks of your iPod or your favorite radio station in a very satisfactory adjustable volume. You can play MP3 and WMA files of audio tracks on the device.

The radio has good reception and obviously uses digital tuning or the high-tech features of the device would be completely nullified. You can save 10 of your favorite AM stations and 20 of your favorite FM stations as preset frequencies, so you only have to search for them if you want to listen to good radio music.

It also has its own set of nature sounds that can be used as alarm sounds or just some form of relaxing therapeutic melodies that you can listen to whenever you want. You can also play music from external memory in addition to iPod, such as SD card.


This watch uses automatic time adjustment and automatic summer time functions similar to other Autoclock models. You don’t have to adjust it over and over again because it saves your time zone settings and also switches to daylight saving time when needed. It also has a battery backup so you don’t worry about power outages.

The dual alarm is easy to use to meet your changing schedules. The repetition can be extended up to an hour depending on your desire. You can also use the device as a lullaby because it has a sleep timer that counts down from 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, up to 120 minutes of active time before the music turns off, which by then you would have been slept.

Other features

The Retractable Dock for iPod / iPhone is my favorite because I can charge my iPhone while playing my favorite iTunes. This model also has a 1GB internal memory, allowing you to save songs and images to the watch that you can set as your alarms, display as your slide show, and use as background images, such as a photo album. You can play MP4, Motion JPEG and AVI files on this device and watch your favorite movies or music videos on the 7 ” LCD screen. It even has a voice recorder where you can record up to 10 seconds of sound.

The only thing I think this device is missing is a remote as things like these that you want to navigate often and operate from time to time need a separate controller so you can save yourself the trouble of getting up every now and then just to switch. the song or pictures in the slide show. Also, I’ve heard some people have issues with the clock turning off, fading, and requires a reboot or reboot to function properly, especially if an i-device is docked in the docking tray. I don’t know about that, it seems like I have no problems regarding that topic.


Overall, I can give this a 9 out of 10. If you want a complete device that is fun to own, attractive to use and innovative with great features, the Sony ICF-CL75iP Speaker Dock with Alarm Clock, Radio and Can Display LCD is exactly what you are looking for.