A Complete Guide to Self Defense and Self Protection for Women

I think we’ve all been through that.

Walking alone on a road at night on the way home, a sudden fear curls up in your head, feeling as if someone is following you. You’re thinking, “What am I supposed to do now?” You start taking long steps, or even running, until you get home. Or, sometimes, the fear of horror takes your breath away from strange noises in your apartment that make us think that someone is intruding into your bedroom. Your mind remains trapped in these imaginary horrors, and to prevent them from becoming true, you are taking precautions,

Don’t walk alone at night.

Obsessed with locks.

Do not respond if a stranger calls.

But that can never be solved this way.

Almost every day, we read in the newspaper the stories of brutal crimes against women: rape, assault, murder, attacks, etc. These incidents are the exact expression of the feeling of dominance of one person over another; to demonstrate male dominance over women. Women like to remain submissive and are always unwilling to defend themselves, so women are supposed to be afraid. The time has come to break the image of stereotypical women. But how? Only if a woman learns to protect herself, to defend herself from becoming a victim. We live in an increasingly violent society, where self-protection or self-defense is still the only possible way to sustain ourselves in such a society.

There are widespread ideas or beliefs about women’s self-defense.

1) I never walk outside the house alone at night. So how can it happen to me?

What a silly idea. Do you know that sexual assault occurs primarily at the victim’s location? And the attacker may be among the people you know so well. The bullying can come from the most unexpected person you know.

2) I associate with educated people. They can never become rapists.

The social status or educational excellence of a person never ensures a non-delinquent attitude. Violence extends its arm among all socioeconomic classes.

3) I neither look attractive, nor do I dress in such a way that I can hardly provoke a man.

Oh God. Do you think simple, full-body outfits can prevent you from falling into the clutches of violence? That means you think the victim is always to blame. A man does not rape a woman to show how attractive she is, but how easy it is to dominate and control her.

4) I am too weak or insignificant to learn martial arts.

Learning martial arts doesn’t mean you have to break the boards or do boxing. All you need to do is protect yourself whenever an attacker approaches, and that will go very well with some basic martial arts techniques. You don’t have to be strong to learn these moves.

But, it is also true that if you have a lack of confidence in yourself, no martial technique can help you survive in the face of an assailant.

Self Defense Tips and Tricks: Learn How to Fight Crime

The word self-defense may evoke the meaning of kicking and punching, but its need for a woman’s safety goes beyond breaking boards.

A stressful situation invokes the feeling of terror that overwhelms the mind or strength to fight violence. Now, do you decide what is best for you? The heart beats, I don’t know what to do, it freezes in front of the aggressor. Or control your fear and defend. Self-defense techniques and skills will help you learn to fight and overcome the tendency to freeze in the face of crime.

Use your fifth senses- Do you walk the streets putting the mp3 player in your ears? Well, music lovers, you must kick this habit. Why? Because you need to be aware of everything around you while you are away from home. Listen, observe and feel the total environment around you. Because self-awareness is the first line of self defense. If you feel that something is wrong, immediately walk through the crowd and walk confidently. Instead of running away, face your attacker, look him in the eye. This type of attitude will deter an attacker. Or you can yell for help.

Self Defense Training – Don’t try to achieve excellence in martial arts or karate. Just focus on a few moves and techniques that will help you stay alive in the face of an attacker.

A. If the attacker approaches you from behind, knock his shin down by throwing the heel at him. Even if your attacker is well trained, he will fall in the streets. But my advice is to avoid heels as much as possible. They will usually slow down your pace as you try to escape from the attacker.

B. If someone is coming toward you suddenly, hit them hard on the bridge of the nose. If the attacker approaches you from behind, throw your head back and hit your nose. If you are good at your aim, then you can get your life and death seconds to escape. Let it torment your sore or bleeding nose.

C. Another technique is to grab your attacker’s ear and squeeze his eye with your thumb. The assailant will be busy and then rub his sore eye. What are you going to do now? TO RUN!

D. You can carry pepper spray or another type of spray in your purse. Causes an attacker momentarily blind. But did you know that pepper spray can become ineffective at times? Also, if you don’t aim, I mean suppose the spray hits the attacker’s cheek instead of the eye, it can get even more violent.

Home invasions: This crime is on the rise. How to prevent a burglary? Follow these things:

a) Never open the door if there is a stranger.

b) Close doors and windows tightly before going to bed at night.

Even a stranger breaks into your house, hide in a safe room.

Wait a minute!

Still don’t have a safe room? Oh, so get yourself a room that’s highly secure: a security door, a deadbolt lock, a telephone, etc.

Car Theft – Criminals, who are the experts at stealing cars, often come out of nowhere and pull you out of the car or get into your car. Therefore, while driving, do not open the window if a stranger hits, except the policeman. And always keep the doors closed.

Stay safe on vacation – Tourists often become the prime target for beasts of prey, and especially when it comes to a woman traveling alone. During vacation travel, to stay safe, follow these instructions:

1) Always keep your hotel room locked while inside.

2) Do not open the door if there is a stranger on the other side. And if someone says they work at the hotel, first call the receptionist to confirm.

3) On the way to the trip, if a stranger offers you something to eat or drink, decline their offer.

4) Ask if there is valet parking available.

The idea of ​​being attacked or assaulted out of nowhere is in itself frightening and terrifying. But this does not mean that you live every moment of your life in a paranoid way. You cannot control your life or situation. But being an expert in self defense training can make you feel safe. No matter what situation you fall into, you have the strength to face it. So, follow your intuition and learn how to defend a crime.