A list of the top ten automotive extended warranty companies

Automotive extended warranties should be a very important part of one’s budget. Once the initial vehicle warranty expires, it would be wise to extend it because unexpected breakdowns can be financially devastating. A warranty is a guarantee offered by the manufacturer or another insurance provider. This means that if the product or service fails, you have the right to have it repaired or replaced. Let’s take a look at some of the top automotive extended warranty providers.

1. Mogi

Mogi is a company that has entered the insurance market very recently. With its technological advancements in terms of web-based protection and support, Mogi has become the convenient and reliable choice of many consumers. Mogi offers several coverage plans for new and used vehicles. Each plan is tailored to the specific needs of the client with the lowest possible rates.

2. Direct warranty

Warranty Direct is very popular due to its wide range of reasonably priced coverage plans. With more of a track record than Mogi, Warranty Direct has been in business for 30 years. In terms of reliability, you won’t find a better automotive extended warranty among the other companies. Warranty Direct is one of the largest warranty companies in North America, making it very attractive to buyers looking for a safe and reliable purchase.


Another well known name; CARCHEX offers several extended automotive warranties. New and used vehicle plans add to the diversity of this company.

4. Stop repair bills

Stop Repair Bills will cover almost any vehicle. Most of its customers have vehicles over 12 years old. The audacity of this venture has earned it a household name for good reason.

5. US Fidelis

US Fidelis is one of the largest automotive extended warranty companies in the United States. US Fidelis offers many inexpensive plans for new vehicles. This provider is a wise choice for those looking for an established business.

6. Direct from USA.

US Direct is another exclusive provider in the United States. This automotive extended warranty company has a strong track record and excellent customer service.

7. Fidelity Automotive

Fidelity offers extended warranties for both new and used cars. To accompany your coverage, Fidelity also offers excellent customer service with roadside assistance and repair.

8. Self-protection

Auto Protection is smaller than the other providers; To compensate for this, Auto Protection offers excellent customer service and makes its policies very clear.

9. Resistance protection

Another small provider of automotive extended warranty; Endurance Protection offers various incentives, such as instant savings and roadside assistance.

10. Automobile service guarantee

The Auto Service Warranty provides coverage for both new and used cars. Automotive extended warranties are offered at very affordable prices.